Daughter’s Slumber Party Pt. 01

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tagIncest/TabooDaughter's Slumber Party Pt. 01

With Labor Day coming up, my 18-year-old daughter, Rita, asked me if she could have her friends Courtney and Judi over for a long weekend "Goodbye to Summer" slumber party. Since I knew her friends and was sympathetic to what the end of summer holidays meant from a teen's point of view, I was happy to agree. Since my daughter has a queen-sized bed, she assured me that at least 2 of them could sleep in the bed, if not all 3, then she would set up a sleeping bag, and if need be, they could take turns being the ones to use the sleeping bag.
My daughter and her friends are teammates on the high school cheerleader squad. With the routines they do, they are all in excellent shape, athletic and toned, but not over-muscled bodybuilder types. They are well-toned, but they are still very much 18-year-old teen females. Rita and Courtney have been friends since they were 6, and with their blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair features, they have been mistaken for sisters more than a few times. Judi has been friends with them since they were 10, and she is a cute redhead with a light spray of freckles across her face, neck, and shoulders. Courtney and Rita are both 5'7" tall, Courtney weighs 115, and Rita is 120 pounds. Judi is an inch shorter, at 5'6" and weighs 110 pounds.
Late Friday afternoon, the girls arrived, and they were very excited to be having a 3-night slumber party. Feeling a bit festive myself, I ordered pizzas and we had pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert.
At 10 PM, I felt myself drifting, it had been a long, tiring day at work, and I said goodnight to the girls, and headed off to bed. I was asleep within 5 minutes of my head touching my pillow.
I came awake, it was 1 AM. I was very thirsty and went off to the bathroom for a glass of water. My bedroom was down at the far end of the upstairs hall, and the bathroom was right next to my daughter's bedroom. I noticed the door to my daughter's bedroom was slightly ajar, and I heard low murmuring voices in her room.
I suddenly heard my daughter's voice, in a low sexy growl, say, "Have you been a bad girl?"
I heard a giggle, then Courtney's voice whisper, "Yes, I've been very bad!"
My daughter whispered back, "In that case, you know what needs to be done, assume the position."
I heard the creaking of bedsprings, a pause, then I heard a whap, followed by a moan, whether of pain or pleasure, it was hard to tell. I had to see what was going on. I cautiously pushed opened the door a little further and peeked in. The overhead light was turned down to a very low setting, dimly lighting up the room, and did I get an eyeful. Only 5 feet away from me, Courtney and Judi were on their hands and knees, completely naked, right at the end of my daughter's queen-sized bed, their tight young asses raised high. My daughter Rita, almost naked save for a pair of very skimpy, tight black panties, was standing at the foot of the bed, right next to Courtney's upraised ass, with a wooden yardstick in her hand.
I heard Courtney's voice whisper, "Spank me again"
I watched in amazement as my daughter drew back the yardstick, and whacked it against Courtney's ass. She gave a yelp, followed by what sounded like a sigh of pleasure.
I heard Courtney whisper for another, and the whap of the yardstick smacking against her ass again. This time she let out a definite moan of pleasure, and with Courtney urging her on, my daughter was happy to administer two more whaps, bringing more moans of pleasure, tanning Courtney's young teen ass with the strokes of the yardstick, making them glow red.
With a grin, she moved over to Judi's upraised ass, and whispered, "Another bad girl, are you ready to receive what you deserve?"
Judi whispered, "Yes, spank my ass."
My daughter drew back her arm and whapped the yardstick against Judi's ass. She let out a yelp of pain at the sting, but she immediately asked for another. My daughter whapped her ass again, this time she let out a grunt, and again she asked for it. The third stroke brought what sounded like a squeal of pleasure.
Judi grunted, "Oh fuck, yes, spank my ass again!"
My daughter was happy to do so, her yardstick smacking against Judi's tight teen ass, tanning her ass with five firm strokes.
