Creating Lust Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooCreating Lust Ch. 02

Dan sat in the kitchen drinking his coffee, the clock just turned 10 am, his wife was still asleep in bed, he had heard his daughter arrive home at 1 am. He hadn't received the; 'clothes on text,' a code they had when she was bringing someone home. The only problem been a nudist household
Dan downed the rest of his coffee, he looked up her balcony, imaging his daughter upstairs in her bed naked, asleep, it caused an awakening of his cock, been the weekend he knew she liked a sleep-in.
Dan stood and made his way naked to the stairs, walking up to the hallway his cock in hand, he stopped outside her bedroom door, with his erection in his hand, he slowly pushed the door open and looked in, he saw her, on her side with her back to him, he loved seeing her beautiful naked body in bed, the Egyptian cotton sheets draped over her hips, the top half of her body exposed.
Dan smiled as he entered her room closing the door behind him, he slowly walked over to the bed and sat down watching her, he looked on the floor seeing her underwear and bra, he reached down and picked up her underwear and put them to his face, he inhaled smelling her scent, the mixture of her pussy juices, her piss, her sweat, her perfume, all been smells that aroused him.
As he lifted the sheet sliding his legs under them next to her, she stirred, he lay at her side placing his hand on her shoulder, admiring her back and shoulders, Dan kissed the soft skin of her shoulder, then slowly slid his hand over her hip, he watched her sleep, his cock hard, it could sense her pussy so close, he knew she was usually horny in the morning.
He loved to lie next to her listening to her sleep her back to him, naked in bed with his daughter as his wife slept next door, he pushed her hair off her face, pushing it behind her ear which made her stir,
"Umm." she moaned adjusting her body as Dan kissed her shoulder, she opened her eyes and rolled to her back seeing her father next to her, Dan smiled at her admiring her breasts.
"Morning beautiful?" he said softly.
She smiled and sighed "Ummmm, morning Dad, what time is it?" she asked.
"After 10!" Dan replied looking at her, "How was your night last night?" Carly always liked to be woken up if she slept past 10am.
"Yeh good, It was nice. How's mum?" she asked softly, still sleepy.
"She's in bed asleep!" Dan replied.
She looked at him reaching down feeling his hard erection, "Looking for morning sex are you? What about Mum?"
"Let's just say she's a bit sore from last night, from our catching up!" he replied, as she kissed his lips placing her hand on his cheek, they french kissed, she withdrew and looked in his eyes.
He kissed her lips, sliding his hand to her breasts, groping her, she moaned as he kissed down to her chest and over her breasts, she held his head feeling her nipple now in his mouth. "Oh yes Dad." she moaned his hand moving to her pussy, finding her wet moist clit.
She closed her eyes as Dan played with her, feeling his lips over her breasts, his hand down on her pussy.
"Yes fuck me Dad." she said. "Fuck the foreplay, just fuck me!"
She pushed him to his back and with one movement she was stradding him, looking down at her father, she loved fucking him with her mother in the house, letting her Mum listen to her orgasm as she fucked her father, she usually left them alone to have sex.
He looked up at her perfect breasts, reaching up groping them, she reached for his cock, guiding his knob to her clit, she rubbed his knob over her vagina desperate to get it into her, gasping as she closed her eyes, feeling her body almost orgasm as she felt his cock enter her pussy "Oh yes Dad." she said leaning back, just sitting there enjoying her fathers cock in her.
"Oh yes darling!" he moaned, he looked in her eyes smiling, her wet moist pussy over his cock.
"Oh, fuck Dad, I love your cock so much, it feels so nice in my pussy." she said slowly riding him.
Dan looked down at his wet shaft been coated in his daughters juices, her spread labias against his erection, her perfect body slowly riding him, the look of pleasure, extasy and absolute lust in her eyes. He knew he was the only man fucking her, the only man to have fucked her since taking her virginity at 20.
"Oh fuck yes," she moaned. "FUCK." she yelled. She sped up, riding him faster, "Oh FUCK!" she yelled. "FUCKING CUM DAD!" she yelled, he thrust upwards into her as she pushed down his cock.
Without realising Carly's bedroom door opened, her mother standing naked watching the show,
"How's a woman supposed to sleep?" she said, both father and daughter looked over seeing Glenda standing watching.
"Oh Mum," Carly said moaning "Hi."
