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A/N: Sorry for taking so long to everyone who still follows me and reads my stories. I was busy with work and life. I hope that everyone is well and healthy given what we are all dealing with together. I don't know when I will write the next installment to this story of mine. I hope you all love it.
Ch. 3 – Memories
Seattle, Washington
10:00 PM
Pigeon University
It's been two days since Lisa had a three-way with her son and his girlfriend. The fallen angel's regular schedule consisted of her teaching anthropology at Pigeon University. The university got its name from the unusual amount of pigeons that congregated around the university. Her class didn't begin for another hour so she took the time to grade some papers from her students. The topic was the renaissance and an in-depth study of how life and society functioned in that period. But thinking about the renaissance got her thinking about the time she attended a vampire ball back in the year 1200 AC. It was around this time that vampires were at their largest in terms of numbers, numbering roughly ten thousand members.
In the year 1200, Lisa was at a vampire ball which was being held in the palace of a vampire warlord. She was dressed in a yellow and white ball gown dress. Her hair was much longer than it was in the present. In this period she kept it in a half-up fishtail french braid style. She stood among a crowd of other single beautiful women who were also dressed more or equally beautiful as she was. The women around her as well as the men were pale-skinned. They were beautiful and handsome to behold, but ancientness radiated from their very presence. It was like she was in the company of living and breathing porcelain dolls.
The majority of the men all had black hair, while only a handful had brown hair. The women's hair color ranged from black to brown and red to blonde. Their hairstyles were fashioned in the style of the period. All of the men's hairstyles were short whereas the women's hair length ranged from short to very long.
A young vampire waiter carrying a silver plate with glasses filled with wine, gestured to her if she would like one. With a soft smile, Lisa took a wine glass for herself and lowered her head at the waiter in a respectful manner.
"Vampires sure are curious creatures," she told herself as she took a sip from her glass.
"It sure is strange seeing a non-vampire or tribe member attending one of our balls," a man's voice said to her.
"And it's strange not seeing hunters raiding this place and sticking silver stakes into all of your hearts. But with this many vampires gathered in one place, no human army would last a battle before the break of dawn." Lisa shot back
"Dear who is this beautiful creature?" asked a woman.
"My beloved, I was just finding out myself" replied the male vampire.
While Lisa preferred to have wine, others in attendance were having only blood. A vampire couple approached her and inquired about who she was and if she was invited.
"Have we see you before? Are you from the coven in France?" asked the female vampire.
"No, I'm not a vampire and not human either. I'm a fallen angel."
"Oh, you're one of the fallen. But you're a woman? I have never seen a fallen one in the body of a woman. How interesting." Said the female vampire.
"I assure you there are many of us who are women, among the many who fell in the second fall, few were women. Unlike me, your kind will never enter heaven or hell, but your spirits will remain eternally on earth as disembodied spirits."
"Even if we are never able to rid ourselves of this condition of ours, and if we are destined to stay on this earth for all time, we may as well enjoy ourselves to the absolute fullest."
Lisa smiled at both of them. "Yes, you all will stay here until the stars themselves vanish from the skies."
"Tell me fallen one, do angels enjoy sex? I know the answer of course. Everyone knows the story about the two hundred who came down to earth."
"As a matter of fact, I do enjoy sex. But when I'm having sex with humans, I have to be very careful with them. They can be so fragile, especially when I'm in the midst of my many orgasms."
"What a pity, I feel for you. You are still so very unsatisfied, I can feel it. Your body is speaking to my senses" the female vampire told her as she caressed the side of Lisa's face.
"Yes, I have been very unsatisfied for a long time."
Then the male vampire had this look in his eyes. "How about coming back to our chambers and taking time to relax and enjoy the company of others, what do you say?"
"Ok. Sounds good." Lisa answered him. "This should be a change of pleasure. Vampires are far more durable than the strongest mortals I have laid with. Even the heroes of legends were barely able to get me off."
Lisa smirked and followed the couple.
[Flashback Ends]
On The Road
"Hey darling it's mom, listen, what would you like for dinner sweetheart. I can make anything you want, you know that don't you."
"I know you can make anything mom. But tonight I would like some takeout if that's alright with you."
"Sure thing honey, anything for my prince. What's on your mind?"
"Could you get me…" Albert told her what to get for him.
"Alright baby, momma's going to get it for you. I'll be back soon."
Lisa was close by to one of the restaurant chains her son wanted food from. She found a parking space in the restaurant parking lot. She stepped out of her car and walked inside the restaurant.
Red Crescent Restaurant
Lisa looked around and spotted someone she thought she would never see again in a thousand years. Her name was Morania, the same vampire woman who she met at that vampire ball over a millennium ago. She was alive and looking well.
