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Chapter seven: Saturday, April 18, 2020
I was fuming. I had been all day. I'd made the mistake of reading the paper when I first got up and read about the president's "reopening plan"—a plan that seemed based on the maximum wishful thinking and minimum of the work that needed to be done, like setting up testing capacity and contact tracing infrastructure. Then I'd been goaded by my parents, who were Trump haters to be sure but still resented their isolation. And then there was the endless string of hand-wringing emails from my colleagues, terrified that the university would go bankrupt, terrified that they would be forced into a plague-ridden classroom come fall, convinced (not unreasonably) that the administration was out to get both their lives and their jobs. I'd spent the day aimlessly poking around the internet, making myself less and less happy.
George was spending the day in a bro-y online poker tournament with his college friends. I grumpily thought that it seemed like he'd been avoiding me since I'd gone down on him on Wednesday, but to be fair, when I thought about it I couldn't identify any particular time he'd avoided me. I chastised myself for being uncharitable. Was it me being weird because I'd made him come in my mouth? Was it that I was jealous of how much he and Katherine were fucking? Was it just my getting tired of his slightly tedious company after a planned week's vacation became a month-long plague orgy?
I was sitting slouched in my chair at my desk being grumpy when Katherine and Sonya came in. I knew they were up to something by the way they were dressed-or rather undressed. Katherine was wearing jeans and a bra but no shirt. It was a look she knew I always liked, one that emphasized her curves. It showed off her big breasts while holding them up and giving her cleavage. Sonya, meanwhile, was wearing the opposite: she'd taken off her pants and unbuttoned her blouse, and so came in with only her underpants and her open shirt, which emphasized her long legs and teasingly hid her small breasts even while it advertised them. Between the two of them, I thought, they had a full set of clothing. Sonya stood at the doorway of the bedroom I'd been using for an office and leaned against the wall, her open shirt shifting and giving me a hint at the swell of her breasts. I could see a tell-tale wet spot at the crotch of her panties, and I wondered what they'd been doing without me in the other room.
Katherine walked toward me, smiling. She stood behind me and started rubbing my shoulders. "We've come to cheer you up, Gloomy Gus," she said. She moved her left hand to my chest and started rubbing it. "Is there anything you'd like that would improve your mood?"
"What did you have in mind," I said noncommittally.
Sonya walked over to us and bent down to reposition me so I was facing the room, not the computer. To do so, she leaned down to put her hand on my knees, letting her open shirt fall to give me a view of her teacup sized breasts. She stood up and pulled Katherine to her, away from me.
"Well, I was thinking we'd just give you a show," she said, and she embraced my wife and leaned down to give her a deep kiss. Katherine's breasts pressed against her chest, and Sonya reached her arm around her to grope her ass. She put her other hand on Katherine's breast and groped that. They were a study in contrasts, of how two women can both be extremely hot and look so different: Sonya was tall and thin, her limbs long, her breasts small and delicate. Katherine reached around and put her fingers in Sonya's short blonde hair, holding the taller woman's face in the kiss. Katherine, in contrast, was shorter and curvier, her soft belly emphasizing the voluptuous curve of her hips, her large breasts heaving increasingly as she got turned on from making out with Sonya, her black hair cascading past her shoulders.
As they broke their kiss, Katherine took her hand and put it down Sonya's panties. I could see the outline of her fingers reaching down past Sonya's clit, down her slit, and then curve to enter her slightly.
"Oh fuck," Sonya gasped as Katherine's fingers entered her. She started thrusting her hips against Katherine's hands as if trying to force more of her fingers into her cunt.
"So it's showtime?" I asked. "Every frat boy's dream to watch hot girls make out right in front of him."
"I know," Sonya smirked. "If the drinks from boys ever slowed down in college, all I had to do was make out with Allison a little and they'd start up again." She reached into Katherine's bra cup and pulled out her nipple and tweaked it. Katherine yelped slightly and in response pushed further into Sonya with her hand. I watched Sonya's long, elegant fingers fondle Katherine's small, hard nipple on her big breast. "Usually when Allison and I did this at a club, we were wearing more clothing, though, so really we would just kiss and grind on each other. Then if we didn't each go home with different guys, when we got home to our room we'd fuck each other. Making out with me usually got her so revved up she'd be begging me to fist her on her bed."
