Daddy’s Sweetheart

tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Sweetheart

All characters are 18 or above and consenting.
This is my first time writing erotica though I am not new to writing. Appreciation will be appreciated, constructive criticism will be welcomed and bashing will be ignored. Thank you and happy reading
He was an average thirty-five-year-old married man with one stepdaughter living with him and his wife. After six months of dating her mother, he met her. A bit demanding she was, he would soon figure out.
Now over eighteen and sexy, she could easily pass for pornstar. His wife was out of town for business purposes though he had his doubts that the bitch was cheating on him. A perfect opportunity.
The sight of his beautiful little eighteen-year-old daughter with nothing but a plaid skirt and sports bra made him thank his stars. She was swinging her leg and the short skirt she wore gave a clear glimpse of her panties as she moved. He had always wanted her, desired to make her his. Quite unfortunately, her mother being a protective one, hardly ever let her alone. Today, with her mom out of town, he finally got a chance.
"Good morning sweety," he walked up to her and took her in a paternal hug.
"Good morning, Daddy,". While in a hug, she unintentionally pressed her boobies against his chest. He liked the gesture but didn't see much into it. She was timid. She will never do something like that as a part of seduction. To his luck or misfortune, she was turning him on.
"Mommy left for San Antonio an hour ago. She said she won't return until Monday. We will be so bored without her."
Her pout had his fatherly instincts paying hard. He couldn't help but think how that pretty mouth will feel on his rock hard shaft.
"Aww, Daddy will never let his daughter feel bored."
"Really Daddy? You are so nice," she kissed his cheek.
"What about we play a game?"
"I love games, Daddy. Which game?"
"Come sit on Daddy's lap," he offered, "I will explain."
"Are you sure, Daddy? I am a big girl now. I am eighteen years old. Mommy says I should no longer sit on your lap."
"Ahh sweety, Mommy is wrong in many things," his contempt towards her mom was coming out, "You are never old enough to sit on your Daddy's lap."
Hearing her Daddy, she got too excited and immediately sat on her stepfather's lap. He pulled her closer and asked if she was comfy.
"Best place ever, Daddy," she said.
"Daddy loves you. You know that right?" he asked, squeezing her thigh.
"I love you too, Daddy," she said.
His hands were busy exploring her thigh as they went up and up. He folded the edge of her skirt so it uncovers more skin to his pleasant eyes.
"Daddy, it's tickling," she chuckled. In reality, she enjoyed all that Daddy did to her. She had of course been with other girls her age and sneaked up under the duvet to read erotica or watch porn. And now that all this happened with her for real, she couldn't be happier.
"You make me feel so good, Daddy."
Daddy chuckled, squeezing her thighs harder.
"Want Daddy to make you feel even better?"
"Can you, Daddy?"
"Of course, sweety, but for that, Daddy has to touch you in your princess parts."
"But Daddy, Mommy says never let a man touch you there," came from her innocent mouth.
"Daddy is not any man, is he?" he asked smartly, "Daddy can touch you there to make you feel good."
She smiled wide as if she had accomplished something big.
"Sure, Daddy. All yours."
Getting the green light, he began rubbing her pussy over her panties. He realized that she was dripping wet down there. A proud smile plastered on his face at the thought of his young stepdaughter producing all those honey for him.
He couldn't wait till he got to have a taste of the honey. He rubbed her pussy even harder at the thought.
She was a moaning mess. Closing her eyes, she pressed her back on Daddy's chest and let him control her.
And suddenly, he stopped.
"Why did you stop, Daddy? I was feeling good."
"You see, sweety, Daddy is having a hard time doing his job with the skirt and panties on. Why don't you let Daddy get those off of you and make things easier for both of us?"
"Whatever you say, Daddy," she squirmed on his lap and let go of the skirt she was wearing. He entered his hand inside her panties and quickly let go of that too. His daughter sat on his lap with nothing but her bra on. Her hairy pussy felt amazing under his touch. He preferred shaved pussy though and decided that he will have to shave that only.
"Oh my!" she screamed, "What is that?"
She pointed at spots of precum on her panties as well as some on daddy's lap.
"Nothing sweetheart," he assured, "It means your pussy is liking all that Daddy is doing to you."
"Thank goodness. I never knew that," she lied.
"Daddy is here to teach you," he entered his digit inside her cunt. She was tight as fuck over there.
He was proud. He would finally get to deflower a virgin. Her mom was not a virgin when they met and he had never been with anyone else until today.
"Daddy this feels so good," she moaned.
He entered a second digit inside her. A third one followed soon. For minutes, they stayed like this. She loved all that her daddy was doing to her.
"Now now my dear," Daddy stopped for a moment, "You have a lot of hair in your pussy. Good girls don't leave their pussy unshaven.'
"I want to be a good girl," she spoke in her broken voice. Her eyes were filled with tears.
