Cynthia and the night

I was touring Delhi sometime back on work and as usual stayed at my classmates’ house who was a doctor with a famous hospital there. He had a lovely wife who looked younger and more curvy each time I met her. It amazed me always as to how was she able to maintain a perfect body. I used to jerk off thinking of Cynthia each time I spent the night at their house.

This time too, I reached there and went to my usual room for the night. David ( Cynthia’s husband) told me that he has an emergency to attend and would be back late the next morning . Although I felt an immediate erection thinking about being left with Cynthia in the house, I also knew that there was no great chance of making use of it because Cynthia had never shown me any prospects of having her.

Past midnight, I heard some sort of muffled noise from the adjoining bedroom where Cynthia was sleeping. I thought it to be a figments of my imagination. After sometime I again could sense some kind of restrained noise from the adjoining room and decided to check if all was okay. As I neared the room, the noise became clear. From the dim light outside the bedroom I saw to my surprise, Cynthia kneeling on her limbs and using a dildo up her pussy !! Man ! The woman was on absolute heat and would have even let a dog screw her at that point in time.

I whispered out her name and she immediately sprang up and covered her pussy with her hands leaving her breasts open which were heavily heaving and gleaming of sweat. She gave me a smile and asked me to come in. She put on the side lamp and in the soft light I saw Cynthia naked. She pulled me towards her and asked me to make love to her. I was not able to decide. She said that this was her every other day’s routine since David had a severe problem of premature ejaculation. She lamented that he was not able to hold even 2 to 3 minutes of fondling or penetration and ejaculated even when she was just about heating up. She said that she was very unsatisfied on that count in spite of having a body which any man would love to devour. I now felt that there was nothing wrong in satisfying her desire for sex given the circumstances. She was already nude and heated. I did not want to waste time. Our lips met and I tasted her soft and well developed lips and felt it to be the best sensation in the world. We kept gently sucking and licking on each other’s lips for a very long time while stroking each others body. We lay down on our sides and I now buried my face between her deep cleavage. The warmth and aroma between her boobs was absolutely mind blowing. I gradually moved my lips towards her nipples and took one of them in my mouth and sucked on it very slowly while running my tongue in circles. My other hand was feeling her buttocks and its smoothness. Cynthia was concentrating on my dick, rubbing her thumb on the head of my exposed dick while cupping my balls. Man! Was this a mid summer’s night dream come true ??? The best part was that both of us liked to kiss, suck, lick, bite or whatever each other very slowly and gradually. My hard on normally goes to 7.5 to 8 inches but this time it was much more than that and so was the thickness. Cynthia’s slender and long fingers were doing magic on me. Cynthia pulled out her tit from my mouth and offered me the other one which I readily accepted while she now began a stroking movement on my dick while rubbing it on her pussy which was hairy but well trimmed. I whispered in her ears to give me a blow job to which he condition was that we do it simultaneously and also that I will not pull out of her mouth when reaching my climax, instead I will cum in her mouth for her to swallow my juices. I too wanted the same from her as well as do the same to her. We took the ideal “69” position with she getting over me and covering my entire dick with her warm mouth. I prayed to myself that I should not cum till she wanted. I placed a pillow under my back to give her the advantage of sucking me deep and long. Her cunt was right over my face. I began with licking the outsides of her pussy which was wet and smelling of her sex juices. I felt sorry for David who had missed out on this gorgeous woman’s assets and so also the natural talent of being a sensuous lover in bed. Cynthia was holding my dick and sucking it with very even and gradual sucks. Her hair locks were rubbing against my balls making me harder and harder. I pushed my tongue a little inside her pussy to which Cynthia gave out a long aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh !!

