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June 2022. Like every year, my aunt and I took a two-week vacation together. Mom worked abroad and I kept my aunt company.
This year the choice fell on the west coast of Sardinia and, given the period, we didn’t find much movement.
Walking along the beach we found a motorized dinghy hirer and immediately rushed to see.
Perhaps due to the lack of people, they gave us a special price and we were able to book it for the following day.
Energized for the following day we went to bed early to be energized and active.
At 7:00 on that Monday in June, the alarm went off. We immediately got up, packed a bag with a few things to drink and eat for the day and everything we needed: sunscreen, beach towels, sunglasses and the bag with supplies.
We took the car and after about 15 minutes we arrived at the beach. There were people here and there but not many.
At 8:00 o’clock we were found by the charterer who, after some recommendations and instructions, made us leave.
We went out to sea, in the bay there were several small islands that could be reached from our dinghy. There were several creeks to reach them.
There weren’t many boats that morning, maybe the fact that it was Monday helped, so we felt very free.
Aunty with her black bathing suit got into the tip of the dinghy to get some sun.
There was a suffocating heat but a light breeze came, from time to time, to give us relief.
I stopped the dinghy about a hundred meters from a small beach on one of the islands in the bay, chosen to go there later in the day as it was full of shade. I dropped anchor and we began to relax. The boat closest to us was at least 150/200 meters away, we were the smallest boat/rib of all.
A: “Mat, can you put the cream on my back? I can’t get there,” my aunt asked me.
I turned her on her stomach, took the tube of cream and poured it on my aunt’s back and legs.
I started from her legs and spread the cream giving her a nice massage going more and more on her. I went to her back and spread all the cream, with my hands I also went on her ass bringing them inside the aunt’s costume. I squeezed and stroked my fiery aunty’s firm, creamy buttocks. A: “That doesn’t look like my back” she said laughing. I continued to massage her buttocks adding a few squeezes here and there.
With one hand I went down a little lower than her up to her anus, I caressed it but didn’t sink a finger, I didn’t want to hurt her. I went down again and found the pussy. Two fingers enter massaged aunt for a few minutes. Aunt liked it and it made me horny. While massaging I turned around to try to figure out if anyone was approaching us or watching us. I didn’t notice anyone, I took my hands off my aunt, grabbed the bikini bottom, took it off and threw it towards the driving position.
I bent down and slingshot between aunt’s buttocks going to lick anus, buttocks and pussy, trying to raise aunt’s pelvis a little to have more space.
The heat was asphyxiating and the excitement didn’t help. M: “Let’s jump into the water to cool off a bit”, I proposed. A: “Excellent idea, we’ll continue later”, we got up and I jumped, my aunt took off her glasses and jumped. We remained embraced and attached to the dinghy so as not to sink. With one hand I was holding my aunt and trying to tease her with the other I was holding on to the dinghy ladder.
Aunty took off her bra and threw it into the dinghy leaving her naked. She pulled away from me, took off my swimsuit and I threw it into the dinghy too. We stood naked in the sea hugging each other. My cock was pressing on my aunt’s body, her hand rushed to grab it and gently saw it.
Aunty got into the dinghy and sat next to the engine. I stayed in the water, I made my way between her legs starting to lick her again. Her flavors mixed with the taste of sea water giving that very delicate touch of salinity.
We climbed into the dinghy and stood at the front. Aunty lay on her stomach, put on her sunglasses and lifted her legs. Two fingers penetrated hers and her pussy full of juices.
I began a great fingering while my aunt’s legs moved in the air between her small moans. While I was masturbating her, she stretched one foot up to my mouth, I licked it and kissed it, savoring the taste of sea water, first one foot and then the other.
I took my hands off my aunt, sat down with my back to the wall of the command post. Aunty propped herself up on her elbows, stretched her feet and finally took my cock. She stroked me with her feet still fresh from swimming in the sea. Slow and steady movement. Her soles wrapped around my increasingly throbbing cock. She alternated between a footjob holding my cock between her soles and a footjob holding my cock between the instep of one foot and the sole of the other.
While aunt sawed I looked around us trying to figure out what could be done. M: “What do we do? I don’t see anyone”, A:” But yes, don’t worry, feel free and don’t think about it”. Saying this, my aunt got up, turned her back to me and sat on top of me inserting my cock into her hot pussy. She began circular motions, rhythmic motions to uncover me and feel my cock deep inside her.
After a few minutes I gave her a few pats on her butt inviting her to get up.
