Cummers and lickers (The Orgasmic Adventures Of Jessica Cardigan)

Cummers and lickers.
(The Orgasmic Adventures Of Jessica Cardigan)

An L Word Universe story

Set in the same universe but in a far fling post apocalypse future.

When one has to make a living including buying goods by cumming as hard and repeatedly as possible and for just about anyone you meet on the street your whole life is an adventure and hers is just beginning…

In a post apocalyptic all female lesbian society they are now 2 casts the cummers and the lickers.

The cummers are determined by how orgasmic they tend to be. Their pussies are generally the better tasting ones.

The lickers are very proficient and apt at making other women cum.

Cummers unless its cold walk around with little to no clothes and their tits and pussy always exposed, their duty is to cum hard for the lickers and sometimes other fellow cummers that may approach them.

This can take place at anytime anywhere. And its how they buy things from the lickers and other cummers as well, sometimes immediately and sometimes through a raincheck which is paid latter on again at any time.

After a psych evaluation to determine if they are mentally mature enough at age 16 all girls are required to be tested for their sexual aptitude, in order to determine what cast they belong in.

Volume 1: 48 hours (Her first 2 days)

October 16, 2145 2PM city state of New Brunswick under the community and microstates saphic federation Cummers and Lickers induction center ceremonial hall

It has been a week-long aptitude test and Jessica was exhausted. She had never cummed so hard as in that week, and she scored little in making other girls cum so she knew beforehand that she was a cummer her mother told her so as she began to sexually mature. “Your mother is a licker but you were born to be a cummer my dear and there’s nothing wrong with that in fact I’m a bit envious because cummers like you barely have to do any manual labor. All you will have to do is cum real hard for others, If you want as many cummers are also successful entrepreneurs!” her mom said. “If I officially become a cummer does that mean I no longer have to do the dishes?” Jessica asked with a devilish grin. “You won’t be shirking your responsibilities so easily while you live under my roof but you will get some perks for sure. But I’m going to drain your pussy dry in return, you will cum hard for me as you were born for” her mom said. Jessica reminisced as she got the official results she was indeed officially a cummer now.

The new cummers and lickers were officially presented and the new lickers each selected a new cummer to make them cum hard again. A licker called Francine approached her and immediately ate Jessica’s pussy. She cummed again and again repeatedly once more. Jessica had chosen to be totally naked and only wear footwear since the weather was cool

After the presentation her mother Stephanie and her aunts Vivian and Grace greeted her from the stands as she descended from the stage. “Well that was quite a show young lady that young licker sure made you cum real good and you look ravishing specially when cumming.” Her aunt Vivian said as she kissed her free hanging nipples and suckled them making Jessica moan.and tilt her head with her eyes beautifully shut “Common Vivian, give her a break; she already had a ton of orgasms on that stage. Let’s get home so you can eat and replenish yourself honey, you will need your strength for all of us, tonight” Stephanie said. “Tonight you will be cumming a whole lot more for us baby!” Grace said. “Oh she sure will, she will be cumming real hard and repeatedly for mommy and her aunties as you were born for, isn’t that right my dear?” Stephanie said “That’s right mommy my duty is to cum hard for you all and I shall” Jessica replied feeling horny. “You are loving this aren’t you girl?” Vivian asked. “Yes I am auntie Vivian! I was scared a bit at first but now it feels so liberating and cumming feels so good even though it can be a bit tiring after a while.” Jessica answered.

“Oh honey that’s because cumming repeatedly is tiring, you will always need to recharge your batteries and eat, rest and sleep and always exercise to keep your body in shape, some lickers think that cummers don’t have to work, but they do. Cumming hard and repeatedly is hard work in itself” Her mother said. “Am I the first and only cummer in the family?” Jessica asked. “Your great aunt was a cummer sometimes is something that skips a generation or 2” Grace answered. “So I’m the only cummer to be born in this family after 2 generations!” Jessica said. “That’s right honey and that’s why we are celebrating with you tonight!” her mother said. “More like you’ll be celebrating over me I will be the one doing most of the cumming until its time to please you all as well that is.” Jessica quipped. “You got that right girl! it’s your calling, is what you were born for!” her mother and aunties said in unison. They finally reached Stephanie and Jessica’s home. Jessica ate a hearty meal and rested for a few hours before doing some calisthenics and finally showering to refresh herself she came out totally naked and barefoot out of the bathroom and walked to the hall where her mom and aunties waited for her. “Well look who has finally showed up our gal of honor” Grace said “And looking better than ever, you look so good my dear you are a dish but no offense but you will look even better when you are cumming and moaning” Vivian said “Damn right she will she is my daughter after all, well young lady sit on that couch and spread those legs” her mother said.

Jessica complied and sat on the couch spreading her legs apart wide. Her mother and aunties went down on her. Hungrily licking and sucking her tits and gently biting Jessica’s erect hardening nipples, fingering her pussy, sucking her clit. Each taking turns up and down her body. Jessica moaned in absolute ecstasy. And wave after wave of orgasms rocked her body which quivered and convulsed with each orgasm one on top of the other. “Oh look she is having a serial multiple ladies let’s keep it going” Vivian said as she saw how the orgasms flowed like waves through Jessica’s body, her flesh undulated with each one, she involuntarily raised herself as Grace sucked her clit. Grace quickened the pace and Jessica raised herself even higher involuntarily as her back arched and her head was fully tilted and her eyes beautifully tightly shut in a ravishing new series of climaxes that rocked her young supple body she went momentarily silent as the orgasms seemed to temporarily even robbed her breath away.

“She looks like the sculpture of a goddess like that.” Vivian said taking a selfie with her niece in that ravishing ecstasy driven pose. The orgasmic storm finally subsided as her mother and aunties relented their sexual onslaught on the teenager. “Was I good or what?” Jessica managed to ask breathlessly after she was finally able to speak. Before that all she could do was moan. “Honey you were fantastic your auntie Vivian took a picture of you while you were orgasming a while back, wanna see it?” Her mother replied “Oh wow really? Let me see!” Jessica said. Vivian showed the picture in her cellphone Jessica could not believe it. I look so pretty like that and I didn’t even know I could move like that.” Jessica quipped. “Don’t even try it either you could seriously hurt yourself under normal circumstances but the human body specially women and particularly cummers like you can do feats of strength, agility and dexterity during orgasm that cannot be performed otherwise” her mother warned sternly. “So basically I have the strength, agility and dexterity of a superhero when I’m cumming real hard mommy?” Jessica asked playfully “In a way yes but because it’s all involuntary contractions and spasms is not like you will go wearing a cape and fight crime like Spider-Man my dear” her mom answered. “What about you guys? You may not be cummers like me but lickers deserve love too” Jessica asked. Grace grabbed her niece’s face “Isn’t she a peach she already wants to return the favor!” she said. “Don’t worry honey you will but not before we are not done with you” her mom said. “We haven’t even really started that you went through was just the icebreaker my dear there’s a whole lot more cumming in store for you and the night is young my dear” Grace added. Vivian gestured her teenaged niece to squat on the couch and spread her legs again as Jessica complied her auntie Grace sat on the floor below her and furiously licked and sucked her clit which made the teenager cum again hard her mouth open in an O as she fully tilted her head once again involuntarily with her eyes closed gasping and moaning.

