Dear Diary: Daddy’s Baby

tagIncest/TabooDear Diary: Daddy's Baby

Dear Diary,
I really want a baby. I don't care if the guy stays in our lives, I just want a baby. I don't want to be an old middle aged mom.
Dear Diary,
Well, it looks like my step father read you. Yesterday when mom left for book club he cornered me in the hall by the bathroom after my shower and asked how bad I wanted a baby. At first I was too shocked to answer. After he told me he saw in my Diary that I wanted a baby. I eventually told him I have always wanted to be a mom and I am getting older now since I am 20 and want to have one now. He offered to help me as long as I start calling him Daddy at all times, when he is fucking me and even when mom is home. But I could not tell Mom who the father was.
He had been rubbing my sides while talking to me. I was so turned on thinking about my step daddy fucking me. I replied with, yes Daddy.
He led me to my room, which still has the princess pink gauze canopy above it. Daddy sat on my bed and told me to strip for Daddy.
I turned on some music with a heavy bass. I started dancing as I removed my clothing. When I just had my bra and panties on Daddy motioned me to go to him. I walked up and climbed on his lap. Giving him a lap dance like I have seen on TV. Daddy unhooked my bra. He told me, I had pretty little titties, but they would look better bigger and filled with milk for our baby. Daddy was caressing my breasts as he spoke. My nipples were so hard when he finally lowered his head and took the right tip in his mouth. I cried out and ground my pussy into his cock.
Daddy put me on the bed on my back. He used the gauze canopy to tie me up, so I was spread for him and unable to move. Daddy used the scissors from my desk and cut my panties from my body.
"Does my baby girl like this?" he asked as his hand were running over my body. l responded simply with Yes, Daddy.
Daddy slipped a finger into my pussy. He started to move it in and out. I whimpered as he kept speeding up. I wanted to reach for Daddy, but the bindings wouldn't let me. I whimpered as Daddy pulled his fingers from me.
I watched as Daddy stripped his clothing and climbed back onto the bed. "Is Daddy's baby girl ready to become a mommy?"
Daddy did not give me a chance to answer, he buried his cock deep inside my pussy. He started slow moving in and out of me. It felt so good, his big cock moving inside me. Daddy grabbed my tit pinching the nipple as he rammed into me. I was moaning so loud, it was good mom was not home.
I felt myself getting close to orgasming and told Daddy. Daddy started fucking faster and harder. If I was not tied to the bed I am sure he would have pushed me against the headboard. I screamed "Yes Daddy" as I reached my peak. Daddy grunted and slammed into me three more times as I felt his seed warm me from within.
Daddy withdrew from me and slapped his cock on my clit. Daddy climbed off the bed but left me tied to the bed. He promised to be back later.
I fell asleep so I don't know how long it was until Daddy came back. I was jolted awake to Daddy putting his fingers inside my pussy. He slowly rocked his hand inside me making me wetter and wetter.
Daddy withdrew his fingers from me. With fingers wet with my juices he started caressing my right nipple. I could see the wetness coat the hard numb. Daddy leaned down and sucked my essence off my nipple. Even when the nipple had to be clean Daddy kept suckling on my nipple like a baby would. Looking up at me Daddy told me he could not wait to suck milk from my tits.
"Is my little momma ready for Daddy to fill her again?"
I moaned and arched my hips, "Yes Daddy."
Daddy climbed on top of me and just slammed his cock fully inside me. It hurt and felt so good at the same time. I gasped, Daddy covered my mouth saying mom was home and did I want to get caught fucking my Daddy.
One part of me wanted mom to see Daddy balls deep inside me, but the other part knew if I wanted Daddy's baby I could not let mom know yet.
I could feel Daddy's cock hitting that special place in my pussy. I moaned into Daddy's hand. He was fucking me slow but hard. It felt so good, my orgasm was so close. Daddy started fucking faster. I screamed against his hand as I reached my peak. Daddy just kept going, pounding away at my wet pussy.