She lay down on the cushions of the dinghy, got on her side and I behind her. I lifted her leg and penetrated her with a sharp blow.
One of the first times we tried that position. Aunty lifted her leg to give me space and make it very exciting. Grasping and squeezing my aunt’s thigh, I pushed and fucked her relentlessly.
I took off my cock and lay down, aunt climbed on top of me doing a 69. I licked her anus and pussy and with my fingers I tried to prepare her to fuck her ass. Aunty did a great job with her mouth that almost drove me to the edge. She swallowed it all and took her mouth out, repeating a few times. I licked again and with my fingers I masturbated her. Aunty cum on my face making me savor all the flavor of hers without ever taking my cock off her lips.
We got up, my aunt sat on her back and I followed her. I aimed her ass and entered slowly. Dry strokes and slow strokes, as deep as possible. Aunty gasped and enjoyed. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her towards me. I increased her pace more and more by giving her a few pats on her ass. I grabbed her hips and gave her the last hard, deep strokes that made her moan and scream.
M: “Aunt get ready, I’m about to cuming”, I threw myself back sitting where before. Aunty got between my legs, a few strokes and cum on her face all over her black glasses. A big, thick orgasm that landed all over Aunt’s little face. Aunty looked at me satisfied leaning back and letting me admire her ass still dilated from the fuck.
We stood panting even for the heat that she made itself felt again.
We threw ourselves into the water again, embracing each other and wiping off my aunt’s face and glasses.
Noon arrived, we ate and sunbathed.
Around 2 pm the heat became unbearable and we decided to go to the beach in front of us since it was full of shade.
I fired up the dinghy and we went almost to shore. We put our swimsuits back on and packed a large towel in the bag to put in the sand.
The beach was very small, about forty meters long by five deep. A high rock wall kept it in the shade most of the day. We practically settled on the shore and lay down to get some fresh air.
A: “Let’s take a bath”, she proposed, M: “Why not?” I replied.
We got up and entered the crystal clear water of Sardinia. We talked for a few minutes and then hugged.
We were very close to the shore so we could sit comfortably on the seabed.
Aunty turned and stood on top of me. She let her boobs out by moving her bra, she leaned forward making me lick them.
I licked and with her hands I squeezed her buttocks bringing her to me. I removed the piece from her bottom, took off her bra and tossed it on the shore. Aunty stood in front of me and with two fingers I entered her. I fingered her making her moan.
Aunty did the same with my swimsuit which she tossed ashore.
The cock was free and aunty immediately impaled herself lowering herself.
We tried to do it that way but thanks to the waves it became quite difficult.
A: “Let’s continue in the wet-dryer”, we got up and headed there. Aunty walked in front of me all wet and naked, excitement skyrocketing. I tried to touch the buttocks walking, but I only touched them.
Aunty lay down looking at the sea, I crouched down and immediately went to lick her pussy. I licked and helped myself with my fingers.
I pulled her brim off her pussy, licked her tits and back onto her pussy. Aunty with her hands pressed my head towards her. I went on until her orgasm. She came all over my face again and my lips tasted like her.
I knelt down, pointed at her pussy and with a hard blow entered making her moan. I pumped slowly, she grabbed my head and smacked me a kiss savoring the taste of her from my mouth.
I lay back placing her hands on hers, my aunt kept her legs crossed and up in front of me. I kissed her calves and with her hand I held her legs continuing to penetrate her very easily.
I took off and lay down this time, looking at the sea.
Aunty lay down with her face very close to my cock. The feet from behind her lifted making me admire the soles of her feet shiny and full of sand. She kissed my balls then swallowed my cock all the way down.
Aunty got up and got between my legs, sliding my thighs under hers. I aimed her pussy again and the cock was in again. With her hands I stroked her feet as she bounced on my cock.
Aunty fucked me in rhythm with her back to me. The most powerful waves came up to my waist. She moaned and gasped harder and harder.
M: “Almost there, get ready” I warned her. Aunty squeezed harder and harder making me pour all my orgasm into her pussy. I was in heaven. Long orgasm all poured inside the fiery aunty.
She slowly pulled my cock away and my cum started oozing out of her pussy onto the sand. She turned and hugged me tightly.
After a while we returned to the dinghy. We finished the things we brought with us to eat and left for the return of the dinghy, punctually.
We thanked the renter and went back to the car. We thanked each other for the beautiful day and talked about it for the whole quarter of an hour that separated us from home.

Thank you.