Cradle to Grave

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By toughnut I woke up later than usual, I had morning wood and reached over next to me the bed was empty. I was 18 and lived with my mother. I drug myself out of bed and strolled out to the kitchen, my hard on leading the way. we both slept naked, in fact it was rare when we had cloths on in the house. she had her back to me and had just finished making coffee. she had on a short brown satin slip and high heels, I knew she didn’t have any panties on because she never wore any. I also knew she was going to work or she would be naked. I walked up behind her and reached around and squeezed her tit’s and pushed my hard cock against her ass. I kissed her on the neck.” Happy Birthday you sweet piece of ass.” I told her. “why thank you honey here I made you a cup of coffee.” mother replied she turned and smiled. I kissed her and run my tongue down her throat. she reached down and stroked my hard cock. “I was hoping to fuck you before you left for work , this morning.” I said “oh I think we’ve got time, just don’t mess up my hair or make up.” mom said. Mother had turned 43 today, I had been fucking her since dad left 4 years ago. he couldn’t handle her success, mom was a realtor, and her pussy sold a lot of property. she went over and bent over the kitchen table and lifted her slip. I came up behind her and spread her legs. “fuck me in the ass if your going to cum in me I got to meet a client this morning baby.” she said over her shoulder I got on my knee’s and stuck my tongue as far up her shit hole as I could get. I stood up.” god mom your shit tastes good.” I put my rock hard cock in her ass. ” oh god baby you know momma like’s that young hard cock of yours, fuck me baby fuck your momma.” she begged, I reached around and grabbed her tits and squeezed. “easy honey don’t bruise me until I get home, then you can do what ever you want to me.” she said. I drove deep into her ass.” yeah that’s it son make me cum make your fucking momma cum.” I felt her body stiffen her ass hole contracted around my cock pulling the cum out of me. I shot my load in her ass. “you take good care of your mother son, you know what I like. now get down and clean me up I’m already running late.” I got on my knees and sucked and licked my cum out of her ass, when I stood up she said” let me taste my ass son.” and French kissed me. Then she was off to get dressed. I went to the den and put on a video and set on the couch to finish my coffee Audrey was on the tube taking 4 or 5 cock’s. I love women who like a cock in them. mom came out of the bedroom. my mother is a good looking woman she’s 5’5″ and has a nice ass and leg’s, her tit’s are still firm, a little over a handful. she had on a white tight see through blouse unbuttoned to show cleavage a red mini skirt and red hose with the seam in the back. topped off with red high heels. mom is a brunette with a perm. she walked in front of me and took a spin “well what do you think?” she asked” I think you can put a sold sign on that property. I also think your going to get fucked or raped.” I joked. “so I win either way.” she smiled and said I slipped on a robe and walked her to her car. mom had bought us both matching red corvettes. she got in and let the top down. we live in a new neighborhood. Mr. Epps our next door neighbor came running, he’s 67 and infatuated with mom. he ran up and I saw him look at her leg’s. mom grinned at me and spread them sliding in her set to make her skirt rise higher. “good morning Bob.” mom said to him. “good morning Marge, your out early.” he said “yeah running late, got to go .” she headed down the street. “your mothers a beautiful woman Wayne.” Bob said. “well your wife’s pretty hot also Mr. Epps.” I said “you think so?” he asked. “yeah.” I said and went in the house. I didn’t have school it was summer break. I showered and got dressed a polo shirt and some shorts I didn’t wear underwear I like for my cock to peek out the leg. I got in the car and drove downtown to the adult novelty store. I strolled along the aisle’s. I peeked in the private pay per view booth’s and saw guy’s jacking off and sucking each other. a hand was on my shoulder. “can I help you honey?” I turned and there’s this blonde wearing a silver halter top nice tit’s poking out a mini skirt hose and high heels a collar around her neck hiding her Adam’s apple, made up gorgeous. “hi sweetie I’m Tony, some thing I can do for you?” I saw hear name tag it was Toni with an i. I told her I was looking for a birthday present for my mother. Oh aren’t you sweet, well every girl can use a new dildo. she showed me around the store and helped me pick out some things. I noticed she touched my cock by accident quite a bit. she got on her knees to open a cabinet her face not 2 inches from my