Deciding To Cheat – The Collegue

Deciding To Cheat – The Collegue
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It started on the night of the staff social club event. For a laugh, me and my friend Matt decided to dress up. And not just normal dress up – Matt was in a dress, and I had gone full-on-Gaga. Sunglasses with cigarettes on them, blonde wig, yellow caution tape wrapped around me – the full deal. This was the first and only time I’ve ever dressed as a female.
The whole crew loved it and night went really well. Ending the night with ten-pin bowling, most of us “younger ones” were planning a thirsty night out in Napiers clubbing scene, Ahuriri.
Working out who would drive and who was getting mortal, I volunteered as a sober driver. Ally, Matt, Aaron and Jess piled into my car and we headed over to Ahuriri.
We made two pitt stops, one for pre-mortal McDonald’s and one for me and Matt to stop at mine and get changed into more approperate clothing. My boyfriend was in bed by this time, around 11pm, as he had work at 5am in the morning. Matt was an old friend from college, and he’d met my boyfriend many times as he normally hung out with us watching movies.
This story is not about Matt, although as a mention, he is bisexual. He had a girlfriend at the time though. As we were getting changed though, we were both down to breifs. He slapped my arse playfully and I told him to get fucked. He laughed, and stood behind me and rubbed his cock against my crack. It actually was the first tkme Matt and I had done anything remotely sexual, so it surprised me a bit. He wasn’t hard, but he was definately getting a semi. I moved away and he just stood there. Out of nowhere, he poked his cock through the leg openjng of his breifs.
“Give us a real quick suck dude” he said.
so getting on my knees, I took the head of his cock in my mouth and worked my way down the shaft. His 7.5 inch uncut cock was rock hard. I was in heaven. After about a minute he laughed and moved away.
“Just wanted it cleaned bud, don’t get excited” he laughed.
Laughing and calling him a prick, we got changed and headed out.
The only club pumping that night was the Thirsty Whale. If you were sleasy and horned up, there was a seperate bar at the back called The Harpoon Room. This is where the gang headed, because it also generally played much better music too. We were all ID’d heading in. We were on the deck and noticed they wouldn’t let Aaron in. He didn’t have any ID.
“I’ll just wait here untl you guys are done” he said sadly.
I told the crew I would drive him home and come back so he wasn’t waiting in the cold.
We were leaving the circuit when he asked if he could just crash at mine, since Matt and Ally were going to as well. I didn’t see any harm, so I agreed.
Getting home, I let him in and asked if he wanted food or anything.
“Nah, I’m good” he said as I fetched him a blanket and a pillow.
I txt’d Matt and said for him to msg me when they wanted to be picked up as I’d hang with Aaron so he wasn’t lonely. I grabbed a pack of crisps and flicked the tv on.
“You guys were so brave dressing up” he said.
“We just wanted a laugh really” I told him as I flicked through the channels.
“I couldn’t do anything like that” he muttered.
I didn’t know whatbto say so I just laughed.
“Can you keep a secret?” He asked.
I was all ears, ready for some juicy gossip.
“I’m gay” he said. “I’ve only been with one guy before”
I was stunned. We always suspected someone at work was gay, other than me, but noone had ever nominated Aarons name into the mix.
“Oh… Right…” I replied.
Pulling bis blanket down to his knees, he revealed he was naked. His soft cock drooped over his right leg and his hairy balls hung between his legs. His cock size was impressive.
“You wanna do something?” He asked shyly.
Moving over to him, he swung around and parted his legs.
Wasting no time, he aimed his cock at my mouth.
Parting my lips, I swallowed his whole cock into my mouth and vacuum-sucked him as his dick swelled and grew hard down my throat. I started gagging. Damn, how big was this lad?
Comming up for air, I licked his ballsack and worked his hard shaft with my hand, my saliva becoming convienent lube.
As he finally grew to full length, I realised that this 17 year old lad was packing a 8.5 inch uncut cock at the least. Fully lusting, I threw myself into pleasuring his throbbing knob again.
“Let me suck you” he said after a few minutes.
I obliged, sitting on the couch next to him and pulling my pants down.
My cock had barely come free as he sucked me into his warm wet eager mouth.
I could tell he hadn’t done this much as the teeth were a prominant feature along the lenght of the shaft. Offering a few pointers, it wasn’t long before he had the hang of it and was proper working my rigid shaft and running his tongue around the head of my dick.
“Bugger this, we need to fuck dude” he said.
Asking if he’d done it before, he said no, but thought he would prefer the bottom role.
Wanting him to fully explore, I said he could ram his cock up my hole if he wanted to try it.
Saying he’d try anything, I said I had to go get some lube.
This was the tricky part. It was 3:50am, and close to the time when my boyfriend would be waking up. Sneaking into our room, I slowly and cautiously slid the draw of his bedside table open and fished around for the bottle of lube. Locating it, I tip-toed out of the room again without waking him.
Back in the lounge, Aaron was wanking furiously. I squirted some lube on his cock and got on my hands and knees in front of him so that he could control the fuck to how he wanted it.
