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It was game day, the game was going on as I finished up preparing for what the after game show would show. I wanted to see the object of my obsession in all her glory, so I placed cameras in the locker room and monitored them from the acting stage in the back room since it was hardly ever used. I watched the news on my second laptop as they covered the game but my attention wasn’t on the game, it was on Erin. She was rather short, big soft breasts, thin frame with a nice ass. Her dark brownish red hair flopped about as her and the other cheerleaders did their routines.

As the game ended the players went to the locker room and the cheerleaders waited around the corner for the coach to leave. Rumor always had it that orgies went on after games between the players and cheerleaders. Among the many rumors surrounding this event was Erin. She was the subject of a particular interesting rumor, her pussy was always tight regardless of the cock. Despite the rumors about her sluttyness, she was a goddess waiting to be conquered and I was going to do it.

The coach finally left the players to their shower and the girls sneaked in. Finally the real show would start. The rest of the room was interesting to watch but she was the object of my desire. I trained the camera on Erin as she sat down along with the other girls. Although I wanted to hit record for the wonderful spectacle that was beginning to unfold in front of me, I hesitated and waited for her moment alone later. Almost in unison they all spread their legs and started rubbing their slits. I watched as Erin rubbed hers, even the outside of her pussy looked tight and compact. She threw her head back as she rubbed and waited to get fucked. Then came the boys, several of them going to each girl.

Three paired off and surrounded Erin, two sitting to either side of her, the one standing up in front of her face. He dropped his towel and she took his hard cock in her mouth sucking hard and long. The other two placed her hands on their cocks while they rubbed her pussy and fondled her tits vigorously. She stroked them and moaned over the boys’ cocks. Her small hands tried to tightly grip them as she rubbed them. The boy she was sucking held her head down on his cock as he came in her mouth, which she immediately swallowed. The boy then pulled back while the other two stood up and said something to which Erin reached down and pulled a pack of birth control from her purse.

I watched as she laid on her back on the bench and the two boys took up positions between her legs and her head. One drove his cock into her pussy and started pounding her with full gusto while the other slowly fucked her mouth. Then one pulled up her top exposing her big tits that bounced while the one boy pounded away at her pussy. To my surprise the boy came quickly, and pulled out leaving a trail of cum from her pussy, the other boy stepped back while Erin got on her hands and knees for the boy she was sucking. He then entered her from behind pounding her hard and slow while the boy from earlier returned for her to suck on.

I watched as her tits swung back and forth from the two boys fucking her in opposite directions with great amusement. The boy behind her hips quickly clenched her hips and came hard inside her. He pulled out of her slit leaving cum dripping down her legs as the other boy laid back and pulled her over to mount his cock. He pulled her over him as his friend worked his cock back up and then entered her ass after positioning himself completely over her. She moaned and looked back to see the third boy position his body as he drove himself into her pussy. She was stuffed full of cock and groaned, almost looking like she was in pain, as they started to pound her at their own individual pace.

I watched her face carefully and noticed she had clinched; probably to spare herself the pain. The three boys came in her simultaneously. She winced as they all pulled out of her at the same time leaving the cum to drip and puddle from her slit and ass. The girls and boys both carried their orgy into the showers, I adjusted my thick hard cock in my pants and continued to watch.

Erin was picked up by a taller guy with a long thin cock. He pulled her dripping pussy down his shaft. His friend came up behind her and entered her ass then gripped her nipples and twisted them while they slammed up into her holes. I smirked and mused at how much of a wild untamed slut she was, not to mention the prospect of breaking her to use as my personal slut. Again, it didn’t seem to take long for them to cum in her ass and pussy. The boys rinsed off and started leaving, the girls on the other hand had different ideas.

I noticed the girls had all replaced the shower heads with their own personal ones and used them to clean their pussies thoroughly. Many of them climaxed from the stream of water. Erin’s friend, Melody, came over and started kissing and rubbing her. Melody was thin, with ample breasts and dark brown hair. She took the shower head and began to use it on Erin’s holes while making out with her. I knew Erin was a slut, but this new found information made my cock swell even more. They soon switched roles, Erin sucked on her nipples while letting the shower head clean Melody’s pussy and ass out.

Just as I thought things couldn’t get better, some of the girls put on strap-ons of various sizes and lengths. A dark hair girl took position behind Erin’s hips and pounded her pussy with one. Unlike with the guys, the girl took her time pounding her pussy fast and hard until you could see their cum dripping down between their legs. Erin’s skin turned flush and she trembled for the first time as she came hard on the thick strap-on. Melody pulled out of her and made Erin lick up her own juices. She then felted the shaft up and made Erin lick her pussy until she came in Erin’s mouth.

