Cursed Blessings Pt. 02: Meeting "Them"

tagGroup SexCursed Blessings Pt. 02: Meeting "Them"

Of course I wanted to go with him. He could explain to me what was happening, what was going to happen to me, as this "condition", took over. Yes, it certainly seemed logical for me to go with him, but… was it safe? What if I was never seen or heard from again?
"I understand your fear, Allegra, truly I do," he sighed.
"How do you know my name? I didn't tell you my name? How do you know it?" My heart was thundering in my chest. This was getting more bizarre by the minute. He seemed to know my thoughts and… other things, things he could not possibly know.
"We have bonded and the bond will continue to grow, if you so choose. I know your name and things about you, just as you know my name, and things about me." He was still smiling. He looked almost amused by my confusion.
"But I know nothing about you!" I protested.
"Don't you? Calm yourself. Be still and concentrate." He made a big show of taking several deep breaths in an out, inviting me to do the same. "Breathe Allegra, that's it. Now, tell me what you have learned about me."
I knew. Somehow, I knew his name and where he would take me. "You're Lance, you're the oldest. You have three younger brothers who are triplets – Edgar, Gerard and Oscar, and you share a twin, a sister, Bliss. Your mother is the… Oh my!" I gasped.
"You're beginning to see the significance of your selfless act. You saved the Queen's son. Even if you do not choose this lifestyle. I will cherish and protect you forever. There is much to discuss. Would it not be more comfortable for both of us to continue this elsewhere."
When I nodded meekly, he extended his hand and pulled me towards him again. "Hold on," he murmured.
I wasn't prepared for what happened next. Darkness engulfed me and for a moment I felt as through I were free falling from a great height. I think it was not being able too see, that made me cry out. I felt Lance's strong arms around me. He hushed me and assured me that I was safe. I buried my head in his chest and held on until I felt a thud and his legs crumpled. I landed on top of him. "Sorry about that, I don't often carry passengers." He chuckled.
What could I say to that? I was Alice. I had already drunk from the delicious wine of this Wonderland and my libido had grown accordingly. Did I have to eat something else to calm it? Somehow, I doubted that it worked that way but… whatever.
I had begun this weird journey and I needed to see it through. We rolled off one another and stood up. We were in the grand entrance hall of what looked like a billionaire's mansion.
"This is your home?" I looked around me in awe. It was a huge palatial space with white marble floors, and cathedral ceilings. The walls were covered in expensive art. Looking back I saw that the massive front doors were made of glass, and that the building we were in looked out onto a beach. It was breathtaking in its oppulance. "You live here?"
Lance nodded. "Over the centuries we learned to live with and eventually profit from our er, affliction. Sex has always sold and it didn't take long for a few of the smarter cursed ones to realise this. They nominated a Queen, and bought this island, initially as a safe haven. Today, we present as successful business people, rather than a family cursed by black magic?"
"Lance Almacolz!" I gasped in realisation. "You're Hepzibah Almacolz's son?"
"Took you long enough." Lance grinned. Now, when I looked into your mind I saw that you had an interest in ancient civilisations, so you can probably read Latin-"
"Alma Coles – 'Nourishing the penis!' Why did I not see this before?"
"When people do notice, they tend to just snigger and move on. The curse is long forgotten. We are now just an obscenely rich family who own a prominent media group."
"Does having sex with an Almacolz stop you from aging or something? Is that why your mum looks like she's still in her thirties? Most of the actors she casts in her movies are too perfect for words!" I was beginning to realise the implications…
Lance laughed. It was a wonderful sound and I couldn't help smiling as I drank in his handsome features. "We are 'nourishing'. Our semen is magically imbued. It strengthens and heals. While lust is our curse, there have been many blessings too. At least, that is what our ancestors came to realise. Initially we were shunned, driven from our village and country, but eventually… Well let's just say that the five friends had a lesson to learn. Once they realised that they owed women everything, once they began to worship, instead of use vaginas, they began to see more rewards and possibilities. Suddenly the women were seeking them out, not the other way around."
Determined not to be distracted by those dimples, I asked him, "So what happened earlier? How does Lance Almacolz not have a steady girlfriend?"
