Daddy marries me off to pay his gambling debt

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By Monika When I was 12 daddy got himself deep into debt and a man offered to completely cover it if he gave him just one thing…

I knew daddy had a problem for a long time. Everynight he’d be out at the bar drinking with his buddies or they’d all come and get drunk at the house until the sun would come up. I’d have to get myself ready and to school almost every morning, as he’d be passed out on the couch, probably still holding a beer or lit cigarette.
When he started gambling when I was 12, I was kind of excited. I figured he’d run out of money for drinks. But he always had enough somehow. I don’t know how he kept his job for so long, he must’ve shown up drunk a dozen times. I watched as our things slowly and quietly disappeared. They’d be there one day, gone the next, never to be spoken of again. When the TV was gone, I tried asking Daddy about it and he grabbed my face and told me to ‘keep my pretty mouth shut’. That’s why when I noticed some of my panties missing a few weeks later, I didn’t say anything.
I should’ve known something was up, but I think I just didn’t want to find out. But a few weeks of missing panties later, I came home from school one day and saw daddy sitting at the kitchen table, a cigarette in his hand and a half full beer next to a pile of empty ones. He had his eyes locked on me as I walked through the door, towards him. I froze and he motioned to the chair across from him, so I sat silently.
“Well Monika, it finally happened.” Daddy started before taking a drag of his cigarette.
I stared at him and waited for him to continue.
He cleared his throat before beginning again, “I got laid off today. I knocked over some bullshit display and my boss lost it. Said he’d had enough.” He paused again, for a sip of his beer, staring through me the entire time.
“Then, I tried to double the last of my money, just to keep us afloat. I know you have a lot of needs and I try to upkeep them, but it wasn’t enough for you, so I had to try.” He sighed, looked me up and down, and started again just as I tried to say something.
“But, just my luck, I somehow ended up losing triple!” He chuckled, clearly drunk, then kept talking.
“So, I ran to the bar and just lost it, and a very generous man came up to me with an amazing offer. He said he’d call it even if I just handed over my house!”
I gasped, and he glared at me. I wanted to cry and ask if we were really homeless, but he held his finger up to shush me.
“I told him there was no way I could get rid of the house, I have a kid to provide for and it’s the only thing I have left, and he walked away and I thought I screwed up big time. I had some more drinks and was about to go find him and apologize and offer him the house, but before I could he was back!” He paused and took another long drag of his cigarette.
“He said this was his final offer, and I had to answer quick, no time to think it over. He said he’d completely cover the debt and even throw me some extra money to get back on my feet, all for one small small fee.”
I blinked and stared at him, waiting for him to continue. He locked eyes with me for a moment, before taking a deep breath.
“All he wanted, Monika, was a young, virgin, wife.”
I sat there, frozen in shock. I started to shake my head and began to stand up, but he grabbed my wrists and stared at me.
“W-what if I say no?” I questioned.
He let go of one of my wrists and grabbed my face, then got real up close and smiled. I could smell the beer on his breath and the stale cigarette.
“You don’t have a choice.” He whispered.
Then, a cloth came from behind me and covered my face. I panicked and tried to scream, but it was no use. In a few seconds, I felt myself get dizzy, and my knees got all wobbly, and I crumpled down to the floor as I passed out.

I woke up in a bed I’d never seen before, and it was pitch black. My head was pounding, and for a few seconds I couldn’t remember what happened. When it all came back I tried to sit up, but my hands and feet were chained to the bed, so all I did was make a loud noise. I turned my head and tried to look around, and saw a window on the left side of the room.
It was dark out, and I could tell I was high up. I tried to look around more but I heard loud footsteps coming closer, so I panicked and pretended to still be passed out.
I heard the door open quietly and someone paused before sneaking in. I held my breath as I felt the mattress sink by my hips. I thought I heard a light snicker, but I told myself it was just my imagination. Suddenly, I felt lips smash into mine. The sudden feeling made my eyes fly open and I tried to jerk my head away. Hands grabbed me by the hair and held me still until the lips were done.
