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This one is for the Valentine's Day Contest, and as always, your votes and comments would be much appreciated.
All characters depicted in this story are over the age of eighteen, and everybody's happy with what's going on.
I don't know how I get myself into these situations. And yet here I am, bent over the back of the couch in my parent's family room, my ass in the air, with my step-father's big, fat, hard cock slamming the fuck out of my pussy, while he happily slaps my ass, growling like an angry bear.
"Fuck, you feel good, baby girl," he breathes against my ear as he grits his teeth and pounds the living shit out of my cunt. My body keeps jerking almost over the couch as he fucks me, hard and nasty — just the way I like it. Ooh, yeah, my daddy really knows how to fuck.
And my delighted pussy agrees with every word my hunky step-father says. Because wow! I've been fucked plenty of times before; curvy girls like me get plenty of cock. But this feels so much hotter than anything I've ever felt, or even imagined. He's just so fucking big, I can feel every inch of me is really starting to tingle as his cockhead kisses my womb, pummels it actually. He's going so deep, and going at it so wickedly hard, part of me can barely believe it's actually him doing the nasty with me, his own step-daughter.
It's like he's gone from being fairly quiet and unassuming and kind of bookish, considering he's a professor of archaeology, to what he is now, now that he's turned into some kind of fuck machine, designed to get me off, like I've never gotten off before.
What do they say? Still waters run deep? And it's the quiet ones you've got to watch out for? Well that's him all right, there's way more to him than I ever imagined, like I'd say a good solid eight inches of prime, grade A man meat.
He's always been such a gentleman around me; but obviously not anymore. Now he's showing his true colors, and letting me know just how much he's dreamed of getting between my legs to let me have a feel of just what his big, hard cock can do.
He told me when I got home from college this morning that he and my mother are on a break, which I think is code for; she's decided to go off and fuck somebody else. Since I had no plans for Valentine's Day, and I've got a break from school, I thought I'd go home and visit with the folks, but never had a clue that they'd broken up.
And now that I'm home, thinking I'd be celebrating Valentine's Day with them today, and had even brought them a big box of their favorite chocolates, it turns out it'll just be the two of us, since Mom's flown the coop and dumped my step-dad, who I'd always been closer to, anyway.
And I've got a feeling Daddy Dearest and I are going to be going at it non-stop, till one of us probably collapses into an orgasm induced coma.
It all started so innocently. I gave him a hug when I heard that mom had split, trying to comfort him, and when he hugged me back, I started to realize that it was turning into quite the hug, and that daddy was getting hard. Like really fucking hard, so naturally I stroked him through his pants, and now here I am, buck-ass naked, being pounded on the couch from behind.
And the fact that he's my mother's husband only makes this so much hotter, now that I've crossed a taboo line in the sand, and gotten busy with my daddy, there's no turning back for us now. Especially now that the two of us have finally hooked up and he's been kind enough to show me just how good his big, hard cock can feel when it's pushing inside my hungry little pussy.
And all of this is happening, on the most romantic day of the year, which is meant for lovers; and my dad's sure showing me some lovin' — and the kind I really like, the dirty kind.
As the most delectable little hum floods my sex, I bite down on my lip, trying to hold back, but I can already feel my juices running down my thighs, he's making me come so insanely hard. "Oh, fuck me, Daddy, I'm coming so fucking hard!" I cry out as he keeps punishing my cunt with his cock, plowing the shit out of me, he's just so out of control, like he's got his dick pumped up on steroids or something.
I can feel his sweat dripping down my back, as he fucks me to within an inch of my life. He's like a man on a mission, apparently determined to drill me till I either pass out from climaxing, I go blind, or lose my mind, or maybe even all three at once, who the hell knows.
My cunt feels like it's actually on fire, he's got the poor thing tingling so insanely hard, like it's got an electrified toy up there, zapping the hell out of it. And the way he's tugging on my nipples and slapping my ass, I think I might come for week he's making me so crazy, and it all just feels so good, and yet so nasty at the same time.
I just can't stop shuddering, and my clit has never throbbed this hard — ever. It's like it's been struck by lightning, the way it just keeps tingling non-stop. "Oh, fuck, I'm coming, Daddy," I warn him again.