"As I said, our semen is magically imbued. Few women can take three loads of our cum daily. Those that can are 'alma coles.' They are considered a blessing to us. That's actually how the royal family ended up with the surname. We are now completely matriarchal. For obvious reasons, we may not know who our fathers are, but our mothers are always one of the 'alma coles' at court – women we revere, for giving nourishment and succour to our fathers.
"Our menfolk chose the first queen from the 'alma coles'. While their sexual prowess was lifesaving and therefore clearly important, they understood that their Queen had to be much more than that. Over the centuries, our queens have been warriors, great politicians and skilled merchants.
"Mother is a skilled ambassador who also speaks several languages. She is utterly adored by our people. In our society a woman who shares herself so willingly is called a slut or a whore but after the five friends' epiphany, the cursed ones soon came to revere and at certain times in history, even worship them. I think you could be 'alma coles', Allegra. I think you could help not only me, but also my brothers. If you agree, all four of us would worship you."
"Are you suggesting -"
"Everything you need will be provided for."
"That's prostitution!"
"You could look at it that way, but if you are the cock nourisher that I think you are, you'd be saving our lives."
"Can't you just jerk off three times between sunrise and sunset?"
"If only it were that simple. The curse requires us to cum, 'thrice daily inside the daughters of Eve or perish within three days if relief is thrice denied.'"
"Wow, that's… Okay, that is kind of tough." I admitted. "But what makes you think I could cope. I'm probably a little more er… inexperienced that the women who would usually try and help you out."
"And yet you are the only one so far, who hasn't passed out."
"Who hasn't passed out?" The voice belonged to a pretty raven haired beauty with startling silver grey eyes.
"Ah Bliss, meet Allegra. Allegra my younger sister by seven minutes, Bliss Almacolez."
Bliss smiled at me warmly. "Welcome Allegra who didn't pass out." She winked and it made me laugh. I liked her instantly.
"I guess you figured out what the conversation was about." I blushed.
"Yes, and I'm already excited. You're the only girl my brothers have ever invited home."
"Oh, it's only Lance who has invited me." My blush intensified.
"Well that's easily remedied. We're all outside. Would you like to join us on the terrace for super?"
"Oh, but I just -"
"Thank sex, we all made it back before sunset," Bliss affirmed. "That's reason enough to celebrate. Please, I'm rather outnumbered when mum's away on business. It'd be nice to have some more oestrogen around here. Apart from myself and my cats, you're the only other pussy present in this palace."
She said it so matter-of-factly but I could tell it was deliberately done. She was testing the waters. I might be still a virgin, but I wasn't a prude, and I did find the comment funny. She seemed to appreciate my laughter.
Lance groaned. "Allegra, please ignore my sister's smutty mouth. Nevertheless, I agree that her inability to refrain from crudity, may be due to the current over supply of testosterone. Besides, dinner with my siblings is an excellent idea. You'll need to meet everyone eventually, so why not now?"
"I would love to, thank you." I was already beginning to feel more comfortable and that was largely due to Bliss, so why not?
She clapped her hands in delight and then hooked an arm through mine. "My brothers are not like those original five misogynists, Allegra. If you agree to nourish them, they will cherish you."
"But it's just lust. They couldn't
"Hmmm, that's how things may begin." She smiled. "But my mother and my fathers share a deep love."
"Er, fathers?"
"Of course, polyandry makes sense among the cursed ones."
"I guess it does, but aren't you all related?"
"Oh gods no!" Bliss roared with laughter. "While all cock nourishers are referred to in our clan as 'alma coles,' the actual surname is only taken by the ruling family. Lust isn't going away any time soon and the curse is passed on by men. Mamas look up your daughters. Chances are they'll have met a cursed one at least once if she's putting out."
"Bliss please!"
"What? It's true." She rolled her eyes and led me to a large table around which three men were seated. They stood as we approached.
A big blonde man with long hair and a mischievous twinkle in his eye asked, "Is our brother being a prude again o' Blissful one?" He looked like a sexy viking and I found myself becoming moist.
"The usual," Bliss snorted and proceeded to introduce everyone.
The viking was Edgar. He must have been about 6'7, and he clearly looked as if he worked out – a lot. Somewhere between cumming three times a day, this man mountain must be putting hours in at the gym to maintain that body.
