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Myra answered her phone, unprepared for the loud voice on the other end.
"That fucking bastard. Do you know what he did? Do you have any idea what he did to me? I was going to a party after work and told him to meet me, so I could show off my husband, and the asshole told me he was working late and couldn't be there. What the fuck? And then I found out he DIDN'T work late. He went over to Steve's house and had pizza with beer while they watched some stupid game. The Fucking bastard stood me up for a stupid fucking GAME!"
"Gina, easy girl. My ears are still ringing from not getting the phone at arm's length soon enough. Back down a bit and start over." Myra wanted to hear what her friend had to say, but she wanted her hearing to survive the explanation.
A deep breath was heard from the phone. "Ok," Gina started, "the beginning. Shit I'm pissed. I'm standing here shaking. All right. Three weeks ago, about a dozen of us from the office decided we'd meet for dinner after work and invite our spouses along so people could meet the guys or girls we were always talking and hearing about. I told Alex about it right away and he said it seemed like a good idea. Not real excited, you know, but he acknowledged it."
There was a long pause. "Go on," Myra encouraged.
"Well, the day of the big meet and eat, I called him in the early afternoon to remind him to meet me and to give him the address. He said he couldn't make it, he had just been told after lunch that there was a big project and he had to get it done before he left. I wasn't happy, but if work needs you, what do you do? I know he won't risk losing his job over a dinner."
Myra broke in. "He could have tried."
"He said he did," Gina answered. "I got home near 8 and he didn't get home until close to 10. The poor guy said he was wiped out and went right to bed. Yeah, I thought it was poor guy. He didn't want me smelling the fucking beer on his breath. On Saturday I called Rikki and told her and she laughed. She fucking laughed! 'Didn't you know the guys were watching the game that night,' she asked. Oh, I was hot. I confronted him and he finally admitted the guys had decided to watch the game and he didn't want to meet my co-workers anyway. Damn! He lied to me, left me the only person at the dinner without their spouse, and he fucking lied to me over a fucking game!"
"Have you made up?" Myra asked calmly.
"What?" Myra moved the phone away again. "Are you crazy? I'm not making up to that son of a bitch after what he did to me. But we ended up yelling at each other so much I have a splitting headache and he drove off to wherever he runs when he doesn't want to apologize."
Myra thought for a moment. "Headache?"
"Splitting. I'm going to hang up and drop a half bottle of Tennessee into a glass," Gina answered.
"I have another idea. Remember when I took that massage course as an elective? I'd be happy to give you a good body rub and if you still have a headache, well, I have Kentucky, if you'll settle for that."
Gina was quiet for a moment before saying, "I guess I can settle for Kentucky. In a large glass please."
"Hey girl, only if the headache is still there," Myra answered. "I think I'm pretty good with my hands."
Gina at last laughed a little. "Oh, do you? Well, as much as he's pissed me off, Alex is pretty good, too. I guess I'll have to see if you're as good as him."
Myra smiled. "Oh, I love a challenge. If he's better than me, you can pour me the other half of the bottle. Half hour enough time to get here?"
"Shit, make it 20 minutes."
Myra took a deep breath. She actually hated being challenged and was only able to go ahead with it because Gina was her best friend and she felt safe enough with the other woman to risk losing. They had met in third grade when they stood side by side in line. They were both ok at math and reading, hated science, and enjoyed splashing in puddles, despite adults telling them little girls didn't splash. Or maybe it was because adults said that.
Unfortunately, Gina had stayed cute girl all the way, with an active streak that attracted the boys, while Myra had retreated to books and snacks. Her hair was still long in her first years of high school, and one day she tried putting two buns on her head. One of the boys laughed at her and said pretty girls had hourglass shapes, but she looked like his grandmother's alarm clock. The next day the blond hair was bobbed. Badly. Her mother was not happy she had cut it herself.
Pausing to look at herself in a mirror, Myra wondered exactly why she had such trouble getting guys to look at her. Maybe it was the round face, the short hair, or the fact that her belly rolls were bigger than her breasts. One person had always just accepted her as she was, and that was Gina. This massage had to be good. She had never gotten a job because the instructor of that massage class, while giving her an A, told her the long hours would be hard on her legs with all the extra weight, and, just being honest, she would have a hard time keeping steady clients while she was so large. Myra had told Gina and cried, and Gina held her friend for an hour, comforting her.
