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All characters are over 18 yrs old.
Dan lay back, his head resting on the soft pillow, the day seemed to have done its course, he gazed up at her white plaster ceiling, a familiar sight these days, he looked down at his limp cock, he felt the dry semen on his thigh, the semen that had leaked from his daughters vagina after their love making session, his first born princess that had just turned 22.
They had fallen asleep, they liked to hug after sex, her body pressed against his side her leg up on his thigh, her vulva pressed into his skin. He had enjoyed making love to her for a long time. Their relationship had really blossomed, even though his wife had to share her husband, with her daughter.
Dan lifted his hands onto his scalp rubbing his eyes as he heard the splash, he sat up and looked around her bedroom, he sat on her wooden four post bed, her silver Egyptian sateen cotton sheets dishevelled under him, he loved making love to her on them, they felt soft and luxurious on his skin, her enormous amount of pillows strewn on the bed, he swung his legs off the bed placing his feet on the floor.
Dan looked down at her short pencil skirt, her white satin blouse, her white lacy underwear and matching bra on the floor that he had hurriedly taken off her body two hours ago, she had come home early from work, hot and horny, she wanted a last fuck before her mother came home, well a fuck 'alone' with her father anyway.
Dan looked at the clock it read 4.36. His wife would soon be home in an hour, he stood and stepped over to the curtains, he slowly pulled one open and looked out, he watched his beautiful mermaid swim in the pool down on the next level. Her naked body gliding through the water so elegantly and perfectly.
Dan opened the french door and stepped out onto the small balcony that looked down on the fifty metre lap pool. He leant on the black metal rail watching as she swam,
He felt the slight arousal of his cock, moments later she stood, she lifted her hands up behind her head pushing her long dark hair behind her head, her beautiful C Cup breasts sitting ever so perfect on the chest off his princess. Her blue eyes looked up seeing the naked figure of her father looking down at her,. She smiled feeling ever so sexy, flirting with him, letting him admire her bust, her fathers love juices still in her body, swimming around her womb.
"Come in Dad!" She said just enough for him to hear.
"Oh no darling, just watching you!" he replied, enjoying seeing her perfect body, the water glistening off her sheer tanned skin.
With that she thrust her arms forward, putting her hands together diving under the water in the pool. He smiled as he walked back into her room, seeing his clothing strewn on his daughters bedroom floor.
The trip to the kitchen took two minutes, out her door, to the left, down the stairs, then to the right through the glass atrium, looking to his left as he watched the elegant strokes of his daughters freestyle in the pool. He reached the kitchen, naked, no one dressed in their house. Nudity was the normal thing for them.
He reached up pulling out a wine glass setting it on the bench, he picked up his bottle of Merlot pouring it into a glass. He penis deciding to come back to life, he felt the blood flow through his vein in his penis, probably the thought of maybe fucking her again, although his wife would be home soon.
He stepped out to the tiled patio, the sun still receding from the summer sky, the indoor pool under the open roof, that allowed for shade when needed. He stood watching her swim, like a fish thrusting though the water. His cock now ready for more.
She saw him and stood walking to the steps, she held the rail pulling her body up out of the water. Dan loved as the water dripped from her naked body, the angelic naked body of his princess, the princess who had just turned 22
Her long dark wet hair clinging to her back, her beautiful perky C Cup breasts, her lovely nipples, her toned and tanned body, the perfect waxed groin exposing the smooth skin of her vulva, he handed her a towel.
He had been making love to her for 2 years now, a night alone with her when his wife was away, for three months before that she had decided that she liked been naked at home with her parents, he remembered the first time seeing his daughters amazing naked 20 yr old body.
For three months he saw her naked, walking around the house, that night she came into his room when his wife was away and played with his cock, although he resisted at first, she persuaded him to make love to her, to take her virginity as a 20 yr old. A job he eventually took absolute delight in doing. Not realising his mother and daughter had planned it months in advance, now their lives were intertwined with nudity and sex.
"Thank you Dad!" she said smiling at her king, the king she was sharing with the queen. She reached out grabbing the towel from his hand.
