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Jay thought he knew every square inch of these woods. After all, he had grown up in the Eterna Forest in the Commune of the Eternal Youth hidden away at the center of it, and yet he was thoroughly lost. He had wandered the woods for three days now trying to find his way back.
Thankfully, he had been brought up on the land so he knew how to forage for food and where to find water. Other than being completely lost, he was actually in good shape. Truth be told, he felt better than he had in a long time. The only thing that worried him was the random swelling of his penis.
He had seen it do this once before when he was younger, but then the elders made him start taking special vitamins and the swelling never came back. Of course, he was also suddenly depressed and fatigued all the time as well. Considering these feelings lasted until today at nineteen.
Jay was starting to think the vitamins were bad for him. Being lost out in the woods for three days meant three days without that cursed medicine. He was feeling stronger, happier, and healthier than ever before.
Jay suddenly noticed the faint sound of running water and he felt a surge of joy. His dad had always told him that their land was surrounded by rivers and streams. So, if he ever got lost and stumbled across the water, all he needed to do was find it and immediately turn around and go the exact opposite direction.
His dad, as well as all of the other elders always warned of getting near the water though. They said that swimming in it was dangerous because of the currents and piranhas. And even getting near it was dangerous, as ferocious bears loved to frequent the shores.
Jay had never actually seen the waters because of these warnings. A pit formed in his stomach as he thought about what dangers were ahead. But, he also needed the river as a guiding point back to camp, so he had to press on.
Suddenly, after about ten more feet, Jay heard a splash and a woman scream. He didn't know why but his body was running towards the noise before his mind could rationalize his movement. He was going to save this mystery woman. Jay was not this brave, but something deep inside him would not let him stop.
He broke through the clearing and saw the woman in the stream, he also saw blood in the water. He rushed towards her, scooped her up, and carried her to the far shore before she even realized what was happening. Without asking permission, he grabbed a nearby plant, known for its wound cleansing properties, and pressed it to the bottom of her foot. Then he ripped off a strip of his shirt and bandaged the wound.
"What were you doing in the water, don't you know about the Phirana's?"
The woman burst out laughing. That puzzled Jay so he looked up at her face. That was when he noticed she was nude, at least nude by the standards that he had grown up with. In their commune, everyone wore plain white loose-fitting shirts and pants. The only skin that was ever exposed to anyone was their hands and face.
He immediately turned his back to guard her modesty. "I'm sorry miss, I didn't mean to see anything. But why are you naked?"
"I'm not sure what to address first, so let's just take these in order. Who told you the water had piranhas in it?"
"All of the adults in my commune." Jay cringed at his own words. He struggled to think of himself as one of the adults now. "Piranha's and strong currents that will suck you under and drown you."
The woman laughed again. "I'm sorry, but look at the stream that you saved me from. It's barely a foot deep and piranha's don't exist in this country."
Jay noticed the stream barely had any kind of flow at all, and it was so clear that he could tell there were no fish at all in it. "But, your foot?"
"I stepped on a sharp rock. I do appreciate the fact that you were willing to jump into piranha-infested waters to save me though." Jay felt her soft wet hand rest on his back affectionately and he blushed.
"And speaking of my foot, what did you put on it?"
"It's a local plant that prevents infection."
Jay still had his back to her. "Can you turn around and face me? I feel silly talking to your back."
"I'm afraid I can't while you are still naked. It would be improper."
"But I'm not naked, I'm wearing a bikini."
Jay had never heard the word before. The image of her sizable breasts being held up by two triangles while a third dipped between her legs flashed into his mind. His penis was suddenly swelling in his pants again for some reason. "In my commune what you are wearing would be extremely inappropriate."
"You keep saying your commune. Are you like a male nun or something?"
"I come from a small village in the middle of these woods. Our community is called the Commune of Eternal Youth. I was born and raised there."
The woman was finally starting to get a clear picture. It sounded like he had grown up in some kind of ultra-strict cult with puritanical views on modesty. If she wasn't turned on before by his boyish good looks and his heroic rescue before, she sure was now at the idea of being some sort of temptress to him.