With a couple hard thrust Daddy filled my pussy with his hot seed. I love feeling Daddy's cum inside my pussy.
Daddy untied me finally. My arms tingled from being tied so long. Daddy told me the best way to get the feeling back in my arms was to go on my hands and knees in the middle of my bed. As I did I felt Daddy behind me. He had me spread my legs a bit wider and pushed my back down.
Daddy slid into my pussy again. He took no time to grab a handful of my long hair and start fucking me. It felt so different, more like Daddy was just using my pussy for release. He did not care about my pleasure he just kept thrusting until he came. With a hard slap to my ass Daddy left the room.
Dear Diary,
Well for a few days Daddy did not make any advances on me. I thought he was waiting to see if I was pregnant already or not. Turns out he decided to surprise mom with a spa weekend, so we would have the house to ourselves.
As mom was gathering the last of her things. I was standing on the opposite side of the kitchen island from her. Daddy walked up behind me putting one hand on my shoulder, the other pushed my shorts down over my ass. As Daddy told mom to enjoy her weekend, he was sure we would find something to do around the house, Daddy slipped the fingers from his other hand into my pussy. While Daddy and mom talked he fingered my pussy. Daddy had two fingers inside me and was flicking my special spot. Right after mom shut the front door I let a deep moan echo in the kitchen as my juices gushed out to coat Daddy's hand.
Daddy grabbed my hips, spun me around and lifted me to the counter top. Daddy buried his head between my thighs, he started licking my pussy. Lapping up all of my juices. I grabbed Daddy's head and held him tight to my pussy. Somehow Daddy slid a hand to join his mouth on my pussy. He flicked my clit with his tongue and put two fingers deep in my throbbed twat. He worked my pussy until I was screaming for him. Daddy lifted his head and told me he wanted to see me squirt not just feel it. He started fucking my pussy hard and fast with his fingers. I fell back against the counter as I came. Daddy telling me I looked beautiful and it was the hottest thing he ever saw.
As my body stopped shaking from my orgasm Daddy helped me from the counter and said he wanted to fuck me in his bed. We went to Daddy and mom's room shedding our clothes as we went.
Daddy's big cock was standing tall against his stomach. I asked Daddy if he wanted me to blow him. He told me "more than you can imagine, but not until we get a baby inside you. Once we do and you are too big to fuck then you will suck me."
Once in Daddy's room he told me to climb on to the bed and close my eyes, he had a surprise for me.
With my eyes closed I felt something soft slide up my leg across my stomach over my hard nipple and down my arm. Daddy wrapped something that felt like a velvet bracelet around my wrist. He repeated the action with the other side too. Then another piece was traced over my pussy up my stomach and wrapped around my neck.
Daddy told me to open my eyes and look in the mirror he was holding. The choker he put on me said Daddy's Girl. I looked at my wrists they were cuffs with hooks to restrain me. Daddy reached under the pillow and pulled out a cord he attached both wrists to. He started caressing my body making me so wet I could feel my juices in my ass crack. Daddy pulled the blanket off the bed and told me he wanted to soak the bed in my juices so even when he slept with mom he would smell me.
Daddy played with my body for what felt like hours. He made me squirt a couple more times, and just kept me so wet I was almost sobbing with need.
Finally Daddy climbed on top of me and fucked me so hard and fast. When Daddy ejaculated in me there was so much cum it leaked out and down my ass crack to mingle with my juices on the bed. Daddy sat back staring at my pussy. He grabbed his phone and took a picture of my pussy leaking his cum.
We fucked all weekend, in daddy's bed, in my bed, on the sofa, the table everywhere. It was such a good weekend.
Dear Diary,
It's been about a month now that Daddy and I have been trying for a baby. Well he bought me a test today. I just took it and I am going to have my baby soon. Tonight I will put on my collar and bracelets and tell Daddy.

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