Her mother took the next turn, and she got to make her daughter quiver under her ministries as Stephanie hungrily sucked every drop of pussy juice that came out of her cummely teenage daughter. ” You taste so good” she said Jessica tried to reply thank you to her mom but all she could do is gasp and moan as once again orgasmic waves rocked her body making her firm belly visible undulate with each one, she involuntarily tiptoed and curled her feet and her head once more fully tilted and her eyes shut as she gasped breathlessly “Yeah keep cumming for mommy!” Stephanie said as she expertly quickened her pace which made her daughter quiver uncontrollably moaning and gasping her feet tiptoeing and curling. “Yeah make your daughter cum hard for you, its the reason she was born for! ” Vivian said fondling Jessica’s breasts.

Vivian took her turn, but she switched between fingering, licking and sucking her niece’s sweet pussy and once again Jessica was in the middle of an orgasmic storm unable to do anything but to moan and gasp as her body convulsed spasmodically with each orgasm. “You look so beautiful right now, I’m so proud of you” Stephanie said as she caressed her daughter in the face. Once again Jessica was unable to reply only moaning deeply in response. Once again they allowed Jessica’s orgasmic storm to subside. “You recovered?” Her aunt Vivian asked “I believe so, yes” Jessica replied. “Good because you are going to sit on my face next” Vivian told her as she laid face up on the couch. Jessica straddled her aunt placing herself above her aunt’s face as requested immediately Vivian sucked her teenage niece’s clit hard. Jessica involuntarily arched her back and fully tilted her head, shut her eyes and curled and tiptoed her feet as one huge orgasm after another once again rocked her body. Her mother and aunt Grace each licked and suckled her tits as she kept cumming.

Her Auntie Grace took the next turn and once again Jessica was in the middle of an orgasmic storm. Jessica involuntarily laid back fully arching her back again wit her head fully tilted and her eyes shut tight. Her mom and aunt Vivian took each of her tits into their mouths as Jessica moaned and gasped. “Your daughter cums real good” Vivian said “Yes she does I’m so proud of her” Stephanie replied as she softly bit her daughter’s nipple. Finally it was her mother’s turn and once again Jessica was in an orgasmic rapture storm. Jessica had never cummed so much and so repeatedly as she had been doing so this night. Her body quivered and convulsed her back arched and her head fully tilted again with her eyes shut tight as orgasmic waves once again undulated through her body as her aunts made a meal of her tits and rock hard nipples.

“So is it my turn to please you guys yet?” Jessica asked after her orgasms subsided once more and was able to speak. “Not just yet my dear we still have something else in mind” her mother said. “Thank you mom for telling me how sweet I taste and how good I am at cumming I tried to tell you when you said those things but I couldn’t speak only moan and gasp” Jessica said “Oh honey that’s OK I’m glad you can only moan, gasp, convulse and quiver when you are cumming hard I would not have it any other way” Stephanie replied. “None of us would, we much prefer you moaning and gasping than talking anyway” her aunt Vivian said.

“Oh is that so?” Jessica asked playfully “Honey there’s nothing better in the world right now than to make you cum as hard and repeatedly as possible” her aunt Grace added “That’s right sweetheart we 3 can’t get enough of you” her mom said.” So what now then?” Jessica asked “We are going to play pussy poker with you” her aunt Grace said “And what is that if I may ask” Jessica inquired. “It’s a variation of strip poker only there’s no stripping instead the winner has to make you cum with this remote vibrator which goes inside your pussy” her aunt explained “And what of the loser?” Jessica asked “The loser after 3 rounds has to eat your pussy until you cum repeatedly again so let’s start playing” her mother finished the explanation. “Oh I won’t be playing I’ll just be cumming hard along” Jessica quipped “You got it princess” her aunt Vivian said.

They brought a poker table and Jessica sat on the table with the remote vibrator inside her pussy as her mom and aunties played soon one of them got a turn at the remote and sent Jessica again into orgasm storm land the table almost broke with the strain brought by Jessica’s orgasming body. Finally, her mother emerged as the loser and once again Jessica was caught in yet another huge orgasm storm as her mother hungrily ate and fingered her teenage daughter’s pussy slurping every last bit of pussy juice from Jessica. Jessica groaned and arched her back higher than ever before, head fully tilted as her eyes again shut tight and her hands gripped the ends of the table as once again orgasmic waves undulated through her body. “That’s right! Give every bit of pussy juice you have left to mommy!” Stephanie said to her quivering daughter.

Finally, satiated Stephanie relents away from her daughter’s moist, throbbing and pulsating pussy, even after she pulls away the orgasmic pulses keep going for several seconds before finally subsiding “Damn she kept cumming even after you stopped Stephanie! Your daughter is a true cummer champion!” Vivian said. “Thanks aunt Vivian but I know must insist on my turn” Jessica said still panting “You sure earned it my dear” her mom said as she took out a set of dildos and double dildos

Her mother and aunties finally undressed revealing their mature yet still hot As Fuck

bodies to Jessica who watched them in awe. “Next time don’t wait that long to undress!” Jessica said. “Oh honey your mother insisted we kept our clothes on until now, which was unbearable looking at you cum so much, so pretty made me hot, had it been up to me,I would have been naked” her aunt Grace said. “Common now Grace, we needed to break the ice and now we have” her mother said “And it was worth every minute making you cum child” her aunt Vivian added.

Jessica fisted both of her aunts and tongue lashes her mother’s pussy until all 3 came almost simultaneously. “Your daughter’s as good at this as she is at cumming she is a league all her own” Vivian said panting “Of course she is she came from me and I raised her” Stephanie said proudly as she picked a double dildo and went to her daughter knelt and placed one end in Jessica’s still pulsing and throbbing pussy her daughter moaned and fully tilted her head in delight and placed the other end on her pussy “Time to connect better dear” she said. “I… suppose it is mom, let’s do it” Jessica said panting. Both began impaling themselves on the double dildo and Jessica once again exploded into orgasm as her aunts once again made a meal of each of her tits. Jessica tilted her head and shut her eyes again as she arched her back, once again her chest was heaving as orgasmic waves undulated and ripped through her body as she involuntarily rammed herself into the double dildo thrusting the other end into her mother’s pussy which made Stephanie climax as well. The orgasms of both mother and daughter almost synchronized.

Her Aunt Vivian took the next turn and immediately began to ram herself into the double dildo furiously trusting the other end into her teenaged niece’s pussy which sent Jessica again into an orgasmic storm with her back beautifully arched and her head fully tilted and her eyes beautifully shut tight as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body once more and again involuntarily ramming her pussy into the double dildo which trusted the other end like a piston into her aunt Vivian’s pussy which made her aunt explode into orgasm as well and the orgasms of both niece and aunt almost immediately nearly synchronized. Finally it was her Aunt Grace’s turn but her aunt used her hand more than her own pussy to thrust the other end into Jessica’s love box. Jessica again exploded into a humongous orgasmic storm as her head again fully tilted and her eyes shut tight she arched her back as she laid down convulsing spasmodically as the orgasmic waves undulated through her. Grace held on with her hand on the double dildo and quickened the trusting pace into her teenaged niece’s pussy which increased the orgasmic storm ripping already through her body.

Jessica’s body was now completely in orgasmic autopilot her hips raised, her back arching, her head fully tilted all the way, her eyes beautifully shut tight, her arms tensing, her hands clasping and her feet beautifully tiptoeing and curling and her hips rising as her chest heaved deeply, her belly undulated as the orgasmic waves flowed through her as ripples in a pond flow across it’s surface as her mother and auntie Vivian hungrily sucked each of her tits. For about half and hour they kept at it keeping the orgasmic hurricane within Jessica going. She groaned, moaned and sighed breathlessly all throughout finally Grace allowed the trusting motion of her niece penetrate her pussy through the other end of the double dildo which rapidly made her climax and enter near synchronicity with her quivering teenaged niece.