"Mum will be home soon!" he said watching her dry her body, in his eyes her amazing perfect body.
"Yes! We will have to tidy up then won't we?" she replied gazing deep into her kings eyes.
"Yes, might even have to mess your parents bed up, and make it look like I have slept in it, and not in his daughters bed for the last three nights." Dan replied smiling at her, he loved watching her dry her body, the way she moved the towel over herself.
She looked at the king, the princess stepping towards him, smiling at him, kissing his lips, "I'm sure she knows where you have been sleeping, with me, in my bed Dad."
"Yes well maybe she will want me in her bed tonight?" Dan said.
"Maybe Dad?" she replied. Anyway I'm out tonight, its Lisa's birthday. I said I would be around after work!" the princess replied.
"Lisa? She is the…"
"…lawyer Dad, Lawyer Lisa!" the princess said smiling at him.
"Oh yes!" he replied.
She dropped the towel on the chair, she raised her arms up around his neck, her lips finding his, "Come shower with me?" she said. His hands found her breasts cupping her bust.
"Lead the way!" he replied.
She grabbed the hand of her king, he followed his princess to her room, he followed her lead, his eyes drawn to her perfect arse,
They held hands as they made their way to the bedroom, again he passed the bed he and his daughter had called home for the last three nights, making love like she loved, even the odd quick fuck.
She turned on the shower and stood hugging her father again. "My princess!" he said moving his hands to her hips, he admired her naked body. She pulled him into the shower and kissed him.
"Let's get you cleaned up Dad, for Mum tonight" she said lifting the bottle of bodywash from the shower cradle. She squirted a bit on her hand and replaced the bottle, she pressed her hands on her fathers chest, and with circular motions with her hands she washed her fathers chest. She leant in kissing him, pressing her soft lips on his as she washed him, the warm water flowing down her back, as Dan stood against the opposite wall to the shower head.
She kissed down his neck as she lowered her hands to his stomach washing him, she kissed his chest through the coconut bodywash as her hands found his cock. She stepped back looking down as she cradled his cock in her hand. She reached for the bodywash squirting it over his shaft the liquid pooling in her hand under his cock.
"There you go Dad." she said looking in his eyes as she returned the bodywash. She rubbed her hand on top of his cock scooping up the bodywash. "Let's make it nice and clean for Mum tonight shall we?"
"Yes darling!" he said as he held her sides, he watched her wash his cock, slipping and sliding her hands around his shaft and under his balls.
She then knelt on the shower floor, she reached up for the bodywash again squirting more in her hands, she wrapped his thigh with her hands washing his left leg down over his knee, his calf muscles and back up his right leg as she kissed his right thigh, tasting the dried cum attached to his hairy legs
"Dried cum, yummy!" she said looking up at him smiling swapping legs repeating the process with the bodywash. She reached up rinsing his cock, she washed his legs as she kissed his knob, she licked up the front of his dangling penis, she licked back down feeling it twitch on her tongue.
"Oh Carly!" he moaned.
"Better be careful, need to save it for Mum tonight, you have fucked me twice today, it was nice having a fuck before leaving for work, and coming home…"
" … early!" Dan replied.
"You were not complaining Dad!" she said standing rubbing her breasts up his legs, over his cock and stomach pressing her tits into his chest.
"No darling!" he said leaning in to kiss her.
"Turn around Dad." she said.
Dan turned feeling the water hit his back as she stepped out the way reaching for the bodywash, she again squirted it in her hand.
"Going to smell like you soon." he said feeling her hands lather it on his back, massaging his shoulders and spine down to his bottom, she washed over his arse pushing her hand between his legs, from behind she groped his balls and cock fondling them. He felt her massage his balls and cock, she withdrew around to his anus rubbing his hole, he jumped as he felt her finger push into his arse.
"Fuck Carly!" he said feeling her breasts press against his back as she slowly reached around picking up his cock with her other hand, she stroked it as she fingered his arse, kissing his back and licking around his neck listening to her moaning father.