When I was finally let go, the lips lifted away and I could kinda see the man they were attached to. He looked a lot bigger than me, height and weight wise, and looked like he wanted to eat me. After a few seconds, he reached down, grabbed my tiny nipples, and pinched hard. I hadn’t realized I was naked until now, so the shock and pain made me scream loud. He didn’t like that very much so with his free hand he smacked me in the mouth. Tears filled my eyes and I bit my tongue and tried to keep my mouth shut as my pulled and twisted my nipples.
After what felt like years, he finally released my nipples. He stood up and walked away very abruptly, and I sighed thinking it was over. After a few seconds though, he came back and placed cold metal clamps on my nipples. They were worse than his hands, and I accidentally let out another scream when he first clipped them on, getting me another, harder, smack in the mouth.
He smirked and made his way to the end of the bed. I jumped as I felt his hand run across my cunny. Nobody had ever touched me there, and I was terrified. Tears fell down my face as he began to talk while he ran his fingers all over my cunny.
“This is gonna be fun princess. I’ve had young ones before, but never 12, and definitely not virgins. But I knew if I was gonna have a wife, she had to fit like a glove.” He laughed, then started pushing and prodding at my opening.
“And you gotta teach em young nowadays, before they start getting too many ideas about ‘rights’ and ‘equality’ and all that shit you girls waste your time with now. You all forget that you’re only here for our pleasure. But don’t worry, Princess, I’ll make sure you remember.” With that he shoved his pointer finger into my cunny, making me whine in protest. He slowly pushed deeper and deeper until he came to the wall inside me. I tried to move away but the sound of the chains reminded me it was pointless. I laid there, limp, as he toyed with my barrier, laughing.
“It’s a good thing your daddy was telling the truth, or you would’ve had to go with my ex wives!”
Tears poured out of my eyes like running water as I groaned and grunted as he rubbed his finger everywhere he could reach. I hoped he’d want to keep me a virgin a little longer and that he’d leave me alone once he was done touching me, but I doubted it.
After a while he yanked his finger out of me, making me gasp. He gave me a stern look before walking away to where I couldn’t see him. I took a few deep breaths and yanked at the chains a few times. Then I nervously looked around for a way to escape, but it was hopeless. I laid there panting, my wrists and ankles starting to ache from the cuffs, my nipples on fire, my face soaked in tears, and my cunny tingling and sensitive.
After a few minutes he came back, holding something behind his back. He placed it down on the dresser beside him, then reached into his pocket. At first I couldn’t tell what he grabbed, but he quickly went for the cuffs around my ankles and I felt them quickly come loose. I tried to take the opportunity to get my feet on the floor, but he held me by my hips. Then I swung one of my legs out and kicked him in the knee. He scoffed and roughly held me still before punching me hard in the stomach. I gasped for breath and he swiftly rechained my feet to the opposite posts. Then, while I was still trying to breathe, he did the same with my hands, making me lay on my stomach. I took hard, gasping breaths as he laughed from behind me, admiring his work.
“You’re gonna learn princess, don’t worry. One day you won’t even think to disobey me. Now get ready for your punishment for lying to master and pretending to be asleep.” He slapped my butt making me yelp before reaching for the thing he left on the dresser.
He ran it across my back and down to my butt cheeks softly and slowly. It was something small and leather, and it made my hair stand up. I whined and he laughed before pulling back and smacking it across my butt, hard.
I buried my face in the bed and screamed. He yelled 1, before doing it again, harder this time. I screamed again, grabbing the sheets. 2, he yelled again, getting ready for the next one. I tried to crawl away but I was stuck. Each one hurt more than the last. I thought i’d die for sure. He counted to 15, by the end I couldn’t scream anymore, just cry. He seemed happy with this though, and he softly ran his hands across my butt for a few minutes.
It didn’t last long though. Soon, I felt his stand up straight before crawling onto the bed between my legs. Then he reached up by my head, grabbed some pillows, and shoved them under my hips, lifting them up. Once he was done, I could feel something hard and cold bumping against my entrance. I knew it was his cock after a few seconds. I swallowed hard and tried to prepare myself for what was coming. The only things I knew about sex were from school and what one of Daddy’s drinking buddies had told me one night when he had caught me watching them from my room one night. He held me against the wall and played with my tiny boobs as he told me how a woman’s main job was to please men, however they see fit, and that the man who took my virginity would forever have a right to me, even if I married someone else. Before he could say anything else one of the other guys came down the hall looking for him to play some drinking game, and he left me there, scared with my boobs out, then i ran to my room.
