Dad Tricks his Daughter for..

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Dick you must find a way to help me complained Sarah to her husband. She felt she was fat and needed help to shape up.
Dick was happy his plan was working. He had deliberately made comments to give her that impression that she was fat and needed to exercise to reduce her weight.
You are not really that fat said her husband deliberately sounding unconvincing.
Oh yes I am You yourself have said that many times insisted Sarah. I weigh lbs And my tits are so big
But you are well perhaps a bit stout but you have a very good figure. You have your waistline a very buxom chest and shapely thighs for a 3 year-old. You are big-sized but very attractive and sexy.
No you are just saying that to please me. You have avoided having sex with me for a couple of months. I think it s because you think I m fat.
No not really Dick didn t want to deny completely. As much he desired her hot body for sex he had deliberately abstained from having sex with her because he wanted his

plan to work.
Look at Angel our daughter. She weighs only lbs.
But she has a buxom chest too said Dick.
I know she s only but boasts of 3 DD breasts. Probably she has inherited the gene from me.
So what s your worry
But she weighs only lbs and is so shapely compared to me.
But Angel is only years old. You can t compare yourself to our daughter.
But I want to shape up and try to be like her.
You mean you envy our daughter
Yes and No.
What do you mean
Yes I envy Angel s beauty and body. She is so beautiful so curvaceous and has such a voluptuous body. I envy all that. Yes Dick knew that his daughter was young beautiful sexy and voluptuous. That was why he had formulated a plan. He hoped it would work out well.
But you also said yes and no. What s the no all about
At the same time I don t envy her in fact I m proud

to have such a gorgeous daughter. All her girl friends at school envy her and the boys and male teachers at her school think she s the most beautiful and sexy girl.
How do you know all that
Remember recently I was called by the school They wanted to talk to me about Angel s studies
That was when her class teacher told me about all this. She told me to keep an eye on our daughter because boys and men might seduce her into sex activities. Dick didn t want the boys and men to teach her sex. She was his daughter.
Well we don t have to worry about that. I m sure she is a bright girl and knows how to look after herself.
That s where you are wrong Dick. The teacher told me that Angel may be the most beautiful and sexiest girl at school but she isn t very clever in studies and in reasoning.
What do you mean
The teacher said that Angel is very gullible and na . She tends to easily believe what she

is told without thinking much about the consequences. That suited Dick s plan.
Really A bit like you were when you were at school Getting easily seduced by men
Don t bring all that up now retorted Sarah a bit angrily. Weren t you also at fault for seducing me when I was only years old
But I ve been honest and married you.
Yes I know I thank you for that. But you can t blame me for the men before you. I was so young and men took advantage of my innocence and uncontrollable desire for sex.
Do you think our daughter has inherited your uncontrollable desire for sex as you say
It is possible Dick. That s why we have to be protective her.
Yes you are right. I must protect my daughter. She s all mine. He hoped Sarah didn t catch the real meaning behind his words.
Now coming back to the question of shaping up my figure. Do you think you can find out about some fitness centre that could help me and Angel too

Angel too. She has a perfect figure already.
Yes I know but she could have inherited my gene to put on weight and may become fat like me unless she exercises regularly.
Dick was happy his plan was working out as he had expected. This was an excellent opportunity for what had been on his mind for a while. And what had been on his mind was Angel his daughter. During the last two years she had been developing into an exceptionally beautiful and shapely girl. He found her very sexy and her body very voluptuous. She possessed her mother s uncontrollable desire for sex he thought. Unknown to Dick this was true. Angel was hot very hot. Frequently she got sexually aroused and many times she masturbated at night in her bed or in the bathroom to seek release.
Dick had worked out his plan mainly because of his lust for his daughter.
Yes Sarah. I think you may be right. You and Angel need to exercise. I ll talk to some friends who run fitness centres.
Yes Dick please try your best. I need to shape up. I want to

see whether I can get back my former figure which was like Angel s so that we can have sex again. She didn t know that her husband had deliberately abstained from having sex with her to force this situation. In fact Sarah was a very shapely voluptuous woman hungering …