cock. she rang up all my purchases and put them in a bag. “I gave you this festive bag so you wouldn’t have to wrap them. I hope that’s not all you give your mother she said and rubbed my cock and smiled. she told me she got off at noon and she’d like to get me off shortly after. I gave her my address and told her to come by I took my bag and headed home I stopped and picked up lunch for Toni and I. I took off my cloths and fixed a pitcher of cocktails. I put in another porn video. Margo was letting her son use her ass. a little after noon I heard a car. Toni had told me she was 21 I watched her get out and come up the walk. damn the girl could walk, her body swaying those tit’s bouncing, I felt my cock start to move. she dropped her key’s and turned around and bent over to pick them up. I was standing at the door. her skirt rose up and I could see that fine ass, and long legs. a nice pair of balls and a long cock hung between her spread leg’s. I had a full blown hard on now. I let her in, “well I see your pleased to see me sweetie,” she reached down and stroked my cock. it was everything I could do not to rape her there. we went to the kitchen and had lunch and got to know each other. then we retired to the den. I set next to her on the couch. and sipped our drinks. I kissed her running my tongue down her throat. I moved my hand between her legs and felt the shaft of her hard cock I could feel her cum vein swelling filling up. “oh Toni I’ve thought about fucking you all morning.” I said. “do it baby, Toni wants you in her.” she said .I lowered my head and took her cock in my mouth I sucked the head of it running my tongue on the slit I massaged her balls. I shoved her cock down my throat and took her all in. I heard her moan. I pulled my head from her cock strings of precum dripped from my chin. she licked my face she stood and took her cloths off then got on her knees in front of me and sucked my cock. I took her head and guided it up and down on me. ” oh Wayne sweetie I love your cock, fuck me baby I want you to fuck me.” she said she laid on the couch on her back ,I got between her leg’s and put my cock in her shit hole. it was to tight to go. I pulled out and spit on her hole then took my tongue and pushed in her. damn she tasted great. I tried entering her again she was nice and tight. god her ass felt good. I slowly pumped her till she loosened up. then I drove deep in her. her cock was swinging side to side I grabbed it and started Jacking her off. she stopped me. “I want to save my cum baby and put it in your ass. now fill me up.” Toni said smiling I grabbed her tit’s and shot my load up her ass I could feel her hole squeezing my cock trying to get all of it. cum was puddling under her ass. “oh honey that young cock was full of cum.” she jumped up and took my cock in her mouth she licked her shit off me. we kissed I got on the carpet on all fours Toni bent over and put two fingers in her mouth she loaded them with spit then shoved them in my ass. fucking chills ran down my spine with the thought of her cock in me. I had never been fucked before. I had told Toni that as we ate. ” oh yeah honey time to fill this little virgin hole up, pop your cherry sweetie.” I could see the precum dripping from her cock. ” damn give it to me Toni I want to feel you in me, fuck me, honey fuck me.” I begged she slammed her cock hard up in me. damn it felt great.” oh fuck me Toni Fuck me, deeper.” I could fill her deep in my shit hole damn it felt great my cock was getting hard. Toni reached around and gently squeezed my balls “how do you like Toni’s cock in you sweetie nice huh.” she said. ” oh fuck Toni now I understand why women like to get fucked, I love it. harder honey fuck me harder.” Toni was slamming my ass When Mother came in. she stopped smiled and gave a little wave. “don’t let me interrupt.” she said and went to the bedroom. Toni pulled my hips toward her getting her cock deeper in me. “fuck baby you got some fine hole.” she heaved one more time and held. I could feel the cum erupt out of her into my ass. god it felt great. precum was dripping from my cock, and Toni’s cum was running out of my ass. “I guess we’ll have to have the carpet and the couch cleaned.” it was my mother she was standing in the door naked. she came over got on her knees looked up at Toni “here dear let me clean my son’s shit off of you honey.” and took Toni in her mouth. mom licked Toni clean then we all set . I introduced them, mom told us about her day she had sold an apartment building to three brothers. they had taken turns on her. Toni and I shared eating the cum out of her. we set having drinks and talking. Toni couldn’t get over how beautiful mom is.” mom was blushing. “well are you two going to fuck me or what, what does a girl have to do to get a cock in her around here.” she