Dad Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooDad Pt. 02

I hear water start to run through the house pipes.
Dad's turned on the shower. Dad's gonna shower. Dad's gonna take his socks off. Take his shorts off. Then, he's gonna lower the elastic band on his underwear and expose his… his cock. I don't know how, or what, or anything, but I was in shock when my mouth started to water. The thought of his body complete. The focal point from his broad shoulders pointing down to his penis. Dad's cock! I have to see it! I immediately start moving. Roll stepping across the floor as to not make any noise. I grip the doorknob and twist it fully, holding it still until the door is open and I gently untwist it. I stare down.
Down the stairway, no movement, just the sound of water hitting the shower wall. Then, the uneven sound of water splashing, movement. Water, cleansing Dad's body of his sweat. Running past his eyes and cleft chin down his hairy chest to cascade over his hanging balls. The hot water would surely drop them. Or if he were to turn around, the water would touch his back, what an honor! To follow his muscles to the small of his back, to travel between his buttcheeks. OH! My pants get tight! From the thought of Dad taking bar of soap, and running it through his crack. Touching himself. Maybe he'll lather without the bar and his fingers will… I almost forgot what I'm doing! I step cooly down the stairs, then freeze, from the arrival the most glorious idea. Sent from above. Pure genius.
When I was little, I played many-a-game in the basement. One of them was "Secret Agent", where I spied on the make believe enemy-of-state. The stage was the gapped wooden basement stairs, which descended a foot away from a decorative wooden wall. And one day, little-me discovered a pinhole of light from the section of wall just behind the stairs. Sitting on the stairs, I would pick away at it to see where it led. And when little-me chipped away enough to expose a small beam of light, he created a periscope into the enemy's meetings. He could see into their giant meeting room, an evil lair with a worldmap on a screen, little red dots indicating points of interest, which towered over the bad guys' roundtable. And these grand gatherings were held in the most secret of places. The bathroom.
I almost touched myself to the very thought of this success. I lay myself on the stairs, and crane my head between the edge of the standalone staircase and the wall, and see what I've been looking for. The white glow of another room… the one Dad's in. I hold the rail above behind my head and lean toward the spyhole. I close one eye and am careful not to get too close to catch the light. I look through, and am met with torment. Between me and the view of the bathroom, is a hanging rod drying laundry. White shirts block my view. Curses! I'll have to plan, move it myself… I get up and give up. My cock is pounding, but plotting for the future takes over.
The next day. I'm home, Dad's off, and is doing his post run stretch. I've kept my distance all day so he thinks I'm in my own world. In a way, I am. I haven't stopped thinking about him for 24 hours. His strong body. I even looked at my hardon yesterday to imagine what his looks like. Is he bigger? Smaller? I'm average, five and a half inches. Is he the exact same size? We'll find out soon. From the second floor, I hear the back door open. After a minute, the basement door opens. It has begun.
This morning, after I showered, I moved the hanging shirts out of the way of the peephole. Then I did some angle-checking to see if the hole in the wall was easily visible from the bathroom floor. Good news; the ceiling is about 9 feet up, just rafters, and the peephole is hardly distinguishable difficult in the crease between ceiling and wall. Great news; outside the bathroom, the view is from above. It looks down at most of the bathroom.
Through the spyhole, the shower is to the left. Taking up most of the wall, with the curtain facing out onto the floor. In the far left corner, the door. Straight ahead from the spyhole is the sink. About 14 feet away. To the right is the toilet, in the corner, facing the sink. Closer to me on the right wall is the washer then dryer.
I sneak down from the second floor, around the house, and wait. No shower sounds yet. Once it's on, I'll be safe to move. Running water. Go. I gently open the basement door, step gently down the wooden stairs, and lay myself gently against them. I put my head into position, and OH! I catch Dad's leg disappear into the shower. Now, I wait.
Five minutes.
Ten minutes.
The anticipation has me leaking. Can anything prepare you? For when you hear the water shut off and you know it's showtime?
I focus like a hawk through the peephole, into the bathroom, to observe the unadorned creature. He steps out and the first thing I see is the entire right side of his body from ear to foot. I've never seen this side fully. Shaded away from my view, he grabs his hanging towel and makes his to way to the corner toilet. And he shows me his ass. His butt cheeks bounce on top of his large legs. My entire body is reacting. Sweating, shaking, growing. But all I feel is desire. Dad… I want you… He puts one leg up on the toilet lid and starts to dry himself off. The unbroken line from his back muscles to his glutes and thighs cannot be understated. I'm in agony. With a few passes he finishes toweling and turns around.
And there it is.
Dad's freshly fluffed cock. It's swinging and bouncing out of control as he walks. Dad's penis is hanging from below where his waistline starts and pubic hair begins. Bushy, unkempt, manly. The line of his manhood is thinner at the base, to slightly widened at the head. Circumcised. His flaccid penis dangled in front of hefty balls. Not big, but dropped from the heat of the shower. It all swung as he walked, flopping, looking longer every second.
To answer; No, nothing can prepare you for the object of your desire. You just have to react. I get up. I step out of the basement without a sound. Around the ground level, past open blinds, my hardon visible, shifting as my legs go two steps at a time up to my bedroom. My blinds are closed. I drop trou and start stroking. I've never felt such a rush.

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