"Oh Morania, hey, yoo hoo!" Lisa called out to her.
Morania was busy getting customers' orders and clearing out tables when she heard a familiar voice calling out her. She turned and saw the beautiful blonde from the past walking over to her.
"Oh my goodness, is that who I think it is?" Morania said.
Lisa walked over with glee and pulled the raven hair woman in for a hug. Out of habit, Lisa kissed her on her lips, which caught Moranias's husband off guard who was also working the floor.
"Lisa no, not now, my husband is watching us."
Lisa looked over to where Morania looked and saw a man who clearly was not the same man who was with her at the vampire ball. And he also wasn't a vampire, but human. Morania smiled back at her husband and blew him a kiss.
"She's just a long-time friend my love. Listen I'm going to take my break early and catch up with her, is that okay?"
Her husband nodded yes and returned back to work.
After finding a decent spot to sit located at the back of the restaurant, Lisa and Morania caught up.
"Lisa what the hell is your deal, huh!? Coming here and surprising me and then kissing me?"
"Whoa, even your accent is gone. You sound like a true American. Sorry for introducing myself In such a bold way like that. But I thought you would have stayed with your other man, you know, the bloodsucker."
"That's offensive to me you know. But I left him. I wanted a family, but all he wanted was to continue whoring around and drinking himself into long comas that would last months. I wanted more than just blood parties and orgies. I wanted a family. And that's what I have, with Ricardo."
"Wait, you're married and have children?" Lisa asked, shocked.
"Two children, both are 14. It's good to see you again actually Lisa. If you're wondering why I'm working at this restaurant, it's because it's one of the few businesses the last vampires in America own and run. Normally for vampires to work here they have to be single or married to another vampire, man or woman. But a special exception was made for me and my husband. How about you, married to anyone? Have any children? Can you still do that thing with your body where you grow a -"
"Yeah, I still can. But I was married to one man before and I had one child from him, but that's it. He left me some time ago and so far it's only been me and my son."
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your husband. Finding a good partner is hard no matter what century you're alive in."
"But it's okay because I have my son, and that's all I need right now," Lisa told her with a smile.
"You know something Lisa, when you kissed me back there, I remembered that time when it was you, me, and my ex-husband Eduardu. Do you still remember that moment?"
"How could I ever forget…"
Eduardu sat comfortably on the edge of his bed while Lisa, now completely naked along with Morania, sucked and stroked his cock and scrotum. The vampire's bed-chamber was large, lit by a beautiful chandelier overhead with hundreds of candles. There were vases with white and red roses. Long purple curtains hung over the windows, lined with gold. The bed was large, big enough to fit four people.
Lisa stroked the large and fat cock in front of her. Cocking her head up to look at Eduardu, she grinned at him as she stuffed her mouth with his throbbing cock. He inhaled sharply and enjoyed her hot tongue swirling around his shaft and the head of his cock. Just behind her though, was Morania who had Lisa's pussy spread wide open with her fingers as she buried her long spear-like tongue inside her.
"Mmm, Morania, just like that"
"That's how you like it, Lisa? That's how you like getting your slutty pussy stretched and eaten!"
"The both of you are just incredible. I need both of you right now!" Eduardu said.
Lying in the large bed, the three got comfortable with each other really fast. Lisa and Eduardu kissed hot and passionately as she stroked him. Morania spread her man's legs so she could lick his balls sensuously and gobbled them up. His pleasure senses and threshold which were undoubtedly far superior to those of ordinary men, was unable to resist for much longer and came and blew his load all over Moranias's face and all over his stomach.
"My goodness, so much glorious white glory. Mmm, I want some of that inside of me!" Lisa hissed.
"What an absolute whore you are," Morania told her with her husband's cum all over her face and lips, "Just the way I like them" and kissed her.
Hours went by quickly for immortals when there was so much fun to be had. The bed chamber became like a corked bottle. Walls sweating and the stench of sex filling the air. One of Lisa's favorite positions was having a man behind her as he pounded her whilst she ate or sucked a woman or man beneath her, with their legs open in front of her and their mouths and lips licking her pussy as it satisfied the man enjoying it.
"Oh sweetness, you're going absolutely mad on her pussy!" Morania huffed and puffed underneath Lisa.
"I can't explain the feeling to you darling," Eduardu huffed, "Its like nothing I've ever felt before" he shared, commenting on the tightness of Lisa's wet and squeezing cunt that seemed to have a mind of its own.
"Oh damn…I'm coming…aarghhh!!" He moaned deeply, legs shaking as he slapped Lisa's shapely ass and filled her with cum.
"As much as I…love getting my…pussy stretched and filled. Would you mind if I got further involved?" Lisa asked the both of them.