joked. we got mom on her knees sucking both our cocks while we kissed. “god Toni I loved your cock in me.” I told her. “fuck your mother Wayne, I want to fuck you while you fuck your mother.” we put a blanket on the carpet and laid mom on her back Toni put her cock in mom’s mouth while I ate her cunt. the smell of mom’s cunt was intoxicating I lapped up her juices, my cock grew hard. I didn’t want any thing but my mothers pussy. I rammed my hard cock into her wanting cunt. I fucked her with rage ” you fucking whore give my pussy away today.” I grabbed her tit’s and twisted them hard. I heard her cry in pain. “keep your cock in the bitch’s mouth Toni I’m going to abuse this slut. I saw Toni grabbed mom’s head and stuff her balls in mom’s mouth. I reached in the bag by the couch and got a clip out of the bag and clipped her pussy lips together. I felt her pelvis jerk. I took two more clips and put them on her nipples she cried out. Toni reached around and slapped he tit “quiet bitch. “she hissed. I took out two small whips I gave one to Toni. I took the other and beat mom’s pussy. Toni straddled mom’s head facing me “stick your tongue up my ass whore” she commanded mom and set on her face “deeper bitch.” she whipped mom’s tit’s. I beat mom’s cunt till it was red. I pulled Toni to me and kissed her. “when we get through with this bitch I want to feel you deep in my ass girl.” I told her. mom was trying to get up but Toni had her arms pinned and I held her leg’s. I ripped the clip from her pussy and shoved my cock in her. I heard her muffled scream. I pounded her hard. Toni smiled at me and ripped the clips from her tit’s. I felt her body go stiff from the pain. we got mom on her side and Toni shoved her cock up mom’s ass. Toni put her arm around mom’s neck and choked her. I pounded her cunt and slapped her face. suddenly mom groaned. “oh fuck I’m going to cum.” her whole body shook her holes got tight squeezing the cum from both of us, her juices blasted my cock I looked at Toni and we all cum at the same time. we pumped mom full. we both got up and shoved our cocks in mom’s mouth. we stroked them giving her the last drops. we laid mom on her back she could barely move. she was spent. Toni and I hugged and kissed running our tongues down each others throats I got on my knees and sucked her cock I took her balls in my mouth. I put the tip in my mouth and stroked her shaft I could fill the blood build up getting her hard. “oh fuck Toni, fuck me girl, I want that big hard cock in my shit hole I got on the floor on all fours a straddle mom so I could eat the cum out of her while Toni was fucking me, and she could see her son’s ass being violated I put my face in the cum running out of mom when Toni entered my ass fuck that felt good. Toni slowly fucked me while I licked my mom’s cunt clean. my cock got hard. mom lifted her head and took my cock in her mouth while she squeezed my balls. Toni pounded me harder. she rammed deep in me and I felt her shoot her load in me. oh god it felt good’ Toni come around and I cleaned my shit off her cock while I dumped my load in mothers mouth. I watched Toni get up and get dressed and I squatted over my mothers mouth and shit Toni’s load in her mouth. she was licking my ass when Toni left. I helped mom get up we went to the shower and cleaned up we discussed dinner but we were both to tired. we went to bed I kissed mom good night. “happy birthday mother. “I said “oh it was it, certainly was the best, thank you honey, you really know what mother wants.” she said. we both slept good that night. when I woke mom was still asleep. I thought about waking her up and fucking her but decided to let her sleep. I was going away to school next year and planned on spending the whole summer fucking her. I got up and made coffee. it was such a nice day I put on my robe and took my cup to the back deck. Mr. Epps was out working in his yard I waved. he waved back. a few minutes later mom come out with her robe on and a cup of coffee she sat next to me. Bob noticed her and almost broke his neck trying to get over to us. “good morning Marge.” Bob said “good morning Bob.” mom said and let her robe fall open. she uncrossed her leg’s so Bob could see her pussy. Bob turned red, he handed mom some flowers “I thought you might enjoy these I just cut them this morning” he said Mom smiled at him leaning forward and exposing her tit’s. “how sweet Bob thank you, Ill go put them in water right now. I’ve got to go piss and start breakfast any way. she got up and went inside. “mom make you hard Bob.” I asked he looked at me. “what do you mean?” he said “I mean would you like to fuck my mother, Bob.” I said. “she is a beautiful women, but hell Wayne I’m to old and ill to fuck anybody those day’s are over. but I have wondered, I don’t see any men coming around