Courtney got off the bed and took the yardstick from Rita. Courtney pulled down Rita's panties, and Rita stepped out of them. Courtney pulled on the panties, the cling of the back of the panties pressed against her fiery red ass. Rita took her place on the bed, ass raised up high and ready.
"OK Rita, you've done bad things, and I'm going to give you what you deserve! Count out each stroke that you receive!" Courtney growled.
Courtney drew her arm back and delivered a healthy smack across Rita's ass. Rita's let out a yelp of pain and counted out one.
"Spank my ass Courtney" Rita whispered, "Tan my white ass!"
Courtney drew back and delivered another healthy hard whap across Rita's ass cheeks. My daughter grunted with pleasure this time and counted out two. Courtney spanked her three more times, my daughter counting out each stroke, and I could see her ass bearing the red marks of the yardstick.
Then Courtney went to Judi, told her what a bad girl she was, and with Judi counting out the strokes and urging her on, she spanked Judi's tight, upraised ass with 5 hard whaps, bringing squeals of pleasure from her. Judi had taken 10 hard spanks, and her ass was really red.
Judi got up and took the yardstick from Courtney. Judi pulled down the panties, and she put them on while Courtney again took her place on the bed, her ass upthrust and ready for more.
"Spank my ass Judi!" my daughter growled, "Whip my ass hard!"
"Oh, I will indeed!" Judi giggled, as she wound up, and whammed the yardstick hard against Rita's ass.
Rita cried, "Oh fuck yes, like that! Paddle my ass hard, just like that!"
Judi drew her arm back, and let my daughter have it again. She whapped the yardstick hard against her ass, bringing more bright red marks to Rita's ass. With my daughter urging her on, she tanned her ass with 3 more very hard strokes, making my daughter's ass glow fiery red. I imagined what the sting felt like of being spanked, and my pussy was soaking. Watching my daughter and her friends spank each other was making me VERY horny.
Courtney was next, and Judi whapped her ass very hard.
"Fuck, yeah, like that, beat my ass, spank me hard!" Courtney grunted.
Judi was happy to do so as she paddled Courtney's sexy ass hard 5 times, making all their tight teen asses fiery red, and stinging.
Judi then tossed the yardstick aside, pulled off her panties, and joined Rita and Courtney on the bed. They rolled over onto the stomachs, pushing their asses up slightly, I could see all of them reach down to their pussies.
"Fuck, getting spanked made me so fucking hot!" Courtney growled. "Let's see who can cum first!"
I saw all three of them shove fingers up their tight clefts, and fingers stroking at twitching clits. Soon all three were masturbating furiously. I could hear the squelching sounds as they wildly finger fucked their soaking cunts.
My cunt was aching, my clit twitching wildly. I was just about to shove my fingers deep inside me when I saw Courtney's body shaking and shuddering wildly.
"Oh my God, I'm cumming!" she squealed, "Yes, oh fuck I'm cumming, Yes, yes, YES!"
Her body shook wildly in the throes of her orgasm. That set off Rita, she howled as her pussy exploded, followed quickly by Judi's cry of ecstasy, as her tight teen cunt dissolved in a wash of hot juices.
They lay sprawled and sated, three very sexy 18-year-old bodies, recovering from their climaxes. I quickly and quietly closed the door and all but ran back to my room. Practically tearing my nightshirt off, I quickly dug out my double-headed dildo, 18 inches long, and ready. It had been a gift from a lovely lesbian I'd had a loving 2-year relationship with many years ago, just after college, and I really needed to be filled up. My cunt was absolutely soaked, eagerly awaiting the stuffing it would soon feel. I positioned that thick head against me, and pushed, grunting with pleasure as I was penetrated, the hard dildo stretching the tight walls of my cunt apart, inch by inch. I got 12 inches up my cunt, pulling back and sliding it back in. I was soon ramming my dildo in and out, fucking myself silly, seeing in my mind's eye the sexy spectacle of my daughter spanking and being spanked by her friends, I saw Courtney's sexy teen body, I imagined myself wielding the yardstick, tanning her sexy ass cheeks, and I had to bite my lip, to keep from screaming with pleasure, when my orgasm exploded like a bomb inside me.

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