Even after her mother and aunties relented it almost took a minute before the orgasmic hurricane that they had brewed within the 16 years old teen girl subsided. They looked in awe as how her body continued to tense and spasm as the teenaged cummer’s head remained fully tilted and her eyes beautifully shut tight. During that time and again her aunt took pictures. “She is absolutely ravishing Stephanie specially when she is cumming like that, look at those muscles tensing and spasming! And how she fully tilts her head with her beautiful eyes shut tight and her sexy feet just helplessly involuntarily tiptoeing and curling as her body is in our complete control! Your daughter is very special” Grace said “I know she is and I think she has had enough” her mother said. “Mom I’m tired I want to go to bed now” Jessica finally managed to say once the orgasmic hurricane that her mother and aunties brewed within her with their ministries.” I know let’s get you to the shower first” Stephanie said as she guided her exhausted teenage daughter into the bathroom, Jessica showered and went straight to bed falling sleep almost immediately. Stephanie covered her daughter’s nude body with the bedsheets and kissed her goodnight. “Sleep well my beautiful sugar angel.” She said as she closed Jessica’s bedroom door behind her.

Jessica woke up finally after a long restful sleep when she looked at her countertop clock it read 10AM. She showered again, brushed as usual but her wardrobe was now virtually empty. Save coats for when it got cold and transparent raincoats for rainy days and an assortment of shoes including a whole new assortment of barefoot ornaments.

She picked a piece that was a chain link ornament and a matching chain link footwear ornament.

She sprinkled cold water to her tits to perk them up and looked at the mirror. “Oh yeah, I’m ready to go out now” she mused to herself. She went to the kitchen Stephanie was there “Hello sleeping beauty I made you breakfast, you should definitely eat before you go out to the world, in your first day as a cummer. And my look at you! That’s a fine selection you made to wear today but if you are going to walk barefoot mind the broken glass on the streets, be extra careful where you walk” Stephanie said. “Yes mom I will” Jessica replied as she began to eat her breakfast.

After she was done she got up to go out but her mother stopped her placing her hand on Jessica’s left breast “Not so fast young lady, you are forgetting something” she said. “What a kiss farewell before I leave” Jessica asked. “Well that too honey bun but from now on you cannot go out before you give me your morning orgasm” her mother said “So you now want to make me cum hard for you after breakfast every morning?” Jessica inquired “At least a few before you hit the road yes” her mother answered “As long as you don’t make me cum into exhaustion before I even step out of the house mom” Jessica replied. “Don’t worry Hun I know what I’m doing besides who better than your mother to start your beautiful pussy to cum each morning’ she said as she kneeled and pried open Jessica’s pussy lips right where she was standing and began to hungrily suck her teenage daughter’s clit. Jessica’s body tensed, and she fully tilted her head and her eyes shut tightly, gasping as a new wave of orgasms ripped through her body once again completely under her mother’s control. Satisfied her mother kissed her goodbye for the day. The day was lukewarm Jessica felt the late morning breeze caress her naked body. The sidewalk concrete was a bit warm but not too much still she looked out warily for broken glass or thorns minding where she stepped very carefully. The onlookers were fixated on her “She is new!” Someone said “Look at that dish I would love to fuck her brains out and make her cum all day” another one said behind her she looked back at the lustful old woman in her 60s who made the comment. “What? You think I cannot handle a young thing like you?” Joan Reinhardt said

“I didn’t say that Miss! You did! But you are welcome to try to prove it, give me your address and it’s a date!” Jessica said to Ms Reinhardt “Offer accepted, I would gladly write you a note my dear but I don’t see where you could put it in your cummer attire unless, let me check my purse here. Oh, here we go!” Reinhardt said as she took out a small Ziploc bag and tore a sheet of paper from a sticky notes pad. “Can I have your back just a moment?” She asked Jessica who leaned down to offer her naked back for Reinhardt to write on the piece of paper, afterwards Reinhardt placed the note inside the tiny Ziploc bag ” OK turn around young lady.” she said, Jessica did and as she was facing Ms Reinhardt in front, Reinhardt pried Jessica’s pussy lips apart and shoved the tiny Ziploc bag containing her written note inside the teenage girl’s pussy, Jessica involuntarily moaned and fully tilted her head with her eyes shut tight. “See I’m still good for it sugar bun, it’s a date I expect you there!” Reinhardt said slapping Jessica’s ass as she then went on down her business. Jessica stood there for a while. Well that was an interesting encounter to say the least, I think that old coot knows more about making women specially cummers like me cum hard than my mother and aunties combined. she thought knowing that her date with the old woman was going to be memorable. She continued to walk and entered a store. There was a watch that got her attention inside the cold air of the AC made her entirely exposed skin tighten and her nipples harden.

“Can I help you?” Someone said from behind she turned to see the store clerk a late 20s Asian woman with delicate features. “Oh yeah I want to buy that watch” Jessica told her “Excellent choice are you going to buy raincheck or pay right now, I hope is now, you are hot” Tam Lee told Jessica as she cupped the teenage girl’s tits. “Now will be fine” Jessica answered. This is going to be a very busy day! She thought “Perfect gimme a moment, wait right here!” Tam said as she placed the closed sign on the door she came back with a portable Cummer transaction system unit. Once inducted officially as a member of the cummer cast Jessica and all the new Cummers had their fingerprints digitally scanned as their ID. The device looked like a weird covered hand pad with a scanner for the fingertips, a bar code reader to scan the item being sold, a keypad, a voice synthesizer that had 3 presets the standard, extended and detailed voice commands/responses (Detailed would read the printed receipt at the end of the transaction out loud) and a very sophisticated biorhythm sensor that detected minute changes in her biorhythm from before and after she would cum as hard and repeatedly as possible to pay for the item once whoever she was buying from was done with making her cum she would once again place her hand on the device to confirm that she indeed cummed hard and many times over and would convert her physical labor of cumming into cash which would be transferred as the exact amount of the item sold into the store account this was the very first time Jessica would use to buy, trade etc. as the cummer she was for the rest of her life. Tam scanned the watch’s bar code “OK place your right hand on the device sweetie” she said. Jessica placed her hand on the device as requested. The machine spoke in extended mode. “Cummer customer Jessica Rachel Cardigan identity confirmed Initial payment scan concluded proceed to physical execution of payment by cumming as hard and repeatedly as possible for the professional licker employee Tam Lee Wang. Once the physical execution of payment is concluded proceed to final scan for transaction validation, have a nice day”

“Well you heard the machine time to pay up babe, let’s have it” Tam said as she kneeled down and immediately pried Jessica’s pussy lips open finding the tiny Ziploc bag with the note that Ms Reinhardt had shoved into the teenage girl’s pussy earlier. “What’s this? Is not drugs is it?” Tam asked. “No a note by an unexpected date for later tonight!” Jessica answered back already panting from arousal. “You didn’t put that there, did you? Your unexpected date did, didn’t she?” Tam said smiling “Yes how do you know?” “Oh! I probably don’t know her personally but a lot of old gals love to shove notes in Ziploc bags into the pussies of new cummers like you just to show off” Tam explained. “Really why?” Jessica asked “Why to get you hot and bothered about what to expect when she finally gets her hands on you.” Tam said. “Well it works” Jessica replied. “Of course it does, now let me put that lady’s note here I’ll place it right back after I’m finished with you, now cum for me and shut up!” Tam said as she licked and suckled Jessica’s clit and once again Jessica found herself cumming hard. Her body tensed. She fully tilted her head and tightly shut her eyes, sighing deeply, followed by moaning and groaning. Again orgasmic waves ripped through her body. Tam saw with delight how the teenage girl’s belly undulated like ripples in a pond as she cummed she smiled and quickened the pace to intensify the orgasm storm Jessica was now under she bucked involuntarily but Tam kept a firm grip on the now quivering, bucking spasmodic teenaged girl as she kept making a meal out of Jessica’s sweet pussy for about 15 minutes then finally relented. And Jessica’s orgasmic storm subsided shortly after Tam then prying Jessica’s pussy lips open she shoved Reinhardt’s Ziploc bagged note back inside the teenage girl’s pussy which made Jessica again fully tilt her head and shut her eyes as she sighed deeply in delight. “There you go, you don’t want to forget that date of yours do you?” Tam said grinning and relishing the young cummer’s physical response “No I wouldn’t!” Jessica replied sighing.