and a woman like that needs taken care of.” he said ” I take care of her Bob.” I said “no Wayne I mean, well, sexually.” Bob said shyly. “yeah Bob I fuck my mother, I’m 18 I can fuck who I like.” we looked up Bob’s wife Jean was waving at us. “you mean your not fucking Jean, I’d be keeping her horizontal Bob.” I told him. “she’s 64 Wayne you mean you’d fuck her a young man like you.” he asked “hell yeah Bob I bet she’s a good fuck.” I said. “well we use to have some good times.” he said. Jean was yelling that breakfast was ready. Bob got up and left, I went in side. mom had just finished putting the food on the table, she had taken her robe off. I went and put my arms around her and kissed her.” damn I love you mother.” I told her. we sat and had breakfast and talked about last night. “I have never cum like that before in my life. I’ve been raped, and double penetrated, I’ve had as many as 8 men take turns on me but I’ve never cum that hard. it was wonderful honey you are a very good son. I told her about my conversation with Bob. “I hope you’ll still fuck your mother when I’m that age.” she said. “fuck mom Jean ain’t that old and still looks pretty good, I’d fuck the shit out of her, and I’ll fuck you to death.” I grinned and kissed her. we inspected mom looking for bruises, just some red left where we beat her tit’s and pussy. she said she wasn’t soar. so I took her to our bedroom and fucked her. the doorbell rang I got up to answer it I looked on the monitor and it was my aunt Carol. I opened the door and let her in she was 42 and married to mom’s brother George. mom had told me George and his friends took turns fucking her when they were kids. George hadn’t been able to get it up for a couple of years Carol was his third wife. she caught me and mom fucking at a family function and now she would come by and use my cock. Carol was not a bad looking woman and had big tit’s. mom had asked her why she just didn’t leave my uncle and find a man. “same as you Marge you got the best cock going and I get to use it why bother.” she said. Carol came in the living room, and turned she looked down at my cock she put her hand around it I was still wet. “been fucking your mother?” I told her yes and mom was in the bedroom. she went to the bedroom mom lay on the bed, leg’s spread and my cum running out of her. aunt Carol laid between her leg’s and ate my cum out of her. I undressed aunt Carol while she ate mom. I spread Carols ass cheeks and licked her shit hole. her shit smell was euphoric. I saw some shit streaks on the side of her ass and licked them off. god it tasted good. my cock was getting hard. I dove face first into aunt Carols cunt, her juices were flowing I took Carol to the shower leaned her against the wall and put my cock in her as soon I started pumping her she started squirting. “god I love your cock Wayne , fuck me , fuck me hard you motherfucker.” she held one leg up so I could get deeper in her. “damn that’s good that’s it make me cum , oh fuck yeah.” I felt her release on my cock she was squirting piss on both of us. I reached over and turned on the shower then got on my knees and gulped down as much of her piss as I could. “damn Aunt Carol you taste fine.” I told her. Carol was known to squirt. we dried off and went to the bedroom. I sat on the bed and watched Carol dress. mom was on the phone. “when are you going to bring Jessie by so I can fuck her, you promised aunt carol.” I asked her. Jessie was Carols 11 year old daughter from her first marriage. she was still a virgin and Carol had promised me her virginity. she also had a crush on me. “she’s at camp this week, but I guess I can get her over next week. maybe I’ll tell your uncle we’re at a sleep over and you can do what you want with her.” she said. she got dressed went to the car and come back with a box. mom was off the phone. she handed it to mom. “happy belated birthday you old whore.” she smiled. mom opened it it was a black bodice, stockings and garter belt. “just what a slut like you would pick out.” mom said and kissed her running her tongue down aunt Carol’s throat. mom thanked Carol and Carol left. mom threw the box on a table. mom said she talked to the office and had taken off a few days. “you can beat me till I’m bruised if I’ve got a few days to heal.” she smiled and said. she took a vibrating egg and stuck it in her cunt and said she was going to take a nap. I put on my robe and went out on the deck and got a beer from the bar. I sat on the deck. Bob was mowing his grass. I waved he tuned off the mower and came over. I asked him to join me in a beer and he said sure. Jean came out on their deck, Bob waved her over we watched her come across the lawn she had on a button up print dress and sandals she had a nice figure, in her day I’d say she was a looker, still not bad. she accepted