She tasted deliciously salty and creamy and I began lapping her cunt like a horny dog. Cynthia spread her legs more and I opened her pussy lips with my hands and pushed my tongue as deep as it could go. Cynthia began to move herself vertically, using my tongue as a dick or her dildo. Her inside was hot, soft, smooth and dripping with juices. My face was covered by her pouring sex juice and I was enjoying it. Cynthia was moaning out of pleasure and was showing her pleasure by sucking my dick harder making slurping sounds. She licked me dry from my balls to the entire dick length and began sucking again. I was beginning to feel my ejaculation rising and indicated it to her by tapping her thighs. She tapped my balls to indicate the same about her and opened her legs a little more. All of a sudden I got a gush of cream on my mouth which at no cost I was willing to let it fall down. Believe me, Cynthia’s cream was tasty. I kept removing all possible juice from inside her cunt with my tongue and held her head down and let out the largest ejaculation I had ever had till date. I distinctly counted 6 blobs of my hot creamy cum going into her mouth. She too did not let any of it fall down and smeared what came on her hands on to her massive breasts. We both licked up each other totally dry. Cynthia pushed me on the pillow and got on top of me and we began giving each other the hottest of kisses at the same time tasting each other’s cum in one another’s mouth. Wow ! I must visit Delhi more frequently I thought.

Cynthia asked me if I was tired to make love immediately. I was not and so was she. My erection was perfect enough to penetrate her deep. Cynthia put a pillow under her buttocks raising her pussy for deeper penetration. I instead covered her complete cunt with my mouth and began “eating” it. The feeling of her pubis rubbing against my mouth made me harder. After disengaging I aimed my stiff rod at her cunt hole. It was wide open and I slowly penetrated into it. After a two or three strokes, my rod was completely inside her cunt and I was sure she had more place left inside her !! I began pushing myself in and out of her wet and tight cunt. With every inward stroke I gave her, Cynthia received it gracefully by arching her body upwards. We reached a perfect rhythm and did not want to disturb the pace at all. Cynthia was lying with her eyes closed, lips partly opened and her slim but buxom body gleaming with our mixed sweat. My foreskin had completely rolled over and the purple head of my dick covered with her juices was looking like a well lubricated piston. Cynthia was enjoying every stroke and was looking for some never-ending hot sex. While continuing to hump her I held her huge bouncing breasts and squeezed them slowly. She opened her eyes and began feeling my balls making me go mad. My strokes became harder and I knew I would ejaculate as it was well past 12 minutes. I asked her while panting if she wanted me to pull out, to which she immediately denied and telling that she was on pregnancy precaution, something she had done for herself just incase her husband could give “it” to her someday , or was it that she expected this kind of an unplanned satisfaction sometime !!! The pressure was building in me, I gave some very hard and long final strokes to her and banged into her pussy as I ejaculated my hot cum into her cunt. I was surprised that the amount of cum I unloaded into her was more than what I put into her mouth. Cynthia was giving out husky aaaaahhhhssss and oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhssssssssss while pulling me into her cunt.

We disengaged and my dick looked like a pink sausage after all the effort it had been into for over 90 minutes now. It was burning and so was Cynthia’s pussy. However, she was very clear that this was not to be the end and that she needed more. Well, I myself had not had enough of the bitch. I told her that I wanted to fuck her through her arse and she readily accepted it. The size and shape of her arse was perfect to be held with both hands and pounded till she screamed for mercy.

After a while of lazing in each others arms, we got ready for another hopefully enjoyable session. Cynthia immediately got on her fours with legs parted. I could see her open pussy, fresh from the humping. It was still smelling fresh. The hole of her arse was small and tight, which meant that it would be an effort shoving into her and she taking it inside her. But, a lot of pleasure was guaranteed as a result of her tight hole.

I smeared some cream on my dick and some on her arse hole so that my rod could glide into her smoothly. I held her ample buttocks and began pushing my dick into her hole. Cynthia gave out a long cry of pleasure – aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh followed by aaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii and yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !

She began telling “fuck me hard, fuck me hard”. All this charged me further. I began moving in and out of her tight arse hole and she sure was enjoying every second. I was holding on to her papaya like breasts which were having nipples like grapes. I tweaked hard on her nipples and Cynthia banged her arse harder into my dick. We fucked for 20 minutes or more and I finally came inside her. I banged my cock all over her arse after removing it from within her until it went limp. I licked her arse dry and we slept in each others arms till 8 o’clock in the morning only to fondle each other again. Finally I finger fucked her and drank her ejaculated juice once again before licking her pussy dry.

I got ready and left for work after that dreaming about the most sexually charged night I had ever had. Cynthia….I want you again.