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By cutie I ended part 4 of this story with a definite cliffhanger which was done on purpose because I did not want to start getting into the sex at that point. This was because the fourth part was getting too long, and I did not want to make that part too long. I thought that would be a perfect spot to avoid ruining upcoming parts of the story. I did not realize that I was a good writer when it comes to sex and that stuff until I saw some of the comments saying that they were enjoying reading about what I was writing. I will continue my story, but it is fascinating to mention at least some facts that I do not think a lot of people realize.

The four twins and their friends were in the car getting each other ready for intercourse, which did not take that long because they were already completely naked. Once, they told us that it was ok, then we got between their legs and then put our penis inside of them which was just as wonderful as it was the first time, and it took both about 10 minutes and we told the teen moms that we were about to cum. We asked them where they wanted us to pump our seed, and both said inside them which we did, and both the virgin girls were impressed by what they had just witnessed. Then, the virgin girls asked if they could do the same with their pussies which we said sure if they really wanted it.

After, we creampied the teen moms we had the other two girls who were already completely naked had been fingering each other’s pussies until we were ready to go for round two. Then the girls helped guide our penises down to where their vaginas were and made sure that they would not make the girls experiencing immense pain down there while we were making them lose their virginity so young. Once, our penises broke through the hymen which is just a narrow slice of membrane skin that borders or hides the vaginal entrance which then after a few minutes they were really enjoying it and we asked them if they wanted us to knock them up by releasing our cum inside of their very fertile pussies.

They responded by saying that they wanted us to unload our baby making seed deep inside of their womb. After, all the sex of the night the two girls who had just lost their virginity they told us to keep their cocks inside of them the whole entire night. We agreed but we told them that we would go inside of the house and get into the beds that we shared with them, and we immediately put our penises back inside their vagina and it felt incredible and we must have came inside of their pussies at least 4 more times during the night because when the four of us woke up the sheets had a lot of sticky cum that had overflowed out of their vaginas.

The next night the two teen moms asked us if we could pump more of our seed deep inside of them and we accepted. The creampies that the sons had delivered to the four girls were incredible and no wonder why the sperm is so powerful that there was no way that the girls were not going to be finding out that they were going to expect more children inside of their bellies within the next month or two. After that, we went to CVS to get some pregnancy tests for the four girls about three weeks later and when we got home, they found out that the tests were all positive and that there was going to be a lot of hard work in their futures. Then the two girls who had just lost their virginities to my sons were asked by two more girls how the sex was with my sons, and they said fucking amazing, and they asked if they could come to our house and experience it for themselves.

Then something unexpected happened the very next morning after breakfast. If you remember when I mentioned in the first part that it was my brother who got me pregnant when I was only 13 years old with twins which I have made a ton of references to in every single part. The reason I am mentioning him now is since we moved into our new house, there was a knock on the door and one of the twins who had not seen in a long time, opened it up and we asked who they were, and the man said he was looking for their mother. We called our mom and told her that someone was at the front door who was looking for her.

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I went to the door, and we engaged in a long heartfelt hug and my brother asked if there was somewhere more private where they could talk. I said of course so we went to another room away from the kids and my brother said that he has thought a lot about what happened over the past several years and he feels bad that he cheated on me being his sister. However, I know you had sex with another woman and got her pregnant and there is something that I must tell you.

Before, I began telling him my news I asked if it was ok if I told him what happened. He told me that it would be fine if I told him what happened. Then I asked him if he wanted me to have the twins come into the room to hear this. My response was I want to see my twins considering it has been a while since they have seen them. Then, I called my sons into the room with before. us, and I asked them if they minded if I told him what happened that fateful weekend which they did not mind. My sons said to me that he deserves to know the truth about why we are in a much larger house than the last time they saw each other.

I began by saying that it was not easy at first after you cheated on me, and we might have some news for you. It began one Friday night while our twin boys were twelve, the three of us were in the same bed completely naked and I felt two erect cocks poking me and I began playing with their cocks and I was fingering myself. Suddenly, Then, someone put a cute little hand on my arm and his hand landed right on my left tit, and then I reached down and grabbed his horny penis, and I was dumbfounded at how massive he was for a 12-year-old. Long story short brother I got thirty loads of your twin sons sperm inside of me and then I got pregnant with sextuplets.

The brother looked surprised that his twins hot gotten their mom pregnant with so many babies especially considering they are only twelve-year-old. The brother finally said is that the only news that I had for him and there was still a little bit more. Then, my sons asked me if they could find two of their girl friends who they were able to knock up with their sperm and within seven months after I got pregnant with sextuplets my sons impregnated their two friends with quadruplets for each of the girls. Then I finished by telling him that his sons have witnessed the births of fourteen children and more on the way.

I asked my brother if he had any questions or comments and he said that he was coming over to see if they could have sexual intercourse one more time with me and to check on his boys. I did not want to have sex with him anymore and then we heard a weird noise from the other room. Before we went to check it out, we told her brother not to follow us, and we went to see what was going on and both sets of their lady friends were naked and they were all fingering each other and kissing each other on the lips, and they were really enjoying what they were doing. Suddenly, I noticed that my sons had gotten hard, and it looked like they were about to cum. My sons asked the girls if they wanted to have some sperm inside of them and the four girls said yes. Then my sons had gotten naked, and they put their penises into the teen moms first and gave them another excellent experience of having sex which they came inside both of their vaginas and then they got hard again, and they fucked their two friends and finished inside of them too.

Let me know if I need to redo this part because I would not be surprised if this part sucked. Just leave me a comment

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By cutie #Incest #Pregnancy #PreTeen #Teen