Deshi dream

Now I am writing my dream relating to you, I believe that you are the sexiest, lovely and hot girl in the universe as its my pleasure to make you happy so I am writing my dream relating you. If you do not like my dream, I am sorry and forget me and if you like then please write or call or sent SMS me to my cell phone, I will write you regularly for your pleasure.

It is morning. At least that is what my muddled senses are trying to tell me. I am aware of muted sounds and hints of filtered sunlight stealing through small gaps in the curtains which seem to confirm my assumption that it is the start of a new day. But I am far from convinced. My brain tries to focus on one of the many thoughts racing through my head but they slip away as easily as fine grains of sand through a child’s fingers. Through the misty haze of receding sleep I can feel that my cock is hard.

For a moment I can’t remember where I am. Slowly, as if surfacing from the depths of the ocean, I become aware of my surroundings. Looking around I see a drab, unfamiliar room, with strange furniture and a particularly unappealing painting of what appears to be a bowl of fruit on the wall. It doesn’t make sense, then as if a blind fold is removed from my eyes, it all becomes clear. I am in a hotel somewhere in your capital city. I have been away for a week on business and I am missing you terribly. We talked on the phone last night and although that helped, it does not come close to being with you, touching, holding you, smelling you, kissing you, tasting you, making love and falling asleep in your arms.

The last thing I remember before I went to sleep last night was that my cock was hard from thinking about you and what we would do when I get home. Now it is morning and my cock is still hard. I wonder if it has it been that way all night? My balls are aching for release and although I can easily relieve the pressure myself I want to save it for when we are together. There is another week to go. I don’t know how I will last. As I lay there with the early morning sunshine filtering through the window I think of you. I wish you were here with me. It would be so good to wake up next to you, listening to you breathing, feeling your warm breath in the back of my neck, very aware of your warm body pressed against mine, feeling your arms around me, and your breasts pressing into my back.

The image in my mind is so strong. You are still asleep as I untangle myself from your arms and roll over. You are naked and I push back the sheet that is covering you to gaze in awe at your magnificent body. My state of arousal intensifies as I let my eyes roam over your sleeping face, down your elegant neck to your magnificent firm breasts, across your flat belly to your delicious bald pussy and the ring through the hood of your clitoris. I can’t help but smile as I remember the time that we went together to have your pussy pierced, the memory of that day still vivid and erotic. I take you in my arms and hold you tight feeling you stir as you slowly begin to wake.

Although you are thousands of kilometers away I can actually smell you and taste you. I press my body against yours and reach out to take one of your beautiful firm breasts in my hand, kneading it gently. I lower my head and take your nipple between my lips and suck it gently until it is hard. I turn my attention to the other nipple and suck that one too, savoring its firmness, texture and taste, delighting, as it becomes erect in my mouth. You stir, still not quite awake. I run my tongue lightly down between your breasts, across your flat belly, swirl it around your bellybutton and continue down sliding across the smooth skin. I come to the firm and very prominent mound that lies just above my ultimate goal. As always there is no pubic hair to impede my progress. I love the way you keep your pussy bare, bald, smooth and beautiful.

I detect the faint, delicate aroma of your pussy. The closer I get the stronger and more intoxicating it becomes until its sweet fragrance overwhelm my senses. The tip of my tongue touches the ring through your clitoral hood and I find it almost impossible to resist the urge to take it between my lips and suck it to expose and the exquisite organ that lies beneath, but that delight will be saved for later. I run my tongue along your sweet, smooth pussy lips. I use the tip of my tongue to part them and press it inside you to taste your sweet juices. I use my tongue like a small penis to penetrate you then press it flat and run it the full length of your labia, slowly from the top to the bottom and back again and again. You stretch and moan. Although you are not yet quite fully awake I think I have your full attention. You are getting wet, your juices flowing, coating my lips with their sweet nectar. Now I seek out your clitoris and lick it with the flat of my tongue. Your response is confirmation that this is what you want and you arch your body offering me better access. I take your clit between my lips and suck it flicking it with the tip of my tongue. This has the desired effect and I feel it start to become erect and emerge from it’s hiding place just under the small silver ring that is a symbol of our love and a constant reminder that your cunt is my cunt. I take the ring between my lips and suck and pull on it so that it further stimulates your emerging and hardening clit.