a beer and sat. “so did Bob ask you?” she said “asked me what Mrs. Epps.” I said. Bob spoke up and told me he had told Jean that I said I’d like to fuck her. he said they had talked and Jean missed having a cock in her. they were wondering if I might fuck her and let Bob watch. I saw Jean blushing I went over and put my arm around I pulled her chin up and kissed her. I knelt down in front of her and run my hand up her leg to her pussy. “I’d love to fuck you Jean.” I said and pushed the crotch of her underwear out of the way and put two fingers in her. she moaned as I finger fucked her. I reached up with my other hand and unbuttoned three buttons of her dress and reached under her bra and squeezed her tit. I kissed her “it’s all I can do to keep from raping you right now honey.” I told her, she smiled. Bob was watching intently. Jean’s juices were soaking her underwear, but I kept fingering her, she spread her leg’s. I felt her nipples get hard. “oh Wayne that feels good.” she cooed. mom opened the door and stood next to Bob her robe open. ” Jean are you going to enjoy some of my son’s cock?” mom asked she pulled Bobs head to her cunt. I pulled my fingers out of Jean and licked them, the old girl tasted good. “are you going to fuck her now?” mom asked.” I think she’s waited long enough don’t you.” mom told Jean to come with her. “we’ll call you boy’s when she’s ready. they went in the house. I got me and Bob another beer. “I think I smelled Marge’s pussy.” Bob said to me. “did it smell good Bob?” I asked. “oh yeah ,yes it did.” he said I know your wife’s cunt tastes good I’m going to eat that bitch. Bob and I got another beer. “what do you think their doing in there?” Bob asked mom came to the door naked ” alright boy’s come on in.” we went to the kitchen “take your cloths off here.” she said Bob started to protest but mom helped him. she took us to the den. a video was on, two old women were get fucked by two young guy’s. Jean was on the couch mom had made her up, she wore a black bodice, stockings and garter belt with black high heels. damn she looked hot. mom had shaved her pussy.
I leaned Jean back on the couch kissing her running my tongue in her mouth I pulled her tit’s from the bodice and sucked them. I ran my fingers in her cunt. I stood up. my cock was rock hard. suck my cock bitch. she eased on to my cock I grabbed her head and forced my shaft in her mouth. I pushed her head back and forth making her suck me. I saw mom had set in Bob’s lap. “suck it you fucking slut.” I yelled at her. I spread her leg’s got between and licked her slit. I tongue fucked her as hard as I could digging deep. ” god you taste good whore.” I hissed. “Wayne maybe we better stop.” I took my cock and drove it in her cunt. “stop, I’ve never been treated like this before.” she cried I pounded her harder. “you watching this Bob you watching me rape your wife, take it Jean you know you want it.” I told her. her ass started lifting coming up to pull me deeper in her. she was so wet it was like trying to fuck a river. “fuck me Wayne give me that young hard cock, fuck it’s been so long . god I need it.” she yelled she was bucking like a fucking bronco driving me deeper into her I grabbed and squeezed her tit’s “oh yeah any thing you want Wayne take it” she yelled. I lifted her leg’s up my ball’s were slapping her ass. “oh fuck Wayne your way up in me, fuck me, fuck me, hard. god I’m going to cum.” she screamed. her juices flooded my cock. “cum in Wayne ,please cum in me.” I released my load into her. I saw mom had Bob in her mouth. I kissed Jean “fuck your one fine piece of ass Jean, I’m going to enjoy fucking you.” I stood up “suck my cock bitch” I commanded Jean eagerly put me in her mouth she licked my cock and balls. I started to get hard. roll over Jean, I put a pillow under her thigh’s. “aren’t you done with me, Wayne.” Jean asked “you said take anything I want and I want your shit hole Jean.” I told her. I never been fucked in my ass.” she said. I got behind her and stuck my tongue in her ass. the smell of her shit was inviting. I dug deep into her wanting to taste more. “oh Wayne that feels great, deeper go deeper.” she sounded euphoric I pushed the sides of her cheeks open wide and my tongue searched for that little taste of shit. I took my whole hand and stretched her ass hole. the whole room was beginning to smell of her shit I inhaled deep. Jean was purring like a kitten. mom came over. “damn her shit smells good ” I pulled my arm out of her ass and shoved my cock in it before it closed. ” oh damn whore you feel good.” I whispered I rode her ass sniffing my arm. I know I cum deep inside her intestines. I got up took mom in my arms and kissed her. “thanks for helping honey.” I said. Jean and Bob got dressed, Jean said she didn’t think she ever cum before, that she