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It was so much fun writing the first one. I had to have another go at this and write a part two. Thanks to my confidence booster for urging me to write this. You will need to read part one for this to make any sense.
On the flight home, the night's events were turning my brain inside and out. I had the most amazing night with one of my oldest friends, who it had taken me a decade to meet. But I knew that somehow or another, I needed to get my wife to meet her. I knew they would get along like a house on fire, regardless of anything, and who knows how persuasive Misty can be.
Misty is one of the most secretive people I have ever met. Her real name is a riddle to most; she does not have a social media account and works in referral work. For someone in this day to not have a major digital footprint would almost seem like a catfish if I did not know her.
So, with no reference points, the plan had to be set.
Months go by, and I do not act it while it consumes my thoughts in every way possible. It consumes my work, my study, and my idle procrastination. I knew this was not going to be as simple as it was with my other friends or even my ex-girlfriend who we are both good friends with, but it needed to land perfectly for the result.
Tiffany and Misty both had something in common; they are both as stubborn as all hell. Tiffany is the rock of my life. She is tall and strong physically, the most understanding person I know emotionally, and driven to succeed in everything she does. Misty is stubborn, but the rest is so different. Tiff has a foot on her height, but what she lacks in height, she makes up for in scheming and outrageousness.
There is something else we needed to work out; my wife hates Melbourne. Years of working for a bad company had led her to some bad times in this city, and that needed dealing.
However, a few months later, the opportunity presented itself. ANZAC Day Long Weekend is a traditional weekend for New Zealand Rugby League supporters, and this will be our backdrop. We would turn it into a weekend away into the wineries as well and eating in the amazing food districts of the city.
We land on the Friday night flight, it's late, but we are hungry and do not want airline food. So after checking in, we go to the pub down the road from the hotel. I set up for Misty to meet us there so that they can get to know each other. I am nervous as hell, but without traps or toys, so this cannot go weirdly wrong.
There is a saying about not introducing your wife and mistress to each other, I was not quite doing that, but this is as close as you could go — Misty might be mad, and I might be a geek, but I cannot and would not bring myself to cheat.
They meet, hug, and I bring over a round of drinks (no more Southern Comfort, I go higher end and whiskey this time as I know my wife will appreciate it, and I will not get killed for going cheap either). I stand in the queue at the bar willingly, even though three drinks in one hand with a walking stick will be a trick and a half, but I want them to bond. I would look over and smile in Misty's direction, and I knew from her reassuring eyes that she was bonding and getting to know her well.
Tiff was telling the story of how we met, our first date (the sanitized version), and all the other best 'couplely' stories that there are. I had told Misty some of these, not all (including the non-sanitized version of the first date story), but I wanted them to talk for as long as possible uninterrupted.
When I arrived, they were both smiling. As I hugged Tiff, I was greeted with the news that Misty had offered to come with Tiff and me on the winery visit I had organized for the following morning. I knew Misty was up to something, but I let it slide. I was going to follow her lead, no matter what.
After dinner and the second round of drinks, we were tired and called it a night. We agreed to meet in our lobby the following morning.
This is Melbourne in the middle of the year; it can be a bit 'four-seasons-in-a-day' weather at the best of times. While this does not bother me, it bothers Tiff and naturally will bother all 5ft nothing of Misty. I come downstairs in a Mooloos Rugby jersey ( a bit thicker than standard) and long pants. Tiff is in a standard white top with jeans and carrying the sweater in case it gets cold with solid RM Williams boots. Misty has gone with the black leather boots, a respectable skirt with a Philly Eagles jersey (a gag in response to my Philly MLS shirt from the last time we met for sure).
After the hugs and kisses were exchanged, we all got in the minibus and realized we were the only ones on tour for today, so this was going to be cozy at a minimum. Our tour bus driver Laurel was an older 50-something but pleasant enough. With Tiff and Misty bonding and asking the tour guide all the questions possible and Tiff telling all the stories about New Zealand, I decided to do something that was odd for me when nervous; I shut the hell up.
The wineries were gorgeous, the wines themselves were amazing, the food was great, and we all just genuinely enjoyed each other's company. I got some grief for not mentioning Misty to Tiff sooner, but the whole living on the other side of the world thing got me away from that.
My lack of popular culture knowledge was picked up, and my natural geek and dork tendencies were also picked on in a loving, self-deprecating kind of way. At this moment, I knew why I had been friends with Misty all these years. She is amazing and funny but also able to torment me mentally in ways that no one else could. She had loved the fact I had fallen for Tiff and how we fell in love.
Tiff is my rock; there is no other way to put it. When we got married five years ago, it was the best day of my life. If Misty could have been there, I would have had her there. I would have flown her out, but she would not allow it as life has it. Between humility, toughness, and being amazingly clever, my wife and Misty were getting on amazingly.
As we arrived back at the hotel, the decision had been made that we would change quickly and go to dinner in Chinatown. This got a giggle from Tiff as it's all I can cook, and got a giggle from Misty as she had heard and seen the cooking in picture form over the years.
We both quickly stripped and changed and oddly forgot that Misty was even there before we went out.
