Daddy plays with Krystal

tagIncest/TabooDaddy plays with Krystal

I walk into the room, Krystal is wearing the pink dress I layed out. She looks ravishing with her brunette hair down, and some cleavage showing from her 44D breasts. Her figure has just enough curves to keep you warm at night but keep that dress looking perfect on her. She has an ass that makes you want to smack it, hard. She may be 22, but looks younger and acts older. "Who am I, baby girl?"
"You're my daddy," Krystal says. I look her over and smile. Knowing she's nervous by the goosebumps on her arms.
When we arrive at the dinner for my job, I kiss her and caress her boobs through her dress. "Later you are mine, baby girl!"
At the dinner, when prompted how Krystal knows me, she responds, "he's my dad" as I put my hand on her leg move it up her thigh. I slowly go to her pussy and finger her. She squirms and I quit. Licking my finger as I wink at her.
Near the end of the night I get an award. Soon after we both leave and head to my place. In the car I tell Krystal to lift her dress, and I finger her pussy again seeing how wet she is. I smile, "good girl, when we get home undress and silently wait for me on the bed."
Krystal undresses and gets on the bed. Getting wetter with each passing minute. When I walk in I get the vibrator out putting it in her soaked pussy grinning, "no cumming until I tell you to!" Krystal moans and I tell her in a stern voice "no!"
"Please daddy! I need to cum! I'm so close!" Krystal begs as I look at her with a grin.
I urge her to wait as I undress and get on the bed… taking the vibrator out and shoving my dick in, hearing krystal gasp, "Now!" Krystal cums hard around my dick. I start working my way in and out slowly as her body stops shaking.
"Daddy, that feels so good! Fuck me harder!" I do as she asks and nibble on her neck to her right breast biting her erect nipple softly at first the harder, then going to the next nipple. I suck it. Making Krystal moan… "Daddy, I'm getting close again!" I start fucking her faster, harder, slamming into her pussy with each thrust. Making her scream out daddy as she cums again. With one last thrust I cum deep in her pussy, grunting. I leisurely pull out and lay down next to her.
"Good girl" I say as I lean over, kissing her lips pinching her nipples. Then, trailing down her body getting juices from her pussy on your finger, I place it in her mouth and say "next is Daddy's cock!"
I lead her to the shower and turn it on. Letting Krystal step in first and then me. She looks at me as I smile down at her. She gets on her knees and looks up at me licking her lips. She licks the tip and then starts putting the tip in her mouth. Then, she starts to suck up and down my shaft. She slowly gets faster as she grabs my balls in her hand squeezing so lightly. She starts to slow down, as she sucks then speeds up, taking my whole length in her mouth and throat. She squeezes my balls again and I cum deep in her throat, grabbing her hair, holding her head in place until the last drop goes down her throat.
Standing up we both clean each other up. I wash her hair for her, and she washes my back. Once we both are done, we both get out and dry off. Heading to bed naked, cuddling up next to each other.
The next morning I wake, kissing her forehead. She looks over at me smiling. I take my hand and caress her cheek and move it down to her breast. Pinching her nipple, then her other nipple. I get on top of her smiling as I push my dick slowly in her. I enjoy it today, letting myself go deeper inch by inch. Once all the way in I start going in and out slowly. As Krystal starts to moan I begin to move faster. Thrusting harder and harder into her soaked pussy. I moan her name as we both cum together.
I kiss Krystal before she gets up to get ready for work. When she's done, I lean in for one more kiss. "Have a great day at work, baby girl!"

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