Dana’s Story Ch. 29

tagGroup SexDana's Story Ch. 29

Dana shares the hot tub with Zoe and Bobby, and feels quite daring. She feels a lot of pleasure, too, especially when the three of them adjourn to Zoe's bedroom for a long night of sex.
Zoe was right. Sitting in the sunken hot tub on a cold January night was very nice. A delicious heat enveloped Dana to her neck, and the soothing pulse of the jets massaged her skin delightfully. If, as happened periodically, she started to feel overheated, rising to sit on the edge of the tub cured that problem swiftly. Even shielded from any wind as they were, the cold night air sucked away her body heat until sliding back down into the tub was a relief.
She felt decadent and daring sitting naked in the tub with Zoe, waiting for Bobby to join them, and drinking wine! Zoe's parents didn't mind her drinking at home, as long as she didn't overdo it—another way in which her family life was radically different from Dana's. It was a sweet white wine, according to Zoe.
Dana took another small sip from her wine glass. It still tasted sour, though it was far more palatable than beer. She was drinking just for the experience, really, to be able to say that she had. She had no desire to get drunk, and didn't care for the taste. Her one glass would last her a good long time.
Light playing over the patio and wall behind Zoe followed by the crunch of gravel underfoot was all the warning they got before Bobby appeared around the corner of the house. Dana sank a bit deeper in the water, suddenly shy.
Bobby walked up to crouch by the edge of the hot tub as Zoe turned with a smile. "Hey, lover," Zoe said, standing to kiss him. She gleamed like silver under the patio lights as water ran down her body.
"Hey, beautiful," Bobby replied when she let him go. He looked up to catch Dana's eye. "You too, babe," he said.
Bobby walked around to the hot tub to crouch for a kiss. Dana stood up, feeling the cold air harden her nipples. Bobby saw it as well, and smiled, which pleased her. It made her feel like an equal partner in this scheme, not a third wheel. His lips and the tip of his nose were cold. His tongue was not, and Dana liked the way he used it.
"I've got a robe and a towel for you on the table there," Zoe told Bobby, submerged to her chin. "So get naked and get in here."
Bobby saluted. "Yes, ma'am."
Dana sank back into the water as well, welcoming the heat. At first she pretended not to watch as Bobby undressed, but Zoe made no such effort, and Dana gave up her pretense. Bobby removed his winter coat and laid it aside, then stripped out of his clothes quickly, making no effort to give them a show.
Dana watched, admiring the play of muscle beneath his skin, and the way his broad shoulders narrowed to a small, firm ass. When he turned to climb into the hot tub, she felt a jolt of arousal. Something about the shape of his hipbones really turned her on.
"Whew! It's cold out here," Bobby said. He hurried around to the entrance to the hot tub and splashed his way down the steps to sink neck deep into the water. He let out a big sigh. "That's much better."
He glanced from Dana to Zoe, and gestured them closer. The three of them settled into a corner of the tub, Bobby draping an arm over each girl's shoulders. "And this is even better," he said, before giving Dana another, lingering kiss.
"It's good to see you again, Dana," he said. Dana nodded silently, her thoughts taken up with memories of the last time they'd been naked together. She very much looked forward to the encore, and to watching him with Zoe. And, if she were honest, to Zoe watching her with Bobby.
Zoe poured Bobby a glass of wine. The three of them spread out a little, the better to see one another, and had a perfectly normal conversation, just as if they weren't all naked. Dana began to feel overheated again and sat on the edge of the tub for a short time. She felt shy about doing so, exposing her nudity to Bobby, but reminded herself that he'd seen it all before, and avoided making any effort to cover up. When she'd cooled off, she slid back into the hot water.
Zoe and Bobby did likewise at one time or another, and Dana took the opportunity to admire Bobby's physique again. The conversation grew more intimate, and the three of them drifted closer again, the better to trade brief kisses and grope one another under cover of the frothing water. As time passed and the wine glasses were emptied and refilled, the kisses grew longer and more heated.
Bobby kissed Zoe again. The kiss went on for some time, and showed no signs of stopping soon. Dana watched, feeling aroused and slightly envious. She laid a hand on Bobby's stomach, admiring the feel of his muscles for a moment before letting her fingertips glide down his torso—only to discover Zoe's hand already wrapped around his cock, stroking him slowing from base to tip.
Dana retreated slightly, uncertain how to react. She drifted over to pick up her wine glass and took a sip as if that had been her intent all along.
