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I was 12 and having trouble with my boyfriend, he wasn’t satisfying me enough, so I talked to mom and she suggested I get dad to give him sex advice.

I was 12 and had been having sex with my long term 15 year old boyfriend for a few months, it was really nice, sometimes he only lasts a few seconds, sometimes he can last minutes, and others for longer, and it’s always good, and when he cums he looks really happy and satisfied… but the problem is that I’m not satisfied.

I didn’t have the guts to tell my boyfriend, his name is Adam by the way, that he wasn’t giving me the pleasure he was feeling, so I spoke to mom about it in confidence.

“Well, you know that Adam and I have started having sex, right?” I said.

“Yes. You’re not pregnant are you? – Oh, girl, don’t tell me you’re pregnant.” She replied.

“What? – No! – Mom, we use protection, I’m not pregnant I swear.” I said.

“Phew – So then what is it?” she asked.

“Well, the sex is always nice and everything, but Adam gets more out of it than I do.” I said.

“You don’t like having sex?” she asked.

“No. I mean yes. The sex is really good, I love it. It’s just that he – Adam comes, he has his orgasm and then it’s all over, but I ….. I want more, I don’t feel like we finished..” I was saying.

“Are you talking about an orgasm, Adam isn’t giving you an orgasm?” she asked.

“No he isn’t. Is it me? – Is there something I’m not doing that I should be doing?” I ask.

“Honey, I’m sure you’re doing everything right. Some men, or boys in this case, don’t have the stamina to go long enough so that you can have that orgasm.” She replied.

“Have you ever had an orgasm?” I asked.

“Oh yes. Every time.” She replied.

“With Dad?” I asked, shocked.

“Your father knows how to make me happy.” She replied, then she looked like she got an idea, “Why don’t you ask your father, maybe he can have a man-to-man talk with Adam and give him some tips.” she said.

“Do you think he would?” I Asked.

“Ask him and find out.” She replied.

I thought that was a great idea, I hugged her for being so understanding and listening to me and helping me, “Thanks Mom.” I said, then I got up and ran to the garage where Dad was up a ladder fixing the automatic garage door.

“Dad can I ask you something?” I said.

“Oh Hi sweetheart, sure. Be a good girl and pass me that wrench.” He replied.

I walked over to him, picked up the wrench and handed it up to him, “What’s up?” he asked.

“Will you help me to have an orgasm?” I asked.

Just then Dad electrocuted his hand, “Ouch!” he cried, lost his balance on the ladder and came crashing to the garage floor, “Oh my god, Dad, are you okay?” I asked, rushing over to him with concern.

He slowly pushed the ladder off his legs and sat himself up, “Yeah – Wh – What did you just say?” he asked.

“Are you okay?” I said.

“No – No. Before that.” He asked.

“Oh – Well, Mom said that you could help me to have an orgasm.” I said.

Dad’s jaw dropped and he looked at me with a frozen and surprised expression, “Daddy? – Are you okay, do you need me to call a doctor or something, shall I get Mom?” I asked him.

“No I’m – I’m good. I’m good.” He said, then he slowly got to his feet.

“So will you help me?” I asked.

“Help you?” he asked.

“To have an orgasm.” I said.

“Help you have an orgasm?” he asked.

“Yes.” I said.

“You want me – to help you – have an orgasm?” he asked to clarify.

“Y-es.” I said.

“And your mom is okay with this?” he asked.

“Yes, it was her idea.” I replied.

“Really.” he said, suddenly smiling, “Well, yes, I’ll – I’ll help you, Sweetheart.” He said, sounding really enthusiastic about it.

I jumped up and down with happiness, “Oh, thank you, Daddy, I love you.” I said, giving him a big hug before running out of the garage calling for mom, “Mom, he said yes.” Then I put on my shoes and went round to Adam’s house and told him that my Dad wanted to have a talk with him, he said he’s come round later and then I left to go home.

I got home, kicked off my shoes, and ran up the stairs to my room excited thinking about how I was finally going to have an orgasm, but I was in for a shock.

I ran in to my bedroom, closed the door and was about to take my dress off when I looked towards my bed and saw Dad under the covers, “Are you ready, sweetheart?” he asked.