Eduardu and Morania glanced at one another with a confused look on their faces. Lisa moved away from Eduardu and stepped out of the bed.
"Ed, don't be surprised or frightened when you see this, when I do this, I always do it for my female partners. Though there have been a few men who had asked me to treat them like women.
Lisa tied her long beautiful now disheveled blonde hair into a ponytail, and with a peculiar look in her eyes, shocked both vampires. From her clitoris grew and sprang a 12-inch cock. Eduardu's eyes remained fixed on the throbbing member that put his own at its most erect to shame. There was some insecurity brewing inside of him. But Morania had a different opinion on this new surprise.
"Bring that over here, beautiful!" Morania said almost commanding her.
Morania kissed Lisa and stroked her new long member as Eduardu looked on from his spot. Stroking Lisa as she licked up and down her shaft, Morania found Lisa's dripping pussy. With her fingers she fucked her faster and harder with each stroking motion she made on her cock.
"Oh what's this, you're pussy was looking a little ignored. Mind if I make it feel loved. Oh, sweetness, my husband's cum is still flowing out of you. You nasty little bitch."
Lisa's entire pale white chest and faced flushed red as Morania continued to pleasure her male member. She glanced over to Eduardu and waved him over with a finger. He was stroking himself watching these two women enjoying each other. He felt oddly attracted to Lisa despite sharing what he had. But she made sure to make him feel comfortable. He stood behind her, hard cock pressed firmly against her large round ass. She wrapped an arm around his side and one around the back of his neck. He kissed her neck and sucked at her ears, causing her cock to throb harder inside of his wife's mouth.
Eduardu reached around to the front of her chest and groped and massaged her large breasts and tugged on her large pink nipples. Lisa moaned and puffed at having all of her most sensitive areas assaulted by both of them. Lisa turned and kissed Eduardu as she parted her legs and felt his own throbbing cock sliding between her legs.
"I've lost all patience!" Lisa exclaimed.
She lifted Morania up and bent her over the bed so her beautiful ass was on full display for her. Taking a hold of her cock, she positioned the head at her entrance and pushed herself inside of Morania. With a loud shriek and trembling that followed after, Lisa slapped away at her vampire partner's ass, sliding her thick cock all the way to the hilt, in and out.
Morania's eyes rolled further back into her head as her hands which had turned into claws pierced the bed beneath her and gripped tightly as Lisa's speed increased and so did her indifference. Eduardu followed suit and mirrored Lisa, and fit himself back inside of her. With a slight moan from her, Lisa allowed him to hold onto his wife's thighs while she held on to her hips.
"Yes, oh God fuck me you big dick bitch!" Morania barked.
"Urgh! Oh, father! I'm going to fill you to the brim sweety!" Lisa moaned deeply.
Eduardu tried to keep up with Lisa who was moving faster than he ever could. He felt the muscles inside of her beginning to tighten up dreadfully tighter than before and without warning, emptied himself inside of her but not completely as he fell on his ass just from the sheer force and power of Lisa's pelvic thrusts.
"Aahhh, I'm cumming Morania!"
"Do it! Fill me to—Aghhhh!!"
Eduardu watched as his wife's belly swelled right in front of him. Lisa's entire white body flushed a bright red as she came down from her orgasmic high and stepped back from Morania. Her cock shrunk back as her clitoris just as fast as it appeared. Lisa fell back on the bed and breathed deeply.
"I wonder if this is enough semen for me to conceive…Honey" Morania told her husband. Her breathing was hot and heavy.
Lisa's eyes shot open and sat up on the bed.
"Is this what you wanted from our union, a child?" She asked Morania.
"We've been trying to conceive but a child born to two vampire parents rarely happens. We came to this ball to find a man or another creature who could give my wife what she wanted."
"I'm sorry you two, but us fallen angels don't produce children, we could at one point but the father made sure that would never happen again. I'm sorry but I must go now. I enjoyed myself you two. If you two are around in another five centuries, let's do this again."
Red Crescent Restaurant
"If you two wanted a child that badly, a regular human would have sufficed, Morania."
"Yes, but their scent of blood was always so overwhelming for me that I couldn't focus on conceiving and instead always turned into feasting on them. Now that I am older, have calmed down, I was finally able to get what I wanted."
"Is it hard now?"
"What? Having sex with my husband? Of course not. I think I may have found someone who is a little too laid back for me. I know I just finished saying I have calmed down, but women like us and what we are, we're both animals that love the thrill of the hunt and the act of mating."
"Well I can't stay here much longer because my son is waiting for me, but if you ever want to relive those ancient memories again with me. Just give me a call and me and my son will be happy to oblige your every need."
Lisa placed a hand on top of Moranias's and left, leaving her phone number.

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