Zoe and Bobby were devouring one anothers' mouths now, and Dana could see her arm moving as she jerked him off. She watched, feeling neglected, her arousal cooling, until Zoe broke off the kiss. She glanced around for Dana and smiled at her for a moment—until she sensed something amiss.
Zoe murmured something to Bobby, who darted a glance at Dana. A guilty expression flashed across his face and then he was approaching her.
"Hey, Dana," he said, very close now, directly in front of her. He reached for her wine glass. "Mind if I have a sip?"
Dana surrendered it silently.
He drank from it, then reached past her to place it on the edge of the hot tub. "Can I kiss you again?" he asked.
Dana nodded, wanting it but also wanting to refuse.
Bobby kissed her gently at first, then more aggressively. His hands found her waist and pulled her closer. His cock, fully erect now, lay against her belly. Dana returned the kiss now, unable to resist responding to his touch, his kiss, despite her lingering annoyance at being excluded.
"I want you, Dana," Bobby said, his lips brushing hers. "You know that, right?"
"I…" Did she? Yes, she did. Just like she knew he wanted Zoe, and they both wanted him. "Yeah, I know."
Dana heard water lapping. Zoe joined them, forming the third point of a triangle. "Sorry, Dana. I didn't mean to get grabby."
Dana stifled the immediate urge to say it was all right. It wasn't. She'd felt excluded, however unintentionally. She just nodded.
"This is new for all of us," Zoe said. "How about we start over?"
"Yeah," Dana said, nodding. She shouldn't have been so passive, either, or so quick to feel excluded. They were all feeling their way through this, and a few bruised feelings were probably inevitable.
Bobby pressed her back against the side of the tub as he moved in for another kiss. His hands slid from her waist up to cup her breasts. He circled her nipples with his thumbs. Dana moaned into his mouth, thrilled by the first intimate touch she'd experienced from anyone in weeks.
She reached between their bodies to stroke his cock, marveling anew at how long it felt. Bobby's mouth twisted free of her lips, groaning at her touch. Desire burned in his eyes and she knew he wanted to fuck her as badly she wanted to be fucked. It was a heady sensation.
Dana kissed him again, hard. She threw her arms around his neck, pulling him into the kiss, breathing him in. She recalled the immense pleasure he'd given her weeks ago, and the sounds he'd made and the way his body had writhed against hers when she'd given him the same pleasure. She craved it again now.
His hand brushed her thigh, gliding up to cup her vulva for a moment before caressing it, fingers sliding along and between her labia. Dana leaned against the wall of the pool, eyes closed, enjoying the feel of hands on her breasts and between her legs.
Dana opened her eyes, confused. His hands were fondling her breasts. Both of them. She turned her head. Zoe was very close, their shoulders brushing, watching Dana intently, judging her response. It was her left hand between Dana's legs, fingering her. Her fingers sliding deeper, fucking Dana. Her thumb, teasing Dana's clitoris until she shuddered.
"Dana hasn't been laid since exams week," Zoe said to Bobby without taking her eyes off of Dana's face.
Zoe's face was flushed, possibly from the heat of the tub, possibly from arousal. Probably both. Dana thought she should have some reaction to Zoe's unexpected caress, and maybe she would later. Right now, though, all she cared about was spreading her legs, tilting her pelvis to make it easier for Zoe to touch her. Zoe's fingers were driving her arousal higher, closer to her peak—and oh, god, but she needed that.
"Really?" Bobby asked, still fondling her breasts. "That true, Dana?"
Dana nodded frantically, breathless. "Uh-huh. I need it." She dragged her gaze away from Zoe, to give Bobby a pleading look. "Please?"
Dana felt Zoe's fingers slip free. She whined, distraught, and looked down. The frothing water obscured her view—but she felt it when Zoe touched her again. Not a caress this time. She groped with her other hand, locating and parting Dana's labia—as the blunt head of Bobby's cock pressed forward, guided by Zoe's other hand.
"Oh fuck," Dana muttered. She looked up, watching Bobby's face as his cock impaled her, parting her flesh, pleasurable sensations like a shower of sparks cascading through her body. His eyes were heavy lidded, his mouth sagged, as he concentrated on the pleasure he felt as he drove deeper, deeper—and then stopped short of too far.
Dana could feel Zoe's hand wrapped around the base of his cock.
God, Zoe. Dana loved her in that moment, loved her for remembering Dana's description of her night with Bobby. Loved her for making sure Bobby didn't poke her cervix, making sure she experienced no pain this time.
Bobby paused, his body quivering against Dana's. "Oh god, that's good," he said. He grinned at Dana, her co-conspirator in pursuit of pleasure. He released her breasts, his hands drifting down to grab her thighs. "Ready, babe?"
