Daddy and me first time

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By Swettpea Basic on a true story when I was much younger

I remember turning 12 yesterday old my parents gave me a surprise vacation with 7 of my closes friend they took us out to a lake full of lots of fun activities my dad at the time was 39 worked as a lawyer my mom 35 worked as a paramedic unfortunately my mom couldn’t come as she was training for another position at the time.
She took off the second day we were their my dad and his best friend and his friends wife stayed behind to watch over us.

My friends and I figured it would be a good idea to sneak out back to a small tree house and tell ghost stories one friends came back from the house to join us and said my dad and his friends were drinking playing some game and she sneaked out a bottle of vodka so we decided to mix in with our sodas and started feeling pretty buzzed.

As girls we got a bit curious and started playing games that would make us either strip clothes off or kiss.
After us playing for about an hour or so we got called in.

All my friends and I were doing a fort in the livingroom and as we were all asleep I started feeling a bit horny and went to use the restroom to take a bath and play with myself I completely forgot to lock the door when I heard it open.

As my dad walked in he saw me closing my legs super fast and yelled “DAD”! he just stopped and stared at me and said close the curtain I have to pee. I did.
As he was peeing he said what are you doing?
Nothing…. I was just hot so I wanted to take a bath…

My curiously self opened the curtain just enough to see my dad through the mirror and I noticed he was really drunk as he was holding on to the wall.

He caught me looking through the mirror and just started laughing. Which by the way my dad and were really close and had a bond like best friends do.

I’m not sure what got Into him but the alcohol definitely gave him liquid courage and he walked over to the bath tub and opened the curtain telling me
“Is this what you wanna see? Are you curious or something”?

Seeing his cock in his hand just made me giggly and I told him ” no I’ve seen one before”
He was a bit surprised and said “oh really now”
And jumped into the bath with me in his boxer.

I felt a bit scared and asked what he was doing but he didn’t say anything. I sat up covering myself and he reached out to open my arms and told me to get closer to him.
I love my dad and would have never imagined he would do anything to hurt me.

So I got closer to him and he made me wrap my arms around him and hug him he made himself comfortable and wrapped my legs around him I felt his cock get hard and he began to whisper is my ear asking me if I loved him enough to hold a secret I responded yes and he said he would thinking about me naked all the time and how he just wanted to see what I tasted like. I felt his hand start to lower.

Apart of me was still feeling horny but it was my dad how can I do these kind of stuff with him.

He asked to stand up and get close to his face so I did, he began to spread my pussy lips and stick his tongue out and I don’t know why but I wanted to feel it so I got closer to him and he looked up at me smiled and began to eat my pussy out I was only 12 but it was the best feeling ever he ate my pussy for 10 or 15mins and he stood up got out the tub locked the door and made me suck his cock.

He then laid a towel on the floor and picked me up and laid me on it he got on his knees and started flickering the tip of his cock on my clit and I was moaning pretty low since i didn’t want us to get caught.

He then lowered himself and began to eat my pussy until I hit an orgasm. He then came back up and was sliding his cock up and down my pussy lips pinching and twisting my nipples when suddenly I saw his jerking his cock even faster on me saying he was going to cut all over my pussy he bent over me and started sucking my nipples
I felt something warm and liquidity sliding down my pussy and once he was done he made out with me telling I was such a good girl and if I enjoyed it this could he going!!


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By Swettpea #Bisexual #Cheating #Incest #PreTeen