I felt the hot head of his dick rub against my hole. I closed my eyes as I realised that this was the biggest cock I’d had in me to date. In youthful eagerness, he thrust his hips forward and the entire length of his 8.5 inch shaft slid straight into me and his swinging nuts slammed into mine.
He pulled out half way and slammed back in. His hands clenched my ass cheeks as he let out a pant and slid his massive thick cock deep in my gut. His right hand reached around and started furiously wanking me.
Pulling his weapon right out, he slammed back into me and moaned extremely loudly. The familiar sensation of hot cum filling my arse told me he had finished. His cock twiched inside my hole for a few seconds before he pulled out extremely fast. Ouch.
“Fuck me dude” he said.
Lubing up my cock, he straddled me and lowered himself onto me.
He was tight. Oh so tight. The head of my cock eventually popped through the tightness of his hole and he slid down the length of my shaft.
I mentioned that I could feel his cum dripping out of my hole. Sitting fully on my cock, his hole against the base of my knob, he reached back and I felt his boney fingers feel around my hole. Amazing the heck out of me, he brought his fingers to his mouth and started sucking them clean. If I could have got any harder, I would have. He was still slowly riding my dick, but I needed to breed this lad, and fast.
Pushing him onto his back, legs over my shoulders, I plunged my cock deep into hos hole. He moaned loudly. Too loudly for my liking, but I was too far gone to register to care.
Slamming into him with my hips, my cock going deeper and deeper each time, he started wanking again. The muscles in his arse tightened around my shaft and drove the head of my dick crazy.
“Fuck dude, I’m gonna cum” I panted, and I finally felt my nuts empty as my cock blasted the insides of his arse with load after load of my hot sticky cum.
Pulling out, he instantly stuck my cock back into his mouth. God, this lad was perfect.
I dribbled the last of my load into his mouth as I excitedly remembered that I was the first person to breed this lad (his first and only other guy was just oral).
I tried to pull my breifs back on as one of his hands massaged my balls and he circled one of his fingers around my hole, smeared with lube and his cum.
“You want to blow another load in there dude?” I asked.
“Nah, just having a play” he replied tiredly.
Just then it hit me – two things were about to happen.
Matt will be txting any time now for a ride.
And my boyfriend will be up any second now.
This cheating thing was getting dangerous.
It also dawned on me that I had failed to tell Aaron that I even had a partner.
Didn’t need to worry, he already had his breifs back on and had climbed under the cover on the couch. He was still awake, but slowly dropping off.
Pulling my clothes back on, I realised there was a face.
There was a face looking at me.
This face had seen most of what had happened.
Matt had walked up home from the club, and had seen close to everything.
Shit. He was mates with my boyfriend too – would he tell him?
Opening the sliding door, he walked in. Still clearly off his face mortal.
He stumbledmover to the matress we’d put down for him and he fell onto it.
Thinking I was safe as he was clearly mortal, I walked over and threw a blanket onto him.
“Come here” he said, motioning for me to put my ear close to his mouth.
Kneeling over, he grabbed my left hand and placed it on the tent of his jeans, he clearly had a boner. I freed his cock and slowly started wanking him. His left hand was groping my arse, he slipped his hand down the waistband. Out of nowhere, I felt him stick a finger in my hole. He grinned. I stopped wanking.
“Just wanted to make sure I had my facts straight” he muttered.
Covering his cock, he rolled over and closed his eyes.
Shit shit shit shit shit.
I walked to my bedroom. Hoping into bed, I had just settled when my boyfriends alarm went off.
I lay there as he sl**pily got out, got dressed, did his hair. He left the room and I heard him walk into the lounge. He knew there were my workmates staying over.
Minutes passed and I didn’t hear the door.
Slowly getting up, I creeped down the hall knto the lounge.
There was my boyfriend, sliding his hole down the length of Matts rock hard cock.
Amazingly, my cock stirred as I watched. I fished it out and slowly played with myself, watching what was happening in the lounge.
“Pauls just finished wanking me you know” I heard Matt say.
“Have you two ever fucked?” My boyfriend asked as he circled his hips on Matts cock.
“Not yet, but he just dumped a load inside Aaron before you woke up” Matt said.
“So he’s cheating on me” My boyfriend asked.
“Yeah… but to be fair, you’re cheating on him riding my dick” Matt said.
My boyfriend leanedmover and hooked up with Matt.
Matt grabbed my boyfriends hips and started slamming his cock into him.
“Fuck, I’d better go or I’ll be late” my partner said.
Standing up, I watched Matts rock hard cock flick out of his hole. He pulled up his pants and walked out the door.
I walked over to Matt.
“That was hot” I said.
“You going to finish the job?” He asked. I bent over the diningroom table and spread my cheeks. He came over and slammed his cock inside me.
“You’re both cheating cock-mad sluts, aren’t you?” He whispered in my ear.
“Fuck yes” I hissed back.
After a few more minuted of Matt slamming his dick into me, I felt him dump a load inside me.
My second load for the night.
Faced with alot of things to think about, I headed to bed and Matt went back to the matress.

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