Daughter And Mother r Sexy fight

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Daughter And Mother r Sexy fight
Janice age 17 was taking a sunbath on their home’s pool only chair when her mother Sandra age 38 came and told Janice that she was on her chair. “What? No way, I’m taking my sunbath now!” Janice responded annoyed at her mother’s attitude. “Then go pick a towel and end your sunbath on the floor missy!” her mother replied angrily back. Sandra had just come home from work and after taking a shower she intended to let no one stop her own moment of rest and relaxation at the pool and most certainly not her own daughter which usually whined a bit but complied; this time though it was different. “Why don’t you pick a towel instead?
Why do I have to interrupt my sunbath just so you can sit in this chair that is already occupied?” “Why? Because I am the one that pays the bills here and not you!” Sandra answered back. “That is so not fair! I may not pay the bills but I do all my chores diligently. Besides is not like you need any tanning at your age.” Janice replied mockingly. “What? What do you mean by that? Are you suggesting that I’m not attractive anymore missy? Want to put that to the test?“ Sandra replied angrily back as she tore her daughter’s bikini top off. “What are you doing?”
Janice screamed in surprise and shock covering her now exposed bosom “Ah, come on now is not like I haven’t seen those before; besides a good suntan should be done in the nude my dear!” Sandra answered back with a devilish grin in her face, while removing her own top “So now is ok for me to lay around the pool topless?” Janice asked inquisitively losing all inhibition about her exposed boobs. “We are the only ones around here right here right now, not even your dad is here right now so yes it is perfectly ok, and you are the one that defied my womanhood after all!” her mother replied back. “I defied your womanhood?” Janice asked feeling a bit perplexed and curious as to where all this was going. “That’s exactly what you did when you told me my body no longer needs to be tanned remember?”
Sandra replied back “So I hurt your feelings, I guess and apology won’t be enough this time around?” Janice asked feeling even more curious as to where this was heading. “Don’t get me wrong an apology is always good but no it won’t be enough because you will still feel deep inside that because of my age I no longer need to be tanned and besides we need to settle this chair argument once and for all as well!” “And how you propose to do all that then?” Janice asked feeling now a bit horny with both her boobs and that of her mom’s hanging freely in the air, “We put it to the test my dear, your body against mine, breast to breast and pussy to pussy” Sandra answered as she moved closed to her daughter and with one hand cupped her daughter’s left breast while with the other rubbed her daughter bikini bottoms.
Janice let a deep sigh escape from her lips and her head rolled instinctively back for a moment. “OK so whoever wins gets the chair then?” Janice asked feeling hornier than ever “Precisely!” her mother answered back. “Seems too little a trophy for all of this” Janice replied. “Really, what do you suggest?” Sandra asked back. “If I win this not only do I get the chair for a whole week but also an increase in my allowance and no cleaning the dishes for the whole week either!” Janice answered. “Oh so that’s how you want to play it? Fine but if I win and I will, you will not only have to do the dishes but the laundry and water the garden for a whole week” Sandra said. “Deal and you will win only in your dreams.” Janice replied with a devilish tone in her voice as well. “Girl you will have to learn a whole lot before you can even measure up to me and I’ll prove it to you!” Sandra shot back with confidence in her voice, “I’m a really fast learner mom!” Janice said with a tone in her voice that denoted inquisitiveness and youthful enthusiasm.
“What experience in sex have you ever had anyway? French kissed a few of your boyfriends and maybe even a girl right?” Sandra asked. “Just about, how did you know?” Janice asked. “It is a mom’s business to know these things, but the point is my dear that with that kind of experience this won’t even be a match but a slaughter sexually speaking. Are you sure you want to go thru with this? Because if we do I won’t be holding anything back.” Sandra said. “You know something mom? You were the one that brought all this up in the first place and know you want me to back down because I’m supposed to be afraid of you or something? No way, bring it on!” Janice snapped back. “Fine have it your way then; don’t say I did not warn you, now remove your undies!” Sandra ordered her daughter who more than happily complied “Now what?” she asked. “Now you take that towel of yours and lay it on the floor and lay on it legs spread wide because first of all we are going to see who does the other one orally the better and I get the first turn!” Janice explained. “Just like that? Shouldn’t we flip a coin or something for first turn?” Sandra inquired. “Now do you want to do this or not because we do not have all the rest of the day for me to explain and we are wasting sunlight.”
Janice replied back. Sighing Janice finally complied “Ok here I am” she said in a resigned tone. “And here I go!” Sandra replied as she dove into her daughter’s muff spreading the labia apart “Well Sandra this will be very different from masturbating yourself as you do, get ready to cum harder and more than you ever have in your entire life my dear!” Janice said one last time before she began to work furiously on her daughter’s pussy and clit. Janice began to breathe heavily as her mother worked on her pussy and soon her body was being wracked by the unmistakable spasms of a humongous orgasm. She had lost control of her own body and her mother knew that. “You are mine now!” Sandra said as she looked on to see ripples of ecstasy moving across her daughter’s belly. “Do you give up?” she asked her now ecstasiated daughter.