didn’t remember anything like that. I told Jean to quit wearing underwear that I might want to fuck her anytime and keep her pussy shaved. as they said good bye and left Jean whispered in my ear. ” I wish you could get me pregnant, I’d sure like to have your baby. I kissed her good bye. mom and I showered together. I put on my gray suit and she put on a short low cut dress she also wore a push up bra to expose an abundance of her tit’s. the dress was also low cut in the back and showed a hint of her butt crack she had on nude hose and high heel’s she had made her self up and smelled like a million. we drove downtown for dinner. I loved going out with her and always acted the gentleman with her. we had dinner and then went to the bar for drinks. I went to the rest room when I come back a man had her cornered and she was flirting with him. I gathered her up and we went home. when we got in the house, I slapped the shit out of her. “your going to act like a whore with me there bitch”. I punched her in the mouth. her lip was bleeding. I drug her to the bedroom and tore her dress off. “honey I was just..” I hit her in the face with my fist. she fell on the bed I got on top of her. “honey no stop I’m your mother.” she pleaded. I pulled my pants off and raped her. she fought as I rammed deep in her. I grabbed and twisted her tits till they were bruised. I felt her fuck hole tighten and pull me in her then she cum on my cock I erupted inside her. she grabbed me and kissed me I could taste the blood on her lips. ” oh baby that was so good, seemed like you made my whole body cum. you know exactly how to treat your mother. god I love you.” she told me. I held her while we drifted off to sleep. mom woke me up 8 the next morning. “get up honey we’re running late the carpet cleaners will be her at 9 to clean the carpet and furniture.” she said I asked about her face, she had a blackeye and busted lip. “I’ll tell them I was in a wreck. I showered and put my robe on. mom got dressed. I got a cup of coffee and went to the deck. I saw Bob load his golf clubs in his car and leave. I had morning wood so I strolled next door I knocked on the door off the deck. Jean let me in. she had on a robe I took it off her and dropped mine on the floor. I kissed her pulling her to my cock. I run my tongue down her throat and squeezed her tit. “fuck you look good this morning girl.” I whispered in her ear. “Bob’s not here.” she said. “I’m not here to fuck Bob. “I said “I’m not sure we should without him here. “she said ” would you rather I rape you.” I asked “no, you don’t have to do that but let’s not tell him, alright?” I took her to her bedroom and laid her on her back. I lifted her legs high and smelled her ass. I couldn’t get enough. I inhaled deep, I inspected her ass for shit, there was none. I licked her shit hole. “oh Wayne I love it when you do that.” I got her up and took her to the bath room. Here honey try to shit she sat on the toilet I saw her strain I went and grabbed some blankets from the bedroom and put them on the deck railing so no one could see. I put one on the deck. I went back to the bath” did you shit baby?” I asked she told me a little I told her not to wipe and took her to the deck I got her down on all fours and opened her ass cheeks. the smell was awesome. she had streaks of shit all around her hole. I licked her clean swallowing the brown juice. “get deep in me if you like my shit Wayne.” she said I stuck my tongue deep in her. I felt her trying to shit I got her on her back. I fingered her pussy. “piss for me Jean.” a small stream shot up I caught what I could in my mouth I licked her clit another stream erupted I drank greedily My cock was like iron I drove it in her. “oh god damn that’s it Wayne fuck me like that. oh fuck, damn give it to me damn it make me your fucking whore. use me anyway anytime just give me that young cock. I squeezed her tit’s and felt her cum, I kept on fucking her. “oh damn I’m going to cum again. the taste of her body fluids had turned me on I drove deep in her I pounded her hard. I felt the cum build in my cock my vein was throbbing when I felt her cum again I let go. “oh fuck Wayne I can feel you squirting inside me. she yelled. we laid in a jumbled pile. I sucked her tit’s “I cum harder every time you fuck me Wayne. and I like it better when Bob’s not here.” she said. we got up, cum was running down her leg, she scooped it up and ate it, I kissed her” your becoming quite the whore.” she smiled. she said she would clean up. I put on my robe and went home. when I looked in the back door I saw mom naked spread eagle on the table a cleaner had just finished with her. cum was dripping from her cunt. he gathered his tools and left. I had got hard watching so I came in bent her back over and fucked her. it was sloppy and good. mom said she