COVID-X: The World Where Older Men Must Impregnate Young Girls (chapter 3)

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By Twisted Author My pre-teen girlfriend Ally sends me some naught photos from school. When she arrives at my house with her 11-year-old friend, things heat up

The next morning I woke up to several texts from 12-year-old Ally who told me how happy she was to have an adult boyfriend now and how much she couldn’t wait to do what her boyfriend asked. We texted a few times as I got ready for work. She sent me several photos of her dress, which was a cute violet pattern that was surprisingly short. When I was her age, they never allowed little girls to dress like this to school. I asked her about it and she told me that ever since the age of consent had been lowered her school didn’t really enforce dress code anymore. She said a lot of the girls were “dressing like sluts now,” even though I didn’t think her outfit was exactly slutty. It made me wonder what all the other little 11 and 12-year-old girls from her school looked like in their outfits.

“Hey, beautiful! Send me some pictures of you and your friends when you get to school.”

“I’m already here,” she replied, and the message had a photo attached. In the middle of a group of three girls was my blonde girlfriend Ally, her dress all the way up to her upper thighs. The dress made her already beautiful legs look longer and more goddess-like. To her left was dark-haired pale girl with a white, skin-tight crop-top shirt. Ally said her name was Eve. She looked no more than 11 and her nipples were easily defined through the fabric. It was also a very low-cut and her titties were fairly ample for a child her age. In other words, beautiful midriff and lovely cleavage. She was standing at a slight angle so I could see that her perfectly round ass was slightly hanging out from under her way-way-too-short black skirt. On the left was a girl named Savannah who I remember Ally telling me was 13. She was also blonde and had her hair in pigtails and was wearing a blue pleated schoolgirl uniform. Despite being older than Ally, the pigtails and outfit made her look a bit younger, plus she was small and had the cutest little button nose.

I decided to take another slight risk. After all, Ally’s father already asked me to impregnate her, and Ally was so smitten by me I’m sure I could easily play it off if she didn’t respond well.

“Your friends are cute!” There, I said it. Now I just had to wait and see how she took it.

“Aren’t they? Eve thinks ur cute too,” she replied quickly.

Well that went well, but I wasn’t going to push my luck.

At work all I could think about was getting more photos from Ally. I told Jacob I wanted time to get to know his daughter better before we started trying for a baby, but my lust was increasing every time I received a message from her.

Around 10:30 I got a text from Ally with a photo attached. The picture had been taken by one of her friends in the seat in front of her. It was a shot under Ally’s desk with her legs spread open. She was wearing open sandals and her little toes looked perfectly suckable. I scanned up her delicious legs to behold her glorious little 12-year-old hole. On her right thigh she had written the words “PROPERTY OF” and on the left “EVAN” with an arrow pointing to her snatch. I wondered if people could see the words when she stood up.

“Oh my god I want to be inside you, Ally.”

“Then do it, bf. my hole is yours”

I couldn’t believe how quickly this was going. I had planned to take at least a week or two getting to know Ally better, but after all the talking and flirting, and now this, I just wanted to fuck her little brains out.

“Where did you learn to say things like that, Ally?”

“My friends who already have older boyfriends taught me. wuz it okay?”

“Yes, you know exactly how to make me hard. How old are you again?” I asked rhetorically.

“I’m ur 12-year-old gf”

We flirted the rest of the morning and afternoon then made plans for Ally to come directly over to my house after school. I had made up in my mind that I was going to take her virginity. I didn’t want to wait another day. My desire to impregnate a child had completely taken over.


When I opened my door at 4:30 Ally was standing there with her backpack in hand. Next to her was Eve, whose perky titties looked even more delicious in person. At first I was disappointed to see Eve because I realize this would put a damper on my plans to start impregnating Ally today.

“Hi boyfriend!” she said happily, then stood on her tippy-toes to eagerly plant her wet open mouth on mine.

“You girls look very nice,” I said, breaking the kiss.

“Thank you,” Eve replied in a soft but determined voice.

“Just good?” Ally pretended to complain. “You know you want to fuck us.”

Did this 12-year-old child just say “us”? If Ally was a jealous girl, she wasn’t showing it. Still, I wasn’t going to get my hopes up.

I laughed nervously. “Please come in, girls.”

“They walked in and I got a good look at their asses as they went into the living room. Eve’s skirt was so high I could see her tight ass hanging out. If my eyes were not deceiving me, did I catch a glimpse of her bare pussy?

“Eve has to wait for her mom to get home. She lives a few streets over. Is it okay if she hangs out with us?”

“Of course,” I said, trying to hold back my eagerness to have Ally alone.

Ally and I sat down on my couch and Eve took the seat where Jacob had been sitting the night before. Eve seemed to be playing it cool for the most part, but as soon as Ally left the room her demeanor changed.

“Is it okay if I go get some drinks, Boyfriend?” Ally asked me with an innocent look. I assumed she meant some sodas or water.

“You don’t even have to ask, Ally,” I replied with a grin.

Once Ally was out of the room Eve lowered her head and bit her lip, like I was a prey she was ready to devour.

“So it’s just you and your mom?”

“Yeah, my dad left when I was two, so I’ve got like, you know, Daddy issues,” she said, her voice thick with inuendo.

“Is that so?” I replied.

“You can be my Daddy if you want.” This child was bold! I wondered if she had already slept with a man before.

“How old are you?” I asked, trying to shift the conversation but also genuinely curious.

“Lucky you, I’m eleven.”

“I’m back! Did you miss me?” Ally walked in with three open wine cooler in her hands.