"Then come, baby. Come all over your daddy's cock," he urges as he lifts my leg and rests it on the back of the couch, to open me up even wider for him, so there's even more of me to see. "Oh fuck, baby, you should be back here, and see what your daddy's seeing," he says. "You've got his cock so hard and so juicy sliding in and out of your nice tight pussy, it's like real live porn playing out in front of his eyes. It feels so dirty, knowing that daddy's fucking his girl, but it also feels so good, that daddy just can't stop. And you like this don't you? Getting off with your daddy, having him fill you up like this till your cunt's ready to pop, and slapping your nice big ass till it stings?"
"Hmmm, yes, Daddy. I love it. I love all of it," I admit. And I really do. The last guy I hooked up with in college couldn't get me off if his life depended on it. The dweeb was so hopeless I finally told him to get the fuck off me, go back to his dorm and look at some porn to try and figure things out, because the guy had no fucking idea what to do with his cock, or my poor deprived pussy.
And now here's my dad, giving it to me just the way I need it. The only daddy I've had since I was little, when my own father took off and left my mom with me, their five year old daughter without a backward glance.
But it's my daddy who's now teasing my clit, and still tugging the fuck out of my nipples while he's riding the bejeezus out of my cunt. And he's got me seeing stars flash before my eyes, as every cell in body starts to tingle like mad. And I can tell that he's just as close, the way he's starting to grunt and tense up, and giving it to me even harder.
"Oh, Daddy, yesss!" I hiss, as he bends his knees, changes the angle, and hits my g-spot with every thrust, while his cock slides hard against my clit. "Oh, fuck I'm coming again, Daddy, so freaking hard," I whimper, because I feel like crying he's just making me feel so good, only like the best I've ever felt. It's like he needs this with me, needs to fuck me, like I've needed it forever, just like this, dirty and raw with my gorgeous, hot step-dad.
I can hear the smile in his voice, as he grunts and groans and rides my cunt like it's only ever dreamed of being ridden. "That's my girl, you come for your daddy, and your daddy will come for you. He'll fill you up nice and full. Would you like that? You want to feel daddy's come splashing inside you, filling you right up, till it's running down your legs?"
"Yes, please, Daddy, come inside me, paint me, use me, do whatever you want to me. I'm yours Daddy, all yours. I'm your little fuck toy, and your dirty little Valentine, and you can use me any way you want, just as long as you keep making me come. Because oh wow, I can't believe how hard you can make me climax, it's like something I've only dreamed of in my wildest fantasies."
He chuckles. "Daddy'll make you come, Didi baby, all night long. You like this don't you, nice and dirty, now that your mother's gone, and we can have fun like this together, without having to hide ourselves away. You really are daddy's precious little fuck toy, aren't you? And now you can have this anytime you want it. You just spread your legs and daddy will fill you up and give it to you just the way you like it, hard and rough."
I dig my fingers into the couch and roll my eyes, loving that he's being so filthy, and he's not holding back as he pounds me to within an inch of my life. "Oh fuck me, yes. I love this with you. It just feels so good to finally feel you inside me, so tight and so hard. I love the sting of you stretching me inside, till I think you're going to tear me in two. I love all of this with you, Daddy. I love it dirty, I love it hard, I love it rough, I just love the feel of that big, hard cock of yours fucking into my pussy."
I know I've had a pretty major crush on him for as long as I can remember, and who could blame me, he's a really good looking man. Thick dark hair, big brown eyes, and a great body; so now with my mother out of the picture, lucky me, I get my smokin' hot daddy all to myself.
Then I feel him tensing up and he begins to thrust even harder and faster, savagely growling and digging his hands into my hips. And I know he's leaving marks, as he goes so deep that he's making my eyes pop.
He grunts and cries out, "Oh fuck, here I come, baby. Your daddy's going to fill you right up, till your pussy can't take anymore. You were made for this, you know that, right? You were designed to be fucked with a body like yours, with your nice big tits, and beautiful lush ass, and this tight little cunt. You were meant to be fucked and fucked hard."
Then clamping down hard on my hips he plows into me so deep, I gasp. "Oh, here it is, oh fuck, yeah!" he mutters, "Holy shit I'm coming so fucking hard, I can barely stand on my legs. Can you feel it, baby, that pulsing inside you as your daddy pumps you full of his fertile seed?" Then I realize he's looking down at what I can feel dripping out of me, all the way down my legs to my feet, till I can hear it splashing into a puddle on the shiny hardwood floor.