One by one, the girls left until it was just Erin in the showers alone. I grinned and decided to put my plan to dominate and control this slut into motion. I hit record as Erin slowly started turning the water spray on a higher setting. She grabbed more of the liquid soap and started working it into a thick lather. Slowly, she ran her hand up and down her body taking time to caress her breast and tweak her nipples slightly until they were hard. Her hand ran down her tight stomach to her mound where she slowly began rubbing her clit in small circles. She let go of the shower head so it dangled down by her knees perfectly hitting her pussy with a hard stream of water. With one hand on her clit and the other bracing herself against the cold tile of the shower, she bounced and moaned as she worked herself up. Her fingers quickly darted in and out of her tight hole. Finally, her knees buckled and she quickly spread her legs wider as the stream hit her perfectly into a roaring orgasm.

It was finally time to catch Erin and lure her into my trap. I hit stop on the computer and hastily, packed up my gear, save for the lap top holding the video of her. I waited in the hall that she walked down to leave every day and just like clockwork she came.

“Hey, Erin you got a minute?” I asked as she walked past me oblivious that I was there in the shadows.

Startled she walked up and asked what I wanted because she needed to get home to sleep. I couldn’t help but chuckle and laugh as I told her it was important. She got snappy with me saying she didn’t have time for my shit.

I laughed more saying, “I’m sure you wouldn’t want your daddy seeing what you did in the boys locker room now do you?”

As she turned around to say something in retaliation, I opened the laptop up and played the video. Her eyes told the story, she was caught in my web.

“Do you enjoy watching yourself being bad? I apologize for the choppy editing but it’s a rough edit.”

“What do I have to do to keep this quiet?” she asked.

“Call home and come with me” I replied. She made the comment she couldn’t; she had to eat dinner but would do anything to keep me quiet. I told her that she had to come to my place when she was done. She wanted to silence me quickly but that wasn’t going to work.

I reminded her of the video, she agreed and started to leave but I grabbed her hand and said, “you need to fix something first!” I then dragged her to the staged back room.

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I pushed Erin into a chair and pulled my cock out. Her eyes got wide seeing its girth and she swallowed hard nervously.

“I can’t put that in my mouth,” she said, obviously scared of it.

“Shut up and do it, we both know you like cock! Are you going to deny this fact?”

She looked up at me and nodded yes with a devilish smile on her lips. I grabbed her hair pushing her lips against the head. She opened her mouth and sucked on the engorged head. I pushed her head further down causing her to gag as I bobbed her head for her. She used one hand to steady herself and the other to rub my balls trying to work me to cumming quickly. It was a task she found harder to do since she was not used to the thickness of my cock. She started to panic as my cock swelled in her mouth, growing bigger as I built towards cumming. I kept a firm grip on her and worked her mouth until I exploded in her mouth. I pulled back and looked at her face, her mouth was two small to hold it all. Some of it went up her nose and out, the rest was dripping down the sides of her mouth. She did not protest and even had a small smile on her lips.

I watched as she cleaned her face off and complained about how it burns to have cum up her nose.

I laughed and gripped her pussy while whispering in her ear, “dress like the slut you are when you come to my place tonight. This is only the beginning, you belong to me.” 

Several hours passed since leaving the school, most of which I spent checking to make sure my loft was sound proof by blaring metal music. Satisfied with my checks, I pulled out the brief case filled with my diabolical assortment of toys to aid in breaking Erin.

Finally the door bell rang, I smiled sadistically and made my way downstairs and answered the door. She nervously said hi as I opened the door. She was a lovely sight to behold. Her red shit was unbuttoned showing both her cleavage and a black corset. She wore a loose black skirt with matching stockings. It was difficult to keep from fucking her right there, my swollen cock showed quite blatantly. I led her in and took her to the kitchen, offered her a drink of sake. I knew she was scared and mad, but I wanted her horny and relaxed all at the same time. She drank it down easily enough and I decided to take her upstairs. I made her walk up ahead of me so I could watch her ass sway side to side.

Once in the loft she again asked what I wanted as I shut and locked the sound proof door.

“You Erin,” I replied with a smirk on my face. “You, I want all of you, your body, your mind, your love and your soul. They will belong to me by the time this night has ended.”