At dinner, the bonding continues, and then the obvious comes — the reason we are here; the game. Lucky for me, I bought a third ticket where we knew this would be hilarious. Trying to explain rugby of any version to an American living in Melbourne was always going to be akin to explaining the NFL to most Australians.
Stadium food and drinks later, as we went through the game, I cheered like a maniac, and they amused me. I might be mad, but I am lucky to have a wife and best friend who are like this.
Every time I stood up, they muttered behind me. Every time I had gone to get the food and drinks, they were whispering, and the looks they were giving each other were akin to giddy schoolgirls cooking up a plan.
I knew that Misty was up to something. The question for me was how far Tiff was willing to go along with it.
As we left the stadium and finally got in the Uber back to the hotel, Tiff never asks where Misty lived, and Misty did not object to coming with us. I got in the front of the 4WD and opened the door for Tiff and Misty to slide in like a gentleman.
The whole ride over, the driver and I talk about the game intently as he cared about the result. He is distracted, and I see the two of them whispering mischievously as we go for ten to fifteen minutes through the CBD to the hotel.
As we turn to the block, my phone lights up with my WhatsApp and a message from Misty.
"Look into the mirror and remain calm," the message read.
I curiously look up as I hold up a conversation with the driver to see Misty nibbling seductively on Tiff's neck. Tiff's mouth was open as I think it dawned on her where this was all going. I just smiled and hoped we hit some traffic to slow this down.
As Tiff let out a little moan, there was a kiss. A soft, delicate kiss as Tiff succumbed to whatever Misty had done to get her to this point. Tiff had never done anything with a woman before (as far as I knew) and had only ever muttered it as a fantasy on one occasion a few years before in a messenger note while I was being a shithead at work.
The kiss deepened, and I pretended to pay attention to the driver's conversation as we pulled into the hotel. I thanked him, got out, and opened the door for the two ladies. They strode ahead of me quite eagerly, however in a somewhat distracted state, I stumbled and fell onto my knees. I felt like a complete clutz. Tiff came to get me back up.
"She is magic," she whispered in my ear.
"I will always love you, but go with whatever she has planned in her head," I nervously replied.
I got myself together as I strode forward again like a normal person on a cane. With both of them behind me, I felt a little like a head-on walking shot from the House M.D TV show from my childhood (and I had the cane to boot). However, I was determined for a whole other reason.
The elevator ride was tense, but there were hands going places and muttering. At this point, I could say I have not been so anxious in all my life.
I am a geek; these things never happen to me. I had only had four sexual partners before this. The riskiest thing ever had been a hand job and fingering on a long drive. This was way past where my geek brain had ever contemplated.
As I got to the door with the key card, my hand was shaking quite visibly. I was nervous, excited, and did not want to stuff this up or stuff up my marriage all at the same time. I felt like the hall was spinning, so the card going into the slot was the most difficult challenge my brain had gone through in years.
After accomplishing the mission of opening the door, I got in, got my shoes off, and placed them neatly like I somehow forgot what the hell was going on behind me.
Before I knew it, their kissing was passionate and deep. It was like Tiff was in a trance, and Misty felt like she had conquered the one she always wanted.
I spun around, and they stopped and stared at me. Before I knew it, they had pushed me against the chair standing against the desk. I was stunned, the two of them were in on this together in some way, but I was hardly going to protest.
Being clever, the belt on my side of the suitcase and the belt on hers came out, and my hands and legs were tied to the chair in no time. I protested, but Tiff kissed me passionately to shut me up.
Misty kissed me deeper and whispered, "I told you she was amazing, shit head."
Misty smiled at me as she slowly stripped Tiff and slid up her body like a vixen in complete control of the situation. Tiff moaned as she was devoured with a seductive row of kisses from her neck to her lips. As her tongue slid into her mouth, she knew she had secured what she wanted. As the kisses flowed, the moans got louder as my struggles got more real.
She moved down Tiff's body with laser-like precision. First tracing a line of kisses down her body, then to her very sensitive nipples. First with the sucking, then the light biting and blowing on them to make Tiff squirm and moan. She knew her way around her body like it was imprinted in her brain. While all these seemed to occur with robotic precision, there was nothing robotic about it at all.
Tiff's legs were squirming as were mine strapped into this bloody chair. I could feel the belts cutting into me as I struggled against them. I so badly wanted to join in my wife's pleasure, knowing full well that was the plan all along. My torment was Misty's delight, and Tiff was in so much pleasure on the end of Misty's tongue, but yes, she enjoyed my torment as well.
As the line of kisses descended Tiff's gorgeous body, Misty lightly flicked my wife's clit with her tongue, and at that moment, it looked like Tiff was about to explode as she spasmed under her touch. I had never been so turned on in my life.
The way Misty ate Tiff was majestic; it was nothing like I had seen in porn (and I had seen plenty). It had Tiff moaning and squirming in a way that I had never seen before and certainly in a way I had never been able to create before. She was shivering to the touch, moaning to the gentle kiss, and Misty was going to make this last.
Tiff moaned, "Fuck! she is amazing" to me.