“OK Jessica put your hand in the machine again.” Tam requested. Jessica complied and the machine spoke again in the extended commands and responses mode (most businesses used the standard version) “Payment by multiple orgasms by Jessica Rachel Cardigan confirmed transaction approved have a nice day” a printout receipt came out. It showed the date and time of the transaction as usual but also showed exactly how many times Jessica had cummed and for how long it turned out she had cum real hard at least 28 times during 15 minutes which paid the equivalent of 35 dollars and 20 cents for the watch.

“Is there a way for me to know how much and how long I have to cum to buy items?” Jessica asked. “They didn’t give you the info after you were inducted?” Tam asked. I think they gave mom some literature afterwards but what can you tell me?” Jessica inquired. “Well as you now know I’m not just born a licker but I’m a professionally registered licker that is not only knowledgeable in how to make a woman specially young cummers like you cum as hard and as repeatedly as possible but also reading your body’s own responses to determine how much you have cummed and I excel at it as you can see in the receipt I made you cum for about the exact amount to be paid for what you bought” Tam explained “What happens if someone makes me cum way more than I’m due to pay for then?” Jessica asked inquisitively “Don’t worry about that honey whatever excess amount is automatically stored as credit by the system anything you put out extra is not lost on the contrary racking in credit is how cummers like you pay for even more expensive stuff. Say you want to buy a car immediately as if paid in cash right now you would have to cum hard for over 8 hours and as ravishing and comely as you are it would be physically impossible for you to do so without fainting or even ending up in the hospital but you could buy ordinary items and ask before a store closes to help you rack extra credit I’ll tell you what you can come here before we close at 5pm and I will gladly help you rack credit by making you cum hard for about 2 hours. Deal?” Tam said “Deal Ms Lee” Jessica replied. “Call me Tammy, Jessica” Tammy said as she shook Jessica’s hand while she whispered in her ear “Believe I’ll make it worthwhile too!”.

Jessica left the store proudly wearing her new sports wristwatch in her right wrist. She decided to try to go to a car dealer but even the closest one in small city state she lived in was too far to go walking, and she no longer had a Communes And Microstates Sapphic Federation kids bus pass, and she knew she had virtually no credit to buy the bus fare barely 20 cents in credit.and for pragmatic reasons physical payment of bus fares was not permitted. Some cabs permitted physical payment by cummers like her but none were around.she saw a flier on an electric pole it read “Hey New Cummers need to rack credit fast ride the sybyan…” she was stopped from reading the whole thing by someone yelling from across the street a woman at a hot dog stand eating one she had just being served “Hey you, there, yes you, you are not seriously considering taking that add seriously do you” she yelled as crossed the street still eating her hot dog.

“Why not? I need credit badly!” Jessica said to the auburn haired woman wearing a black tank top and matching pants approached her. “Listen to me this is a scam they shave off most of what you would actually earn by cumming plus they record you and sell it on the shadow market again you not earning anything for it, why do you need credit so badly anyway?” TJ asked, finishing her hotdog.

“I need to go to a car dealer but its too far walking barefooted as I am and I don’t have enough credit for a bus fare and there are no cabs that accept physical payment from cummers like me around.” Jessica explained her situation. “Well actually there are I’m a cab driver specializing in giving transportation to cummers like you and physical payment is very much accepted, my name is TJ and I’ll take you wherever you want to go” the woman said. “Where is your cab?,I never saw it!” Jessica inquired. “Its on the next corner I parked it there to go eat lunch, so are you coming or what?” “How much will it cost me cumming for you to take me to the nearest car dealer then” “Wow good question girl, let’s see the closest car dealer is 12 miles away the usual fare in standard currencies for that distance starting at $5.50 added per mile that would be about 11 dollars, that watch how much did it cost and how much and long did you have to cum for it?” TJ explained and asked. “$35.25 and I cummed 28 times for about 15 minutes for the rough equivalent” Jessica explained. “Well then you would have to cum hard for me about roughly 8 times for about 5 minutes tops to make the payment but hey I can help you rack of credit too if you want and I most certainly not be shaving your well earn income much less scamming you girl!” TJ said as she caressed Jessica’s free hanging tits. “Thanks my name is Jessica by the way, nice to meet you TJ and yes I would love to rack up some credit provided I have time to go to the damn dealer and return I have a date with a horny old lady who shoved her invitation into my pussy” Jessica said.

“Those old licker gals are a riot. But they are experienced she will probably make you learn of parts you didn’t even know you had” TJ said as both approached her tiny Beatle cab. “I told you I specialize on transporting cummers like you. It has your standard fare meter and a deck installed mobile cummer transaction system unit and the best part the passenger seat reclines all the way to facilitate physical payment oh the windows taint automatically for privacy if you want to as well.” TJ proudly said showing the features of her tiny customized taxi cab.”Well what are we waiting for then, let’s go time’s wasting” Jessica said. “Yes Ma’am” TJ said “Don’t call me Ma’am” Jessica said “OK I won’t ever again! I promise, pinky swear Jessica!” TJ said as she drove out.

Finally, they reached the destination point

“Well we are here, time to pay up. You know the routine.” TJ said Jessica properly identified herself and initiated the physical payment system first step.

TJ made the windows taint and reclined Jessica’s passenger seat. “OK spread those legs for me girl time to pay up and rack in credit” Jessica complied first TJ removed the Ziploc bagged note from Jessica’s pussy again “Let’s get that out of the way first and don’t bring into the car dealer after I’m done with you I’ll safe keep it for you in the car” TJ said then TJ fingered Jessica’s pussy. The teenaged cummer started breathing heavily, moaning and sighing in no time and her head tilted fully and her eyes shut tight again and her back arched as the impending orgasm storm hit. The time between orgasms was less than a minute. Jessica once again bucked involuntarily raising her hips as TJ firmly grabbed her and hungrily sucked Jessica’s clit. Jessica groaned and moaned as her muscles spasmed and tensed as the orgasms ripped through her body. “You taste heavenly girl!” TJ said as she continued to hungrily make a meal of Jessica’s pussy. Jessica’s muscles tensed again as another orgasmic wave flowed through her gorgeous teenaged naked body she fully tilted her head back, and she gasped as she quivered. Jessica’s hands involuntarily clasped TJs hair and yanked TJs head instinctively towards her throbbing pussy TJ quickened her pace which sent the teenaged cummer into another huge orgasm which made her sit up with both her arms stretching back as her back beautifully arched again and her tits bounced rhythmically with each orgasmic wave. TJ could visibly see how Jessica’s belly and muscles undulated as the orgasmic waves were flowing through the gorgeous teenaged cummer’s nude body of whom she was making a meal of. Wow, look at you go girl. You are so young just starting your life as a cummer and you taste so very good and your attire choices are top-notch baby girl they truly accentuate your gorgeous hot young body specially when you are cumming as you are now. I’m so glad and happy to make you cum and taste every drop of your delicious pussy juice! TJ though as she continued to suckle Jessica’s sweet pussy.

