Daughter Sleeping with Daddy to Make a Good Bedtime Story

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Daughter Sleeping With Daddy Erotic Sex Stories added for who looking Latest New Daddy Fuking Sex Story.

I lay in bed reeling from the evenings act.
What kind of a girl has my ex-wife raised Clearly she was a pretty kinky little thing knowingly masturbating in front of her dear old dad and then playing along in my charade to jerk me off into her mouth. Jesus what else could she be convinced to do if this was just the starting point
The images of her glistening wet fingers sliding in and out of her perfect little cunt were haunting me as I tried to sleep. Unknowingly my hand had made its way down to my crotch and I was massaging the head of my cock through my shorts I’d worked it up to about half its full size when I heard the squeak of the floorboards in the hallway.
The spare room my daughter had been staying in was down the hall with the bathroom door opposite my own. My heart began to race as the sounds grew closer peaking when I knew she was right outside the door then dashed as I heard the sound of the bathroom light click on.
Jesus what was I actually hoping for here That my

-year-old daughter would sneak into my room slide my rigid cock into her slender young pussy and ride me to ecstasy all-the-time while I pretended to be asleep again. Had I really regressed to the mindset of a teenage boy. God damn it I’m a 3 -year-old man. Admittedly I’ve not exactly been fucking many young beauties recently but I’m certainly not over the hill
The click of the bathroom light interrupted my self-chastisement motivation as I pictured her right there naked. Her slender frame and toned body catching the light perfectly and promising her soft touch. There was no sound of footsteps no squeaking floorboard she must still be there.
Silently the door handle turned a narrow beam of bright light shocked into the darkness of the room I recoiled from the light but as quickly as it opened the door closed. My windows were covered with black out blinds from the days when I used to work nights and combined with the sudden flash of light I was lost in a sea of pitch black. Did she even come into the room
I lay still my eyes and ears desperately searched the darkness for an

outline or some sign of another person’s presence.
With the stealth of a stalking cat my daughter had managed to sneak around the bed behind me. I felt the bed deforming under her weight of her slight frame as she slid in under the covers.
Are you asleep daddy She whispered in my ear so close that the tantalising tingle of her words crackled in my ear. I hope so daddy. I hope you’re dreaming of me again. Dreaming of your sexy daughter fucking you. Hmm
The lingering hum sent electrifying cold shivers through my body.
Her hand glanced against my side delicately before firmly sliding down my body to my hip. Her slender fingers immediately found their way inside my shorts and wrapped around my semi erect cock.
Ssssssshhhhhhhhh sleepy daddy sssshhhhh.
The soft sultry tones of her words sizzled intoxicating my mind triggering carnal desires and paralysing me perfectly in place as her hands worked my cock to full mast. She slowly worked up and down my full length swirling the head in her palm before returning down to the base.
I felt her warm body press up against

my back as her firm nipples and toned breasts pushed into my back and the warmth of her loins radiated against me.
I couldn’t stop thinking about this after tasting your sexy load daddy. My pussy has been aching to feel your big meaty cock deep inside me. I couldn’t wait until I knew you would be asleep again so I could sneak into your room and fuck you.
She surreptitiously slid on top of me and without pause stroked the length of my cock guiding it skilfully to the soft full lips of her young pussy. In the darkness I could barely make out her silhouette as she nimbly straddled me cock in hand poised on the edge of her pussy. My cock throbbed full of lust and my hips arched up to enter her but effortless control she held my cock just nudging at the entrance to her young shaved pussy. The sensation of her soft smooth lips kissing and caressing at the head of my cock was such tease.
I was barely touching her but I could already feel the tight opening streaming with exciting coating my aching cock. The soft giving entrance

parted as she slowly lowered herself just an inch or two onto my length her legs trembled as slid down my length sending an ever more pleasurable ripple through her.
She paused for a few moments to accommodate my girth as her pussy repeatedly clamped and released easing the head further into her tight young snatch. She sunk another inch as her arms gave way and her face came to rest inches to the side of my own. A long slow breathy moan escaped her lips as she took as much of me inside her as she could.
Oh it’s so big daddy it feels so good. Just like I imagined.
She slowly lifted back up resting with just the head nestled inside her. She took two deep sultry breaths and then began to steadily move up and down riding half of my full length. Every inch felt so perfectly plush as her velvet smooth pussy lovingly caressed and clung to my cock.
Please daddy don’t wake up yet I need you so badly. I just… I just need to really fuck you to feel you all the way inside me.
She sat

atop me pulling the covers back with her exposing my torso to the cool air. She placed a steadying hand on my chest as she lowered herself down inch by inch forcing her willing yet incomprehensible tight wet pussy to take the full length inside. She let out a dull …

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