“Dad?! – What are you doing in my room? – Why are you in my bed?” I asked.

“I’m ready to give you that orgasm now.” He replied.

It took me a moment to realise what was going on and then it clicked, “Oh my god – Dad, did you – Did you think we were going to – have sex?” I asked.

“Well…. Yeah. How else am I supposed to make you orgasm?” He replied.

“Eew, Dad – NO! – Is that what you thought?” I asked.

He turned pale, “Uhm – What exactly did you mean?” he asked.

“I spoke to mom about Adam and she said you would be able to give HIM some advice on how to make me orgasm. I didn’t want you to do it. Oh my god, you’re my Dad, why would I want to – you thought we were going to have sex and you were okay with that – Oh my god!” I said, totally grossed out by the thought of it.

He sat up, “Oh shit. Oh god. I’m so sorry – I thought that you – Oh shit.” He said, then he threw off the sheet and stood out of my bed, “Oh god don’t tell your mother about this. Please don’t tell your mother about this. Oh god. I’m so stupid. I didn’t think, I – Oh god. Don’t tell your mother, please don’t tell your mother…” he was begging and panicking.

But as he got out of my bed he was fully naked and I saw his cock, and it was huge, twice as big as Adam’s, and I was stunned at how big it was, “Shut up…” I said.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He repeated.

“Dad! – Just – Shut up for a second.” I said, then I walked up to him, staring at his amazing cock.

“What are you doing?” he asked, as I reached out and held his erect cock in my hand.

I smiled, “Do it.” I said, looking up at him.

“What?” he asked.

I remembered what Mom had said about Dad giving her an orgasm every time they had sex, and now looking at and holding his huge cock in my hand I knew why, “Do it. Fuck me like you fuck Mom. Make me orgasm, Daddy, please.” I said.

“Huh?” he mumbled.

“Fuck me, Daddy. I want to do it. Please fuck me.” I begged.

Then I pulled off my dress, unhooked my bra and shimmied my panties down to my ankles and stepped out of them, Dad was already fucking me with his eyes, staring at my body, my breasts and my pussy, I placed my hands against his chest and pushed really hard making him fall backwards on to my bed.

Then I crawled up on the bed on my knees straddling him, I reached down and gripped and stroked his cock while I leaned forward and kissed him, I just loved how his cock felt in my hand, “It’s so big.” I gasped in to his mouth.

He reached around and grabbed hold of my ass cheeks and squeezed them tightly while we kissed passionately, our lips pressed so hard against each other’s I could feel his teeth, “Want me to suck it? – I can suck it, I know how.” I said.

I slid off his lap and off the bed, slamming on to the floor on my knees, I pulled his cock vertically and then threw my head down and took it in to my mouth, with his cock held between my lips, I placed my hands on his knees and slowly slid my head down his huge shaft until the tip of his cock pressed against the back of my throat, then I rapidly bopped my head up and down sucking it good and hard.

“Ooah – Umm – Sweetheart – Daddy likes that.” He gasped.

I pulled my head off his cock, then I licked his balls a few times, they were hairy and sweaty, I liked how they tasted, “Mm…” I hummed, then I looked at him with deep desire, I had never felt so horny for a cock before, not even Adam’s, “You have to fuck me, Daddy, please, I want to feel this inside me.” I said.

“Get up here.” He said.

I crawled back up on the bed and straddled him once more and I looked in to his eyes and smiled, then he pulled me down and kissed me very passionately while squeezing my butt hard, I reached down and held his cock before lifting myself up a little, I pushed it back and his tip slid across my slit, when I felt it was in the right spot, I lowered myself down and it went inside me.

“Ungh – Uuuh – Dad!” I gasped.

Continuing to push down on his magnificent cock, it was an incredible feeling, it was stretching my pussy wide open, I hadn’t felt my pussy stretch so much since Adam took my virginity, “Oh god.” I gasped.

“Holy shit, you’re tight, Sweetheart.” Dad said.

He kept me bent forward kissing me while I rocked myself on his cock forcing it deeper and deeper inside me, Jesus Christ it felt good.