About 20 minutes later TJ let go of the ecstasiated teenaged cummer.

After the orgasms subsided Jessica placed her hand on the MCTU again the machine spoke identity confirmed and physical payment verified, transaction approved, have a nice day!” the receipt was printed out and TJ took it. “So how much did I rack” Jessica asked. “Well sugar according to this you cummed 43 times during 20 minutes which more than covered the cab fare of 11 dollars plus you have 65 dollars in credit now.” TJ said, showing the receipt. “Wow thank you TJ wait here for me please” Jessica said. “For you sweetie I would wait all day besides you can always rack more credit by choosing physical payment again for the return home” TJ said. “Yes I will or rather you will extract the credit out of me when I return” Jessica lustfully replied “I will gladly extract out of you all the credit you want baby girl” TJ said as she passionately french kissed the teenaged cummer her tongue and that of Jessica intermingled. The kiss left Jessica pleasantly surprised and temporarily breathless. “Can I be your girlfriend?” Jessica asked. “As long as you are not looking for me to commit solely to you I will always be your girlfriend.” TJ said. “Girl I’m a cummer I cum for a living and cum for just about everyone that wants me to cum and I buy what I need by cumming. The last thing I would ask of anyone is to commit solely to me, it would be cruel and unfair to do so and I genuinely like you TJ, you make me feel alive, you get me and I want to be with you!” Jessica said “We haven’t been with each other that long Jessica in fact we hardly met over and hour ago, you are young and what you are feeling for the most part right now is just which I feel too, but someday you will meet someone who you truly feel a kinship with It could eventually be me and if it is I’ll be waiting for you with open arms and if not I will always, always be your friend Jessica baby girl and I will always be at your service for anything OK?” TJ said. Jessica sobbed “You are the first woman in my life that has ever spoken to me like that I had girlfriends in school, but they were flings before I got inducted and none of them ever spoke that way.” She said tearfully.

“Oh baby girl you were just kids playing around with each other neither you not your girlfriends would have even considered any of this” TJ said comforting Jessica “Thanks” she said as she wiped her tears. “Here use this Kleenex you don’t want to smear your beautiful porcelain face do you baby girl? And get out to the damn dealer already or you want me to make you cum again now ’cause I will if you don’t get out” TJ said as she inserted her finger in the teen’s pussy. “Nnooo, OK I’m going, I’m going!” Jessica said giggling and panting. She opened the door and went to the car dealer. She found a well restored 2017 Audi and was looking at it when the concierge asked her “Do you like it? We have payment plans for cummers like you if you are interested” Jessica looked at the concierge on her blouse a pin had the name “Cindy” written on it. “I would love to know more about I’m very much interested Cindy” Jessica replied “You read my name good what’s your name dear” Cindy Flanagan said “Jessica Cardigan, nice to meet you” Jessica answered back “Nice to meet you too Jessica step into my office will you, so I can give the payment plan details.” Cindy said gesturing toward her office. Once in the office Cindy showed and explained the details of the payment plan “You have to make an initial deposit of 200 dollars. That would mean you cumming hard and repeatedly for me here for about at least 3 hours straight. If you have credit that shortens the time required too if you want to use it that is then each month a professional licker like me will pay you a visit to make you cum hard for 2 hours at least, until the 3000 dollars payment plan is paid in full again credit can shave some of that off if you want”

“3 hours and what happens if other clients come along during that time?” Jessica asked intrigued. “Oh I’m not the only concierge here there’s at least 8 of us to attend cummers like you” Cindy explained. “OK so what do I have to do now?” Jessica asked “Well first you fill this forms young lady, and then we call your mother since you are still under her custody to authorize the sale then we use the CTU to start the first phase of the transaction and then…” Cindy said as she caressed and kissed the teenaged cummer right tit and sucked her nipple “…I make you cum like crazy for 3 hours!” she finished. Jessica tilted her head moaning deeply “sounds like a plan!” she said gasping in excitement. A few minutes later Jessica had finished filling the appropriate forms, Cindy called Jessica’s mother Stephanie “Oh wow she is buying her own first car already? Of course, I approve I just wish I was there with her to help her cum to pay for the car!” She said over the speaker phone. “Mom!” Jessica said flushing “Don’t worry Ms Cardigan I assure your daughter is in very good and capable hands and that she will be cumming like crazy very shortly for 3 hours straight!” “Please at least take selfies I love to see my daughter cumming!” Stephanie asked “Well that depends on Jessica its her decision selfies of cummers cost at least 5 bucks extra, company policy, and she will be the one cumming extra hard to pay for them!” Cindy explained “Jessica please do cum extra hard for mummy I want to see your pictures after!” Stephanie asked her daughter over the speaker phone. “I will gladly cum super extra hard for you mommy.” Jessica replied.” It’s settled then Bye Ms Cardigan I have to make your daughter cum now.” Cindy said as she hung up and kneeled in front of Jessica first spreading the teenaged cummer’s legs apart then prying open the girl’s pussy lips Cindy darted her tongue in and out of Jessica’s love box Jessica breathed deeply tilting her head and her eyes shut as she gasped then Cindy french kissed passionately the teenager’s sweet pussy which made Jessica explode into orgasm she involuntarily grasped the sides of the chair she was sitting on and her muscles tensed as she raised her hips completely and arches her back all the way down, her head tilted all the way as the orgasms ripped through her again Oh my god I’m cumming again, yesterday with my mother and aunties I cummed more than I ever had before and now I’ve broken that record already, cumming has become my life, cumming is my life from now on and there’s a whole lot more cumming to be done just for what is left of today, god it feels so good. My body is under the control of the licker and I love losing control. My body is not my own when I cum it’s an extension of whoever is making me cum. She thought as her body spasmed. Once again orgasmic waves undulated clearly across her flat firm young belly. Cindy expertly quickened her pace intensifying Jessica’s orgasm storm “Oh my!, Your pussy tastes so very good girl” she said as she continued to furiously french kiss Jessica’s sweet teenaged cummer pussy. She relented temporarily to have Jessica move to her desk which she cleared “I can work your sweet pussy much better like this” she said as she resumed her french kissing of Jessica’s pussy which in turn resumed almost immediately Jessica’s orgasmic storm. Jessica laid down on the emptied desk and as the orgasms resumed her hips involuntarily raised themselves once more. Her hands grabbed the sides of the desk as her back arches and her head fully tilted as she groaned, moaned and sighed in complete orgasmic ecstasy.

