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By daddylovesass this is completely fake! i do not condone sexual activities with anyone under the age of 18. thanks for reading!

me and my ex had a pretty bad breakup. we split, and it took awhile for her to even let me see the kids consistently. for awhile i got them for a couple nights during a holiday. we eventually came to an agreement for the kids to let me see them every other week or so. now even though i was in my early 30s, and alone, i was pretty good off. i had a steady job. i was able to take care of myself, my kids, and be able to get things i needed or wanted. really the biggest reason i didn’t date was because of my kids. i had 2 relationships in the past and neither of them liked the girl i was dating so i did what any good dad would do, i chose my kids. my youngest didn’t come over as frequently as my oldest. he had more kids around his age in my ex’s neighborhood, and more kids my daughters age lived in mine. my son was 8, and was at that stage where he only wanted to be around other boys his age. my daughter on the other hand just turned 12. she was at the early teenage stage, so she just wanted to be on her phone. she did like being at my house cause her room was bigger, and she always had access to the pool, to the pantry, whatever she wanted. basically no rules when it came to my kids, i just wanted them around.

summer had just started, and i had reached out to my ex about getting the kids. she agreed but only my oldest (harper) wanted to come over. wasn’t shocking, but as she was dropping her off i went to say hey to my son and just like the kid he was, he told me he loved me and he would try to come over soon. i know he wouldn’t but the kid had a big heart and good intentions that would go along way when he got older, so i just hugged him and told him to have fun. i help grab my daughters bags and lead her inside. harper is a typical pre teen girl. acts older than she is, and has the attitude to match. not by no means is she a bad kid, but she’s growing up. being around her parents isn’t cool anymore, she wants boyfriends, and 20 hours of screen time. i was okay with it, i didn’t want to push any boundaries. harper was a beautiful little girl too. not just from a fathers perspective, but also a man who was wrongfully attracted to her. she had bright blonde hair, light blue eyes, a gorgeous smile as she had recently gotten her braces off. she started developing boobs, she had a nice little tan, beautiful legs, and a really hot ass, and as a man who loves ass, i found myself peaking it harper’s quite often. now all of this was fantasy in my head. never in a million years would i touch my daughter, but i’m alone. i get horny, i can only watch so much porn.

fast forward to when me and harper get inside. she says she’s hungry, and ask if i could make her a grilled cheese. i say yeah as she thanks me and makes her way into her room to set her stuff out. the whole time she’s just face planted in her phone. she comes out about 10 minutes later in a little yellow bikini with a towel wrapped around her waist. she eats and ask if she can swim. of course i said yeah as i couldn’t ever tell her no, she walks towards the back door and the whole time i just stare at her. her little butt bouncing and hair hair swinging back and forth. it was getting harder and harder to look at harper and not think of her in all these dirty ways. i’d tell myself (she’s your fucking daughter and she’s 12) but it really didn’t stop me. i walked over to the glass door and saw her laying out on the chair. she looked so pretty with the sun reflecting off her skin. she’d eventually get up, and wobble into the pool. i just watched as she swam and swung her wet hair around. she got out of the pool and watching the water drip from her tits, and from her ass was enough to make any man’s mouth water. i stepped away from the door, as it looked like she might’ve seen me. about 15 minutes later i hear her open the back door, and say “hey dad, i’m completely dry can i come back in?” i said “you don’t have to ask baby” which in reality i didn’t care, my dog was always wet when he came in so why would i tell my daughter no, but tbh i really just wanted to see her ass in her bikini one more time and sure enough did i. it looked like she had a wedgie, and my inner demons were telling me to take it out for her and man did i want to.