A few minutes later she withdrew her finger, she held his sides as she pushed her breasts over his back massaging the bodywash in with her bust.
"I know you like that Dad!" she said in a sexy voice.
"I do baby." he replied.
"Just getting you ready for Mum tonight Dad." she said. "Well that is if she isn't too tired!"
"Fucking tease." he said
"Yeh Dad!" she said kissing down his back to his bottom, she then stood pressing her breasts against his back, sliding them up and down his back and arse, she stood turning him around wrapping her arms around his neck leaning up kissing his lips, her body pressing into him.
"I'm a lucky man!" he said.
"Yeh? Because your fucking two beautiful women, one been your daughter?" she asked.
"Yes baby." he said.
She hugged him, she made a point of pressing her female assets against his body, her breasts pressing into his chest, her groin pressing against his erecting cock.
"Wash me Dad!" she said as they swapped places. He kissed her cheek as he reached for the bodywash, he tipped it upside down squirting it over her breasts, he watched it run down her breasts to her nipples, he put the bottle down and groped her breasts washing her, he squeezed her bust as he washed her, he lifted and caressing her breasts, he listened to her moan as he looked at her face, her eyes closed feeling her fathers hands wash and massage her breasts.
He slowly moved them down to her stomach using the dripping coconut wash to wash her stomach. He knelt as she opened her eyes as he washed her thighs, her calf muscles, her ankles, he kissed over her belly button. She then turned around as he stood.
He poured it over her shoulders letting the bodywash flow down her back to her arse, he returned the bottle and massaged her back, her shoulders. He leant in kissing her neck, nibbling her ear, her long hair pulled over her shoulder, he slid his hands to her arse. She pushed her bottom back into his hands opening her legs.
Dan kissed her shoulder as his hand slid between her legs over her anus to her vulva, she moaned as he lightly washed over her pussy. He didnt want to spread her labias, he lightly rubbed over them, listening to her moan. Her arms folded against the shower wall, her forehead pushed into her arms..
"Oh Dad yes!" she moaned.
Dan slowly pushed his finger between her labias rubbing over her vagina hole, up to her clit, his other fingers either side rubbing her labias, he then kissed lightly down her spine as he knelt reaching her arse. He pulled his hands back spreading her arse cheeks..
He licked his tongue around her anus pressing against her hole, his tongue licking down to her pussy, tasting the residue of his cum. She moaned as he kissed and licked her arse and pussy.
"Make me cum!" she said.
He pushed his fingers deep into her vagina slowly finger fucking her, his tongue massaging her anus, his other hand squeezing her bottom.
"Oh Dad, yes yes!" she moaned.
He licked harder, pressing into her anus, his fingers deep inside his daughters cunt. His tongue licking up her oozing sex, her sweet smelling, her tasty pussy juices. Her moans intensified, they got louder making him finger, and lick her faster and harder.
His cock now hard, she would not let him fuck her, she told him its for Mum tonight. He wanted to stand and thrust his cock deep into her wet moist pussy, put more of his seed into her womb as he did a few hours ago. She moaned louder as he stood his fingers still deep, plunging her cunt. His lips kissed her neck, nibbled her ear. Her arse been pushed against her fathers fingers.
"Oh fuck yes." she groaned.
"I love your pussy!" he whispered in her ear moving his hand to her front squeezing her breast.
"Yes Dad!"
"You fuck just like your mother!" he whispered again biting her ear lobe, she could feel his warm breath against her ear, tickling her.
"Yes Daddy!"
"Cum my little whore!" he said softly.
"Yes Dad!" she moaned louder.
"Cum on Daddys fingers." he said pushing faster and deeper pressing her breasts tighter, feeling her hard erect nipples against his hand. He pulled her body into him.
"Oh yes!" she moaned again feeling her body tense, her fathers fingers inside her moving against her wet labias.
"Come on whore, cum!"
"Yes Daddy. Yeessssss." she moaned feeling his hand grip her breast tight, finger fucking her harder.
"Cum bitch!"