Cindy’s concentration on making Jessica cum was broken when she noticed someone at her office open door looking in at them. “Who the fuck are you what are you doing here?” she said at the interloper startled and angry. “It’s OK she is my transportation and my unofficial girlfriend” Jessica managed to say when her orgasms subsided but still panting. “Your girlfriend is she now? Why wasn’t she here with you to begin with then” Cindy asked obviously not happy with the situation “We met a few hours ago” Jessica explained “Just a few hours and she’s your girlfriend, girl you really need to learn about relationships!” Cindy said. “Funny I told her the same thing” TJ said. “Oh you did?, Did you! Obviously didn’t work!” Cindy retorted back “Well don’t blame her, she is young!” TJ said now irked. “Oh I don’t! I blame you!” Cindy said angrily and TJ was about ready to go for the woman’s throat when Jessica yelled at them angrily “Hey you 2 stop this shit right now! I may be young and I may be naive but I’m not stupid, this is between the 2 of you for whatever reason. But you!” She said jabbing her finger at Cindy “You are not my mother! So you don’t ever presume again to try to play that role, whether you like it or not I like TJ a lot so she stays or I walk out and try another dealer!”. “Yes miss Cardigan I understand loud and clear, she will have to help me make you cum though” Cindy explained “That’s actually perfect” Jessica replied and then turned her attention to TJ “You helped me get here so can you please just please help me, so I can buy the damn car without killing anyone just please!” she pleaded.”I told you baby girl I’m here for anything you always need” TJ answered. “Then help her make me cum so we can get this over it, I still have a date to go to you know” Jessica said “A date? Isn’t she your girlfriend?” Cindy asked which she immediately regretted as Jessica angrily told her “Lady not that it is any of your business but much earlier today and older lady in her 60s asked me out after she said behind my back that she wanted to make me cum all day she even placed her invitation in my pussy herself now can we move things along we are wasting daylight” “Well then you are going to have one hell of a night young lady but for now you will cum for us, I work her pussy you work her tits,got it” Cindy said “Got it” TJ McCutcheon said affirmatively. And both started working on Jessica Cindy resumed french kissing her sweet teenaged cummer pussy while TJ hungrily licked and sucked Jessica’s tits and softly bit the teenager’s nipples. Once again Jessica was in the middle of an orgasmic storm with her head fully tilted and her eyes shut tight and her chest heaving, her muscles tensing, her back arching, her hands clasping and her feet tiptoeing and curling as she again sighed, moaned and groaned as Cindy and TJ made a meal out of her gorgeous teenaged cummer naked body until over 3 hours passed. About over half an hour more. They finally released Jessica from the orgasmic grip they had her under and still took almost 2 full minutes before Jessica’s orgasms finally subsided afterwards. Jessica placed her hand again on the CTU device which again spoke in standard mode “Identity confirmed, verification of physical payment verified, transaction approved have a nice day” “Do you want to drive your car out of here yourself right now or should we bring it to your house?” Cindy asked “Bring it to my house I’m leaving with her I’m late for my date already” Jessica said gesturing to TJ that it was time to leave. “You heard her!” TJ said first showing a thumbs up, followed by the middle finger which she flicked at Cindy followed by a goodbye gesture as she walked out leaving Cindy Flanagan fuming. “Did you just honestly flicked that woman off? You know, you and others keep calling me a child but what you did was so childish; If that woman urinates or put a turd in my new car you will have to clean it with your tongue I swear!” Jessica said angrily again.

“Oh yeah you and what army little girl?” TJ said smugly only to receive a huge slap in the face from Jessica who stormed off on foot. “I was only kidding baby girl! Where are you going? Come back!” TJ said “No! And stop calling me baby girl I’m not a baby at all the one who acts like a child it’s YOU TJ! Now leave me alone!” Jessica screamed as she continued walking away at a careless rapid pace in the now darkening streets. TJ got in her car and went after the furious teenaged cummer. “Common Jessica get in the car I will take you home or to your date if you still wanna go there, get in the car please” “I told you to leave me alone” she screamed again not even looking at TJ or what was beneath her feet hurriedly walking with her arms crossed over her free hanging tits then a sharp pain shot through her left foot, and she dropped to one knee as she shrieked in pain. TJ immediately got out of the car a 4-inch shard of glass had pierced the sole of Jessica’s left foot and was bleeding profusely. Jessica was trying to pull it out “No allow me please, Jessica let me help you” TJ pleaded with the angry somewhat irrational teenager she said as she gently pulled the shard out. “Common I have a first aid kit in the car let’s fix you up lean on me and not on your foot OK” she added as she offered Jessica her hand. Jessica accepted the help and leaning on TJ got back to the taxi cab where TJ took out a small first aid kit and doused the wound with antibiotic cream and covered it with a BandAid. “There you go you should consider wearing actual shoes for a while I mean barefoot ornaments like what you are wearing do make you look hot but it can be a pain in the ass because of the risk of injury.” TJ said “You do look hot barefoot though, specially when cumming I love when your beautiful feet tiptoe and curl” she lustfully added “Oh really! Is that all you love about me?” Jessica asked “I love everything about you baby girl, look at you, you are a dish edible from head to toe, I love your baby blue eyes, your curly blonde hair, your porcelain face, your lips, your nose, your gorgeous tits and succulent nipples, your very sweet tasting pussy, your legs, your hands, your feet, how your smile is like a sunshine, your laughter. I guess I’m falling in love with you Jessica and no is not just the hots I got for you talking though there’s a lot of that too!” TJ replied. “Well I’m still mad at you TJ! I mean what was all that old world soap opera drama back at the car dealer about? Is like that woman didn’t know you personally but somehow knew you anyway!” Jessica asked. “Well the reputation of the curse of my family name precedes me and I haven’t exactly lived of to shake that of either!” TJ said. “Family name curse?” Jessica said confused “Oh yes haven’t you heard of the infamous McCutcheon family curse that dates all the way back to my great, great, great-grandmother Shane

McCutcheon back in the old world before it all turned to shit” TJ explained “Well I don’t believe in curses or any mumbo jumbo like that my mom always thought me to rely on myself and my own judgment and I don’t believe you are cursed, maybe a bit childish and pedantic but not cursed” Jessica said “I’m not pedantic!” TJ protested “Yes you are TJ but that’s OK I love you anyway” Jessica said smiling “Well were too now Miss Cardigan?” TJ asked “Take me to Reinhardt’s address miss McCutcheon” Jessica said as she took the Ziploc bag containing Reinhardt’s note and giving it to TJ “You know! Let’s never use our last names ever again when we address each other and you do know they sell belts with pockets and cellphone holders for cummers like you right? I mean storing notes in your pussy like that is cute and sexy but not very practical at all!” TJ said.” I will definitely look into, it my pussy is for cumming and peeing and not anyone’s pocket.” Jessica said.

They finally arrived “I would gladly physically pay you the fare but I would never make my date if I did so use my credit” Jessica said “Don’t bother baby girl this is on the house, take care and have fun I’ll see you around…” TJ said but was interrupted by Jessica surprisingly french kissing her in the mouth. Their tongues danced around each other in each other’s mouths and for a few minutes they silently embraced. Jessica squeezed TJs butt and TJ firmly squeezed Jessica’s exposed butt cheeks. Jessica finally pulled out of the embrace smiling and cuddling “I got to go call me tomorrow” She said giving TJ her cellphone number which she added to her cellphone list “How will you get home after your date is over” TJ asked “I won’t be going home tonight either my mom will pick me up or Reinhardt will procure transportation for me in the morning, but she invited me, so I’m her guest of honor tonight” Jessica said and with that she headed towards Reinhardt’s house entrance and TJ went on her way. Jessica pressed the restored Ring Bell button

After a little while the speaker on the Ring bell device crackled. “Ah it’s you Honey bun I’m glad you didn’t lose my invitation but where I placed it was probably very hard to forget and you didn’t really have anywhere else I could put it anyway I’ll be out in a moment” Reinhardt said over the Ring device. Jessica waited, the night began to get a bit chilly. Finally, the door cracked opened. “Well come on in sugar” Reinhardt said “Thanks Ms Reinhardt” Jessica said as she went inside the house as Reinhardt locked the door behind her. “You hurt your foot! Foot ornaments look pretty and sexy, but they are not practical for walking outside on the street!” Reinhardt said “You are the third person to tell me that but it was my fault, I was angry and walking fast without looking where I stepped!” Jessica explained “Really? What were you angry about?’ Reinhardt asked.