How could this possibly be a good idea? I was barely 5'2 and while I was by no means skinny, I was pretty sure this gorgeous hunk of viking could snap me like a twig.
The triplets were all big men. Oscar was also tall and built, and Gerard, with his mane of red hair, presented like a huge but affable lion. Lance was the only one under 6ft but if height had anything to do with cock size, I was in trouble.
Lance's phallus was quite frankly, intimidating. What were the triplets going to be like? I shuddered and it snapped me out of my reverie. Lance had quickly filled everyone in on what had happened and the lion soon had his arms around me.
"Thank you. Thank you for what you did for my brother. Thank you for not ignoring his plea." He kissed me tenderly on the cheek.
I swooned. I could not deny that they were all attractive. If I was to er "nourish" all of them, it would be my ultimate fantasy, but that was the problem. It was just a fantasy. My body could not possibly cope with what they were asking of me. "I am glad that I could help him," I answered honestly, "But I-I'm not sure if -" I paused for breath. "I'm sorry, I think I should just go home."
"I'm sorry, Allegra. It isn't safe for us to teleport after sunset." Lance explained. "It requires much energy and mine is still really low. You may not have realised it but I wasn't exaggerating when I said you saved my life. I have not come the required three times per day during the last week. I hadn't come for the last three days, which meant that if I didn't come tonight…"
"Oh God," Bliss covered her mouth. "Lance you need to be more careful. If you keep pushing your luck…We've already buried twelve cursed males this year. Please do not go so far from home next time."
I didn't know what to say. Suddenly, I had tears in my eyes. I had saved this man's life. For real. I went over to him and embraced him. He was initially confused but then he reciprocated and hugged me tightly. I began to sob.
"Oh, love!" Oscar reached for the carafe of water and poured some into a pottery goblet for me. "Please don't cry," he said. "Here, drink. Why don't we just enjoy dinner and then if you still want to go home, perhaps Bliss could take you. It's a long way and it's much easier for cursed women to recover."
I nodded and skulled the contents of the goblet. "Um that's not water," I remarked in confusion. It tasted like a spiced muscat
"Shit Oscar, that's the Almacolz fortifying potion!" Gerard exclaimed
Bliss gasped. "She can't drink that before her first creaming!"
"Oh gods, Oscar what have you done?" Lance held my face in hands, obviously concerned.
"What do we do? Do we induce vomiting?" Edgar asked.
They all began talking and arguing amongst themselves. "But I feel fine," I said.
"Are you sure? Lance asked, obviously distressed. "How exactly do you feel? We need details. "
"I'm really famished to be honest."
Edgar raised an eyebrow. "And?" He smirked.
"Huh?" I knew that he knew, but it was too embarrassing to admit it.
"You smell delicious by the way," Edgar was still smirking.
Oscar inhaled deeply and then gasped, wide eyed. "Ye gods! I'm sorry for the confusion, but I believe you were sent to us. You stand here unharmed, having drank a goblet of our essence. Most women would be unconscious by now, but you are merely hungry and horny. Fuck, that's turning me on!"
Oscar's words made me cling to Lance fearfully. He put his arms around me protectively. My pussy gushed. I squeaked in confusion and embarassment. They had said they could smell me before… Did they notice? Could they know? Yep, aparently.
Lance whispered in my ear "That's just beautiful. I don't want to pressure you, but I do hope that I get to taste that, one day soon."
"Yes, I whispered back."
"Yes, to…?"
I spoke quietly. I didn't want the others to hear. "Just you, for now. You'll need to cum at sunrise. I will help you. I will stay with you until morning."
"Oh, Allegra," he began.
"I can't promise I'll do the same for your brothers but when I realised how close you came to death… We're bonded now. I don't understand it, but I won't let you down. I'm scared but I'll be there for you, um… whenever you need me."
"You won't regret it Allegra. I promise you, I will give everything I can to make you happy."
Wow. Just wow. What woman doesn't want a boyfriend to say those words to her. Except that… Lance wasn't a boyfriend. What exactly would I call him? How would I introduce him to friends? How would I be able to make him cum if I was at work or university? My life was about to get very complicated…
To be continued.

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