Janice barely managed to utter a response in between her gasps, moans and groans “Nnnever…” she said. “Very well then get ready for more!” Sandra replied back as she kept insistently working on her daughter’s pussy making her cum hard again, again and again. Janice was nearly hyperventilating when her mother was done with her. After taking time to recover and still sighing Janice snapped at her mom “My turn now!” she said as she shoved her mother down. Sandra was surprised but unfazed. “Feisty huh?” She said in what sounded like a mocking tone which only made Janice more determined than ever to show to her mother that she wasn’t somebody to trivialize like that. Janice went quickly downtown on her mom returning the “favor” her mother had given with interests. Janice was surprised and delighted that her daughter was such a quick learner. But she also knew that it raised the bar as it was now a battle of wits vs experience.. Sandra though as she quickly began moaning uncontrollably just as her daughter did under her ministries but managed to hold on a bit longer than her daughter did about half a second though for all intended purposes it was a dead heat tie when Sandra finally succumbs to her daughter’s ministries and also cums just as hard.
“I won, and you taste good mom by the way” Janice said confidently “Not so fast I managed to hold on just a bit longer than you my dear, we are at a virtual tie here look” Sandra said showing the stopwatch on her digital clock.. “OK so how do we break the tie?” “Easy we continue until one of us can no longer take it, now that you’ve gotten the hang of it, it will be my experience vs. your obvious wit, may the best women win” Sandra said. “That will be me, I’m a fast learner as you experienced mom, might as well give up the chair now” Janice replied smugly. “Bring it on, I will crush you and make you cum until your sweet young pussy is dry, with my experience” Sandra replied defiantly “Besides as I told is breast to breast and pussy to pussy, it’s time to see if your tits can stand up to mine” she added. “Fine, how do we measure our tits against one another?” Janice asked getting closer to her mother. “Like this!” Sandra replied hugging her daughter and ramming her nipples into Janice who squealed in pain and surprise “Yeow, that hurts!” Janice complained.
“What? Are my nipples too much for your tender young nipples to bear? Ready to give up?” “Never!” Janice replied as she hugged her mother and pushed her nipples hard into her mom’s which visibly squirmed in pain as her daughter’s sharp hard nipples dug deep into hers. “Who is ready to give up now?” Janice said mockingly “Not me!” Sandra replied as she wriggled until her nipples were free from Janice’s hard nipples assault, with her far greater experience in sexfighting Sandra lunged back her nipples into her daughter’s with renewed vigor To Janice surprise and pain her hard nipples began to gave out to her mother’s nipples assault and they caved in to her mother’s which enjoyed her daughter’s expression of surprise and pain “I told you, I’ve got more than enough experience, give up!” Sandra said. “I won’t” Janice replied panting as she tried to wriggle free. But her mother pushed harder and Janice winced in pain as her nipples were pushed inward.
Sandra released her daughter at that moment. “I won this round, I don’t want to permanently damage your bosom my dear. Just give up no need to get your pride hurt more than it already has for being beaten by an older woman who does not need a tan anymore.” Sandra said. “Like hell, you backed down I didn’t and I won’t let’s continue” Janice snarled although she was nursing her nipples with her hands. “Fine then, I suppose you don’t even know what Tribadism is; do you?” Sandra asked. “I think I saw it once in a dirty movie, those that they show really late at night on pay channels, 2 women locking their legs together or something like that.” Janice replied. “Oh is that what you do late at night then?” Sandra asked. “Only if I’m real bored, usually I just listen to music” Janice replied. “Oh that I know they might as well surgically implant that I-pod of yours to your ears permanently” Sandra said jokingly. “So are we still doing this?” Janice asked. “By all means unless you are giving up, are you?” Sandra asked smiling confidently. “No way! Let’s get it on!” Janice said as she sat on the floor spreading her legs wating for her mother to do the same. Sandra quickly interlocked her legs around those of her daughter in a scissoring position. “Ready?” Sandra asked.
“I was born ready!” Janice said as she began to grind her pussy against that of her mother “I’m going to fuck your brains out mom and you are going to beg for mercy” she added. “You are good for a Newbie, my dear, but you will have to do better than that to beat me, let me show how a real woman fucks another” Sandra said as she began to mercilessly ram her pussy and grind it against her daughter’s pussy. Sandra was ecstasiated but she had the advantage of experience to hold it together, something she knew her inexperienced but willful daughter did not. Soon enough Janice realized she was in for more than she bargained for, despite her courageous attempts her mother was just more versed in the sexual arts and she was basically now at her mercy, she could no longer even control her body’s reactions and a huge orgasm was bubbling from deep inside her, she felt as if every molecule of her body as about to explode in pleasure.
“Do you yield?” Sandra asked one last time. “No!” Janice said defiantly not only because she did not want to admit defeat right there and thus save face but because she did not wanted her mother to stop at all at that point either. “Have it your way then” Sandra replied as she continued to grind her pussy against that of her daughter with renewed vigor and Janice finally exploded in wave after wave of orgasm. Sandra was not done and started fingering and licking her daughter’s pussy increasing the orgasm even more to the point Janice could no longer tolerate it. “Stop, stop it, I give!” she finally manage to utter within breathless gasps.
“What did you say? Say it louder” Sandra demanded. “I give, stop” Janice cried out almost out of breath. “Let that be a lesson to you to never offend your mother by saying that she is too old to take a tan, and as agreed you are to do the dishes and the laundry for a week as well” Sandra said. “I apologized for that before hand and I almost had you, this is not over mom, whenever is possible I want a rematch” Janice said still panting. “I’ll think about it, now go clean yourself up, we both need to shower and Janice? Not bad for a Rookie, I’m proud of you” Sandra remarked. “Whatever, wait until I beat you and make you beg for mercy mom, it will happen, count on it!” Janice said as she walked toward the bathroom. “Someday perhaps my c***d, but not today.” Sandra said to herself as she walked toward her dormitory and matrimonial bathroom.

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