There was a knock at the door and Myra opened for Gina. For a moment, Gina had a surprised look on her face, looking at her very large friend in just running shorts and a t-shirt. "Is this going to be a workout?"
Myra laughed. "It's going to be me wearing something comfortable. I learned two important things about starting a massage. First the giver needs to be as comfortable as possible, because a good massage is hard work. And second, the receiver should be naked." She gulped, hoping she hadn't pushed too far.
"Naked?" Gina asked.
"Ok," Myra adjusted, "technically the term is undressed to your comfort level, but I think the best massages let the masseuse work on your body without, let's call it, interruptions." She fidgeted a little. Gina was her best friend, but they had never been naked with each other, or even close.
There was an awkward silence for a while, then Gina said, "Oh, why the hell not. It's been that kind of day." She pulled her shirt up and off, shaking out her light brown hair that fell straight to the middle of her back. She brushed the hair off her bra and unhooked it, tossing it aside to land on the shirt. Myra stared at the flat bally, twin lines of muscle running up and down next to the navel. If only she could have that, she thought. Shoes, sock, and shorts all came off quickly before Gina stood with her thumbs hooked in her thong at her hips. The firm, medium sized breasts seemed to point at Myra, begging to be watched. Firm nipples stood out from a light brown areola two inches across.
Myra was entranced, but kept her head enough to say, "You can stop if you're comfortable now."
"Fuck it," Gina replied. "The only people who have seen this in the last three years have been my OB/GYN and the bastard. To you, my best friend, I say, welcome to an exclusive club." The thong was pushed down to her knees, allowed to drop to her ankles, and kicked off onto the pile.
Looking at the perfect shape, the firmness of skin and breasts, and the absolutely bare mound, Myra sucked in her breath. "My god, Gina, you are gorgeous. Alex is so lucky."
"Hey, Myra, you're only 23, you know. Plenty of time to find your own man." Gina was being her usual encouraging self.
Myra responded with a wry smile and pulled her shirt up a few inches. "I don't think any man wants a piece of this," she said, holding a roll of her belly.
Gina frowned. "Their loss. You're a really sweet person and you could make a guy really happy if they take the time to get to know you. As for that, I've told you, I'm willing to make a plan and help you any time you ask. But I'm not going to force you or shame you."
Totally embarrassed now, Myra turned. "Oh, right, hey, massage. Lay face down for me, ok? If you're cold I can put a sheet on you, or you can just lay there."
Gina looked at the living room floor and then at the couch. Her friend had taken the cushions off the couch and put them in a line on the floor, leaving a little gap before placing another pillow for her forehead. She smiled. "Nice massage table." She got down and laid on the cushions, arms loose at her sides, legs together. She was a little surprised when Myra pulled at her legs and put them down a little more spread, but she knew it wasn't unusual. Just, usually it was hidden under a sheet.
Myra was feeling more in control now. She had trained for this and trained well. After the class, she had continued learning through online courses and videos until she understood the muscles, their types and direction, the best way to relax them, and the best way to get blood flowing through them. She knew what she was doing now, and as she applied the lotion to her hands and took a deep breath in, she felt very comfortable.
Gina moaned softly as the hands began a firm dance over the shoulder blades, working toward the spine and up to the neck. She was in no hurry, and the view looking down the naked body was surprisingly exciting. Myra worked from the head down, leaning forward and keeping firm contact with the beautiful skin beneath her. She worked from the neck down to the waist and back up, massaging the sides and occasional working up into the scalp. She felt the tension fade, though there were a few pockets requiring extra effort.
Finally, she rose up on her knees and rubbed down the laterals of the back, to the waist, then up onto the swell of the gluteal curve. She sucked in her breath as her hands touched the roundness of her best friend's ass, amazed at the intense feeling she felt from such intimate contact. Myra moved to the side and continued working the ass muscles for a while, expecting at any moment Gina would tell her to stop. But the order to stop never came, and she just couldn't move away yet.