"I know darling. That's why I have decided that Daddy is going to help you shave down there, so my little girl becomes a good girl."
"Yippe!" she jumped on his lap out of excitement. His prick had a hard time controlling itself. Yet, he decided to take her bit by bit. Only there the enjoyment lied.
There she was, sitting in the jacuzzi with nothing but her bra on, waiting for Daddy to bath her and teach her to shave. Daddy asked her to let go of the bra too, but she was a bit hesitant to do that.
The door popped open and in came Daddy. She admired his toned body and calve muscles. There was a tent in his boxers which she was confused about what it meant.
In no time, he joined his stepdaughter in the jacuzzi. She snuggled closer and sat on his lap like earlier. His hand traveled down her pussy and rubbed her there. His hardness poked her firm ass cheeks and she moaned in pleasure.
"Something is poking me, Daddy," she feigned innocence whereas she was smirking to herself in her mind.
"Oh sweetheart, don't worry. Daddy will let go of that pain for you. Just let Daddy do his work."
"Sure, Daddy."
While his right hand rubbed her pussy vigorously, his left one reached to grope her firm globe.
"Daddy asked you to let go of your bra, right?" his rubbing on her aching soft spot increased vigorously, "Why did you not abide by Daddy's orders?"
"I am sorry, Daddy," she cried, more out of pleasure rather than her Daddy's words.
"It's not okay, sweety. This was unacceptable."
"Please Daddy, don't be upset."
"Are you willing to do everything as Daddy pleases?" he asked.
"Of course, Daddy. You and Mommy are all I have."
He smirked. The innocent busty woman was trapped in his emotional trick.
"For one, why don't you let Daddy see how beautiful you look there," he pointed at her bust.
"Do you not want Daddy to make you feel good?" he asked.
"Yes, Daddy. Can you make me feel even better than I feel now?"
"Yes, sweety. And for that, we have to be quicker in finishing our work."
"Which work? " the not-so-innocent lad asked.
"Daddy still needs to shave your pussy," he reminded.
"Oh yes!"
"Why don't you let Daddy go between your legs and do his work?" he offered.
"Sure, Daddy"
He adjusted himself between her legs. The water did little to cover her bare nub to his hungry eyes. And if that was not enough, he pulled off the knob to let all the water drain out of the jacuzzi.
He applied some soap all over her pussy. Then, with his razor blade, the same one he used to shave, he began to shave her pussy. Never mind the infection, he found the act even more erotic in that way. His girl was being shaved by him with the same razor as he used.
"There you go, Daddy shaved your pussy."
Her reply never came. She looked flushed in the face. He minded less and resumed his fingering on her wet nub. While fingering, he turned on the shower again to wash her.
"Daddy!" she closed her eyes, "I need to pee."
He stopped fingering for a few seconds. She was about to cum, he knew. He also knew that she knew it was cum, but played along nevertheless.
"It's not pee, sweety," he cleared, "You can release there on Daddy's fingers."
"What is it, Daddy?"
"This is a juice you are making for Daddy to devour."
"Juice for Daddy?"
"Yes, sweetheart, your princess part loved what Daddy did for you and it wants to thank Daddy in a special way."
"I loved it, Daddy," she said.
He chuckled, "Then why don't you let Daddy drink his juice?"
"How will you drink it?" she asked.
He stroked his shaft in pleasure. The girl was going to be the death of him. He thought he will give her a nice, long shower, but as things would have it, he had to eat her out now only.
"Let's go to Daddy's bedroom. There he will show you how Daddy will drink your juice.
Without waiting for her reply, he picked her up in bridal style and made way towards his bedroom.
He laid down in his bed and revered the sight of his half-naked daughter.
"Sit on Daddy's chest," he patted on his chest.
She looked tense at first but soon jumped in to sit on her Daddy's chest. He helped her place her legs on either side of him, straddling him.
"Very good," he said. It was not perfect because she was still in her bra and his dick ached to see all of her.
"Come closer to Daddy's face," he said.
She scooted as close as she could. In a way, she was sitting on her Daddy's face when he finally began to devour her juice. He first licked everywhere his tongue could reach and then paid special attention to her cunt lips, licking all the juices his young stepdaughter had to provide him with.
"Ahh," a moan came when he bit her cunt lips to tease her.
"Oh Daddy!" once in a while, a low rumble would escape her mouth.
"You made Daddy very happy today. Such a nice little girl you are," he complimented.
"Daddy!" she whined, "I don't want to be just nice. I want to be the best. I want to do everything you ask for."'
"Then my dear, you need to do everything your Daddy asks."
"Of course, Daddy, I do everything you want."
"In that case," he pulled her bra straps, "Why are you still wearing a bra when Daddy told you not to?"
"I am so sorry, Daddy," her voice was breaking, "I am sorry."