I begged for the first time to be let out and was summarily denied by Misty, who was far too entranced in eating Tiff into a splendorous mess. Tiff was moaning, squirming, and begging for more. Misty was more than happy to oblige.
This looked like it was Misty's last meal, and she wanted to savour this whole situation. I was squirming in the chair, begging to be let out –or at least stripped.
Well over an hour had passed, as I had been left with the clock in the eye line. Tiff was arching her back, and Misty had decided that this was going to be it; the time she turned Tiff into a moaning mess. She went for it like her life was on the line, and I noticed the intensity was rising more and more as Misty's tongue was working its magic in a way that neither Tiff nor I thought was even possible.
As the orgasm rippled through Tiff's body, the sight was nothing like I had ever seen. Tiff was so loud, and the sounds of her wet pussy gushing on Misty's very talented tongue was like nothing I had heard. It was a sensory overload for a horny, tied-up geek.
The orgasm eventually subsided as my hot, wet, sweaty wife gasped for breath. She motioned for Misty to come up from the floor. Misty got up, but first, she decided that her mischief wasn't going to stop there.
She sauntered over to where I was struggling against the belts, her body was porcelain white, and her smile was melting my heart and brain. The smile on her face showed that she knew it.
As she approached me, she whispered in my ear, "she tastes amazing."
She passionately kissed me. Tasting my wife off another woman's lips was something I never in a million years thought would happen, but it was an amazing moment all the same.
As she broke the kiss, I begged for mercy and to be released. I was so turned on, and the belt was killing me. In the end, a naked Tiff and a naked Misty decided to unstrap me from the chair and then strip me all the same.
As I kissed Tiff for the first time since this whole encounter, I was naked and throbbing hard, but my brain had no idea what on earth was next in terms of my role in the show. My brain had just stopped working in that moment, even if my cock had not.
Tiff then kissed Misty deeply, aggressively, like she was in a heat akin to our first date. She then picked Misty up and completed the position switch. Then she started to eat Misty's pussy. My wife eagerly lapped up her tiny, wet, smooth pussy like she was possessed. There was not a whole lot graceful about this at all; it was pure lust. There was no way Misty was going to hold out on her for too long as I just stood there like a moron.
I got smacked out of my trance. Tiff threw a shoe in my general direction and told me to stop being such a geek and to join in. I was reminded that this was not a voyeur only show.
I approached the bed and pounded my wife's now slippery pussy like my life depended on it. I was going at her like a jackhammer as she ate Misty's pussy. I knew this was not going to last long if I was left uninterrupted as I watched the scene below me. However, like all things in this, I was going to be made to wait.
After some time elapsed, Misty decided to usher me out of Tiff and into her mouth. I had not had a lot of blowjobs in my life, but my god! did Misty know what she was doing with her mouth! The way she used her tongue was like something I had never felt in my life.
As I got close, she would slow down, then start back up again. It was the most pleasant torture I had ever felt in my life. Then her orgasm rippled through her, but my wife did not stop until she knew that Misty had become a puddle. Content with her efforts, Tiff kissed me deeply. We had not shared a kiss as deep and passionate as this in a long time, but it was electric. Suddenly Misty found herself teasing me and teasing Tiff with her fingers at the same time.
Within minutes we were both moaning like maniacs possessed by the hand of the same woman. Then it happened, I was stopped in my tracks as I held Tiff upright through her second orgasm of the night. It rushed through her like a jolt of electricity as she screamed like no tomorrow.
"I swear to god if you don't pound this vixen senseless, I'll kick your ass," she blurted out as she came down from the orgasm.
Before I knew it, I was pushed on the bed. Tiff was on my face to encourage my eating her pussy while also obstructing the vision of whatever else was going on, and before I knew it, Misty was riding my cock. Now I was not thinking at this point; my big brain was just overwhelmed with sensations, so I just bucked my hips and ate my wife like it was my last night on earth.
Misty was sliding up and down on my cock so seductively as she kissed my wife on the way through. Tiff was being urged to drown me in her juices by Misty in between the kisses, and I knew there was no way I could survive this for too long without filling up Misty like something I could not even imagine.
Through the cascade of moans and screams, Tiff orgasmed on my face as Misty held her up, and my tongue turned her into jelly. Misty's bouncing was in time with my hips as it got faster and faster. Everything for the first time in my head was in sync like a computer after a reboot for the first time.
I could not go any faster as Tiff kissed her juices off my lips. She was urging me to cum.
"Fill her pussy up."
"Pound her like you have never done this before."
"Make her scream and cum all over your cock."
She kissed my neck and earlobe as she sexily teased me with the sexy talk. All of that meant I was never in a million years going to last long. Then it happened, I exploded and screamed like something I never thought was possible. I came so hard, I turned into a blob to the side of the bed.
The three of us were thoroughly well fucked, and were without any energy to move. Misty wound up in between us as we all spooned each other and passed out.
As Tiff began to breathe heavily, Misty kissed me and whispered, "If you think this is the end of this corruption for you and Mrs. Shithead, your big brain isn't working…"
With that, I fell asleep wondering what this amazingly gorgeous friend had in store for us next as I saw Misty drift to sleep with a dirty little grin.

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