“Are you allowed to drink those?” Here I was preparing to legally fuck a 12-year-old child and I was worried about getting into trouble for serving her alcohol.

“I won’t tell. Will you, Eve?”

“Oh I definitely won’t tell anybody anything.” More innuendo from Eve.

“To becoming a mommy,” Ally said raising her drink. Was she proposing a toast like an adult? All I could think in my mind was “pre-teen MILF”.

I probably should have dressed better for my new girlfriend, but after work I had just taken a quick shower and threw on a t-shirt and some loose sweatpants. Even so, I had a raging boner that I knew Eve could see because her eyes kept darting down to my crotch.

“To getting you pregnant,” I said to Ally. I was becoming as bold as Ally and her friend.

“I wanna watch,” Eve said with a diabolical smirk.

We drink our wine coolers and Ally sat in my lap with her legs across the sofa. We talked about how their classes were going, influencers, and other things pubescent girls talked about. At one point Ally had her legs spread, straddling my crotch while having a playful disagreement with me face-to-face. She didn’t see to mind when we would French kiss or I grope Ally’s titties in front of her friend. This must be the new norm for little girls. Making out with grown men in front each other.

Somehow during the kissing, talking, and teasing, Ally managed to lower my loose sweatpants so my underwear was exposed. Eve couldn’t see because Ally was in my lap, but I could feel Ally’s warm, bare slit pressed against my cock with only my boxer shorts between our genitals.

“I brought something to wear for you. Can I change in your room?” Ally asked me. I got nervous, knowing that once she got up my hard-on would be very visible through my exposed boxers. But then again, Eve had been making “fuck me” eyes at me ever since she arrived, so I didn’t think she was going to mind.

“Y-yes, it’s just around the corner and up the stairs. First door on the right.”

Ally jumped up, grabbed her backpack, and left the room. My stairs were old and creaky, so I could hear her walking slowly upstairs.

Instinctively I placed my hands over my crotch, attempting to conceal my boxers. Eve quietly but quickly stood up and stepped over to me.

“What are you doing?” I asked, surprised and unable to make myself move.

“Shhhh,” she said softly, then grabbed the waistband to my boxers with both hands and pulled them down enough for my cock to kiss the air. It stood at attention for the young girl.

“What are you–”

She crawled on my lap and straddled me like Ally had been doing moments before. Now I could see that Eve was indeed not wearing any panties under her short black skirt.

My mouth said “Wait, stop,” but my hands held Eve’s slim waist as she leaned into me, placing her little hole over my cock, then while holding my shoulders, lowered herself onto me, impaling her cunt with my rod. I was inside of a pre-teen girl for the first time. She was impossibly tight but so warm and dripping wet.

“Hold on,” I protested with almost no effort. In truth, Eve’s 11-year-old cunny felt so incredible I would have continued to fucked her even if Ally came down the stairs right at the moment.

“It’s fine. Ally is going to take a long time with what she’s putting on.” Then the tween planted her lips on mine and began to rock her hips, grinding my rod deep inside of her little girl passage. I could feel her cervix with the tip of my penis as she bounced on me.

“Uh, uh” she softly moaned into my mouth. How was this happening? How was I, an adult man in his forties, fucking a little kid in my livingroom and the only thing I had to worry about was her friend finding out?

“Does your little girl feel good, Daddy?” she asked in her young, innocent voice. This poor girl was so desperate for the fatherly affection she never got.

“Yes, you’re such a good girl,” I praised her.

That made her so happy she moaned in my ear. “Uhhng!”

She continued to milk my rod with her slick, tight cunt and I could start to feel my balls getting ready to explode. I had already released some precum inside of the 11-year-old child and could sense there would be much more if we didn’t stop soon.

“Hold on, we can’t.”

Don’t stop! Don’t… don’t stop,” the girl begged. “Impregnate me, Daddy, please.”

I wanted to stop. Really I did, and I felt like I was going to fuck things up with Ally if I didn’t, but Eve’s immature hole was squeezing me so hard I just had to release all of my semen inside of her.

“Ahh!” I cried out softly. “Here it is Babydoll,” I whispered to her.

My cock lurched inside of the child and a surge of cum was released into Eve’s 11-year-old cervix. I kissed her, open-mouth, tongue deep inside of her, while another shot of my adult semen splashed into the pre-teen’s womb. If she was ovulating, and I had a strange feeling she was, her little girl egg was now soaking in a bath of my spunk. It was what most men secretly wished they could do, and here I was doing it. I was impregnating a middle school girl. Even if someone found out, I couldn’t get into trouble for it, because parental consent wasn’t necessary to fuck a girl as young as 10-years-old.

Once I finished unloading my jizz into Eve’s tiny body, she lifted herself off me and quickly sat back in the other chair. She crossed her legs tightly, presumably to hold my warm baby batter inside of her. I wiped my cock off on a nearby cloth napkin then pulled my sweatpants back up.

Ally came down the stairs a few moments later. When she walked around the corner she was wearing a white robe and was clearly hiding a surprise underneath.

“Have you guys been having a good time without me?” Ally asked innocently.

“Yes, but my mom is home now so I have to go,” Eve said while quickly grabbing her bag to walk away.

“I’ll let you out,” I offered, getting behind Eve as fast as possible to help conceal any leakage. And there was. As Eve made her way from my house I could see the glisten of my cummy creampie frothing between her thighs.

“Now, Boyfriend,” Ally said to me as I turned around. “I have a very special surprise for you,” and she dropped her robe.


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