She had never met a guy this innocent before. It made her feel powerful in a couple different ways. One, she felt like a teacher with all the knowledge that she could impart to him. And two, she was forbidden fruit for him. She could see the tension in his neck from him wanting to turn and look, but trying desperately to hold to what he was taught.
"I'm Evie by the way."
"Jay." He didn't reach back to shake her hand. He had never had to introduce himself to anyone he didn't know before, so that was an alien concept for him.
"Well, Jay, I'm afraid my towel and clothes are further up the shoreline and I can't walk there on this foot. So, I'm afraid I'm going to need you to help carry me back to it."
Jay was torn about what to do. If he carried her up to her towel he would see her nakedness which was against their tenets. But not helping someone in need was an even greater violation. Finally, he nodded to himself and agreed.
Jay turned around to face her and was stunned into paralysis. While his back was turned she had stripped her bikini off and was laying there completely naked. Her nipples were hard and her body was tan and still wet from the stream, and other reasons. Her pussy was clean-shaven and glistened in the sunlight.
Jay's penis was harder than it had ever been in its life. Evie had a devilish grin on her thin face. The contrast of her dark eyebrows to her blonde hair typically reminded men of Cara Delevingne. "I wanted you to know what a naked woman actually looked like."
Deep inside of Jay's mind was his conscience saying to look away, but an overpowering thought came from his testicles that told him to keep looking. It told him to do much more, but he didn't logically know why he wanted to touch her breasts and suck on them.
Evie leaned forward and took his hands in her own, then she placed them on her breasts. Jay's breath caught in his throat. He held and squeezed her breasts reverently. He had never seen breasts before, but he knew he loved the sight of them.
"You know, most men love sucking on the nipple." Jay glanced up to her dark eyes. She smirked. "And most women love having their nipples sucked.
"What's a nipple?"
Evie was suddenly horrified and angry at whatever cult he had grown up in. It was one thing to overly shelter someone. It was another to censor basic science and physiology to do that. She decided she would have to take things slowly and walk him through every step.
Evie gently put his face in her hands and led his mouth to her nipple. Instinct took over at that moment and he began to suck. Evie moaned and Jay pulled his mouth away in a flash. "Are you ok?"
She was confused at first, but then she remembered his ignorance. "When I moan like that, it means I'm enjoying what you are doing." Jay nodded slightly and lowered his head again.
Jay spent entirely too long sucking on her nipples than most guys would in foreplay. He simply did not know the next steps. Evie was happy to be a teacher though. She gently pushed his face away and then moved his hand to her pussy, which was soaking wet at this point.
Jay was trembling. This was all so naughty and wrong, but he also did not want to stop. "You don't have a penis." It was a statement and not a question.
"How do you know the word penis and not nipple?"
"My dad is a doctor. I saw a diagram of a man in one of his medical books. I've never said that word to anyone, I think I would have gotten into trouble if I did."
"Did you see a diagram of this in one of those books?" Evie rubbed his hand into her slit."
"N…No, not really. I was just getting to that page when I heard my dad coming and I had to put it back. I saw enough to know that women don't have penises. I honestly thought you were just completely smooth down there."
Evie smiled devilishly. "Oh, we are much more than smooth down there." She then guided Jay's middle finger inside of her. She groaned softly and closed her eyes as she enjoyed the feeling. "This is called a pussy."
"Like a cat?"
Evie's eyes opened and saw Jay's adorable confused expression. She smiled and gave the cute boy a peck on the lips. She almost hated to spoil such adorable innocence, but his purity was too tasty not to consume. "Pussy is a colloquialism for it, the actual name is the vagina."
"What was that?"
Evie was confused now. She soon realized that he was still confused by her kiss. "Does no one even kiss where you are from?" The look on his face at the term "kiss" told her everything she needed to know. "Well, that's a world all in itself."
Evie then pushed Jay onto his back and climbed on top of him. Her slim lithe body moved like a cat. She laced her thigh between his legs and let her pussy rest on his thigh. Then she stretched her tongue into his mouth and gave him a thorough education on the french kiss.
Jay's hands roamed across her smooth back and she writhed all over him. His hands reached down and groped her tight butt. Again, he didn't know why, but that was what his instincts were guiding him towards.