"Yes, yes, yes, OH YES, FUCK YES, Aghhhhh FUCK, FUCK," she yelled.
"Thats it honey, so our neighbours can hear you cum." he said as her body tensed more, her vagina contracting.
"YES, AGGHHHHH FUUUCK YESSSSS. OHHHH SHIITTT… FUCK." her body convulsed in her fathers arms as he felt her orgasm. He pulled his fingers from her pussy and raised them to her breasts fondling them as her spasming body pressed into him, she pushed her head back onto his shoulder panting as he kissed her neck.
"Thats it baby!" he said looking down at his hands caress her breasts.
"Oh … Fuck Dad …that was amazing … Oh shit." she muttered between breaths.
"Good girl, thats how we orgasm in this house!" he whispered in her ear.
"Oh Dad, that was amazing." she said turning around hugging him, kissing him.
"Good, you need to get ready to go out darling!" he said smiling.
"Oh yes, I do. Choose me a dress and lingerie to wear tonight!" she said.
"Ok darling!" he replied.
They washed each others bodies, then turned off the shower, they stepped out to her room, Dan went over to her wardrobe opening the doors, looking for a dress for her to wear as she sat in front of her dresser to dry her hair.
"How you going Dad?" she asked.
"Ok, nothing to slutty but nice?" he said.
"Yes Dad!" she replied smiling in the mirror seeing his naked reflection.
"Something that shows some flesh, but not take me home and fuck me!" he replied.
"Ummmm no Dad!" she said.
Ten minutes later her hair dry and straightened she turned to see three choices sitting on the bed.
He opened her bra drawer reaching in pulling out a lacy black 'Empreinte Diane balconette bra' and reached into her underwear drawer and rummaged through it pulling out a pair of 'Panache Andorra boyshorts'
"Oh Dad! Do you want me to get fucked tonight?" she said slipping into the underwear, she put on her bra and he clipped it at the back, she adjusted the straps running her thumbs up under them and placed them back on her shoulders, she turned hugging her father.
"No every day you get to help your daughter get ready to go out in a date is it?" he said.
"I'm not fucking Lisa Dad!" she said.
"Oh come on Carly, why wait? You two like each other, don't you?"
"Yeeessss we do…!"
" …but? What's stopping you?"
"Oh I don't know, I mean yes I'm bisexual, and she's not, she prefers women than men I'm afraid if we get together, me fucking men, mainly you, it might not last!" she said.
"What me, or her won't last?"
"Both, I love you both, I want to fuck Lisa, I love making love to you, I love making love to Mum. Can I have all three?"
"Course you can, does Lisa know about Mum and I?" he asked putting his hand on her thigh.
"Yes, she does, she won't tell anyone, she actually slept with her cousin Jonty about a year ago, she was finding her sexuality, she wanted to find out if she could sleep with men." Carly said resting her head into her Dads shoulder.
"So she chose her cousin?"
Carly sniggered. "Yeh I know! Gosh I couldn't imagine fucking my cousin."
"Let alone your parents!" Dan replied rubbing her back looking at her as she sat up looking at him. She lifted her hand onto his face and leant in kissing his cheek.
"I love you Dad!" she said.
"Love you to baby." he replied looking down at her chest, "Shit you look nice in that bra."
"You did buy it for me for Valentines day Dad."
"Yes, I did!" he replied. "Right lets get you dressed."
He stood and reached behind her holding up a black dress.
"Oh Dad, you do want me to get fucked tonight!" she said.
"Only by Lisa!" Dan said.
He helped her into her dress, it was a tight fitting bodycon dress with a black lining and black lace over the lining, the back of the dress and long sleeves were see through lace, down to her hips.
"Lucky I'm wearing a black bra then Dad." she said with a big smile.
"You look so sexy baby!" he replied smiling at her. She sat putting on her black high heels and silver chandelier earrings. She sprayed perfume on and looked the mirror, her father still naked.
Dan dressed and followed Carly to the door as the taxi arrived, he kissed her goodbye and retired to the sofa watching TV with a glass of wine awaiting his wife to arrive home.

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