Now, it was all coming true. Daddy had said this man wanted a virgin wife, so he’d never have to worry about taking me from someone else when he wanted to reclaim his right to me. I almost wished he would just use me once and be done with me.
I was snapped out of my thoughts when I felt the man start playing with my cunny again, but this time it didn’t hurt. It actually felt kinda good. I tried not to show it though, not wanting to give him the satisfaction. Something in me couldn’t resist the feeling though, and I subconsciously ground my hips into his hand. Then I got this feeling almost like I had to pee, and a quiet moan escaped me. This made him go harder, and the feeling kept building and building in my stomach until it finally released and the best feeling washed over my entire body. I moaned and groaned loudly and my legs went limp. He laughed quietly and before I knew what was happening I felt his hard cock pushing inside me.
I gasped and grabbed the sheets, the large size stretching me apart like I’ve never felt. I took a deep breath but before I could make any noise he shoved some random cloth in my mouth. I choked on it as tears poured down my face. It felt like my insides were ripping in half, and I thought it was gonna go through my head. I tried to beg him to stop, but the gag in my mouth muffled everything. He was mad that I tried to talk though, so he slammed in hard making me gasp, then smacked my burning butt making me yelp. Tears poured down my face still as I tried to stay quiet.
After forever, he managed to fit his cock inside up to my barrier. He started taunting me and he wiggled it around, laughing each time I flinched as he bumped against it.
“Godd princess you’re soooo tight. It’s gonna take a lot of stretching to fit comfortably in you, but don’t worry, we’re gonna practice a lot!” He laughed and poked hard into my barrier. I flinched and tried to get away, making him laugh harder.
“It’s no use my little slave, you’re not going anywhere until I take that sweet virginity, and make you officially mine.”
He laughed again before grabbing my hips with one hand and reaching underneath me and yanking on one of the nipple clamps. I gasped hard and at the same time he slammed the rest of his length into me, busting my wall and burying himself inside me. The pain shocked my entire body, and I couldn’t hold back the scream. He didn’t seem bothered this time though, and started to pound hard in and out of me, not bothering to let me adjust.
I pulled against my chains as he found his way into my stomach. I thought I felt my legs tingling, but the pain made me ignore it.
“Tell me how it feels princess.” he demanded, but I wasn’t sure what to say.
He smacked my butt hard, making me yelp.
“Tell Master it hurts!” He screamed as he slammed into me, “Tell Master how deep it is!”
He pounded harder and harder as I screamed into my gag. Eventually after a few minutes I forced myself to grunt out,
“It h-hurts Master! I can feel it in my stomach!”
It was muffled but he laughed then groaned and grabbed my hips hard. Then he slammed himself deep into me and held himself there. I felt something filling my insides as he moaned loudly. After a few seconds he plopped down on top of me, still inside me.
Finally after what felt like hours I felt him slip out of me, and then he quickly crawled off the bed.
“You did a good job princess, very good.” He groaned and stretched hit arms, and I awkwardly buried my face in the mattress.
I heard him walk away but he quickly came back, and I jumped when I felt him rubbing something on my butt.
“Shh don’t worry, I don’t need you scarring, and there’s some open cuts that don’t need to be infected, just be still.” He ordered.
I laid there and tried to ignore the burning feeling. Once he was done he wiped off his hands before grabbing my hair and pulling my head up. Then he stared in my eyes for a few seconds before roughly smashing his lips into mine again. I stayed still until he was done, then he released my hair, letting my head flop down.
“Get some rest princess, you’re gonna need it. Tonight was just the beginning of our new life together!” He exclaimed before quickly exiting the room and shutting the door behind him. Then I heard the small click sound of a lock. I laid there, naked, bruised, butt sore and still lifted up by pillows, mouth gagged, clamps still pinching my nipples, cold and alone. I started to cry again, and I didn’t stop until I fell asleep.

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By Monika #Abuse #PreTeen #Rape #Virgin