Evie's thigh was rubbing up and down against his shaft through his pants as she humped his thigh. They were both moaning and grunting like a couple of horny teenagers in the backseat of a car, despite Evie being nearly thirty. She came first and her body tensed and squirmed like it was her first orgasm.
Suddenly she felt Jay tensing up underneath her. He was starting to panic about something and was trying to push her off. He couldn't get his words out. He just felt something unusual was happening in his body that had never happened before. His balls were tightening up, his breathing was getting shallow, and it felt like he was hurtling towards an invisible cliff edge and it terrified him because he didn't know what was at the bottom of the cliff.
Whatever it was, he knew that it was centralized around his penis. He quickly ripped his pants off just in time to see it shoot a white goo out in several bursts. Evie's face just so happened to be right in the line of fire and several streaks of cum lined her face. The sudden rush of endorphins was mind-blowing and confusing. "What… What was that?"
Evie wiped her face clean with her discarded bikini and looked up into his eyes puzzled. "I know they sheltered your knowledge in your commune, but orgasms, at least for guys going through puberty, are involuntary." Jay stared up at her blankly so she decided to try another tactic. "Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and you had a sticky substance in your underwear after having intense feelings like the one you just experienced?"
Jay shook his head. "No, what are you talking about?"
Evie suddenly had an eerie feeling that things were so much worse than she had imagined. A couple of frightening memories started floating around in her mind. Random factoids that she had picked up at random points in her life.
"Jay? Do they give you any kind of medicine to take up at your commune?"
"Yes. It's some kind of special vitamin, but it makes me feel terrible. I haven't taken it in the last several days though."
"When did they start giving you these vitamins?"
"When I turned 12."
Evie cursed under her breath. They had been giving him drugs to stop him from going through puberty. They were probably doing the same to all of them up there. They were physically hijacking their bodies chemically, possibly harming them permanently.
She had to stop them, but to do that, she would need Jay's help. To make sure Jay would keep coming back, she would need to give him such a big incentive, that his desire to come back to her was greater than the guilt heaped onto him over the years.
That was definitely something she could do. Evie pulled him back to the ground and wrapped her legs around Jay's waist and lowered herself onto him. When his penis slid into her his arms wrapped tight around her waist and he buried his face into her chest. This level of pleasure was greater than his mind could comprehend.
Evie cradled Jay's head to her chest as if she were comforting a child. "Jay, I need you to do something for me."
"Anything. He mumbled into her chest."
Evie began to slowly flex her hips back and forth on his shaft. Despite the puberty delaying drugs, he was still a great size and he filled her. She wondered how big he would have been without the drugs. "I need you to come back here regularly."
"When you go back, I need you to stop taking that medicine, but let them think that you are still on it."
Jay turned his face sideways. He could hear her slowly accelerating heart with his ear to her chest. "But that's lying."
"I understand that, but this medicine they have been giving you has been hurting you. They have also been lying to you."
Jay didn't need much convincing of that. He hated that medicine. Always had. "OK." Jay's heart was racing, partially from the sex and partially from his agreement to rebellion.
Evie's pace increased and she was starting to feel winded as she spoke. Jay had no experience or technique or anything, but still, the sex she was having right then with him was some of the best she had ever had. "If… if any of your friends are taking the medicine get them to do the same."
"What…" Jay gasped. "What if they won't listen to me." Jay moaned and kissed her chest. "What if they threaten to tell the elders."
"Oh Fu…" Evie bit her lip to keep from cursing. This was a really hard conversation to have on the verge of cumming. She didn't want to risk scaring him off with bad language. She was already pushing him past so many hard boundaries as it was. She was asking him to rebel against all of his authority figures in his life. "Bring them to meeeeeeeeee!!"
Evie spasmed and shook as she came hard. She even squirted for the first time in her life. Jay followed almost immediately after her. He filled her with so much cum that he felt it starting to drain back down onto his balls.
As they sat and caught their breath Jay asked, "How are you going to convince them?"
Evie tilted Jay's head back to look up at her. She kissed his forehead sweetly. "Whatever I have to."
To be continued.

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