Glenda stepped over and sat on the chair watching, she opened her legs and slid her fingers to her pussy, Dan and Carly looked at each other grinning, then looked over at Glenda squeezing her breasts and fingering her pussy watching her husband and daughter fuck.
"Fuck him!" Glenda said smiling.
Carly sped up enjoying been watched, Glenda often watched them, she loved watching her daughter fuck her father.
Carly leant back, resting her hands on her fathers knees, Dan gripping his daughters thighs, as she fucked him.
Five minutes later, Carly got off her father, she glanced over at her mothers pussy, she knelt on the floor between her legs, Carly licked her mothers clit as Dan stepped behind his daughter doggy style and pushed back into her wet vagina, he held her hips opening her arse admiring her anus and his cock fucking her.
Glenda moaned pushing her head back as her daughter pleasured her wet pussy, as her husband fucked his daughters cunt, husband and wife smiling and grinning at each other, their daughter on her knees between them.
Carly moaned and felt her mothers hands on the back of her head pulling her face into her pussy, Carly's tongue on her clit, her fingers deep in her mothers pussy.
"Oh fuck baby, make mummy cum!" she said.
"Yeh Carly eat mummys pussy." Dan said thrusting deep into his daughter. Dan moaned louder, thrusting harder into Carly, just over a minute later he orgasmed, filling his daughters pussy with his seed, his cum shooting into her womb.
"Oh yes bitch!" he said stopping, his hard erect cock still buried deep in her pussy.
He watched as Glenda orgasmed on her daughters face. Carly pleasuring both Mum and Dad, she felt like their sex toy some days, some days it seemed like it was all about them, then other days she was the center of attention.
"Have you filled the dirty sluts pussy?" Glenda said to her husband, Dan's looking back at his wife, her orgasm lasting a while.
"Yes honey! The little bitch has my cum in her."
"You like that you little bitch? Daddys cum in your slutty pussy?" Glenda said pulling her head up, looking deep into her daughters eyes.
"Oh yes Mum!" she replied as Dan pulled out of her pussy, He stood and stepped over to his wife, Glenda grabbed his cock lifting it to her mouth, she licked and sucked her husbands cock, the scent of her daughter on his cock aroused her, she looked down pulling Carlys head into her pussy.
"Lick mummys cunt, while I clean your fathers cock." Glenda snapped, she moaned as Carlys mouth sealed around her wet cunt. Dan looking down watching his wife lick and clean his daughter's scent off him. Carlys legs wide open, her fathers cum oozing down her legs and dripping onto her bedroom floor. Glenda then stood up directing Carly to the bed, opening her legs looking at the dripping pussy.
Glenda knelt and leant in licking her daughters pussy, licking her husbands cum out of her, finger fucking her daughters swollen vagina, her tongue licking and sucking up her daughters juices.
Dan's cock hardened again, he leant over his wife guiding his cock into his wife's pussy, he held her hips as he thrust her. Carly loved watching her father, fuck her mother, a real personal family affair. Carly held her mothers head returning the favour bunching her short shoulder length hair pulling her face into her wet, cum filled pussy.
"Clean daddy out of me!" she said feeling her mothers tongue around her pussy, Dan fucking his wife.
For ten minutes, Dan fucked his wife, watching her pleasuring her daughters sloppy pussy. Dan watched his wife and daughter orgasm again. He thrusted harder into his wife, eventually again orgasming, filling his wife with his cum.
Carly returned the favour, licking her mothers pussy clean, mother, father and daughter collapsed onto Carlys bed.
Dan stretched his arms up adjusting her pillows under his head, Carly and Glenda each side of him.
"Nothing beats a morning Fuck!" Carly said kissing her fathers chest then his lips.
"Absolutely!" Glenda replied looking at her husband.
"So how is Lisa? How was your night last night?" Dan asked.
Carly sighed and looked at his chest, Dans cock softening. "I need to talk to you about that!"
"What Lisa?" Glenda asked smiling
"She's coming for lunch, by the way?" Carly said smiling.
"Oh shit, so I have to dress?" Dan said.
"Yes! Look … I … Um"
"Whats up?" Dan asked.
"Ok, promise me you will tell no-one this?"
"Oh a secret" Dan said.
"Ok look, Lisa's cousin Jonty…"
" … the one she slept with?" Dan asked.