Dana glanced over at Zoe, wanting nothing more than to be fucked to orgasm—but mindful that there were three of them involved here.
Zoe was grinning broadly, her eyes shining, as she glanced back and forth between Dana and Bobby. No, she wasn't feeling left out. She was very much a part of what was happening. And how could she not be, Dana realized, given that she was orchestrating their union?
Dana met Bobby's eyes and nodded. "Hell, yeah."
The slippery friction as he withdrew his cock was delightful, exceeded only by the feel of him driving forward once more. Dana clung to him, eyes closed, focused on the delicious rising tension between her thighs. She wished it could last, but it had been too long. She knew she'd pop very quickly. And she was right.
Her orgasm was almost unbearably intense, beginning in her core and roaring through her body like a firestorm to leave her clinging to Bobby with shaking arms, gasping for breath, feeling overheated. Or maybe that was the hot tub.
She hissed, the sensation of Bobby's cock sliding free a little too intense just now. He released his hold on her thighs and cupped her face in warm, wet hands, looking into her eyes from kissing distance. "Thank you, Dana. That was fun."
"Oh god," Dana said, and kissed him. "Thank you, Bobby. I needed that so bad."
"I could tell," Zoe said—and her eyes widened as Dana pulled her in to kiss her as well.
It began as a simple thank you kiss, pursed lips against pursed lips, but it didn't end that way. Dana felt Zoe's lips soften, and followed suit. The kiss lingered another moment, and Dana considered parting her lips, wondering how far that might go. But the moment passed, and she sat back.
Zoe opened her eyes to smile at Dana. "What was that for?"
Dana smiled back. "For taking care of me."
"Of course," Zoe said. "That's what friends are for."
Bobby watched them, questions written on his face, but said nothing.
Dana and Zoe laughed, and pulled him in close to take turns kissing him.
"I think it's time," Zoe said, "to take this inside."
* * *
Climbing up into the frigid air, hastily toweling off before pulling on a thick terrycloth robe and scurrying across a cold stone walkway left Dana chilled. The three of them made their way through the house, up the stairs and into Zoe's room. Lamps on either side of the huge bed gave the room a warm glow.
Zoe closed the door behind them, then tossed her robe aside. She really was gorgeous. Dana watched her pull down the covers and slip into bed. "You guys coming, or what?" she asked.
Dana and Bobby looked at one another. He grinned. "When in Rome," he said, and threw off his robe. He was just as gorgeous in his own way as Zoe, tall and athletic, and well hung even, as now, when he wasn't erect. He gave Dana an expectant look.
She let her own robe slide to the floor, and the satisfied expression as he looked at her made her feel beautiful. She pulled the barrette out of her hair, and shook it out; she was the only one with hair long enough to get wet, and she was glad she'd put it up. Cold, wet hair would not feel sexy.
Dana climbed into bed—and discovered that Zoe had a heated mattress pad. The sheets were delightfully warm against her cold feet. "Oh, that's nice," she said. Zoe smiled at her from the other side of the bed. Bobby lay between them, grinning like a fool, or like a guy with two willing, naked women in his bed.
Dana wriggled over to press her body to his, which took some wriggling—it was a big bed. His skin was cool and slightly damp, as was her own. The warmth of the bed was very welcome. Zoe snuggled up to Bobby's left side and kissed him passionately before turning his head toward Dana.
Dana kissed him just as thoroughly, trying to express how much she'd enjoyed the pleasure he'd given her minutes ago. The shaky fatigue she'd experienced had dissipated, leaving her thoroughly aroused and eager for more. She wanted very badly to ride his cock again right now.
It occurred to her that she really ought to let Zoe have the next ride, as much as she wanted it. That was a downside of threesomes, Dana realized: you can't be the center of your lover's attention all the time. You have to share.
On the other hand, she'd be able to watch Bobby and Zoe together, openly and in decent light. No pretending to sleep, no squinting at half-seen figures in the dark. The idea excited her. She wanted to see Bobby come when she wasn't distracted by her own pleasure, and she wanted to see Zoe impaled on his cock, wanted to watch her face and body as she experienced the same pleasure Bobby had given Dana earlier.
She reached for Bobby's cock and found Zoe's hand fondling him, stroking the base and playing with his balls. This time Dana didn't draw back; she stroked the end of Bobby's cock instead, paying particular attention to the head. Bobby tilted his head back, eyes closed, groaning in pleasure.
