Dear Laura

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tagIncest/TabooDear Laura

*All characters depicted are over the age of 18.
She lay there sleeping so peacefully. Still wearing her shorts and team uniform. She crashed on the couch right after getting home from her friday night soccer game. I stood over the slumbering goddess she was so beautiful, with brunette hair and soft little lips. I could see her midriff peeking out of her jersey and her smooth strong thighs sticking out of her silky pink shorts.
I wanted to see just how crashed out she was. I placed my hand gently above her knee. She didn't stir, so I slowly slid it halfway up her thigh. I enjoyed the feeling of her warm smooth skin against my fingertips. I rubbed her leg slowly. I felt my dick start to harden. She was definitely asleep.
I stepped back beside the arm of the couch where her head rested. I pulled the front waistband of my sweatpants down. My cock sprang out over top of this serene beauty. It was a wonderful sight, seeing her lovely lips inches from my throbbing meat. Only something I had ever dreamed of.
I stepped back in front of the couch stood over her, stroking my cock. I knelt down beside her and gently nudged her hand toward me. I laid my cock across the palm of her hand, and wrapped her little fingers around it. It grew even harder in her loose grip.
I laid my hand across her milky pale stomach. I started to saw back and forth in her hand slowly. I ran my hand under her shirt and across the modest Mounds hidden by her sports bra. I slid my hand down her side back to her amazing thighs. I started thrusting harder against her hand.
I traced my finger up the inside of one of her legs up to her shorts and down the other leg, then back up and down again. I ran my hand up her leg to the bottom of her shorts and let it linger there. I looked over towards her face. She appeared to be napping peacefully still.
My hand slowly disappeared under her shorts. I felt some coarse hairs poking out from under her cotton panties. I rubbed my fingers across hot damp cotton Mound. I felt her grasp tighten around my cock. I glanced over to see her still asleep but with her eyes closed a little tighter.
My fingers dove under her panties and combed through her course bush. Her nether lips were already slippery and covered in juices. I slid my finger to the dripping entrance. I slid my moistened digit up and around her little nub, then gently back and forth across it.
I slid my two fingers back to her wanting hole. Her warm wet juices coated my fingers as they thrust into the folds of her sex. My thumb now fumbling with the live button as my fingers probe her g-spot.
Her grip on my member tightens even more as I feel her pussy pulsate around my fingers. With one hand on her breasts I keep finger fucking her as I hump her hand frantically. Her hips rolled back and forth slightly fucking my hand. Suddenly my fingers felt like they were in a vise grips. Her face contorted and she groaned so loud I have no idea how she stayed asleep. My balls tightened and my dick twitched in her hand. My load streaked across her arm and some dripped down onto the floor.
I took my hand off of her breast and tucked my cock back into the waistband. I took my fingers out of her and pulled my hand out of her shorts. I used those fingers to wipe and scoop the cum off of her arm. Watching and feeling my cum on my fingers, I had a dirty thought. I dove my hand back inside her shorts. I dripped my cum into her and stuffed my cum coated fingers inside of her.
I took my hand out of her shorts and stood up. I pulled the blanket off of the couch and laid it over her legs.
I knelt down and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Goodnight."
Then I kissed her lips.