"Do you mind if Daddy takes your bra off of you?" he asked.
"Not at all, Daddy," she was willing.
He unclipped her bra and let it slide away revealing his hungry eyes to the most beautiful pair of globes they had ever seen. Her breasts were so supple, so white and so fresh. The pink nipples invited him to suck on them. Then again, he reminded himself, he was to take his daughter bit by bit.
"Did you like it when Daddy ate your pussy out?" he asked.
"I loved it, Daddy," came her reply.
"Do you want Daddy to suck your twins the same way he sucked your pussy?' he asked.
"Your boobies is what I mean."
"Of course, Daddy. I would love that."
"That's like my girl," he stroked her back, "Now lay down and let Daddy do his work."
She laid down like a good girl whereas he came on top of her. He began by massaging her firm globes. Bringing his tongue close to her left breast, he first licked all over her breast, sparing her nipple. They were hard, letting him know how aroused she still was.
Finally, he latched onto her nipple while his left hand groped and mauled her right breast. She moaned in pleasure and pain while he kept sucking and sucking to his delight.
After half an hour of sucking on both breasts, he unlatched and laid beside her heaving sighs. She snuggled closer to him. He wrapped his arms beside her and pulled one of her legs to wrap around his waist so his dick will reside between her legs. Once in a while, he would brush his dick covered in the thin material of a boxer past her pussy.
"I love this daddy," came her soft moans.
"There, sweets, Daddy made you feel good, didn't he?"
"Yes, Daddy."
"It's time for my sweetheart to make Daddy feel good."
"I would love to make Daddy feel good," she said, "What will make my Daddy feel good?"
"Come, sit between my legs," he stroked his cock from inside the boxer.
She did as told. The hard shaft poked her thighs. She was in pain by the time, yet failed to realize what exactly poked her so hard.
"Sweetheart, now listen to me carefully. Like you have your princess parts, Daddy too has his private parts. What you are about to see is Daddy's dick. What is it, again?"
"Daddy's dick," she replied in her sexy style
"Good girl. Now take daddy's dick out of his boxers."
With quivering hands, she pulled down her daddy's boxers to see a man's dick for the first time.
"Do you like Daddy's dick, sweety?" he asked though the answer was obvious by the way she marveled at his weapon with a length of eight inches and a girth of four.
"What is this for, Daddy?"
"This is a dessert for big girls like you," was his reply.
"But I see nothing sweet here," she said.
"For that, you have to eat it."
"How can I eat it?"
"Oh my innocent darling," he groaned, "First, you have to lick it. Stuck your tongue like a good little girl now and give it a nice long lick."
She did as told. It took a nice, long, sexy lick to have her stepfather wrapped around her fingers.
"I still don't find anything sweet here, Daddy," she said.
"Oh sweets, for that you have to take it in your mouth. Be a good girl and take daddy's dick on your mouth."
She did as told again. Having her sweet mouth wrapped around his cock, he reached heaven. It was bliss, total bliss. He placed his palm on the back of her head and pulled her to himself so she could his cock with more vigor. She was enjoying it and his feelings were the same, if not any more.
Soon he came all over her face covering her face and bare breast with his spunk. The feeling was so erotic. Men don't generally get turned on after coming once. He, on the other hand, felt turned on the very sight of his daughter gulping down streams of his cum.
"You said it will be sweet," she seemed to complain, "It's a bit tangy."
"Do you feel good, sweetheart?' he asked.
"Kind of," she replied, "Was I not supposed to?"
"That's it, sweety," he assured, "The tangy taste will turn sweet once you have it enough times."
"As you say, Daddy," she resumed sucking on his meat.
When he was turned on again, he asked her to stop. A bit reluctant at first, she stopped.
He laid her down on the bed and came on top of her.
"My dear girl," she smiled at the endearment, "It's time Daddy teaches you the thing that will give you the most pleasure."
"More pleasure? Can there be any more pleasure than I have been receiving?"
"Of course, and Daddy is going to teach you all of that." With his hands, he parted her thighs to make place for his little friend.
"This is going to hurt at first," he let her know, "But very soon, it will turn into pleasure."
"I trust you, Daddy."
That was all she needed to say. Slowly, he entered his eight-inch shaft inside her virgin pussy. She dug her nails in the flesh of his back. His friend took its sweet time to stretch her pussy. She was tight as fuck. It took a few thrusts for the long shaft to enter her vagina. A few thrusts more and he was completely inside her. Blood came out of her vagina soaking the bed sheet. She moaned in both pleasure and pain. He rode her faster and harder. She clung onto him. Hours of slapping thighs and colliding chest filled with painful groans and pleasurable moans witnessed the pure union between a pervert stepfather and his smart stepdaughter.
Sure it was her first time having sex, but surely not the last, Daddy decided. From now on, he will fuck her like an animal at every opportunity he got.

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