Damaging the dining table

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Hello ISS lovers! This storyline was sent by email to me by a horny lady from Dehradun. I have just tried to add some spices to what she claimed a true incident.

“When is Dad’s next dialysis due?” Vishal questioned as he entered the kitchen. Shyamala, his mother was busy preparing his favorite ‘keer’ as the entire kitchen was filled with smell of milk and roasted cashew nuts.

“It’s today,” replied Shyamala without turning back and keeping an eye on the boiling dish.” I don’t think you are asking this because you would accompany him to the kidney center.”

“Not really,” Vishal quipped with a funny smile.” I got better things to do.”

“I guessed so,” Shyamala slightly turned around and flashed a smile at Vishal. “For a moment I thought you are being dutiful to your Dad.”

“Never,” Vishal reiterated as he came right behind her and peeped over her shoulders to see what was being cooked.

“Looks like today is my favorite menu,” Vishal chuckled while his arms came around Shyamala and his palms rested on her silky stomach. Shyamala’s body shook for a second before her head swayed back to rest on his right shoulders.

“That is too early in the day,” She whispered.” Wait till Khan takes your Dad to the hospital.”

“I have been waiting for a week,” Vishal replied while his hands moved up from her stomach to cup her huge breasts. He already had a bulge underneath his pants and it animated further once his hands fell on his mother’s breasts.

“You know how to tame your mother,” Shyamala giggled.” Wait in your room and I will join you once your Dad leaves.”


Vishal’s grip on his mother loosened rather immediately and as he was about to walk away, Shyamala pulled him towards her firmly.

“Are you upset?” She asked pleadingly. Vishal smiled and shook his head meaning that he wasn’t.

“It’s worth waiting for you mom,” he said in a consoling tone and tried to free his arms from his mother’s grip.

“Why didn’t you kiss me then?” Shyamala winked at Vishal with eyes twinkling with lust. Vishal promptly closed in, hugged his mother with passion and planted his mouth on her pinky lips. Shyamal’s eyes swirled feeling the warmth of her passionate son on her lips and her hands went around him caressing his strong muscles. Vishal’s hands descended on her butt cheeks and holding them tightly he gave them a nice squeeze as he pulled her body upwards to let his bulge position exactly against her mound. His tongue ventured inside his mother’s mouth and started tickling around inside as her hug started getting stronger. She threw caution to the wind as her hands reached down to her son’s growing bulge to caress it gently with her soft palm.

“Oh, Baby!” She whispered in his ears.” I never imagined that just a week could be so long.”

“Me too,” admitted Vishal, letting his lips off her mouth and bowing down to let his face get buried between her wonderful breasts. His hands hurriedly started lifting up her saree together with her petticoat letting his fingers brush over her silky thighs in the process.

“Hey, this is kitchen,” Shyamala tried to caution him placing a finger on his mouth. Vishal wasn’t himself by then as he had completely lifted her clothes well above her waist.

“So what?” Vishal smirked.” Don’t you remember? I fucked you for the first time in the toilet.”

Shyamala blushingly said,” How can I forget? You pounded me like an animal disregarding my screaming that day.”

“Were you hurt, mom?” Vishal asked teasingly.

“You know I was,” Shyamala retorted with a sexy smile. “The tooth marks and finger marks remained for almost a week.”

“Are they still there?” Vishal winked at his mother and let his right hand between her panties and her hairy clit. His left hand clutched her right breast and squeezed them as if he was making juice out of an orange. His thumb started kneading her hard nipples attempting to protrude thorough her blouse.

“You got silky hair on your mound. I think you must be using some shampoo there too,” Vishal said mockingly while his mother swayed back against the kitchen platform unable to contain her feelings after her son’s hands were touching the most sensitive parts of her body. His hands were teasing her pussy with absolute disregard to the fact that it was an odd time of the day and it was broad day light in the kitchen.

“I have promised you that one day I will fuck you on the dining table,” Vishal said lowering his voice.” It could be today.”

