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I’m a pretty boring person, not risk taker and the quiet loner type. I 31 have one advantage I’m rather well off. Make my money investing and with no great risk to it. So, when I was asked to back a way-out idea, I said No. But a man was so desperate enough to make an unusual offer putting his wife 46 up as his collateral for the duration of the loan. Meaning she would cook, clean and let fuck her until he paid me back. Which he did on time, and I made some money and got sex. She wasn’t a centerfold model but was okay in my view. I thought that was a once in a lifetime type situation, I was wrong another man wanted to do something I thought was crazy and he needed money and new the first man and made a similar offer. Except his idea was totally wacko to my thinking and he didn’t have wife. But he had a daughter 20 who was so under thumb of her father, a blind man could’ve seen it. Anyway, I decide to go with my lust more than my gut, I agreed and was the daughter’s first lover. Something I had thought about and her being so timid hadn’t said anything and I took no precautions, and she hadn’t either. But not to alarmed I started using condoms and the father started his wacko experiment and it blew up in his face almost straight away. With the father dying instantly, I was sought of responsible for him dying if I hadn’t loaned him the money, he might be still alive. But I had another problem I had the daughter and according to the contract she was mine until I was paid back. Not legal in any sense of the word, but I found out she would honor the contract. Mainly as she had nowhere to go and no money to support herself, I continued to fuck her with condoms and grew closer to her as time passed. She was my sex toy/companion and anywhere I had to go she went with me. I had to pay for her father’s funeral and didn’t add it to the bill. As things were, I had her as long as I wanted her, and I was really enjoy fucking her. But things changed when she started feeling unwell and I learnt later had missed her periods twice. A pregnancy test showed a positive result and so I took her to my doctor after a test was confirmed as pregnant. I had two choices as I saw it, first continue on as before or second marry her. I chose the latter as it was easy to explain, then a young pregnant woman being with me all the time. I would say she’s my wife, no other statement required. I asked her was she willing to marry me, and she just nodded her head in approval, so we married 2019. She is again pregnant with our second child with about 4 months still to go. There has been a slight change in her since we married and had our first son, she isn’t as timid as before and also knows she isn’t under contract since the wedding as I burnt on our wedding night. She still prefers to be close to me as before our marriage and I like her being with me as well.

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