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Introduction: If you haven’t read any of my past stories, here is a little backround. I’m 29 yrs old, about 5’2 125 lbs, a mix of Spanish, Mexian and Native American resulting in dark brown straight hair, almond shaped brown eyes and a round latina ass. I have perky B cups and a few colorful tattoos on my shoulders and arms, think suicide girls. My boyfriend “Lawrence” is 32 yrs old, about 6’2, White with a 7.5 inch cock that curves to the left and the most amazing bubble butt you’ve ever seen on a white boy, dimples and hazel eyes. We’ve been told we are a hot couple.

Now the story: It was Friday night and we were sipping some Pinot Grigio and trolling Craigslist trying to find a girl to fuck as we’ve had a few threesomes with other bi guys but never with another girl. Lawrence was eager to see me lick pussy.

I came across an ad in the W4M section with no picture. She was married but unfulfilled. Saying to put “cuddle” in the subject line. She was just wanting affection but said if there was chemistry it could lead to more.

I responded with our pictures saying we would love to make her feel beautiful. She responded back with a picture saying she didn’t know how she felt being with a couple, it was then I realized I hadn’t even asked if she was into girls but, I convinced her to come over.

She showed up around 11 PM. She was Fillipino, light brown skin, Black straight hair cut into a Bob, average looking, no make up, slightly overweight, a real find for Craigslist. Haha

She was a bit shy at first, Lawrence sat infront of us in a chair while I sat next to her on the couch until she felt more comfortable. We poured her a glass of wine and chit chatted for a while. Turns out her husband is a marine and that he had set up his commander and his wife to join them without telling her. His commander started sucking her husband off and the wife started kissing and touching her. His wife was a big fat woman. Needless to say she freaked out, not a good 1st girl on girl experience. I silenty smirked, knowing I was about to turn that around.

I saw that the wine was starting to kick in. She was giggling a bit more and definitely opening up. After a while of talking, S he took off her cardigan getting more comfortable. I took that as a cue and grabbed her hand saying “Come on, I’m going to corrupt you now.”

I led her to the bedroom, Lawrence happily following.
Within seconds we were undressed and she was laying on the bed. She had small perky tits, brown nipples and a shaved pussy. I got ontop of her and passionately kissed her, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. I pushed her tits together and lightly flicked my tongue against her nipples, she moaned encouraging me to continue.

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Lawrence laid next to her taking one of her nipples in his mouth, nibbling on it as I licked the other one. I reached down and felt her dripping wet pussy which made my clit tingle. I got in between her legs and spread her open. I touched my tongue to her hard clit making her twitch. I moved my tongue up and down slightly, tracing the opening of her pussy softly with my finger.

I felt Lawrence get up, seconds later a hard cock was poking my pussy. He slid it in making me yelp a little. I continued sucking and licking her clit, reaching up to squeeze her tits as Lawrence started fucking me. His cock felt so good filling up my pussy as her pussy juices leaked all over my face.

I got up and got ontop of her again, kissing her, making her taste her own pussy juices. Then I grabbed a condom and rolled it over Lawrence’s now rock hard cock. I pulled her legs back presenting her dripping wet pussy to him. He slid his cock in and I felt her gasp while we kissed. He started with long strokes, I could feel every thrust. He sped up and started fucking her good only to stop suddenly, demanding me on all fours.

Pushing my ass up in the air, he grabbed a hold of my hips. I grabbed my pink vibrator and dove into her pussy licking and nibbling on her throbbing clit while holding my vibrator just above her clit hood. Lawrence was now fucking me faster and faster.

I slid the vibrator in and out as I sucked on her clit. I felt her body tense up. Her head was back, eyes rolling back.
Lawrence leaned down while fucking me whipering in her ear

“Just relax, let go, she licks pussy real good, cum all over her face”

That must have sent her over the edge, her body started convusling. Her hips bucking griding her pussy on my face.
Lawrence fucked me fast and hard then suddenly pulled out, I felt a big stream of hot cum hit my ass, then another on my back and another and another until we all collapsed on the bed, faces red breathing heavy.  I laid there covered in cum for a few minutes catching my breath. We got cleaned up and said our good byes. She sent me a text when she got home, it said

“Thank you for having me over, I haven’t stopped smiling since I left”

We actually kept in contact and she text me the other day saying she left her husband and moved out of state. She thanked us again and said she missed us already. I smiled thinking just maybe we might have had something to do with her new found confidence.


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