Finally breaking away from the enjoyment of rubbing Gina's ass, Myra moved to the legs. Starting at the feet, she began moving up the backs and sides of the shapely left leg. Her thumbs worked the back of the knee and a contented sigh reached her. As her hands worked up the thigh, she realized her fingertips were moving closer and closer to the mystic land of the married vagina. It was strange enough that Myra felt herself becoming aroused. That was when she made her decision and hoped it wouldn't chase away the only real friend she had.
Her fingers kept moving upward and she knew by the round swell of the ass just where she was. She let her fingertip touch the vagina, moving in the circular motion of the massage, then again, again, she counted up to 7. Lucky seven she hoped. Then back down to the right foot. A soft moan came from her friend and Myra allowed herself to smile.
Myra's hands worked their way up the right leg, keeping the same tempo, the same pattern, as they had on the left leg. Once again she worked her way up, really massaging, until her fingertips neared the magical domain of beautiful pussy. And then the magic happened. Without any help or urging, Gina spread her legs just a little bit more.
She couldn't believe it, but wasn't going to let it go. Her hands moved up and she went into an area the training had told her not to enter. She let her fingertips run along the vagina a few times, feeling the folds, knowing she was there. Knowing she was in an area only Gina's husband had been in for years. She paused only a moment, then pulled off her shirt and tossed it aside. A white bra held her small breasts in place as she once more massaged the glutes with all the skill she had. The soft roundness moving under her hands felt amazing. She added some lotion to her hands, worked the matching mounds of muscle and padding, then moved her hands to the centerline and down. Her index fingers slid into the crease between the buttocks and she continued, slowly moving downward. It felt naughty, and exciting, and wonderful all at the same time. Another moan came from Gina and she pushed her hips up just a bit.
Surprised, but excited, Myra started massage the more intimate inner curves of the centerline. Her thumbs slid into the the long crease and she worked the muscles from there, sliding slowly downward. She waited for any cue from her friend as her thumbs neared the anus. When the cue came, she wasn't quite sure what to do with it. Gina moaned and whispered, "Oh fuck, yes."
Myra continued down, feeling the puckered entrance as her thumbs slid over it, then past it to the perineum. Once again she felt her friends vaginal lips, now with her thumbs, wanting so much to just slide them in. But only half the job was done and she feared the arousal that would come with the other half.
Her voice choked the first time. On the second try Myra managed, "Ok, time to turn over."
As Gina turned, exposing her breasts, her face, and the wonderful junction with her legs, she turned her head a little and a loud crack filled the living room. "Damn, girl, you've got me really loosened up already. What other magic do you have?"
In response, Myra started at the feet again. Up the left leg first, fingertips now caressing the vaginal lips as she watched her own fingers teasing at the folds. She careful lifted the left leg and moved it, then the right leg so that she was looking at the entirety of the slit with soft folds of warm skin exposed between the tops of the legs.
Gina looked at Myra, who was looking back. Her face showed a question, her eyes showed lust, and that was perhaps the apex for Myra. She knew what she was doing. She had rehearsed it a hundred times, though on a nameless person of a variable sex. The oil was safe. The reaction her only fear. When Gina's eyes opened wider as the moan came from her throat, Myra took the last step and pushed a finger between the folds, letting it sink into the paradise of her friend's pussy.
The two women made eye contact, Myra's finger slowly moving in and out of the vagina. Gina simply said, in a hoarse whisper, "Fuck yes," and reached up to pull Myra's lips down to hers.
Giving up the massage for the moment, Myra allowed herself to be pulled down. She hadn't kissed anybody in years and as she felt the softness of her friend's lips, and then the wet insistence of her tongue, she wasn't quite sure what to do. Never in her life had she received an intimate kiss, so she tried to remember scenes from movies. She shook a little and Gina pulled back long enough to whisper, "Sshhhhh," before reached around to unhook the bra. It was a full reach, because of Myra's roundness, and the larger girl started to pull away, embarrassed. The arms pulled harder, the more athletic girl making her insistence known until the bra was unhooked, pulled down the arms, and tossed aside.
For a few minutes they kissed and Myra's head was spinning. She was in a land she had never known before and she knew what she wanted to do, afraid only that Gina might not want to receive it. Finally she lifted her head and said, "I'm not finished with the massage yet."
