Derelict Factory

The large English town had once been a thriving town with plenty of factories shops and offices that produced a lot of income for the residents of the town and attracted a lot of businesses from all round the country as well as from different countries, people were happy to live in the town and work in the town people moved there from other towns just to get work and earn money they were happy, then the political situation changed and a recession hit which effected the town very badly, businesses started to struggle and the smaller ones started to go bankrupt, then the bigger ones started to close before they went bankrupt others tried to fight the recession but could not win and soon went bankrupt, people started to move out of the town to try and find work in other towns and soon the town was full of boarded up buildings, there was very few business premises still in use, the income of the town residents suffered. On the edge of the town was one of the last factories to close down and had been closed for nearly two years, it stood partly boarded up, vandals and squatters had pulled boards of the windows to be able to get in, the place was now home to anybody who could get in and being the biggest factory in the town there plenty of people in there, sixteen year old July and her two mates Cindy and Paula were three girls who were well known in town for the trouble that they caused and were regular visitors to the factory and had just arrived there as they were climbing through the window they saw a large blue smoke trail in the sky followed by a big bang and the building shook, Cindy yelled ” a plane has crashed on to the roof” the three girls along with lots of other people made a rush to the roof when they got there they saw a large triangular shaped object the had smoke coming from it ” a voice was heard shouting out ” it is a space ship the Martians have landed” as the crowd watched the side of the space craft opened and large vines started to creep out and one grabbed a guy by the feet and dragged him into the space ship somebody shouted ” tentacles run for your lives” panic set in as screams were heard as people ran” the three girls ran and ducked into a small room where the saw Mark who was two years younger than what they were and a well known and hated pervert, July started to give him verbal abuse but stopped when told by the others to be quiet, Suddenly a large grill in the wall crashed to the floor and as quick as anything, tentacles came out from behind the grill and snaked across the floor pinning the girls to the floor, Mark watched as each of the girls were held by their arms and ankles in a star shape by different tentacles, the tip of another tentacle went over the waist band of Paula’s jeans then ripped them off, the tentacle proceeded to strip Paula of all her clothes, it then turned it’s attention to Cindy then July, Mark stared wide eyed and mouth open wide at the three naked thug girls, on a floor below sixteen year thug boy Steve was backing away from a tentacle and backed into a wall, the tentacle pounced on him and he was soon being held the same way as the girls were held, Pia a Bengali girl who was four years younger than Steve was watching from under a table and when Steve was stripped naked by the tentacles her eyes opened wide as she saw Steve’s seven inch hairy dick and after a couple of minutes when Steve got a nine inch erection Pia grinned thinking nice better and bigger than my cousins, all over the derelict factory the tentacles were stripping people of their clothes and holding them in a star shape, a few people escaped the tentacles and were looking in awe at their naked neighbours, Mark was standing admiring the three sets of ample boobs and love tubes, he moved closer and bent and started to rub Cindy’s boobs and once he realised she could not stop him and the tentacles were paying no attention to him he lowered his joggers releasing his six inch erection and despite the shouted threats from the three girls was soon sliding his dick up Tina’s love tube and once deep in started to thrust away, Pia had crawled out from under the table and was now stood in front of Steve admiring his erection, Pia ignored Steve’s plea’s to get him free instead she reached out took hold of his dick and started to jerk him, Steve was yelling ” fuck off leave me” Pia thought not yet and carried on jerking the white dick and after a few minutes when Steve squirted three long spurts of cum Pia smiled thinking oh yes beautiful, on the main stair way seventeen year old Marcus who was an illegal immigrant from Uganda and who slept in the factory was stood thrusting in and out of the naked Sara’s love tube Sara who was two years younger than what Marcus was had stopped shouting at him and was starting to cum for the fourth time as the ten inch black dick pounded in and out of her love tube, Mark had left Tina who had cum three times and after taking another Viagra was now pounding away into July’s love tube as he did he saw four boys who were all four years younger than Tina kneeling beside Tina rubbing her boobs and rubbing her love tube, Sixteen year Tony was stood looking at his naked mouthy bitch of a neighbour Anne who often threw stones at him, Tony started to gently squeeze Anne’s developing boobs then after a few minutes slid his seven inch erection into her love tube, Pia was now jerking off one of Steve’s classmates while Mark was now thrusting into Paula’s love tube having made her cum twice. All over the factory there were sex acts taking place, Kevin a gay boy was pounding into Steve’s bum glad that he had found the homophobic boy who was two years older than him. In a neighbouring town there was a big military presence round a triangular shaped object that had been see falling to earth in a blue streak, nobody realised that there had been two spacecrafts, nobody in the town knew where the missing youngsters were and nobody cared as far as they were concerned it was less hungry mouths to feed and nobody cared why some youngsters were making regular trips to the factory and coming back looking very happy and relaxed, Marcus was looking down at Tina and had a big smile on his face and was about to kneel between Tina’s still parted legs when three boys entered and said we want her, Marcus looked at the boys but said nothing he just walked away thinking there is plenty more about I will be back later to have her.

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