Then he held on to my waist and spun me on to my around and down on to my back, and he was on top of me, nibbling on my breasts, Adam never did that, and it made my nipples so hard they could cut diamonds.

Dad kept thrusting in to me and making me feel good in ways I never felt before, his cock completely filled me up inside, and I was sure an orgasm was approaching.

“I can feel something – Dad – Uh – Uh – Something is happening.” I moaned.

“Daddy’s going to make you come so hard, Sweetheart.” He said.

“Yes – Uh – Make me come – Ooh – Daddy – Daddy, make me come, Daddy.” I moaned.

It wasn’t just his powerful confident thrusting that made me feel good, or the fact that his cock was so huge stretching me wide open and pushing all my buttons, but also the way he was working it inside me, he was like pushing in to me at a certain angle and stimulating my most pleasurable spot, it was as if he could read my mind and knew exactly what I needed him to do.

“Uh – Uh – UH – UUUH!”

I began to lose control of my limbs, my legs had parted so wide I felt like my hips would pop out of their sockets at any moment, and my hands were moving around all over the place, eventually I grasped hold of the bed sheets with all my strength, and then it happened, an intense sexual explosion occurred inside of me and I had my very first orgasm, “Uh – Ooh FUUUUUUUUUCK – DADDY – Oooooooh!”

He pumped his cock in to my pussy very fast which just intensified my orgasm ten-fold and I could feel my pussy swelling and starting to gush with fluid, “Uh – Uh – Ungh!”

“There you go, kiddo, that’s it, you got it.” He said.

As I began to come down from my sexual high, it all got a bit too much and I started to cry because I felt so good and so happy inside, “D-D-ad-add-y” I blubbered, throwing my arms around him tightly.

“It’s okay, Sweetheart, I’m here, Daddy’s got you.” He said.

He kept fucking me long after my orgasm, Adam never lasted anywhere near this long, who would have thought that my Dad would be the one to give me the best sex of my life.

He began to grunt and groan and thrust in to me harder and deeper, “Okay, I’m getting ready to pull out, I’m going to come.” He announced.

But I wasn’t having that, “No, Daddy, No!” I gasped.

“I have to pull out, Sweetheart, I’m about to nut.” He said.

“No! – Leave it in, Daddy – You earned it. Come inside me, Daddy, I want you to come inside me.” I said.

“Are you sure?” he gasped.

“Yes, I’m sure – Uh – Uuh – Do it.” I said.

“Okay…” he said, then he continued to fuck me fast and hard, he had his whole length in me, I could feel his tip pushing against my cervix every time he thrust in, “…Oh god, I’m coming – Oah – Oooah God – Oooooooooooaaaah – Ooooah – Oooah!” and he shot his load in to me, it was a powerful ejaculation and I felt every shot splashing against my innards.

“Ooh Daddy – Uh – I feel you Daddy.” I gasped.

He was so tired he collapsed on top of me, I kept my arms and legs around him and stroked the back of his head while he rested it on my breasts, I felt like his parent in that moment, he had done a wonderful thing and he deserved a good rest, I kissed his head, “I love you, Daddy.” I said.

That night when Adam came over, Dad spoke to him and gave him some tips, but it didn’t work, Adam was still rubbish in bed, I tried for weeks and he just couldn’t satisfy me like Dad did.

Dad and I both agreed it was a onetime thing, never again to be repeated, and we stuck to it for months, but it got too hard, we were constantly giving each other lusting looks, he wanted me again I could tell, and that was okay because I wanted his big cock inside me again too.

A few months later we gave in to our lust and had sex again while mom was at work, and once again Daddy gave an incredible orgasm and I had sex with my Dad several times after the course of the year.

I’m a grown woman now, I’m married and I have children, but no one, no man, no boy, has ever managed to make me feel as good as Dad made me feel, not even my husband has.

I now understand the phrase, “Daddy’s girl.” Because deep down I wish constantly that I could be his girl, his full time sex partner, to have amazing sex with him and powerful orgasms every day, how I wish I could have had that with him.

Daddy had the big cock and knew how to make me feel like a girl, oh how I miss feeling his cock inside of me.

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#Abuse #Cheating #Incest #PreTeen