as the day went on, me and harper didn’t speak a whole lot. she went to a friends, and i watched the nba playoff and drank a couple beers. i wanted harper to text me every hour and check in, but she only did once. i was a little frustrated, but i couldn’t say anything cause i didn’t want any her getting upset and going home. she did beat curfew, she was home by 9. she came in and in her soft little voice she apologized. she said she got carried away playing and i just said “okay” and had her come to me for a hug. i felt her little boobs pressed against my chest, and they felt incredible. she asked if she could take a shower in my room cause she was scared to go upstairs and i said ofc. this gave me time to jerk off. i tried to think of other things, but my daughter was the only person on my mind. as dark and twisted as it was, i had to bust a nut thinking of her. hearing the shower going, and knowing her naked little body, covered in soap, was in there made me so hard. she comes out of the shower. she looked like a little model. her hair was damp, and she had little shorts on and a big t shirt. i asked if she felt better and she said “yeah” with a cute little smile afterwards. i knew her bedtime was 9:30 at her moms, she didn’t have one here. i asked her if she wanted to “cuddle up and watch a movie” hoping she ignored the cuddle up part, but ofc she replied with “cuddle up?” i said “well let’s get under the blanket and find us a movie” i played it off but i had maybe one too many beers so my courage was through the roof. harper was really into horror movies, as was i so we went though all the possible streaming services before we found one. she was a about 2 feet from me, but we were lying on the same recliner. her little feet would occasionally rub against mine and i would jokingly poke her back with mine. i wrapped my arm around her, and surprisingly she scooted in more. i had my hand on her hip fighting the temptations to grab a handful of her ass, but i didn’t. i just kept my hands on her back. the movie was close to ending and i would notice harper dozing off and yawning as it get later into the night. she looked comfortable, so i asked if she wanted to just sleep here and it would feel like a little sleepover and she nodded and lowered her head onto my shoulder. in my mind i’m thinking of any way i can get this girl to suck my dick, but nothing made sense. she’s old enough now to know what’s right and wrong and she knows i’m her dad but it’s all i could think about.. so i plotted for awhile. like i had mentioned, i’m a few beers passed my sober limit, so i wasn’t afraid to say anything, i just had to find a way to say it.. finally i moved my shoulder, causing her to react and i asked her
“harper.. it’s getting close to that time for you. and as a concerned dad, what do you know about sex?”
now reading this you might think, one this really isn’t a conversation the dad should be having with the daughter and two, this isn’t a conversation you should be having with a 12 year old, but it’s a newer generation and it’s easier to access porn, and in general kids are exposed to so much more. i expected harper to say “ewww” or “what!” but she looked around and said she knows what it is. she got curious, and that she had heard her mom and her step dad and it sounded fun even though she knew she couldn’t do it. this was a breaking ball right down the middle for me. my little girl was “curious” and she “know what is what” obviously hearing my ex and her husband doing it with my kids around bothered me, but i wasn’t going to let it affect me. what i did next would probably go down as the dumbest decision of my life, and i would regret it every single day after but in the moment it would’ve been worth it.
i looked at her dead in the eyes and said
“do you want me to show you?”
harper’s eyes got real big. almost like she was in a state of shock. before she could speak,
i said
“this is normal for fathers to show their daughters how sex works. it’s our job to make sure when you’re older you know how things work”
knowing damn well no father has ever said this and that i was lying through my teeth, but maybe just maybe it would work on her and sure enough
she looked at me and said
“wait.. really? like you show me what mom and rick were doing? isn’t that wrong?”
i quickly responded with “well yes, at your age. fathers usually wait till their daughters are older but your curiosity peaked earlier than most”
in my head i’m thinking
“no way she falls for this? i mean she’s seen porn she has to know this isn’t the norm”
before she could reply again i said
“the fathers don’t talk about this stuff with anyone else cause they might embarrassed, but i promise you it’s totally normal, and it might be fun? and i just want to make sure as you become a women, you know what you’re doing”
harper paused.. she looked concerned and
she said
“but you’ll see my naked?”
which i replied with
“and you’ll see me naked”
she still looked concerned, so i pulled her in, and i said
“sweety, if at any point it hurts, or you don’t like it we can stop”
she didn’t speak for a few seconds, but finally went
