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Hi friends I am a regular on ISS. I am 21 yr old from Bangalore. This is my first story which really took place with my cousin.

My cousin sis name is viji. She was 17 at that time & believe me she had a very sexy figure complete with nice round boobs which would turn everyone go crazy over her. Coming to the story my cousin was in 11th std and I was in 12th.she lives in coimbatore. Once we had gone for my uncle’s marriage with my family. We were to stay for a week in my cousin’s home. There were 3 days to go for the marriage. That morning I and my family were to go sightseeing with their family in their car. As my cousin was having her exams from the next week she dint come with us. As we got into the car I realized that the car was filled and I was forced to come in the bike and I was supposed to follow their car. The bike’s tank was already in reserve so my parents were very afraid that I would get lost because it’s a new place. So they promised to take me the next day. I and my cousin bid bye to them and we went inside. She went to her room which was in 1st floor and said that she wants to study and said me to pass my time either by watching TV or computer. she went up & I went 7 switched on the pc to play some games. As I was searching for games in c and D drives I came across some video files. To my shock those were some Malayalam bfs. I was shocked. I just kept quiet and I dint tell to anyone abt it.

The real thing happened next day. As I was still sleeping my parents had gone to some relative’s house with my uncle’s family leaving viji and myself at home. When I got up I saw nobody was around. I thought vigi had also gone. But I was surprised to hear some noise. I went around the house and finally got to the place where the sound was coming from. It was from viji’s room. As I opened the door I was shocked to see viji naked lying on the bed with her back turned towards me. She was masturbating and she was moaning with pleasure. but I was even more surprised to hear that she was chanting my name while doing it. This scene had my cock turn harder & harder. I took a little more courage to enter the room. She dint realize that I was in the room till I went & stood before her. She was shocked and tried to cover herself with the pillow. I was staring at her for some time as her face turned red with fear. She pleaded me not to tell anyone abt it and I agreed. But I asked her why she was chanting my name?. then she said that she liked me very much and wanted me very badly. I sat beside her & told that told that it was her age and said all of them have sexual feelings. Moved by my words she hugged me tightly and said that she loves me deeply. I kissed her on the forehead and hugged her again. The feeling can never b expressed in words. I slowly kissed her neck & she too responded kissing my neck in return. My hands then took the pillow which was covering her breasts. I started caressing those mounds and made it to fully erect position. She was enjoying it very much. By impulse she started removing my shirt. One of her hands was rubbing my pants and she could feel my already erect dick. Now she started unzipping my pants and soon my 8″ cock was in her hand and she was rubbing it. I was feeling like I was in heaven. Now we both were very much horny. I made her lie down on the bed and started kissing & caressing her whole body.

My cock was occasionally touching her pussy which to my surprise was cleanly shaved. Now my cock was fully erect and aching. She was making all kinds of erotic sounds and she said me to fuck her. I immediately obliged by pushing my cock inside her already wet. She had already cum twice before that. Within a few strokes I was inside her and I was riding her. I slowly made my movements faster with each stroke & she was moaning loudly ah ……ahhhhhhhhhhh, yes…… yes, go faster…. yes…… ahhhhhhhhh…Then I knew that I was going to cum. So I made it slow now. Then again I increased my speed again and this time I couldn’t hold it anymore. We both came at the some time. She collapsed On top of me and we both lied on the bed naked for some time. That day we had sex 3 more times which I will tell in my next submission.

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Let me know how my story was, did u feel interesting or was it boring just let me know abt it. You valuable suggestions r welcome. Any girls 18 and above or below want to have sex with me can mail me and we shall have fun and I guarantee that it will be a secret. Bye