Crazy Night In A Crazy Foster Home

The nightmares had come back, tainting my dreams and forcing me to wake in a cold sweat. This time I hadn’t been asleep for more than a few hours since it had just turned midnight. Feeling uneasy and a little frightened, I pulled myself from my bed and made my way downstairs so that I could get some water from the kitchen.

On my through the living room, I had tripped on something and tumbled down onto the hardwood floor with a crash. It didn’t take long for me to realize that the thing I had tripped on was the family dog, Gunner, a beast of a doberman that almost towered over me due to my small size.

I lied on the floor for a moment, waiting for the pain to subside. Gunner must have been pretty angered for he growled at me and got up from his rested position. He walked over to me, panting heavily, until his beastly body was hovering over me. His front legs were on both sides of my head, making it difficult for me to move. The dog was a playful creature so I had assumed that it wanted to wrestle like it always did, but I was in no mood to play at the moment.

When I began squirming around to get out from under the animal, he locked me in tighter. I was on my stomach so I began crawling out from under him, but Gunner grabbed my boxers and pulled them off. My ass was now exposed to the beast, making me very uncomfortable. Now was when I had decided to try and get up onto my hands and knees to make a run for it, but it only helped him get what he was really after.

As soon as I was on all fours, he jumped onto me, his heavy belly weighing me down so that I couldn’t move from under him. I was stuck with a heavy dog on my back. My heart was racing because I had no idea what he was going to do to me, but it wasn’t long until I felt something slide against my butt.

My eyes shot open as I felt what could only be a big dog cock growing against my ass, a sensation that I had never expected to feel in my entire life. It kept growing and growing until I could only assume it had reached its limit. Now was when I really tried to get out from my position, but it was impossible for someone my size. I was forced down in my position while Gunner’s animal cock was pressed up against my virgin ass.

He adjusted his position until the tip pushed up against my tight hole, this feeling sent shivers down my spine, making me too nervous to cry for help. The dog pushed his hips forward and jabbed the tip of his dick into my ass. Luckily it didn’t manage to go in, but it sure did hurt to where I let out a soft moan as it felt like someone had shot my ass. The beast was determined and didn’t stop after his first try, thrusting again with success at entering my ass.

I had never felt pain like this before, the tip of a dog cock forcing itself into my ass. Unfortunately for me, it only got worse as he continued pushing himself further into me, stretching my poor hole that was not made for this type of thing. To keep from screaming, I shoved parts of my shirt into my mouth, using it to muffle my cries of agony.

Deeper he went, inch by inch, seeming to get thicker the further in he slid. I’m no human ruler, but it felt like the dog had shoved eight inches of hard cock deep into my ass. Once he figured he couldn’t go any further, he retracted his hips and withdrew his cock until only the tip remained, but quickly shoved all eight inches back into my cavity with immense power and speed. My prostate was sure to be damaged by the time this was over, which didn’t seem near.

Now that he had cleared the way, this was when the real fucking would occur. Gunner began pulling out and shoving his length right back into me, faster and faster each time until he was pumping his mighty cock into me at a rapid pace. It felt as if my eyes were going to roll back into my head, especially when the base of his cock had slid into my abused asshole. His knot was enormous and was by far the worst part, but at the same time it was so big that it was stimulating my prostate which felt good for some reason.

Now he was humping into me balls-deep, thrusting now eleven inches of doggy dick into my bowels. The more he thrusted, the more the pain began to fade, being replaced by nothing but pure pleasure and bliss. I felt sick in a way, knowing that I was enjoying being raped by a dog, but at this point I no longer cared. It felt so good, my cock began to harden and drip pre-cum onto the floor.

The beast continued fucking my ass raw for nearly ten minutes; he fucked me till I was dumb.

His cock began to swell, growing in my ass at an alarming rate. His knot was inflating and locking itself in my ass as he shot loads of hot cum into my hole which felt heavenly. I moaned super loud into my shirt, now soaked with saliva. He grew bigger and bigger until my butt felt like it was going to split in half, hurting a great deal but still enjoyable. His cock was still pumping hot sperm into me, not allowing any of it to escape.

For another fifteen minutes we stayed locked together, by this time my knees were bruised and felt awful. When his knot died down, his shrinking cock slipped out of my used ass, followed by a river of dog cum that pooled on the floor behind me. With his needs out of the way, he simply hopped off of me and made his way down the hall to find a new place to sleep.

I fell to the ground, knees and arms exhausted from the brutal fuck I had just endured. What little energy I had left was used to slide a few fingers into my ass, scooping out the dog juice and bringing the fluid to my mouth. It tasted bitter and salty, but something about it just turned me on. When there was no more remnants of the beast, I turned around and licked up the dog jizz off of the floor until it was clean enough to eat off of.

Every part of me felt weak, and therefore I needed rest. I grabbed my boxers and crawled myself back up the stairs and into my room, where I had remembered something: The Sander’s had three dogs, the other two were waiting for me in my room.