"Yes, well you see, he came up on holiday, and stayed with Lisa, they kind of made their way back to bed with each other. They are casually fucking now." Carly said.
"Casually, as in not just a once off, but they are…?" Dan said.
" …yes Dad, like us, fucking not just once, but …"
" … ok I get the picture!" Dan replied.
"Ok, I'm thinking their is more to this story, she's not pregnant is she?" Glenda asked.
"Oh no, no. But she confided in me that she is sleeping with him … and I'd like to tell her about us!" Carly said.
"Carly no, you can't." Glenda replied.
"Look Mum, she knows about us been naked around the house, she finds it cool that a family can do that be so comfortable with their bodies and they can be comfortable everybody knowing what each other looks like naked, and I guess the way it came out she has sort of guessed anyway."
"Carly, she knows we walk around naked?"
"I sort of said, Dad caught me naked one day in the kitchen, I said I thought he was out all day, and I like to be naked, that I didn't hear him come home and surprised him in the kitchen full frontal, ever since we have been nudists in our house, that it's been two years now." Carly replied.
"Wow, so how did she guess we were…"
"… well I havn't actually confirmed it, she said is their like any sexual tension, do you touch or anything like that, I said no, but I hate to lie to her, and I think she saw through it."
"Well if she has, you are still friends so …"
" … well as of last night, we are more than friends, we are together as a couple. She is my partner."
"Wow, so the dress paid off?"
"Yes Dad, I guess it did!"
"Well, it would be kinky, Carly's girlfriend knowing about us." Glenda said smiling at her husband.
Dan looked at her and grinned. "So is that why you want to tell her about us?"
"Save awkwardness when she comes to stay, maybe all of us be naked, that's if she wants your father to see her naked?" Glenda said.
"I don't think she would mind Mum, I still want to fuck Dad, he is the only man who has had sex with me, I intend to keep it that way, the only man I want to. So yes she's fucking her cousin, she's very open to me about it, and I want the same, like I said she sort of knows and wonders anyway." Carly replied.
"Well it would have to be a big secret?" Glenda replied, "Having sex with a cousin isn't like having sex with a parent."
"Ummm, I know, I like what we have, I don't want to stop it." she said as she lay on his chest. "We all have secrets?"
"Oh do we?" Dan replied.
"Yes Daddy, I know from Mum, she told me not to tell you that I know." Carly said looking over at her mother. Glenda grinned.
"What!" Dan questioned looking at his wife.
"That you like to walk around in her underwear." she said smiling.
"Oh shit!" Dan replied, both women smiling at each other.
"Ummm, Iook honestly I don't mind. She says you prefer my dirty ones, she said she caught you in my bikini as well."
"Yes." he said, "Shit I am so embarressed!"
"Oh darling, don't be!" Glenda said…
"Yes Dad, don't be, I don't mind." she said smiling at him kissing his nose, "I find it really kinky, and when we are home alone, I want to see you in my lingerie!".
"Carly really?" he said kissing her nose…
"So Dad?" she said kissing his nose back, "What is your number one fantasy, the thing you dream about, that makes you so fucking horny, you have to jerk off to?"
"Carly, do you really want to hear it?" he said smiling.
"Yes please?"
"Ok, well you may not want to!" he replied.
"Oh Dad come on tell me."
"Ok," he looked in her eyes smiling, looking deep into her eyes. "Watching you work as a stripper, then you take me into the room, make love to me, then get back to work, and no-one knows you are my daughter."
"Oh Dad, that sounds so fucking erotic, that makes me feel so horny." she looked down at him, she rubbed his chest.
"Whats yours?" he asked
"Dad, well ok, I want to be tied to a table, naked, my legs open, my arms up above my head, covered in food like fruit and things. People sitting around me eating off me, like a human smorgasbord.
"Oh Carly, that sounds hot, are we talking men and women?"
"Yes, both, but no sex, I don't like fucking other men. Your penis is all I need."
"Mum, What's your's?" Carly asked.
"Darling, I don't really know, I guess make a porno movie with a stranger as your father watchs!"
"Darling!" Dan said looking at his wife.
"Yes, I like watching porn with you, I have often thought, and wondered what it would be like to make one, with my husband watching."
"Oh Mum, we have to make that one come true!"
"We should get up, Lisa will be here soon!" Glenda said sitting up kissing her daughters lips. "I think we need to look at making them all come true?" she added.
"Oh yes." Carly said…

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