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My father used to enjoy sex a lot. Since I was young, I remember seeing his collection of porn films in his cupboard drawer. Every month he would bring a new collection. He would lock the television room every night and send me and my mother out. He would watch the movies till late at night, and many times till 4 in the morning.

He also had a collection of racy magazines with pictures of exotic girls. He would flip through them regularly. He used to even carry them to work and keep them in his car. He would regularly try sex experiments with my mother.

One time I remember him fucking my mother at 3 in the morning. I could hear her loud screams till late into the night and the louder she screamed, the harder he banged her. He would also make her wear a red saree every time he wanted to try his sex experiments. She would then be tied to a wall by her hands with a rope.

He would then spank her bum hard for 1-2 hours. As he spanked her over her saree, she would moan and he would laugh in pleasure. He would then take a break and then do it again. If my father was drunk, he would make my mother lie down on the floor on her stomach and would fuck her for hours.

He even used to pour his alcohol on the floor and ask mom to lick it. Mostly while doing all this, he would spontaneously cum with his lungi drenched wet with his semen. At other times, my mom would help him cum. After he was done, he would say to her, “Maja aagaya.” (I enjoyed it).

My father was a sex addict. He would come home from work and tell my mom to suck his dick. He would watch item songs of south Indian movies and make my mom masturbate him. Sometimes, he would take an oil massage for his dick. He used to go to the red-light district at times too.

He would flirt with waitresses at hotels and take their numbers. But if my mom even spoke to our male neighbour, he would be angry at her. My mom was made to cover her head with her pallu in public.

The main incident happened when I was 19. He started having an affair with my cousin sister. She was only 25 whereas my dad was 50.

It all started at a wedding sangeet. It was my dad’s friend’s daughter’s ceremony and my cousin sister was friendly with the bride, so she was there at the party. My dad was always friendly with her and used to tease her and flirt with her. However, I didn’t know about his sexual intentions.

My cousin sister was dancing matak matakke (dancing sexually). My dad joined the dance and started dancing with her gradually. Soon, my cousin started dancing very sexily. My dad went closer to her. There were many people on the dance floor half-drunk. He slowly started grinding against my cousin sister. She too was interested in enticing him.

My dad was rich, and she wanted to enjoy the riches and become his keep. She knew that he had an eye for her and didn’t want to lose out on her chance. She winked at him, and eventually, he pinched her waist. She was wearing a silver saree and had a very patli kamar (slim waist).

After that, my father smooched her. He held her close and they danced and kissed and kept kissing and dancing for half an hour. They were doing all this on the dance floor. Because many of the people were drunk and the music was loud and the light was dim, many people didn’t notice what was happening. But still, some did.

The two of them didn’t care at all about who was looking and who was not! When it was time to leave, he took my cousin sister home with us. In the car, he was sitting at the back in between my mom and her. He told my mom to dress her in a saree, on getting home. My mom was shocked.

He started making out with my cousin sister intensively in the car in front of the driver. My mom was sobbing. I was shell-shocked.

My cousin didn’t care what was happening. She was busy seducing my dad. She started kissing him all over his face. She slowly sat in his lap and started smiling at him. He started kissing her neck below her bun. He then held her bun and started kissing her like an animal.

My father literally ate my cousin sister’s lips. She was submitting her glossy lips to him.

Then we reached home. He then told my cousin to watch him, as he slapped my mom hard 30-40 times. My cousin was laughing and pleasuring herself.

My mom was taking the humiliation in a dignified way. She then took my cousin and dressed her. My cousin was dressed in a green satin saree draped around perfectly. It was fitting her body just perfectly and her curves were clearly visible. Her hips and butt were prominent as the saree tightly hugged her. She was shining in green.

My cousin looked both slim and curvy! Her waistline was yummy and the curve in her sexy, slim waist was looking sensual! Her green blouse revealed a mole inside her cleavage. Her skin shone with elegant makeup. She wore a nose ring which suited her a lot and my mom put a big, red bindi on her forehead.

She put sindoor on her forehead and combed her wet hair back in a big bun. She wore bangles, anklets, earrings, and jewels in her hair.

My cousin sister looked sexy, especially her cleavage and waist. Her pretty feet were tied with anklets and her nails were painted with bright red paint. She looked gorgeous, hot, and sensual in all ways.

My dad saw her and went mad. He was waiting in his lungi. As she came to him, he was looking at her like a mad dog. He grabbed her waist and pulled her towards him. She smiled and looked down shyly. He then kissed her cheek and said, “Waah meri rani!” She was feeling shy and looking like a newly married bride.

My father then picked her up in his arms and took her to the bedroom. From the keyhole, I saw him first dunking his face into my cousin’s blouse and rubbing it round and round.

He then took off the saree pallu from her head. She looked at him with a naughty sexy expression. She then put her hand on his chest as he opened his ganji (baniyan) and they both started kissing. They kissed like two lovers.

Slowly, my cousin opened my father’s lungi and held his fat, long, thick, black dick in her soft hands. She played with his dick and balls. She smiled at him while doing this, and soon, he opened her saree and once again went to her bosom and held her sexy curvy waist.

He kissed her all over her neck, ears, and cheeks. He tickled her navel. She then made him turn and started pressing his bums as he moaned in pleasure. Her thin fingers went deep inside his ass. By that time, he had a huge hard-on.

He then turned her around. He held her hair bun tightly with his right hand. He pulled up her petticoat with the other hand and started fucking my cousin in the ass. She started moaning in a shrill feminine voice.

He held her bun tightly and fucked her hard in the butt. After 15 minutes, he opened all her clothes and inserted his dick into her pussy, and they fucked. There was no condom. My father was fucking my cousin cousin on the bed in the missionary style, as she bit her nails, and he sucked the mole on her breast simultaneously.

He was looking like a wild animal having the time of his life. They fucked the whole night long. My mom became a cuckold. Their affair became bigger and my cousin became my dad’s mistress.