As she sat up and moved to the cushion above her friend's head, Gina whispered back, "I hope not." She moved her arms out until her hands were at the edge of the cushions and did the same with her legs. Myra's hands began to work the neck and slid out to the pectorals. As her fingers moved in circles, she watched the firm breasts, each leaning a little to the side now, move and jiggle. She compared it to herself, where everything jiggled and the breasts were almost hidden among the folds of extra skin, and that embarrassment she knew so well began building inside her.
Her hands moved from neck to face, massaging cheeks, brow, chin, jaw, feeling the beauty of her friend that she had always been able to only look at before. When she finished the face, she bent forward and kissed those sweet lips again. Gina moaned again. Myra looked down her own bare chest and saw the two peaks of white skin with the large pink areolas, but she also saw the rolls of skin continuing down to her shorts. Glancing at Gina, she noticed a pinkish tint at the top of the chest.
The left arm was next, sitting next to Gina, Myra took the arm and began working it from the shoulder down. Now she was consciously trying to make it as sensual as possible and she paused just a moment, took a deep breath, and bent forward. Did that high pitched sound come from her? She wasn't sure as her lips slid around the firm nub of Gina's nipple. She heard the breath sucked in and felt the breast rise toward her mouth as the lungs were filled and Gina's chest expanded. Myra tensed a little, waiting for the reprimand.
Instead she heard her friend's whisper, a little hoarser than usual, saying, "Don't stop."
Surprised, but pleased, Myra sucked the nub into her mouth and teased it with her tongue. The moan was louder than before, yet more guttural. A pleasant feeling came over Myra as she realized she was arousing, really arousing, her friend who was so pretty, trim, and popular. She sucked more of the breast into her mouth, pulling her head back with the soft skin still tightly pulled into her mouth, before finally releasing and letting it drop back into place on Gina's chest.
She got back to the arm, working now from the elbow to the wrist, the hand, and the fingers. The smallest finger was first, then the ring finger. As she felt the double ring and the diamond, she paused, turning it back and forth, wishing she could have one like it, and wondering what she was doing with an aroused married woman laying on her couch cushions on the floor.
"Myra." The throaty whisper brought her back to reality. Gina was smiling at her. "It's ok." Then Gina's eyes closed again and Myra, on a sudden impulse, bent forward and kissed the ring. Only then did she move on to the next fingers.
The left hand finished, Myra moved to the other side, Gina told her, "You too, strip."
Suddenly really embarrassed, Myra tensed. "Gina, I, I can't. My god, you're so beautiful and I'm fat and ugly. It's more than I can handle."
The smile didn't fade, but the eyes opened and the friends made eye contact again. "Myra, it's just you and me here. Are we besties or not? I'm asking you, please, undress. Everything. I want us both naked."
Shaking, Myra pulled down her shorts, then her panties, her plain, white granny panties, and she kicked them aside. Then she knelt next to her friend, starting at the shoulder and working down to the elbow. Once there she paused again, this time taking the right nipple into her mouth. It seemed much firmer than the left had been. That was when it really hit her. The other nipple had started a little softer, but it was firm by the time Myra let it go. Now the right was firm. Gina was aroused. She had managed, had succeeded, to arouse her friend. She felt a wave of happy fear go through her and it left her belly doing flips.
There was no ring on the right hand, so the massage went smoothly from elbow to finished on the arms. Now it was time to make a decision. She hesitated for a long moment, then decided everything else had worked out, so it was too late to be cautious. She moved her leg over Gina's belly and faced her friend, starting once again at the pecs, working her thumbs in long rubs following the line of the muscles.
Gina had opened her eyes and looked up, seeing only an odd determination on her friend's face. The trimmed, but full, bush between the legs that straddled her scratched a little at her belly, but it was a good scratch. The hands, now moving from pecs to breasts, were amazing. "Shit, Myra, if you don't get me off after all this I'm really gonna be disappointed."
Myra blushed at the overt talk of sex, but kept her concentration focused on the twin mounds she was beginning to climb. As she moved down, she felt the soft tissue moving under her hands, felt the increased thickness of them, and finally felt the nipples again, firm and erect under her palms. She cupped and squeezed the breasts, pushing the nipples into points her thumbs could tease. Her hips moved back, down over Gina's belly until her vagina was over her friend's, then she leaned over and let her mouth take over the nipples again, occasionally licking at the soft mound of a breast.

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