His nipple was tiny, quickly stiffened under her tongue, and tasted ever so faintly of chlorine at first. She licked and sucked it until Bobby squirmed, then kissed her way up to nibble at his neck. He turned his head, silently asking for more; Dana grinned briefly against his skin before doing her best to leave a hickey.
She felt him cup a breast briefly before his hand slid down her torso to her vulva, fingers curling to explore the slippery folds of her sex. Dana squeaked, surprised, but immediately tilted her hips to invite more of the same. Bobby chuckled softly, and turned his head to search out her mouth and kiss her again.
His lips and fingers worked in unison to send chills throughout her body, tightening her skin, and quickening her breath. That urgent hollow sensation, the hunger for something fill her pussy, momentarily possessed her.
Dana covered his hand with hers, pressing his palm firmly against her Mons, urging his fingers deeper. She whimpered, the sound lost to the kiss they shared. All she could think about was how good his probing fingers felt—and how much better it would feel to fuck him, or be fucked by him.
Bobby broke the kiss, moaning, "Oh god, Zoe…."
Dana opened her eyes. Zoe had dived beneath the bedclothes, her bare ass and legs visible. It didn't take a genius to realize she was sucking Bobby's cock—and Dana wanted to see it. She rose to her knees, grabbed the covers and flung them as far toward the foot of the bed as possible, far enough that the weight of the fabric dragged them onto the floor, exposing everyone—and everything.
Zoe had a grip on the base of Bobby's cock, and most of the rest of it in he mouth. That was impressive; it was more than Dana could accomplish despite her best efforts so far. Zoe backed off, letting his cock slip free of her lips and gave Dana a wicked grin, her hair adorably mussed.
"Come help me with this, Dana," Zoe said, giving Bobby a sideways glance.
"Oh god," Bobby muttered, drawing Dana's attention. He met Dana's gaze with a hopeful expression. Clearly, he liked Zoe's idea.
Dana reached down to press Bobby's hand between her legs for a moment. She hated to give up the delightful sensations he'd been giving her, but he was already distracted and had stopped fingering her. When he'd reclaimed his hand, Dana joined Zoe on her hands and knees, faces only inches apart, overlooking Bobby's erect cock.
They took turns licking him like an ice cream cone, occasionally taking the tip in their mouths to suck noisily before letting it go. Bobby provided a running commentary, letting them know how much he was enjoying it. Zoe took most of his length in her mouth again at one point, provoking Bobby to groan loudly. When Zoe came up for air, she offered Dana a turn. Dana did her best to follow Zoe's example, but couldn't. She backed off, coughing.
"How do you do that?" she asked Zoe, when she could speak again.
Zoe glanced at Bobby's face again before she said, "Like this…."
"Oh god," Bobby muttered when Zoe swallowed his length again. He was starting to look flushed, and was rocking his hips unconsciously. He was getting close to orgasm, and it was incredibly exciting to watch. Zoe bobbed her head, driving Bobby closer still, before letting him go.
"You try," Zoe said to Dana.
Dana wrapped a hand around the base of Bobby's cock, licked her lips, a bit anxious, and lowered her head.
"Stick your tongue out," Zoe whispered in her ear. "And keep it out when you swallow him. It makes it easier to breathe, and to go deeper."
Dana nodded, stuck her tongue out, and swallowed him. It worked. She took him deeper than she ever had before, and more easily than she expected. Bobby groaned and muttered something she couldn't afford the attention to parse, busy learning a new skill. She would have grinned in triumph, except her mouth was full. She drew back, then tried to take him deeper still. And succeeded.
Bobby arched his back, thrusting hips upward. "I'm coming!"
His cock seemed to swell in her mouth and then throbbed repeatedly, pumping semen into her mouth and down her throat. Dana felt an instant of panic at the feel of it, but the alarm was swamped by the thrill of knowing she'd driven him over the edge. She swallowed hastily, repeatedly, afraid she'd choke. She didn't, though it filled her mouth and overflowed a bit before the flood of semen came to an end.
Dana let his cock escape her mouth, giving it a lick as she leaned back.
Zoe was grinning at her like a proud parent. Bobby lay motionless, save for the rise and fall of his chest as he gasped for air. Dana felt a burst of pride at taking Bobby so deep and giving him such a powerful orgasm.
Zoe leaned in and for a moment Dana thought Zoe intended to kiss her, but Zoe simply licked a dribble of semen from the corner of Dana's mouth. She nodded at Bobby's cock, which was covered with his cum as well, and began licking it clean. Dana joined her in doing so, which involved a lot of incidental tongue and lip contact between them. Dana found it surprisingly arousing.

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