“will mom do this with noah when he’s older?”
i smiled and said “absolutely” harper returned with a smile, and i slowly went in for a kiss.. i was lip locking with my 12 year old daughter. i could tell she had never kissed anyone before, so i went slowly. once i pulled my lips away i removed my shirt. i then told harper to remove hers leaving her in just panties and short shorts. her little tits turned me on so much.. i slowly reached for them which she seemed to enjoy.
“harper, is this okay?”
she smiled and nodded.
after a minute of fondling her tits, i moved my hand to her shorts and began running her pussy. she said it tickled and we both laughed, and i slowly pulled her on top of me removing her bra exposing her precious little pink nipples to me. i was drooling at them. the whole time the father in me was regretting it as it kept escalating, but the horny man in me wanted it more than anything else.
as i’m nibbling on her boobs, she’s giggling away.
“this is fun so far daddy”
with a mouth full of her tittes i just said “mhm”
i reached down and grabbed harper’s butt with both hands, squeezing each cheek. i eventually got her nipple out of my mouth and asked if she wanted to see my penis. i asked if she had seen one in person, and she said “no”
i slowly pulled it out, and it sprang out of my shorts. she looked at it and said
“oh my god it looks scary!”
as a joke
i laughed along with her and asked if she knew how to use one
she said
but i knew she wouldn’t actually
i laid down and said “come on then, show me baby”
and she took it in her little hands, and moved it up and down. i laid my head back with one arm reached over the other side of the couch, and the other ready to guide her head up and down. i told her to do what she was doing, but with her mouth, and she said
“what does it taste like?”
i didn’t say anything, instead i laughed and took her head, and placed it near my dick. she started kissing it, which felt good. then she licked the hole, which was what i expected.
i said “no baby, put your mouth on it, and go up and down. treat it like a lollipop”
she said “ohhh”
and began doing so. i had my hand on her little head guiding her at her pace, which wasn’t fast obviously. she only had about an inch in her mouth at all times, but it was the idea. we were learning. i took my hand off her head and placed it on her butt. i removed her shorts revealing her panties, and i rubbed her pussy through them. they were getting wet and i was licking my lips just begging to put my face in it. i got up and instructed her to lay on her back, which she did the whole time with a smile. i removed her shorts and left her panties on. i spread her legs, went between them and kissed her thighs until i reached it. i slowly pushed her underwear to the side, and saw her beautiful hairless pink pussy appear. i squeezed her thigh and said
“that’s a good girl”
and began slowly licking and rubbing my fingers all over her perfect little pussy. at first she said it tickled, but as i popped a finger in she let out a soft ouch. i kept going slowly until she was more comfortable, but then i picked up the pace. i was damn near eating my little girls pussy out of her body. i was moaning, and making slurping sounds as i’m devouring my own daughter. she wasn’t making to much noise, or maybe i just cousins hear her over mine. i stuck my tongue in the hole, and lightly slapped her thigh before getting up and lining my dick up with it.
she reluctantly said “that’s not going in me is it!”
with heavy breaths i said
“just a little baby”
she had a few tears in her eyes as i’m rubbing my dick full of precum all over her pussy. i could only get a little bit in, but once i did i would slowly start fucking her. she wasn’t moving. i grabbed her little tits and squeezed at almost the same pressure her pussy squeezed my dick. i can tell she didn’t like this, so i got up and laid her off the couch, but on her stomach. i looked at her butt and removed her panties.
harper said under her breath with a scared tone
“what are you doing now daddy?”
i said
“im going to lick you some more baby”
with a mouth full of saliva, i had moved my face closer to her butt. i grabbed it and removed her panties completely, once again exposing her perfect pussy to me. i licked her ass cheeks, and her ass crack before lightly slapping each. harper reacted with a “HEY!”
but i just giggled and began licking her pussy. i took both ass cheeks, and spread them. i saw her perfect little butthole. almost the lightest pink you could imagine. i started kissing, and licking both holes now at a rapid pace which clearly tickled her cause she was doing everything in her power to move, but i was feasting on her perfect butt. i got behind her, and started fucking her thighs causing a little jiggle on her butt. i was rubbing my thumb over the tightest little asshole i had ever seen before finally pulling my dick out from between her thighs and jerking off the rest of the way. i nutted all over her little back, and some on her ass. i slapped her ass and asked her how it was when she replied with
“that was fun”

part 2?

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