While Sonya began telling her story, Katherine had slowly walked her backwards to the wall, and now she had her pressed up against it. That gave her better leverage as she pressed her fingers into Sonya's cunt, fucking her with what looked like her two middle fingers. I couldn't see the details, since Sonya's now increasingly wet panties were in the way, but I could tell Sonya was enjoying it from how her hips were bucking and how her voice was getting ragged as she spoke. I could feel my cock getting harder and straining against my pants as I watched them.
"One time, though, we were at a costume party and Allison was wearing a skimpy Catholic schoolgirl's uniform. We started making out on the dance floor, just like we often did. I really liked keeping my eyes open while we made out so I could watch our audience. This time I noticed this particular good looking guy watching us who I knew was dating a girl in a different sorority I really didn't like. So I decided to give him a better show. I pushed her to a pillar, just the way Katherine pushed me against this wall. I made eye contact with the boy and held it as I reached under Allison's skirt and put my fingers under her thong. I traced my fingers around Allison's lips, feeling how wet they were. I kept staring at the boy, who was staring back at us. I leaned in to kiss her hard and pushed my fingers into her pussy."
While Sonya was telling us this, Katherine was getting harder and faster with her hand in Sonya's pussy. I could see her move the palm of her hand against Sonya's clit as she pumped her fingers in and out. Not wanting to interrupt Sonya's story, she had refrained from kissing her, but instead moved her mouth to Sonya's breast. She started by tonguing and nibbling on her nipple.
"Allison was watching over my shoulder as a whole crowd came to watch me fuck her," Sonya continued. "I broke away from the kiss, and she started to tell me what she saw." Sonya gasped and moaned, "Oh fuck!" and I couldn't tell whether that was Sonya responding to Katherine's fingers or her quoting Allison responding to her own. "There were a dozen people watching us, both guys and girls," Sonya continued. "I kept fucking her, stretching out her cunt the way she liked. The way you're doing to me now, Katherine."
Katherine had sucked more of Sonya's breast into her mouth until almost all of it was inside. I could see Katherine's lips stretched around Sonya's breast, and it reminded me of how she looked with her lips wrapped around a cock. When she let Sonya's tit out, it glistened with Katherine's saliva, and Katherine blew on her nipple then leaned in to bite it.
Sonya yelped at the bite and continued her story. "Allison was murmuring to me how behind me, guys were rubbing themselves through their pants as they watched us, and how a couple of girls were there squirming. I pressed more of my hand into her. It wasn't the right angle to fist her the way she liked, but I knew how much she liked it when I stretched her out. She was getting wetter and wetter as I kept fucking her with my fingers, and that made it easier for me to put a third finger in. I interrupted her narration to ask her if she wanted to be even more on display. She said yes, so I told her to unbutton her schoolgirl blouse. She did, and her blouse fell open, like mine is now. Well, she was wearing a push-up bra, so not exactly like me, but it meant everyone could see all of her cleavage."
Katherine abandoned Sonya's breast and moved her hand to try to lower Sonya's now-soaked panties. Sonya used her hands to help her and shimmied out, and the two of them contorted themselves to do it without removing Katherine's fingers from Sonya's cunt. I could see Sonya's juices running down her her leg from her bare, stretched cunt as Katherine continued to roughly finger-fuck her.
Her breath was getting faster and shallower as she tried to continue her story. "Allison was a huge exhibitionist, and I knew that being on display for so many people was going to help her get off quickly. So I reached with my free hand and pulled one of her boobs out of her bra. I played with it a little, but mostly I wanted our audience to see it. I could feel her body tensing as she came close to coming, and I locked eyes again with the hot boy with the bad girlfriend. I stared at him as I finger fucked her. He was watching us, staring with his mouth open. I could see the bulge in his pants, and his hands kept rubbing it through the fabric. I remember think how I wanted him to take out his cock and stroke it while he watched me and Allison." She was staring at me as she said this. I sat, facing them, my knees open and my cock hard and straining against my jeans. I realized my hand was on my cock, playing with myself through my pants. "Allison had been telling me about the other people staring at her, but as she got closer she just started whimpering. I asked her if she wanted to come for all of them. 'Yes, please,' she said. 'I want to come on your fingers.' And then she just whimpered some more before I felt her pussy contract and flood my hand with her cum." Katherine seemed to be timing her own work to match perfectly with Sonya's storytelling, because just as Allison was growing inarticulate as she reached her orgasm, so too did Sonya start to lose focus on her story.
