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Hi Friends, I am Akhil previously I have submitted a story that how I have seduced my neighbour aunty part – 1 now I want to continue the same story sfter that I went to my home at 5 pm and we had our discursion on phone then she told me she wants to be pregnant as I have told previously that she don’t have children. After that discursion and we did have time to have sex for 1 week.
After 1 week we have sex for several times and later she told that she is pregnant and she is in her 2nd month then I have moved from Hyderabad to Bangalore. I came to Bangalore in June 2011 I gave her my number so that we can talk on phone daily. Later she gave birth to a baby boy and I lost contact with her and I’m searching for job in Bangalore. Days passed on I am staying with one of my B tech friend he is working in MNC Company and am searching for job.
Now I want to tell you another interesting story how I have seduced a mature woman who have cyber centre near to my house. I don’t want to tell her name but her size is 34-30-34 not so attractive but I am enjoying with her. As am searching for job in Bangalore and attended several interviews every month. I’m getting bored day by day and am missing my Hyderabad aunty very much. I’m searching a lady in Bangalore and finally.
I found a lady she is running a cyber cafe in Bangalore and am staying near to that shop in a building 3rd floor. I can see her every day what she is doing and who is coming to her shop and with whom she is talking every day every day I’m watching her after 1 week she saw me from her shop as am standing outside of my building. I told hi to her for that she did not give any response to me.
I have decided to go to her shop and try my luck. One day I went to her shop and sit in front of a system and seeing her but first time I did not talk to her as I’m nervous so came back after one week I again went to her shop and this time I have talk to her and introduced myself and she also told her name and her family members every information I need. By this I got to know that she is living all alone in Bangalore.
She had two children both are staying in hostel boy age 20 and girl age 18 and studying in Andhra Pradesh and her husband is working in Orissa. Now I know her very well I went to her shop every day and after one week I asked her number she give her number and am started talking to her all kinds of stuff about her family and my family etc and one fine morning on March 08th its women’s day for the first time.
I touched her and told her happy women’s Day from that day on words I used to touch her here and there and her also enjoying for that. It took only 4 days to seduce her and in this four day I told her that I want see her house but she refused to take me to her house after requesting several times she took me to her house and I sat near to her and took her hand in to my hand try to hug her those kind of stuff I have done with her on 5th day.
She told me that she was totally disturbed by me and she is not able to forget me. She immediately told me that if I talk to her like that she will defiantly have sex with me. Oh My God at last she got my point and she want sex from me. So, every day we are talking on phone for at least 3 to 4 hours on phone on 7th day I went to her shop sit near to her and I touched her boobs for that she did not told anything to me but she is enjoying what I am doing to her and when there is no one in her shop.
She kissed me by that I conformed that I’m going to have sex with her with in no time. Next day I got a call from her and told me to come to her house at night 10 PM. I went to her house at 10 PM but my bad luck she did not want sex with me she want hug me tightly and want sleep with me but I have tried to have sex with her but she told we will do sex tomorrow as I have my periods today.
I can understand her situation and told her it’s ok. Next day I went to her house and she is in white sari and looking like a sex goddess to me. I kissed her on her lips for 2 minutes and kissed her boobs and removed her sari from her body then I kissed her Pussy for 20 minutes she is enjoying for this act and shouting like haaaa vadhu ra please nenu control cheskolenu inka please fuck me.
I can’t control any more please fuck me as soon as possible. This kind of stuff she is telling and enjoying. Now she is ready to have sex then I have inserted my dick in her pussy as my dick is very thick so it’s hard to go inside to her pussy because she didn’t have sex with her husband for 2 years and now her pussy is paining. So with full force I have pushed my dick into her pussy.
She is not able to control and she shouting for that pain for the first time I fucked her for 15 minutes and she is enjoying a lot that we have another 4 rounds of sex up to morning 6 am after 6 am and I went to my room and slept for that day. We have continued our sex for ten days in this ten day I fucked her for so many times in all possible ways. She enjoyed with me a lot and had sex for 10 days after 10 days both her son and daughter came to Bangalore for vacation.
We don’t have time to have sex after 1 week we got a chance to have sex for one night and her son and daughter are going to attend a function in their village which near to Bangalore so they left for one day and we got a chance to have sex for one night. Later we used to have some kisses in her shop when no one is available in there shop some. I kissed her boobs that kind of stuff I have done with her. Now am back to Hyderabad and any women want to have a relationship with me please send your comments to my mail okay. Thanks