Daddy and His Princess

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The names Zeek (36m). I married an alcoholic bitch named Stacy just to get close to her daughter Emily (10f) and this is the story of how it began!

My name is Zeek (36m) 6’3” just your typical black dad bod. Emily (10f) 4’2” about 60lbs give or take, very petite young white girl.

I married Emily’s mother Stacy and moved in almost immediately after hooking up with her the very first time. I don’t give two shits about Stacy, I only married this white bitch because I knew I had to keep Emily close for my guilty pleasures. Stacy was a raging alcoholic so the bitch was inebriated most of the time, which worked out in my favor, and boy did I encourage it. This is the story of how my relationship with Emily.

Stacy had already emptied a bottle of liquor and was passed smooth out per the usual, which left me awake tending to little Emily. “Emily” I called. “Yeah” Emily called out. I said “suppers ready kid, let’s eat! She ran down the stairs to the kitchen, hair still wet from her bath, with what looked like one of my T-shirts on. She smiled and said “mmmmm smells good daddy.” I smiled back and said “eat up.” We ate then retired to the living room to watch a movie before her bed time.

“Daddy, can we snuggle,” she said. I replied “sure thing princess, climb up in the recliner with your old man.” She giggled and said “daddy, you’re not old.” I smiled and patted her thigh but kept my hand there rubbing afterwards, gauging if Emily had any reaction. She did not in fact, she kicked back, placing the cover over us, laying her head on my bare chest. I started rubbing her thigh, my hand rubbing as high as it could in little circles, without actually touching her panties. She moved her legs opened up some. So my rubbing started getting closer to her little panty clad mound and my 11” dick grew harder than I think it’s been my entire life. Her breathing more pronounced as I whisper “you like daddy rubbing you, princess?” She responded “yes daddy please don’t stop!” As she wiggled her little booty on my raging hard member. She asked “daddy what’s that?” I said “it’s daddy’s dick sweetheart.” She said “it feels so big daddy can I see it?” “Yes baby girl you can, but it has to be our little secret, ok princess?” I said. She said “ok daddy I promise!”

I sat her over next to me in the recliner and pulled my dick out of my pjs. She said “wow daddy, it’s huge, can I?” I said “princess you can touch it, if you like.” She barely let me finish the sentence before she was poking my member and giggling. I laughed and said “Princess have you ever seen a dick before?” She said “nope, your dick is my first daddy.” I told “her here let me see your hands.” She did and I wrapped them around my engorged member and showed her how to stroke it up and down. Fuck, it felt so good having her touch my dick that I almost exploded immediately. Without warning she leaned down and kissed the tip of my already sensitive dick. “Fuck princess, that felt so good” I whispered. “Do that again except this time open your mouth wide” I continued to whisper. She did as she was told.

Taking the tip in her small mouth. God it felt so warm and good! “Such a good girl for daddy” I said as I began thrusting into mouth little by little, seeing just how deep she could take me. I think she managed around 4” before she gagged. I thought impressive for such a sweet petite thing. As her head bobbed up and down I started to feel my nut approaching. So I said “baby daddy is about to shoot his milk in your mouth, make daddy proud, and swallow it like the good little princess you are!” She looked up at me with her baby blues as if to say “yes daddy” and I lost it. I grabbed her head and pushed down as I thrust my dick spurting stream after stream down her tiny throat. With tears in her eyes from not being able to breathe as I held her head in place she swallowed every drop.

I scooped Emily up afterwards and took her to the couch and laid her on her back. She asked “daddy what are we doing now?” I said daddy is about to make you feel good like you did daddy baby, would you like that?” “Ummm ok daddy” she said. So I pulled off her my little pony panties, exposing her little bald pink pussy. I placed her panties to my nose and smelled. Mmmm she smelled so fucking good! I took my fingers and began tracing up her thighs, across her mound, and down her slit. Her mouth opened and a little moan escaped as she first felt my touch on her pussy. I found her little button at the top of her pussy, toying with it as her body started trying to hump my hand. I opened her folds to take a look at her beautiful unbroken hymen. I placed my head between her legs breathing her scent in deeply. She smelled sweet and innocent and was soaking fucking wet. So I gently began kissing her pussy and when I kissed her opening, I drove my tongue in deep as it would go, so that I could make sure I tasted as much over as possible. She begins to wildly thrash about and moan. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer and she would cum all in my mouth. I was right too cos about that time she grabbed my shoulders and tried to close my head between her legs, as she screamed “daddy it’s tingly” I said “ofc baby, you just came” she said “it felt so good daddy, but I am so sleepy now” I told her head on up to bed and go to sleep but we were far from done. She responded “good daddy cos I like it a lot” I said “ but not a word” she made the little motion with her hand to her mouth like she was zipping her lips and ran off to bed.

Hard again from eating her sweet little pussy, I retired to mine and her mom’s room, where this bitch was still passed out. That’s when the thought arose as the bitch was passed out drunk with her ass in the air for me to take out my sexual frustration on this white bitch. So with no lube, I lined my dick up to her tight ass and rammed that bitch as far as I could into her bowels. She awoke startled letting out a painful shriek. I covered her mouth and continued to ram into her. I busted the biggest load of my life in Stacy’s ass that night. When I finished I said “Go back to sleep bitch.” and then I rolled on over myself! Feeling proud and accomplished by the nights events.

To be continued….

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#Abuse #Interracial #PreTeen #Virgin