"Oh, look at that, kitten. Daddy's cum is running out of my baby's pussy like a hot, milky river, all the way to the floor. Look down and see what you do to your daddy, baby. See how hard you make him come." He slaps my ass and then licks and kisses it better with long, hot strokes of his tongue. Then he makes me groan as he slides his tongue up my ass crack, and tugs at my tits, really fucking hard, till he's got me coming all over again and shuddering so hard I can barely remember to breathe.
Then slowly, I feel him withdrawing his cock, and I want to howl in protest, at the empty feeling inside me. How can do this to me, when it just felt so good? I just loved the feel of him filling me up, packed in me as tight as can be.
But then he turns me around and kisses me, sliding his tongue between my lips. And holy shit, does my dad ever know how to kiss. Thanks to his magical tongue he's got my nipples hard, my pussy tingling and every inch of me on high alert, just itching for even more of what he just gave me.
Wearing a sexy smirk, he slides his middle finger into my pussy, gives me a little finger fuck, and then his smile widens even more as he withdraws his dripping digit coated in our juices, and lifts it to his lips. And as he licks his finger clean, he murmurs, "Oh, does that ever taste good. The taste of our cum, mingled together inside your hot little pussy, is almost too sweet to believe. He dips his finger back inside me for some more, and lifts it to my lips for me to have a taste. "Taste us together, kitten. We taste so good mixed together, don't we?"
"Mmmm," I moan as I lick every last drop off his fingers, nodding in agreement as I smile into his big brown eyes. "We do, we taste amazing together, Daddy."
"And from now on, there'll be no more sleeping in your room," he informs me. "You'll be in your daddy's bed every night, so I can spread you open and fuck you whenever I want, and then hold you in my arms till we fall asleep."
I nod, as I feel my pussy clenching at the thought of my daddy claiming me for his own. And I know one thing, my mother's got to be an absolute idiot for walking out and leaving my dad, especially if he'd ever rocked her world like he'd just rocked mine. I love what we just shared so much, that to show my appreciation I drop to my knees, grab hold of him, open up my mouth and begin to happily worship his cock.
"Oh, baby girl," he mutters blissfully, letting his head fall back as I slid my tongue around his cockhead, teasing that spot underneath, that I know he's got to love. "Yeah, that's my girl, suck your daddy just like that." Then he smiles down at me so affectionately. "You really know how to suck cock, don't you?" Then he really gets into it, starts to grunt, digs his fingers into my hair and begins to fuck my mouth as I feel him growing nice and thick and hard as he pushes in till he's hitting the back of my throat. "Just look at you, sucking your daddy's cock like a pro. We're going to be so good together, the two of us, giving each other just what we need."
I hum around his cock in agreement, smiling up at him with my mouth stretched around his incredible girth, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.
When I was younger, I used to get picked on and bullied relentlessly by the mean girls and some of the nastier boys in high school, for being so curvy. But when I'd come home crying after they'd call me things like fat slut or titsy galore, my step-father would tell me that I wasn't heavy, I was rubenesque. And he'd also tell me that I should be proud of having such a voluptuous body, that other women would envy, especially once I was old enough to appreciate what I'd been blessed with.
Well, I was sure as fuck appreciating it now, as I was enjoying the feeling off sucking off my daddy's nice, long hard dick. The way it felt sliding over my tongue, filling up my mouth nearly choking me as he fucked my face, was surreal. I could hardly believe this was us, going at it like this. And I was actually blowing the fuck out of my dad's cock.
"Oh, you're such a good little cock sucker, Didi baby. No one's ever given it to me like this before. You know how to suck daddy's cock just the way he likes it, don't you?" he murmured, stroking my hair.
Then he tipped up my chin and smiled down at me, looking so pleased with me that I actually think I might have blushed a little. "Do you want your daddy to come in your mouth and shoot down your throat? Would you like that?"
I nodded and smiled as I kept bobbing my head and sucking him back as deep as I could, now that I knew how much I was pleasing him, I just couldn't stop.