was outside and heard Jean cum twice she said the whole neighborhood probably heard it. we were having lunch when the phone rang. mom talked for a while then came back to the table. she told me that was aunt Carol and that Jessie had gotten home from camp, she was going to bring her over so I could fuck her. she wanted to stay the night. mom said if I was going to spend the day fucking Jessie and Carol she was going to the office and do some work. maybe no one would see I had beat her. the thought of me beating my mother made both of us horny mom got on her knees in the kitchen and sucked my cock. she stroked my shaft and licked my cum slit, gently squeezing my balls, when she pulled away to stroke me, strings of precum ran from my cock to her mouth. it felt so good I couldn’t move in the chair. “that’s it baby, get a big load for momma, I want to taste your juice.” her tongue slid up my cock. “shoot your big load of sperm down momma’s throat for her.” she covered the head of my cock with her mouth and pumped me. I couldn’t hold it any longer. I stood so I could shoot it straight down her fucking throat she sucked and squeezed my cock to get every drop. mom stood and swallowed my juice. “that’s one load that Jessie won’t get from you, you be careful and try not to get that little girl pregnant.” she left to go shower and dress. the doorbell rang right as mom came out of her bedroom. I put on my robe. mom had on shorts tennis shoes and at shirt. I looked at he and shook my head. “I don’t want any one to notice me, till I heal ” she said. I opened the door and let Carol and Jessie in. Carol looked at mom’s face and whispered “damn girl he fucked the hell out of you didn’t he?” mom smiled said she had to run said good bye and left. we went into the den I had some flat chested teen porn on the video a tiny blonde was getting her ass wrecked by a huge cock and she was loving it. I told Carol I was so happy to see her and kissed her long and hard putting my tongue in her. she had dressed Jessie as a school girl with white shirt plaid pleated short skirt knee socks and patent leather strap black shoes. I grabbed Jessie and kissed her long and hard running my tongue deep in her. she looked surprised. god she was so small and cute. I could feel my cock grow I was going to enjoy this. Carol set in a chair I had Jessie set on my lap, since I hadn’t seen her in so long I hugged and squeezed and kissed her. I noticed her watching the little blonde taking cock on the video. I run my hand up her leg rubbing her pussy. Carol said she had some running to do and asked if I take care of Jessie for a while. I told her sure she smiled at me. “Jessie you do what Wayne tells you. and I’ll be back later.” she left. I pulled Jessie close to me and kissed her all the time rubbing her pussy. “damn Jessie you’ve grown into a good looking women.” I told her. “momma say’s you want to fuck me.” she said “yes, I do and I want to do more than that to you. I want to treat you like a woman, the way I treat your mother.” I said I laid her on the couch, and kissed her. I kissed her neck and unbuttoned her shirt. her tit’s were just starting to bud. I sucked and licked her nipples. “you like that Jessie, being treated like a woman?” I asked as I removed her panties. “yes, I do. “she said. I sniffed the crotch of her panties they smelled of piss I put them in my mouth and licked and sucked the piss and shit stains. then threw them on the back of the couch. I was so excited that I was about to take this little girl I was shaking. I stood and took my robe off. her eye’s got big at the sight. I sat back down. and pulled her to me. “I want you to put my dick in your mouth and suck on it. I guided her face on to my cock. I started slow an shallow I put my hand on the back of her head and made her take more. “that’s good Jessie your as good at that as your mother.” I encouraged her. “now take it all you little bitch.” I shoved her head on my cock and held it she started gagging. damn that’s good I held her there. I let her up slobber was running down my cock and stringing from her mouth. I kissed her, tears were in her eyes. “oh fuck honey, that was good. you could make any man happy.” I said, she smiled. “I want to eat your pussy, baby lay back here for me and spread your leg’s.” I instructed her I got between her leg’s and licked her slit I lifted her ass up so I could get my tongue in her. she smelled and tasted like fresh piss, I almost shot my load right then. I dug at her hole with my tongue, she was to small to get into. I put a finger in her and fucked her. damn this was going to take stretching. ” you alright baby that feel good. I need to stretch your pussy out.” I stopped and kissed her. when I went back at her I used two fingers, she kind of flinched. “I don’t want to hurt you honey, I want