“I had a quarrel with my girlfriend, she can be so childish sometimes!” Jessica explained. “Your girlfriend? You mean the woman from the Taxi cab that dropped you off after you too cuddled on the street?” Reinhardt inquired. “You were watching us?” Jessica asked in return “This thing can detect motion outside the house, it alerted me that someone was at the front, and I was expecting you, so I looked but after seeing you 2 kissing and cuddling I decided to give space to the 2 of you, I knew that eventually you would knock at my door, you know some will say your girlfriend is too old for you and that you are too young” Reinhardt explained. “Yeah I know! But I don’t care, if society says I’m old enough to cum for a living as I’ve been doing and with anyone of any age as I’m about to do with you Ms, then how dare anyone say who can I love or not?” Jessica said once again crossing her arms over her free hanging tits. “I never said I agree with it to be clear and do not cover up your tits while you are at my home young lady your tits should always be uncovered and unencumbered ready to be touched, fondled, licked and your nipples free to be nibbled upon” Reinhardt said as she touched, fondled and licked each of Jessica’s free hanging tits and nibbled each of Jessica’s now hardening nipples as Jessica fully tilted her head, eyes shut moaning in delight. “Well how about some tea” Reinhardt said afterwards which caught Jessica by surprise not to mention broke the mood. “I’m sorry what?” She asked, perplexed. “Are you deaf or something? I asked you if you want some tea?” Reinhardt repeated. “No, I just! I thought you were going to go down on me when you started…” Jessica said but

Reinhardt cut her off before she ended. “Ever heard of foreplay dear, don’t worry I will be going down on you soon enough so you want some tea or not?” Reinhardt asked one final time. “Sure I’ll have some tea” Jessica said.

Ms Reinhardt went to the kitchen and brought a tray with 2 teacups and a jar with hot tea which she poured into the teacups handing one to Jessica which looked at it intrigued. “I’m guessing that you are familiar with Iced tea and not hot tea, aren’t you sugar plum?” Reinhardt asked amused at the teenaged cummer reaction. “Guilty as charged Ma’am, I’ve read about it though!” Jessica said shrugging as she sipped from her teacup. “Is not bad at all actually!” she added “What on Earth even gave you the idea that hot tea tastes bad?” Reinhardt asked intrigued. “Oh! Is not that, I had just never tasted tea hot.” Jessica answered. “Tea is tea my dear whether hot or cold” Reinhardt explained “I thought tea was like beer” Jessica said which sent Reinhardt laughing hysterically. “Honey if hot tea tasted like hot beer nobody would drink it! And since when, you drink alcohol anyway when you are not supposed too? At least until your recently obtained semi independence?” Reinhardt asked “well a few years before I raided the kitchen and found an unopened beer bottle below the sink and tried drinking it” Jessica said laughing at herself “I bet it tasted like shit!” Reinhardt said giggling “It did!” Jessica said laughing again. “Trust me sugar plum tea and beer are not one in the same.” did you finish your tea?” Reinhardt asked. “Matter of fact I have Ma’am.” Jessica replied good she said as she guessed Jessica to hand over the empty teacup which she placed back on the tray as she went back to the kitchen “Stay there because dessert is next.” Reinhardt said “Dessert?” Jessica asked intrigued “You are the dessert sugar plum!” she added. “Oh!” Jessica said filled with anticipation and arousal. After a little while Ms Reinhardt returned “Get on top of the dinner table here sugar plum!” she instructed Jessica to sit on a placemat on the dinner table and Jessica complied as instructed “Now spread those legs wide young lady, I will now have my dessert with you!” Reinhardt said as she pried Jessica’s pussy lips and darted her mature tongue into the gorgeous teenaged cummer pussy furiously licking the teenager’s clit once more Jessica tilted her head bully and tightly shut her eyes and gasped as an impending orgasm began to rise as the orgasms storm erupted Jessica arched her back tilted her head even further and tightly shut her beautifully closed eyes as she moaned and groaned as once more orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body, her muscles tense and spasmed, her hands involuntarily grasped the table mantle and her feet once again helplessly and involuntarily tiptoed and curled as the orgasms unrelentingly ripped through the teenager’s body. Reinhardt kept licking and sucking Jessica’s clit slurping immediately like a vacuum any pussy juice.”You taste divine dear! Your pussy is the sweetest I’ve tasted in a long time so just keep cumming for me,keep cumming for Ms Reinhardt my beautiful young cummer so I can keep drinking every drop of your delicious pussy nectar!” the old woman said as she kept Jessica in orgasmic storm autopilot for hours, almost 6 hours passed when finally Reinhardt was satisfied “Now that’s what I call dessert sweetheart!” she said to the still orgasming Jessica whose body still convulsed spasmodically with her back arching, her head fully tilted,eyes shut thigh, and her beautiful bare feet helplessly and involuntarily tiptoeing and curling as the still going orgasmic waves flowed through her gorgeous naked teenaged cummer body. “Ah yes honey you will still be cumming for at least 2 full minutes I’m just that good at making young things like you cum like crazy dear!”. Indeed 2 full minutes passed before the biggest orgasmic storm Jessica had ever experienced finally abated. Jessica felt completely exhausted “Can I go home now Ms Reinhardt? I’m very tired” Jessica said “Tonight you sleep here let me get you to the guest room child” Reinhardt said as she guided the exhausted teenager to the guest room where Jessica fell asleep the moment she laid on the bed “Thanks for tonight’s dessert sugar plum, it was delicious” the old woman said as she gently and carefully pried the sleeping teenaged cummer’s pussy lips apart and inserted yet another note inside a tiny Ziploc bag inside Jessica’s pussy and gently tapped the teenager’s pussy lips to close them again which made Jessica moaned even in her sleep. And then silently closed the guest room door behind her.

When Jessica woke up it was late morning she didn’t know how late but it was, she now regretted not coming better prepared to a stranger’s home, she did not even brought her toothbrush then she felt that something was again inside her pussy and took it out. A Ziploc bag containing another note by Reinhardt it read “You were delicious and fantastic yesterday dear I bought you a kit with toothpaste and toothbrush and a new set of body and foot ornaments and transparent sandals that I hope you will find useful and a waist utility belt for cellphone and to put other things such as perhaps notes like this in the future, don’t worry sweetheart is all on the house” “Reinhardt! Thank you Ma’am, thank you” Jessica missed to herself. The guest room she was in had a bathroom so she brushed her teeth and showered and tried the new attire Reinhardt had given her.