"That's my girl," he said, patting my head. "But when I come, I don't want you to miss a drop, you understand? And I want you to lick daddy clean after, including his balls. Then daddy's going to spread your legs and eat out your little pussy till you're nice and clean. And you'd like that, too, wouldn't you?"
I nodded my head and moaned, since I couldn't really get a word out with my dad's big, fat cock half-way down my throat. "Mmm," I moaned as loud as I could, to show how into it I really was. Because I just couldn't get enough of the taste of him, so salty-sweet, and so smooth, I just loved the feel of him. So long and hard and veiny, sliding past my lips, over my tongue and deep into my mouth as he flexed his hips, tugged at my hair and fucked into me a little harder with every thrust. He's got my pussy dripping, hungry for the feel of him again. And I knew he'd have to feed her all most non-stop just to keep her satisfied, now that he's shown me how good he can make me feel whenever he makes me come.
It just felt so incredible knowing that he wanted this with me, craved it even, if the way he was groaning and fucking my face was any indication.
He looked down at me, and shook his head, his eyes dark now with lust. "Look at those nice big tits swaying as you suck your daddy off. Your nipples are so hard I can almost taste them slipping past my lips. And the curve of that lush round ass has me thinking that we'd both enjoy it if we play back there, too, especially if your pussy gets too sore to take daddy's cock. How does that sound? You want to feel your daddy pushing into that tight little asshole? Bet you'd like that, if he slid a few fingers into that juicy little cunt, while he fucks that sweet round ass of yours."
"Mmmm," I moaned. Suddenly, I started feeling desperate to get off. His dirty talk was making me so horny. I felt so needy, that I couldn't hold back and I slipped two fingers into my pussy while I kept sucking him off. With each suck on his dick and push of my fingers in and out of my fuck hole, I just kept groaning loud and hard, while feverishly working his cock in and out of my mouth. I needed to feel him getting off. I wanted so much to taste his cum, to feel it sliding down my throat, till he'd given me everything he had.
"Oh, baby, that looks so hot, seeing you fingering your cunt while you're sucking off your daddy." He growled and threw back his head. "You're killing daddy, baby, you're just so fucking hot. Your daddy had no idea you'd be this good. You're his dream come true, you know that? You've got to be the best little fuck toy in the whole wide world." And that made me feel so proud, that I could make him this happy, especially after my mom had walked out on him.
His breath was getting choppier as he began to grunt and murmured, "And now daddy's going to shoot right down your throat. Get ready, baby, here it comes…" He gritted his teeth and growled as he muttered, "Oh fuck, yeah. Milk your daddy's cock baby, milk it, suck him hard, and suck him dry. Drink up every drop of that baby juice, and work that pussy, so I can it hear. And don't stop sucking till you've got it all, every last drop of your daddy's seed."
I nodded, as I breathlessly sucked and sucked and sucked, slamming my fingers into my aching pussy, till every inch of me was on fire. I rolled my eyes and moaned as I felt him pumping into my mouth, thrusting right to the back of my throat, his hot cum flooding my mouth and gushing into me, like a raging torrent, till I swore I could feel him filling up my stomach, until he had me floating in his cum.
I just couldn't believe how good it felt to have my dad fill me up like this, and gift me with so much of his delectable seed. But knowing now that it would be all for me, I smiled around his cock as he pulsed inside my mouth as I worked hard at milking him dry of every last drop he had, just the way he asked me to.
Until finally, his voice a little shaky he pulled out, stroking his fingers through my long blonde hair while I was happily licking off his lemon-sized balls. "Oh, baby, that was so good. We're going to be doing that a lot. You're going to be sucking off your daddy at least once a day. Now that I'm working from home more, and you're off school for now, your pussy and that pretty mouth are all for daddy and nobody else. And your ass too, once we've broke it in, is for daddy and no one else can touch you. And you're going to love this aren't you? Being daddy's dirty girl, letting him you use you any way he wants."
I nodded up at him, smiling, hardly able to believe that this was really happening, when it had only ever been a fantasy for me before. "Yes, Daddy, I will, I'll love every second of it."
He smiled back, looking at me with so much love in his eyes. And I never noticed before when he'd look at me, that there was more than just affection, but there was also a hint of lust in his gaze, that I could see clear as day now. Especially now that we'd become playmates and were about to become bed buddies, too.

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