to teach you to enjoy getting fucked, like your mother.” I told her sweetly. I couldn’t wait to get on this little slut and ruin her. she was taking two fingers pretty good. I got down and ate her pussy dome more, she was lifting her ass so I could get in her. she was going to be as good of a slut as her mother, I could tell. I stopped and kissed her some more. “damn baby your pussy tastes so good you like that when I eat it?” she nodded yes and smiled. I run my tongue down her throat. we made out while I eased my third finger in her. “that’s it girl lift your ass up and pull it in you.” I cheered her on. shit I should be in her before long. I took her hand “here fuck your self and keep stretched I’ll be back in a minute.” I left her fucking herself and went to the bedroom to get some lube. I pulled her head towards me ” keep on stretching while you suck my cock.” I said she took me in her mouth. I fucked her head. god she was good. I got between her leg’s and lubed up I eased my head in her hole and sucked her little nipples. they got hard. I eased in her a little deeper. she started to moan. I kissed her to keep her quiet while I shoved the rest of my cock in her. she was pulling away from me I drove deeper making her take it. “that’s it baby your alright you can take it. fuck me baby, give me that pussy.” I said. “it hurt’s, it’s to big, your hurting me stop” she begged.” you’ll loosen up, you can take it , god it’s good, oh fuck.” I yelled and pounded her harder. I used her a while longer then dumped my load in her. I felt her hole getting smaller when I was pulling out of her. I stood up, she pointed at my cock, I looked down there was blood all over me. I went to the bath and got a wash rag and towel, came back and cleaned both of us up. “was I good Wayne?” she asked. “oh yeah Jessie I can’t wait to fuck you again, but we’ll let you rest and stop bleeding for a while, it gets better the more you fuck, and I plan on fucking you a lot.” I kissed her. the doorbell rang I looked at the monitor it was Carol. I let her in. we went to the den Carol grabbed my cock and started stroking me, she smiled.” you fuck my daughter?” she asked “I sure did,” I told her. she went over to Jessie she looked at the towel on the floor. “you like it honey, he didn’t hurt you did he, he’s so big.” she asked. Jessie said it hurt a little but she wanted me to fuck her again. ” well maybe later baby, right now momma’s going to use that big cock.” she said and started to take off her cloths. Jessie got up and said she had to pee I took her to the bath we got in the shower I told her to piss in my mouth and got on my knees. her golden stream was like ambrosia I drank greedily then licked the last drops from her. I saw a little trickle of blood and cum and licked her clean I turn on the water and we showered we went back to the den. I had stopped by the bedroom and got a butt plug. I got Jessie on the couch on all fours and was inserting it in her, Carol come behind me and started stroking my cock.’ surely my daughter’s not going to get all your attention.” she kissed my back while reaching around jacking me and pressing her tit’s against me. I told Jessie to leave the plug in until I took it out. I turned around and kissed Carol rubbing her tit’s. she stroked my cock we hugged and kissed. “oh you piece of shit slut, making a whore out of your own daughter. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.” I whispered “only for you mother fucker.” she whispered back and got on her knees and sucked my cock. when she got me hard she laid on her back on the floor and spread her leg’s “fuck me with that young hard cock, fuck me like you fucked my daughter, mother fucker.” I put her knees over my shoulders and bore my cock into her fuck hole. her body came up to accept me, god she was wet. ” I love having the cock in me that was just in my daughter, your taking care of the whole fucking family.” I could feel her squeezing her cunt to pull me into her. I pounded her cunt then I put my cock in her shit hole. Jessie was on the couch watching intently as I fucked her mother “Jessie get down here and clean your mothers ass off my cock you little whore.” I commanded. Jessie got on the floor and I put my cock in her mouth. I pushed her head all the way down my shaft. then I pulled it out and put it in her mothers cunt. I rammed in her hard and deep grabbing and pulling her tit’s hard ” oh fuck your making me cum, fuck me Wayne, oh my god.” I felt her gush on my cock. I grabbed Jessie’s head shoved my cock in her mouth and exploded down her throat. she gagged on the load and cum came spewing from her mouth and dripping from her chin. “I guess I’m going to have to give some more pussy to the cleaners.” mom said, she had just walked in.

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