She sat up and yawned as the daylight shone in through the curtains on her.
"Good Morning!" I smiled to her.
"You crashed hard on the couch last night. Did you have a good sleep?"
"I think so." Smiling she yawned again.
She sat up and watched a bit of television.
"Would you like a coffee?" I inquired.
"Yes, please?" She smiled over to me.
It felt like I had just handed her the mug. She tipped back her head and slurped the last drop of coffee from her mug.
"Ok, I'm going to go have my shower now." She said, as she smiled at me while getting up off the couch.
Carrying the mug, humming a cheerful melody, she walked over toward the kitchen. She was such a cutie. She put away some dishes and then headed toward the stairs.
"Alright, see you after my shower." She smiled over to me, as she glided through the living room.
I turned to watch as she ascended the stairs, her slender legs quickly disappearing from view. Sitting on the couch in the living room, listening intently, I could hear the floor above me creaking so I knew she was in her bedroom. Then I could make out the sound of the bathroom door at the top of the stairs closing and the shower being turned on.
I hopped off the couch and ran up the stairs and went down the hallway. I opened the door to her room. The clothes she was just wearing were in a heap on the floor. I moved her jersey to the side and found the silky pinky shorts. I peeled some small white panties from the shorts. I brought them to my face. They were still warm and strong with her intoxicating scent.
The image of a beautiful, bare goddess stepping into a warm, wet shower filled my mind. A steamy scene to behold; soapy, slippery legs all lathered up. Shimmering droplets cascading over soft, supple breasts. Then I felt it get quieter.
The shower turned off.
I dashed out of the room and down the hall. As I reached the top of the stairs she opened the door. I spun around as if I had just climbed the stairs. A puff of steam drifted out of the bathroom in front of a wet haired, foggy glassed little woman.
"It's all yours if you want." She offered. "There should be lots of hot left."
I opened the door to my bedroom as she walked by and opened the door to hers. She walked into her bedroom only pushing the door lightly behind her leaving it slightly ajar.
I pushed shut the door to my room and continued down the hallway. I stepped lightly and stopped just at the edge of gap in the doorway. I leaned forward and gazed through the small slit.
She was standing in front of her bed checking herself out in her mirror. Then she grabbed the hem of her gown and stripped it off over her head.
She was more gorgeous than anything I could have imagined. Her short stature and petite frame made her pale, porcelain, bubble butt pop right out over her legs. She had beautiful brown little nipples. She admired her own reflection. She massaged her breasts and rubbed lotion onto her taught little belly.
I stared, mouth agape, as her fingers combed through her dense bush. She slid her finger up and down her slickness a few times before pressing against her little nub. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she played with herself. She let out a small mew.
Then she stopped. She pulled open her top drawer and shoved some socks and panties aside. She licked her lips as she reached in. Out of the drawer she pulled a long orange dildo. I knew she had it. I'd found it looking through that drawer before. It's really just a little longer than mine but mine has a bit more girth to it.
She walked over to the bed and crawled up on top of the covers. She put a pillow under her head and laid back. Her legs were spread and she brought the dildo to her slick opening. Sliding it up and down, she teased her little hole with the head of the silicone penis.
"Oh baby, put it in me." She pleaded to her imaginary lover.
In a whisper she begged, "I need your big, hard dick inside of me."
With that, she slowly pushed the faux cock as far as it would go. Up to her hand gripping the end of the cock. Holding it there for a moment she let out a long moan. She pulled it back just as slowly until only the tip was in.
Then she slammed it all the way back in.
My cock was now rock hard.
""Fuck!"" She shouted as she started pummeling her own pussy. "Oh, Ben! Give mum that big dick."
Did I hear that right?
"Oh god! Baby, mommy loves your huge cock! "
I was just staring in awe as she madly pounded herself. Was it really me she was fantasizing about?
"Mommy's going to cum." She exclaimed. "Oooooohh Bennn! Cum for me baby. Fill mommy up."
I walked right through the door and over to the foot of the bed.
"What are you doing in here?!" She shrieked.
She sat straight up and scrambled trying to find something to cover herself.
"I'm here to give you what you want." I pushed her back down on the bed. I grabbed her by the legs and pulled her to me at the edge of the bed.
"No, You can't!" She beseeched.
I tugged my pants down and my rigid pole slapped across my stomach. I slowly stroked it while I reached onto the bed and grabbed her dildo. I held it next to my real cock for comparison.
"Not bad." I commented. As mine was almost as long and had a bit more girth.
Her eyes were locked onto my impressive manhood. "I had no idea."
I held my cock in my hand and teased it up and down her juicy slit. I slapped it against her clit while she moaned. I placed the head against her wanting entrance.
We gazed into each others eyes. Our hips thrust together.

She was starting to tighten up and I could hear her breathing get faster, then louder. I kept my Pace pistoning in and out of her. she was starting to moan, almost grunt. The sound she was making turned me on so my cock swelled even more.
I watched as my cock pulled almost all the way out so just the tip was in. and then pushed back in, squeezing into that tight p****. I ground my cock into her. I could feel the head of my cock slide across her cervix.
"Tell me you love my cock" I commanded, now only giving her half the full length.
"I…love…your…cock" She panted and moaned.
"Who loves my cock?" I questioned, giving her another full length pump."
"Unh! Your… mum…loves… your… cock." Drool came out of her mouth.
"Loves who's cock?" I asked with another full stroke.
"Mommy loves Ben's big hard cock!" She screamed as she stared into my eyes
"Yeah you do." I smirked and gave her a big kiss.
I stopped holding back. I started sawing back and forth, giving her everything I had.
"I'm cumming! She screamed. I felt her tighten and spasm around me
She kept howling. Louder and louder, I couldn't handle her sexy cries any longer.
My body began to jerk. I pushed in all the way to the hilt. My cock pushed right up against her cervix.
"Uun, ahh!" Shot after shot erupted out and flooded her still fertile womb. My cock throbbed and twitched deep inside her. I could feel our juices pooling inside as I softened and slid out of her.
I collapsed on the bed next to her, panting and sweaty.
"I love you mum."

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