Once again sprinkling cold water to her free hanging tits to harden her nipples she looked at the mirror satisfied “Damn I look great!” She mused to herself as she heard what sounded like kids outside. Jessica walked out of the guest room down a hallway and down stairs she barely remembered climbing the night before and in the dining room a woman in her late 20s with 2 girls were at the table eating breakfast the woman saw Jessica “Hey mom your cummer date just woke up” Jeannette Summers Reinhardt said. “My grandma made you cum like crazy last night didn’t she?” the older girl, 13 years old Janice Summers Reinhardt asked.”I reckon she did! You precocious little brat!” Jessica replied. “Oh please my wife is a cummer like you and the bread winner of the family our kids are very familiar with all that being a cummer entails.” Jeannette explained “And her wife tastes real good too” Joan Reinhardt said from the kitchen “Oh please mom I don’t think there’s a pussy you haven’t tried specially cummer pussy!” Jeannette retorted back as her kids laughed with the statement she then turned her attention again to Jessica “Wow girl! You are fresh off the presses aren’t you? Mom has always loved fresh young meat like you, always has since I was a kid myself!” She said. “Can I borrow your phone? I would love to call my mom to pick me up, besides my new car arrives today too.” Jessica explained. “Don’t worry about that I will lend you the phone if you still want to check up on your mom. But I’ll take you back so sit and have some breakfast, after last night you probably need it!” Jeannette replied. Jessica sat on one of the chairs as Jeannette gave her a plate with french toast as she noticed her attire. “She gave you those didn’t she?” Jeannette asked. “Yes Miss, she did!” Jessica replied “She only buys for those she thinks are special you must taste real good!” Jeannette explained “So I’ve been told by just about everyone that has made me cum so far!” Jessica said “Mommy can I touch her and lick her clit?” Janice said “Oh very well just this once so you stop pestering me about tasting a cummer! And only if I didn’t catch her name is up to it” Jeannette said as she went to the kitchen with the dishes. “My name is Jessica” Jessica said “OK then honey ask Jessica” Jessica was taken aback by the whole thing when she was herself 9 she saw a cummer and got infatuated with her and she would pester her mom endlessly then one day she and her mom ran into the cummer herself. Once again she pleased with her mom who admonished her “wait until you are 16, you will probably be inducted as a cummer like her anyway, don’t be in such a hurry to grow up and if you turn out a cummer as I suspect you’ll be cumming a lot for mommy,,your aunties and just about everyone” Stephanie Cardigan told 9 years old then Jessica Rachel Cardigan when the cummer approached them “If its a one time only thing to satisfy her curiosity let her otherwise she will try it behind your back as I did when I was her age” Rebecca Covington the attractive cummer said as she then placed her hand gently on Jessica’s cheek “Very well but remember young lady its just this one time, for more wait for your 16th birthday” her mom said “But at the same time your mother is right If I allow you to this Jessica you have to promise that you won’t be in a hurry to grow up, because childhood is precious and fleeting” Rebecca told her. “That’s correct kiddo” her mom added as tears ran down her face. She was about to take a couple of Kleenex from her purse when she was offered a few by Rebecca who took them out of her utility waist belt. “There you go Miss” she said “Part of me wants her to remain a child forever and another part can’t wait for her to be 16 because she is going to be a looker” Stephanie said wiping her tears with the Kleenex Rebecca gave her “Yes she will and whatever she turns,out to be she will still be your child,you should be proud of her” Rebecca said “I’m which is why if at 16 if she turns out a cummer me and my sisters her aunts are going to suck her pussy dry but until then I want her to be a kid but even I ran away at 8 to try to hookup with a cummer I had the hots for,got grounded for a week!” Stephanie said “And that’s OK that you want to protect her childhood for as long as possible but one time things like this are inevitable, I will allow her to taste me” Rebecca said. “Well kid, common satisfy your curiosity!” she said addressing young Jessica. Jessica timidly approached her but filled with curiosity “May I touch your tits Ma’am?” she asked. Rebecca kneeled down to be at the same height of Jessica “You may do whatever you feel like doing kid go ahead!” Jessica remembered touching, fondling, licking the woman’s tits and even nibbling on her tits as Rebecca’s head tilted her eyes shut and she moaned. She wanted her, she wanted to be her. Rebecca stood up and Jessica explored the woman’s pussy prying the labia apart and smelled her deeply she explored the innards of Rebecca’s pussy with her fingers and eventually the cummer exploded into orgasm which to Jessica was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Her flashback was interrupted by Janice “Can I touch your tits? Even though my mom is a cummer she has never allowed for us girls to touch her tits that way or anything like that for that matter.” the girl said “Well, your moms want to protect your childhood just like my mom did. But I will tell you the same thing the cummer that allowed me to touch her told me and my mom told me. ” Don’t be in a hurry to grow up, this will be a one time thing! For more you will have to wait a few more years until you are 16 as I did, yes you may do as you like Janice go ahead!” Jessica said. Janice hungrily sucked Jessica’s tits and nibbled her nipples, The 16 years old cummer fully tilted her head as her eyes tightly shut as she moaned in delight “Something tells me this girl is going to be a licker! A really good one, god!” she managed to say breathlessly just before Janice started sucking her clit hard and soon once again Jessica found herself cumming hard and this time for a 13 year old girl who was making a meal out of her pussy. Jessica was in an orgasmic storm again. Her head fully tilted, eyes shut, her back arching, her hands clasping the sides of the chair, her muscles tensing and spasming, her feet helplessly involuntarily tiptoeing and curling as the orgasmic waves ripped through the teenaged cummer’s body. Jessica groaned and moaned until Janice was stopped by her mother “That’s enough of that young lady! Once you are officially inducted as a licker you will eat all the pussy you want but this was supposed to be a sample not a buffet!” Jeannette said “Your daughter is going to be one hell of a licker that’s for sure!” Jessica said after the orgasms subsided “Yes she will, I will take you home now Jessica thanks for everything, mom I’m taking Jessica to her house, take care of the girls while I’m out.” Jeannette said “I want to come along too!” Janice said “Oh no you don’t, you are going to stay with grandma until I come back and that’s final!” Jeannette told Janice sternly and walked out gesturing to Jessica to follow “Remember don’t be in such a hurry to grow up, you’ll be great!” Jessica told Janice as she left with Jeannette showing Janice a thumbs up. Janice stood there until her grandma startled her, touching her from behind. “She tasted good didn’t she?” Joan asked her granddaughter “Like heaven grandma!” Janice replied “Well as she said don’t be in such a hurry in 3 more years you will probably be sucking her pussy dry with me!” She said as she tickled Janice “Promise Grandma?” she said giggling “Pinky swear! Now let’s go make some cookies!” Joan said as both went into the kitchen. Jeannette dropped Jessica at her home just as Jessica’s brand new car was being delivered “Oh my god its finally here!” Jessica said happy as a cucumber. “Your first car, huh? You paid for it how much?” Jeannette asked. “The initial payment was $200.00 in standard currencies.” Jessica explained. “Oh so you cummed for about 3 hours for it then, not a bad deal for a new cummer like you and the downpayments are what?” Jeannette asked “102.20 which amount to 2 hours cumming hard.” Jessica answered. “Not bad at all girl!” Jeannette said as she kneeled on her driver seat and started licking and sucking Jessica’s tits and nibbling the teenage cummer’s erect nipples while fingering Jessica’s pussy once again Jessica’s head fully tilted as her eyes shut tight and she moaned and sighed deeply as once more orgasm, after orgasm ripped through the teenager’s body. Jessica’s back arched, her muscles tense and spasmed,her hands crossed the passenger seat and her beautiful bare feet helplessly involuntarily tiptoed and curled again as the orgasmic waves flowed through her. Jeannette sucked Jessica’s clit which sent the teenage cummer into full orgasmic autopilot again as Jeannette took full control of the teenage cummer’s body for about 5 minutes then released Jessica from the orgasmic storm she had her under. “So this is why you wanted to give me a ride home after all, huh?” Jessica asked breathlessly once the orgasms subsided. “Can you blame me? You are so hot and edible that you are irresistible, if I had no other things to do I would eat your pussy and drink your pussy juice for hours! You just taste that good!” Jeannette said. “Well you are welcome to make me cum anytime you want!” Jessica replied “Oh I will come back to suck your pussy dry Jessica. Is what you were born for after all isn’t that right cummer?” Jeannette said as she rubbed the teenage cummer’s pussy which made Jessica involuntarily tilt her head and shut her eyes as she sighed “Yess!” she said breathlessly. “Well of you go then young lady” Jeannette said as Jessica got out of the car “Thanks for the ride!” Jessica said. “Oh no thank you, Jessica, for everything it was my pleasure!” Jeannette said “Well, that’s exactly it was!” Jessica replied “Exactly!” Jeannette said, showing a thumbs up as she drove away.

“My baby is back, look! Your new car arrived!” her mom said as she got out of the house and hugged Jessica. Jessica hugged her back. It had been a most memorable 48 hours, it was Jessica’s first 2 daysvas a cummer.

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