She looked completely confused and I scooped her up and carried one arm to the couch where I pointed to the screen showing the gang bang from earlier. I held her in my lap and began to squeeze her breasts and pussy as tightly as I could. She complained about how sore her pussy was and I smirked telling her that was why I waited so long to do this. Her pussy soaked my hand through her skirt as I gripped her tighter. I undid the shirt and threw it to the floor followed by her skirt and corset. She stood their in only stockings which was a delicious sight

She began to speak but it was all blurred speech to me as I dropped my boxers and pants. I threw my shirt at her before she could get a full look at me. When she dropped it, her eyes focused on me and her face was as red as the shirt she had on. I pushed her to her knees and waited for her to open her willing mouth to me. I shoved my swollen cock into her mouth. She gagged and struggled slightly as I proceeded to fuck her mouth with full gusto. She tried to suck on my cock but had a hard time doing so with me fucking the hell out of her mouth. 

I pulled my swollen cock out of her mouth and watched her gasp for air. While she caught her breath, I moved her to the bed and dropped her on it so she would end up on her stomach. I grabbed a pair of cuffs and cuffed her hands behind her back. I walked over to the brief case and removed the toys I had gotten just for this moment. I took the gag out and fastened it. Then I got out a syringe and filled it with lube. I first lubed up her asshole, then I pumped 5 syringe fulls of lube into her slit. She looked at me with a uncomfortable expression from the amount I forced in. I grinned as I returned to the case and removed a roll of bondage tape, two vibes, 3 clamps that had bells dangling from them and a bullet. I first placed the bell clamps on her nipples and clit. She began to shake and rattle at the sensations coursing through her body.

From there I slowly inserted the vibes, each was thick but not as thick as me. It took some effort to get them in their respective holes, by the time they were in she was panting heavily. To make sure she didn’t force them out I used the bondage tape and taped them in. I then taped the bullet to her mound right above the clamp on her clit. I then, in my evil genius, turned the vibes and bullet on the highest setting. She began to thrash and kicked at the bed as sensation flooded her mind. Her muffled moans got louder and louder. The slut was about to cum on me; I couldn’t let her ruin my fun. So I thought back to my martial arts and acupuncture training. I pressed a spot on her hand to halt her attempts to climax.

She looked at me aghast in realization that I wouldn’t let her cum yet. I pulled the gag from her mouth as I sat in front of her face. I quickly filled her mouth with my hard cock and held her head down my shaft. The vibration of her moans against my cock were heavenly. She started to build up to orgasm again and again I denied her again. She began to whine and whimper from the need. My cock was covered from her slobbering on my cock and I decided the time was right to fuck her into submission. I moved away from her mouth and moved behind her hips. I removed the vibe in her ass and placed it on a towel that I had laid out earlier in the day. I then began to spank her ass until her ass cheeks were evenly red. I lubed my cock up and started to push it deep into her ass. She groaned as every inch of my thick cock stretched her open. With my cock fully embedded in her ass, I began to thrust into her ass hard and deep making her moan a whimper with every thrust.

I kept pounding her ass hard until she started to cum from the forceful fucking. I reached around and pressed the spot again preventing her from cumming. She started to whine and begged for me to let her cum. The look on her face was priceless. Her eyes were filled with eager anticipation for a release her body needed badly and her mouth had the most delicious wet smile on it. I smiled back because she had taken her first step into being my slut. I pulled out of her ass and removed the final vibe. I flipped her on her back and caught a good view of her sweaty body and dripping pussy. I rubbed the length of my cock against her slit. She screamed for me to fuck her pussy, to let her cum in the most sweet submissive voice imaginable. I drove my cock in deep and hard shaking her body with each thrust. I held her legs wide open and pounded her pussy until my cock was touching the back of her womb. Her moans were loud and ragged as I pounded her aching pussy without mercy. She started to panic as my cock swelled inside her pussy stretching her more.

I shifted my body some so I could use her small size to my advantage. I started hitting her g spot hard and fast as I placed my body’s weight on her. I swelled more as the walls of her tiny pussy squeezed my cock as hard as possible. She finally screamed as she came so hard she squirted. The rippling of her pussy made my cock burst filling her pussy with enough cum it was overflowing. She laid there panting heavily while I undid the cuffs, removed the clamps and bullet. Finally free, she pulled herself close to me and laid her head on my shoulder. I reached over and grabbed a ornate necklace and wrapped it around her neck and threaded the one side through the loop so it stayed. She asked what it was with a smile of satisfaction and acceptance on her face.

I looked at her softly and sternly, “Proof that you belong to me and me alone,” I told her.

“Does that mean I’m your…” she started to say until I kissed her deep to quiet her.

“Oh yes you are. Erin, you are mine.”