Cursed Blessings Pt. 01: How it Began

tagGroup SexCursed Blessings Pt. 01: How it Began

*Author's Note: All characters engaging in sexual activity in this story are at least 18 years of age. The story is just written for fun and is unedited, so there may be errors.
Chapter 1.
I've never been afraid of the dark, or of "things that go bump in the night," so I've no problem walking the 500 metre distance home from work each day. Sure it was a shady neighborhood, but everyone knew me now, and they kind of looked out for me. Besides, it wasn't far, and I really really needed this job if I was going to continue to study. I'd never felt afraid. Not once in the almost six month that I'd lived and worked here. Not once, until tonight.
He was behind me, I could hear him breathing. He sounded like he was having a panic attack or something. I turned around and that's when the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Afraid? I was terrified. This man looked at me like he was a wild animal and I was his prey. The look in his eyes made me realise that he could hurt me if I said or did the wrong thing. He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes. When he opened them, I could see tears there.
"H-how can I help you?" I asked tentatively.
"You're willing to help me?" he asked. His voice was much gentler than I imagined it would be.
"I-if you promise n-not to hurt me, I-I will help you if I can." I stammered.
"I have no wish to hurt you sweet thing, but alas, you ask the one thing I cannot promise you. If I hurt you, it is not intentional, but I… I don't want to die."
He practically fell into my arms. He was burning up, so I tried to relieve him of his coat. It was then that I saw it… His massive erection appeared to be causing him pain. "You see my shame. If I do not get relief I will die."
"Yeah, nice try buddy. I'm pretty sure you won't die." In less than 500 metres I'd be home. I could do it. I dropped his coat and began to walk.
"You said that you would help if you can."
"Hey, I'm not going to just -"
"If you look at it, you will see that I am telling the truth. Lady, I beg of you."
I looked. His penis was an unnatural colour. It looked like it was going to explode, but not with pleasure. It was also enormous. I couldn't help him even if I wanted too – that wasn't a cock, that was a whole fucking rooster. There was no way that thing was ripping me apart. I wanted my first time to be memorable, obviously for different reasons, but he was in pain. He was telling me the truth. God only knows what he'd done to get his penis into such a state but irrationally, I wanted to soothe him. Without thinking I leaned forward and took his tip in my mouth.
It was hot but began to cool with my saliva. I tasted precum and that's when I really began to panic. Men's cocks are not supposed taste like spiced wine. My eyes widened in surprise. He was delicious. I mean really! The guy was cumming a gourmet dessert in my mouth. It was divine. I lapped up each intoxicating drop greedily.
"Thank you. I will never forget what you have done for me. My cock is here for your nourishment whenever you need it and you will need it."
I will need it? What did he mean by that? My vision began to blur. I was overcome by a wave of lust. I needed to have sex. My horniness was overwhelming. "Something has happened to me. What have you done?"
"My essence is cursed and you have taken it," the man replied.
"What are you?" I whispered, afraid once more.
"First, and forevermore, since you saved my life. I am your faithful servant. You have nothing to fear from me now. I can't hurt you anymore. I promise I will protect you from this curse. I am so very sorry to have hurt you in this way, but had you not relieved me when you did, the torment would have sent me mad and eventually killed me."
I nodded, eager for him to continue his explanation. "Just get to the point. What happened here. I could tell that wasn't an ordinary erection, and you tasted… Are you human?"
He smiled and for the first time I looked at him as something other than a threat. He was truly beautiful. Curly dark brown hair, blue green eyes and a body that might have been a warrior's in another era.
"Yes, I'm human." He grinned. "But this curse is eternal."
"Go on," I urged.
"Centuries ago five friends were being entertained by um… ladies of the night," he began.
I snorted. "Considering, I just gave you a head job, you can probably speak freely."
"Ah, yeah, good point." He chuckled. "So anyway they're having fun at a brothel when one of them insults or somehow demeans one of the girls. The madam pulls him up on it, but he's unrepentant. He argues that he's a paying customer and she is 'just a whore.' When his friends laugh along with him, the madam who was also a witch, curses them. The young whore gave her body to them for their pleasure and yet they had the arrogance to ridicule her for doing exactly that. She cursed them to be slaves to their lust. From that moment on, they needed to feed their lust daily and come three times between sunrise and sunset. Not doing so would turn them mad. They would become bestial. These poor men were the beasts of fairytales to whom the virgins were sacrificed. The curse is broken when one of these men finds a woman with enough stamina to mate with. The curse is broken when they have a child, however all their male offspring carry the curse. I am one of those cursed."
"And now, so am I?"
"Yes, but unlike me you have a choice and you will not die. How are you feeling?"
"The dizziness is better, but I um…"
"You're insanely horny."
"I'm so wet, I think I could even take you," I admitted.
"Well, we're all well endowed, one of the perks of the curse, if there is such a thing." He winked. He was in much better spirits now that he was no longer dying.
"But if I say no, I won't die?"
"No, you just need to find a way to cope with being hyper sexual for around twelve weeks, after which your libido will return to normal."
"TWELVE WEEKS! I will spontaneously combust," I wailed.
"Yes, withdrawal won't be easy. It is best if you allow yourself some cum as nourishment, rather than going cold turkey."
"You said I had a choice?"
"My cock is now yours. Should you ever need it, I will give my cum to save your life. Come home with me. Give in to your lust. True, you will become more like us, but let my cum sustain you. Let my cock be one of those that nourishes you and gives you the energy to fuck to live."
He held me against him. I could feel him grow again. Did he need to come again? My pussy muscles clenched in anticipation. Before I could answer him, he kissed me. He kissed me like he already owned me. There was only one thing I could possibly say, "Yes," I murmured. In that moment, I knew I would follow him anywhere….
The story will continue.

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