I become aware of your hand on my cock. You gently pull back my foreskin exposing the sensitive head and slowly, agonizingly, swirl it in the palm of your hand. The sensation is fantastic. My body becomes rigid. What you are doing to my cock tramples dangerously all over that fine line that separates ecstasy and agony. You know just exactly what to do, how to give me extreme pleasure, how to push me to the edge and beyond. For a brief moment I am tempted to lay back and let you have your way with me but this is not what I want just yet and I am not going to let you distract me. I twist my body so my cock is out of the reach of your wicked hands and return to my mission of sucking your clit.

You try to push me on to my back so that you can continue to torture my aching cock. We struggle, each one trying to get the upper hand. We are both competitive and on occasions like this fight to take the dominant role. But I am stronger and after some playful wrestling I am on top of you.

You react instinctively by spreading your legs and I see your smooth inviting and wet pussy lips glistening with your sweet juices. I put the tip of my hard cock against the opening of your cunt and coat it with your juices. I can feel the heat that radiates from your waiting cunt and slide my cock deep inside you. Your body responds and I hear your sharp intake of breath as my cock is engulfed in your hot wet cunt. Slowly I start slide my cock out of your cunt and as I do you use your vaginal muscles to grip my cock as if not wanting to let go. I pull out, well almost out, allowing your cunt to suck it back in again and as you do I thrust, driving it in as hard as I can so that it penetrates deep, filling you completely. I can feel you thrust against me as I slide my cock in and out of your cunt. You hold me tight wanting me deeper inside you. I feel your heart beat quicken and hear your breathing become faster and more urgent. You moan and wrap your legs around me forcing my cock deeper and deeper with every stroke until it is buried completely inside you. I feel your nails rake my back and your sharp teeth sink into my shoulder, then without warning you wrap me in your arms and tighten the hold you have on me with your legs. I know what is coming but am powerless to stop it even if I want to. Using all your strength you roll and push me over on to my back, your arms and legs wrapped around me so that we do not lose contact and my cock stays buried deep inside you.

Without missing a stroke you are on top of me and I feel my cock forced even deeper inside your cunt. I feel your wet pussy lips around the base of my cock and against my balls. I look up and see you above me, your eyes shut, your head back, your tits bouncing as you ride me. I look down and see my hairless cock sliding in and out of your smooth cunt and watch as it becomes coated with the thick, sweet juices that I can still taste on my lips.

You started slowly but now you are riding my cock, devouring it with your cunt, fucking me with wild abandon. I can feel the head of my cock rub against something deep inside you causing unbelievable sensations that are almost unbearable. I can feel the mounting pressure in my balls and I thrust deep inside you trying to hold back my orgasm. I can sense the mounting urgency of your thrusts, as you seem to be willing my cock to go deeper. I can feel the heat in your cunt as it grips my cock seemingly wanting to milk the cum from my balls. I hear your breathing, now urgent and ragged and see the beads of sweat start to form on your forehead. I feel your pulse racing and your hips thrusting and grinding against me. I can feel start of an orgasm deep down in my balls, trying to hold on longer, but it is impossible, just a bit longer. I sense you are close.

“Go Honey, fuck me, cum on my cock. Oh yes baby fuck me”. I feel that my balls are about to explode. Your cunt is so hot, so wet, so tight so fantastic, I can’t hold back much longer. Just a couple more thrusts and I will not be able to stop my cum from shooting deep inside you. “Fuck yes, go Honey”. It is just too much, my cock is throbbing, and my balls are aching. Your cunt is on fire. I know you are close, almost there, I hear it in your moans, I see it in your face, I feel your body tense, “Yes baby let it go, cum for me”. Your orgasm starts, the heat is intense, your cunt grips my cock, I can feel the cum raising up from my balls.

You ram your hips against mine and I push back burying my cock as deep as it will go inside you. My cock throbs and pumps my cum deep inside your cunt just as you explode in an intense orgasm. I can feel my cum pumping into your cunt until my balls are empty, but still I feel your cunt squeezing, sucking, wanting more. We fuck each other until we are both drained, exhausted, my cock and your cunt too sensitive to continue. You collapse on top of me my cock buried deep inside your cunt, your tits pressed against my chest. I can feel your heart pounding and hear your breathing, fast, ragged, uneven. I can feel my cum mixed with your juices running out of your cunt and across my balls, down my ass and forming a puddle on the bed that will be there later to remind of us this morning’s passion. You move, allowing my cock to slide slowly, almost painfully, out of your cum-filled pussy. We collapse on the bed next to each other, holding each other, recovering, loving each other.


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