Her mouth fell open and she panted as Katherine stretched her cunt around her hand. She started to squeak, but she took hold of herself and pushed Katherine away roughly. "Oh fuuuck," she said, panting a bit. "I don't want to come yet." Katherine quickly pulled her hand out of Sonya's cunt and leaned in for a hard kiss, grabbing Sonya's ass with her wet hand. Sonya reached forward, undid Katherine's pants, and dug her finger into her underwear. As, out of sight, she started playing with Katherine's cunt, Katherine kissed her harder. I could hear her moan as they kissed.
Sonya pulled away from the kiss and took Katherine's hand to pull her toward where I sat. She pulled Katherine's jeans off and shucked them into the corner. Sonya put her hands on Katherine's shoulders and pushed her down between my legs wearing just her bra and panties. She was still breathing hard from her self-denied orgasm, but she said, "But the point is, we're not just going to give you a show." She knelt next to Katherine and reached out to my crotch and unbuttoned my pants. Katherine reached in, took out my hard cock, and took the head into her mouth. Sonya leaned forward and licked the exposed shaft.
"This is still a pretty good show," I said, looking down at the two beauties as they gave me a blowjob together. They shifted so that they were kissing each other around the head of my cock, each of them with a hand on my shaft. And the truth was it was mostly about a show, because the real pleasure was in watching them make out around my cock, rather than what they were doing to it. But just as I considered that, they shifted, and Katherine took my cock in her hand and fed it to Sonya, pumping it with her hand while Sonya fucked it with her mouth.
Sonya pulled her mouth off my cock, gave it a long lick from top to bottom, and they switched places, with Sonya taking it in her hand and feeding it to Katherine. "You're still not getting it," she said. She looked at me. "The point is that I want a show from the two of you," she said. She backed up and positioned herself behind Katherine, who was squatting in front of me with my cock in her mouth. Sonya sat on the floor straddling Katherine's ass. She undid Katherine's bra and let my wife's breasts come out. Pressing herself against Katherine's back, she started fondling Katherine's nipples. "I want to see you fuck your wife's fantastic tits," she said.
Katherine took her mouth off my cock and sat up a bit so that her chest would be at the right height. She pulled my pants off to fully liberate my cock, and leaned forward to give it a sloppy kiss. Sonya reached around her, pressing her small breasts against Katherine's back, and took one of Katherine's breasts in each hand. Her long fingers held my wife's big breasts, teasing her nipples. Katherine took my cock and put it in her cleavage, and Sonya wrapped Katherine's breasts around it. I started bucking my hips slightly, but most of the movement came from Sonya playing with Katherine's breasts, moving them up and down. Sonya looked over Katherine's shoulder, looking down at my cockhead emerging from between Katherine's tits. "Fuck that looks good," she said. "I wish I could do this with my own boobs."
I sat back, enjoying the feel of Katherine's big, soft breasts against my cock, still lubricated from her and Sonya's joint blowjob. "That's it, fuck her big tits," she encouraged me. Some precum gathered at the tip of my cock, and Sonya leaned down around Katherine, put out her tongue and licked it up. She smiled and savored the taste of my precum, then took my cock into her mouth briefly. She hummed around it and swirled her tongue. "His cock just looked too good between your tits for me to keep my mouth off of it," she said to Katherine as she sat up.
She resumed her position holding Katherine's breasts and my cock between them. Her arms were wrapped around Katherine's body, her long, elegant fingers holding my wife's breasts, compressing them around my slippery cock. Their pretty faces were next to each other, both watching my cock as it pumped up and down in Katherine's cleavage. Katherine turned her head, and the two of them kissed.
When they stopped kissing and pulled away from each other, Sonya squeezed Katherine's nipples, and Katherine yelped and smiled. "Fuck, I can feel how wet you are," she said. "I like feeling you grind your wet cunt on my back." Indeed, Sonya was so into fucking my cock with Katherine's breasts she was also humping Katherine's backside in rhythm.
"I'm conflicted," Sonya said, looking at me. "On one hand, I want to see you come right now between her tits." She was keeping up the pressure on my cock while she spoke, holding Katherine's breasts and moving them up and down on my cock in increasing urgency. "It's so hot to see you come on Katherine," she continued, "and I want to lick your hot cum off her tits." She slowed down. "But on the other hand, I also really want to see the two of you fuck."