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Shymala hugged her son even closer and kissed him on his forehead and cheeks with passion. ‘Vishal, itna shararat theek nahi hain’ (So much of mischief is not good!) She said in a sinking voice while he started pulling off her saree with amazing ease. The entire length of her saree was stripped in a matter of seconds and while Shyamala sat with just the blouse and petticoat on, Vishal lifted her in both his hands and started walking towards the dining table.

“Your Dad might be back,” Shyamala cautioned again which Vishal brushed it off. He untied the knot of her petticoat and pulled it through her legs. Shyamala covered her womanhood with both her palms while Vishal undid the hooks on her blouse and bra thereafter.

“Nangi maa (Naked Mother),” Vishal whispered in her ears. Shyamala covered her face with both her hands in shame while Vishal removed his T-shirt and zipped down his trouser. He held his long hard cock right above his mother’s face so that the moment she opens her eyes she would see his gigantic instrument hovering over her. After a few seconds, Shyamala opened her eyes and almost screamed seeing his long strong dick almost brushing her face. Vishal descended on his mother and his hands held to her naked boobs with fierce lust.

“Aisa karte hain (We will do like this), I will give you a blowjob now; we can fuck later,” Shyamala tried to reason. But, Vishal’s bare thighs were already pressing hard on her legs and his vigorous dick was brushing against the hair on her clit.

“Nahin (No), I want to fuck you mother,” Vishal bowed down to take each one of her boobs inside his mouth to start licking and sucking them like a passionate lover. Shyamala’s hands went down to hold her son’s dick and positioned it right against her pussy. She slowly started motioning it up and down her pussy lips and emanated sexy moans. The moment her hands fell on his dick, Vishal was further aroused as his mouth almost devoured her right boob inside.

“Hey, you are not going to lick my pussy?” Shyamala pleaded to her son. Vishal looked up without letting off her boob from his mouth and shook his head as if he wasn’t going to do.

“Please,” Shyamala kept pleading. “You are very good in pleasing me with your tongue.”

Vishal did not respond as his mouth jumped from one boob to another while his hands relentlessly squeezed the other boob almost making Shyamala groan in pain. Shyamala’s legs went around her son’s waist as if to lock him and in the process his hard dick managed to hit the slit on her pussy and got inside just an inch with ease and comfort.

“It’s in, It’s in,” screamed Shyamala. Vishal took a deep breath and humped on his mother as his long dick dived inside her moist pussy like a knife getting inside a butter bowl. Soon, he started pumping his mother gently to begin with and soon he was gathering the momentum. He was gasping for breath and decided to let his mouth away from his mother’s boobs. For the umpteenth time he felt the warmth of his mother’s cunt where his dick was rigging like a monster rig drilling an oilfield.

“Suck your boobs,” Vishal ordered biting his teeth while Shyamala tried to raise her head to reach out to her own boobs. He pinched his nipples which by now have gone thrice their length and she screamed. His palm rubbed her nipples every now and then and after some initial struggle, Shyamala finally found her mouth touching her own nipple. While she started sucking one nipple, her other hand reached to the other breast and started squeezing it. Vishal was getting more and more aroused to see his mother suck and squeeze her own boobs and his dick started fucking her more intense than before. His dick was working in an unbelievable speed while a few drops of his sweat fell on her boobs. The old dining table was struggling to withstand the exaggerated pumping speed of Vishal as soon they heard a screeching noise. Shyamala reached her peak soon and Vishal followed it sending a few thick loads of cum inside his mother’s cunt. His dick felt like an electric immersion rod inside a bucket as the eruption of orgasm was immediately followed with a cracking sound from the dining table. Before they could comprehend the dining table collapsed onto the floor with a huge bang unable to withstand the fucking couple. The mother and the son lay naked on the floor for a second and soon realized the gravity of the situation and started picking up their clothes to run towards their respective rooms.

This is the story of a poor dining table which got damaged in the course of a incestuous fucking of a mother by a son.

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