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The following story is going to sound like it was made up to go in a men's magazine back when they were popular. I assure you that it is true and only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.
My wife is Karen and I am John. Karen is a 5'8" tall, large breasted, thick blonde, think Anna Nicole Smith in her prime. I am a normal looking 5'10" tall brown-haired guy with broad shoulders and large build. At the time this story occurred we were both in our early 40's and had been married for over 20 years.
One Saturday in March of 2000 we met another couple, Robert and Nicki, at an adult theater in Dallas during a couple's night. Nicki is about 5'4 with C cup breasts, blonde hair and a thick body. Robert was a 6' tall, lean blonde guy with an athletic build. They too had been married for a long time and were just a couple of years older than us.
We had been to this theater a couple of times before but this was Robert and Nicki's first time. Karen likes to tell the story of how Robert and Nicki were standing up against the back wall and Robert pulled Nicki's top down showing me her chest. Being the tit man I am, it drew me in like a moth to a flame. Apparently, Robert had gotten a look at Karen's ample chest and he wanted to meet her. After a short discussion we all adjourned to a small nearby viewing room.
Once in the room Nicki and I took to the couch while Karen and Robert had nowhere to go, so they went for the floor. In moments we were all mostly naked. I had my face buried in Nicki's pussy while she moaned appropriately. Robert had Karen on her back with his cock buried up in her pussy. After Nicki came, I moved up and slipped my quite hard cock into her and pumped till I couldn't take it anymore, pulling out and shooting all over her stomach and tits. Robert did the same to Karen.
After we all caught our breath we got cleaned up and dressed. We left the theater together. Outside we swapped phone numbers. This was the start of a long friendship. In a short time, we were meeting them every other weekend and swapping partners for the whole weekend. The rest of this story is about one of those weekends probably about 2005.
One Friday evening we met Nicki and Robert at a hotel in Dallas. We had reserved two adjoining rooms. After checking in we changed into dress clothes and headed out to get dinner. After dinner we headed to a swing club, where we danced and mingled looking for other couples to play with. It was a fun club and there were lots of folks there, but just no one we clicked with. About 11PM we decided to call it a night and headed back to the hotel.
When we got back none of us were really sleepy and we were looking for something to do. One of us suggested swimming so we decided that would be fun and we all changed into our suits. Following the hotel signs led us up to the roof of the hotel where the pool was located. Unfortunately, a sign on the door to the pool area said it closed at 10PM. I tried the door anyway and it was open, so we all went in.
There were no lights on but the lights from Dallas reflected in the sky enough so that other lighting really wasn't needed. The pool was not large and the area it was in was surrounded by walls. At the far end away from the door was an in ground hot tub or Jacuzzi. We all got in the pool and swam awhile, eventually ending up in the Jacuzzi. We had been drinking most of the night and were still pretty well lit, so it wasn't long before the girl's bikinis were off and pitched well out of their reach.
We were all just about done soaking, and about ready to get out, when the door to the pool area slammed open. Expecting a security guard, we were all surprised to see about 7 guys in light colored suits come loudly in. 6 of them looked very similar, tall with good builds, dark hair, and nice tans. The 7th was a small redheaded guy.
They were surprised when they saw us as they didn't expect anyone else to be up there this late. We started talking to them as they all either sat or laid down on the pool chairs near us. They were staying at the hotel because one of them was getting married the next day. This was his bachelor party. Their evening had started at a restaurant, then moved to a couple of bars and finally they ended up at a strip club. The strip club had not been enjoyable for them and they had decided to end the evening around the pool. Apparently, the red headed guy was the only sober one and he was responsible for them.
We decided it was time to go and we would let them have the pool area. Karen asked one of the guys near her suit to throw it to her. He said "No Ma'am" and didn't move. Robert and I thought this was hilarious. Never to be one to let anyone get the better of them, the girls climbed out of the Jacuzzi, completely naked. They then walked over to get their suits. The guy the suits were closest to grabbed the suits and held on to them. Apparently in the wrestling match that followed one of the girls ended up grabbing the guys crotch and liked what she felt. The guys pants were unzipped and he started receiving a hand job. Nicki had decided that this was a great thing to do and was trying to get the red headed guy to let her jack him off, but he refused because he was married. So, she just went to another one of the guys and started on him. When the guys would cum, the girls moved to the next nearest one to them.
At one-point Karen leaned over the guy that was getting married the next day who was stretched out on a pool lounger. She put her big tits in his face while she pulled on his cock. As he played with her tits, he commented on how they were real, not like the ones in the strip club. He complained that he had asked his stripper to let him do her in the ass, but she declined. Karen said later his cock was the biggest around she had ever seen and she understood why the stripper declined.
Eventually the girls had made all 6 of the guys cum and it was time for us all to leave. The guys had picked up some maracas at one of the places they had been and gave them to the girls. They still have them to this day. Robert and I enjoyed the hell out of watching the girls have fun and we gave them a proper fucking when we got back to the room.
The next morning, we were going to a theme park so we were up pretty early. We ate breakfast in the hotel and took the elevator back up to our rooms to get our stuff for the day. On the way back down two of the guys from the night before got on and the red head got on with his wife. Karen said Good Morning in a normal, friendly way while all three of the guys looked uncomfortable but they did say Good Morning back. It was a quiet ride. When the elevator doors opened the full wedding party was in the lobby around it. We managed to hold our laughter till we got outside. After that we didn't see any of them again, so they must have all left after the wedding.
When this story gets brought up, Karen always says that she and Nicki messed up. They should have invited the guys all back to our rooms for a gang bang because you just don't find a group of clean cut, well dressed, horny guys every day.

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