At this, Katherine looked up. "Fuck yes, I need his cock in my cunt." The decision was made. We all quickly stood up, and Katherine peeled off her panties so she was naked.
We were in one of the rental house's extra bedrooms, which we had been using as a rotating office. "Go lie on the bed," Sonya directed me. I did so, and Katherine quickly followed and straddled my hips. Sonya took my cock, rubbed it on Katherine's wet, waiting labia, and pushed me in. Then she went back to the chair I'd just been sitting in, moved it to have a good view, and sat down. Katherine leaned down over my face, her tits still glistening from Sonya's spit, and dangled them in my face. I took a nipple and sucked it into my mouth, hard, while she fucked me. I could hear the squishing from her wetness as I thrust my hips up and my cock further into her sopping wet cunt. I bit her nipple, and Katherine shouted. "Oh fuck, yes, fuck me." I wondered if she was audible downstairs where George was zooming with his fratty poker friends.
I looked over to my left and saw Sonya sitting naked on the chair, her legs splayed out lewdly. Her shirt still on but hanging open, and she was totally on display, her small breasts heaving, her still-shaved cunt glistening. With one hand, she grasped one of her tits, mauling it hard, and with the other she was using her thumb to press into her clit and fucking herself with her fingers, as if mirroring what I was doing to Katherine with my cock. "Yes, that's it," Sonya cheered us on. "God I like watching you two fuck. Katherine, you look so good undulating on his cock." Katherine sat up more and looked at Sonya when she spoke, biting her lip in pleasure as she watched Sonya thrust her fingers up into her cunt. "Play with her tits," Sonya directed me, and I complied, reaching up and taking one of Katherine's breasts in my hand, squeezing it, enjoying its fullness. Katherine ground herself into me, rubbing her clit into my pelvis, writhing back and forth on my cock, as if just using my body as a tool to get herself off.
The room was filled with sounds of wetness-my cock in Katherine's wet cunt, Sonya's hand in her own-and with moans and heavy breathing. I looked over at Sonya, whose open shirt had slipped off her shoulders as she rubbed herself more vigorously. She looked into my eyes as she squeezed her nipple hard, wincing a little bit. "I know you can be a bit rougher with your wife, Peter," she breathed as she squirmed in my chair. "I want you to reach around her ass and really dig your fingers into her hips, so you can grind her clit even harder into you." As Sonya spoke, she pulled her fingers out of her cunt, making a loud sucking sound. I watched as she started to rub her glistening hand harder into her clit.
I looked up at Katherine, whose cheeks were flushed and lips slightly parted, and she nodded. I dug my hands into her soft, fleshy hips, and forced her roughly up and down onto my cock as I continued to thrust up into her slippery cunt. She inhaled sharply, leaning forward so that her breasts swung back and forth across my chest as we fucked.
"That's it, Katherine," Sonya encouraged us as she rubbed herself. "Rub your tits all over his shirt while he holds you and pushes you down onto his cock. Fuck, I love seeing your nipples hard like that." She moved one long leg up to a perch at the edge of the chair, opening herself more fully to us. "Do you like being stretched out by Peter's cock? Should I push my fingers back inside my cunt, too?" Without waiting for an answer, Sonya resumed her rough finger fucking in her half-perch, her breath becoming ragged as she brought herself closer to the edge. I looked at Katherine, who was biting her lip and – I thought – trying very hard to divide her attention between me and Sonya. I could tell how much Katherine was enjoying Sonya's narration of our fucking by the way her cunt was starting to tense around my cock, as the wet sucking sound of Sonya's fingers in her cunt become louder and more distracting.
Katherine and I slowed as we both watched, distracted as Sonya extended her legs and tensed up as she came. She bit her lip and closed her eyes as she started her series of squeaks. "Ah, ah, ah——oh fuuuck," she moaned. As she did, she came hard, and she squirted. She kept fucking herself as her cum flew out of her in a torrent and splashed to the floor. It was a good thing the room had no rug. It sounded as if someone had spilled a glass of water, and I could see the puddle of cum on the floor between the bed and the chair where Sonya sat. She let out a half-sigh, half-moan.

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