Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 21

tagIncest/TabooDex and the Twins at College Ch. 21

Dex and the Twins at College
After the phone call with Reece. I felt like I had been gut-shot. Since I was sitting on a bench in the concourse at the Mall, while June and Julie finished their Christmas shopping, I had to hold myself together. Reece had decided to take a job working as Sylvia's assistant instead of moving in with the twins and me to continue with college.
When Aunt Mary asked me the night before about a girlfriend, my automatic response would have been Reece; but it wasn't. Mandy's face came to me. That confused me and I didn't answer her question. I thought about all of that on the brief ride home from the Mall. I had noticed that June kept glancing back at me in the rearview mirror. She was concerned about me, as was Julie. I think they were a little sad too. Reece, June, and Julie got on great and they 'got-it-on' great too. The four of us had 'got-it-on' great. Sure, we'd get together when I was home and I would look forward to it, but this was sure wrapping up into another Sylvia.
Once inside, I excused myself and went to my room. As expected, it wasn't long before there was a light knock on my door. I knew it was Mom. I knew that she would pick up on my mood when I came in from shopping with the twins and I knew she'd pull the girls aside and drill them for the reason why. I said, "Come in." The door popped open and Mom came in and shut the door behind her. I was laying on my bed and she came over and smoothed her skirt and sat on the edge near my waist. She put her hand on my thigh. Not in a sexual way and I didn't respond to it that way, but just to make a connection.
I had always been able to talk to her about girl problems. Being one, she knows how they think. God knows I certainly don't. Plus, Mom seemed to understand men too, which the twins certainly didn't. I couldn't talk to Dad about these things. He was worse than me.
Mom wanted to play amateur psychologist with a word association game. I agreed to play along. She started easy with 'black' and I immediately responded with 'white'. Then 'cat' and I instantly replied 'mouse'. I don't know why my response was 'mouse'. It could have just as easily been 'dog' or 'Phoebe', the name of our pet cat when I was much younger. Mom went on and I started to relax. This was easy. Then Mom switched from words that elicited opposite word responses from me. She said 'men' and I responded, 'women'. She said 'man' and I responded 'Dad'. I didn't even notice the subtle switch.
I closed my eyes as Mom continued on and so did I without really thinking about my responses. That was the point, I guess. Her words drifted away from anything to do with the sexes but then she said 'woman'. I said 'you'. She said 'beautiful' and I said 'you'. I opened my eyes to see her grinning down at me. She lured me away from the sexes again and then said 'Sylvia' and I said 'friend'. She said, 'Reece'. I said 'friend'. She said 'friend' and I replied 'Reece'. She said 'girlfriend' and I said 'Mandy'. She stopped and the name 'Mandy' reverberated through my mind. I hadn't even realized I'd said it out loud.
My eyes popped open and Mom was grinning at me again. She said, "Who's Mandy?" I didn't answer. "I said 'girlfriend' and you said 'Mandy'. I don't know that name. Who is she?"
I said, "Ummm… We've only dated a couple of times before the end of the semester. She's June and Julie's Lacrosse coach. I like her a lot. I like being with her. She's easy to talk to. We get along great, but I…. Holy shit, Mom."
Mom smiled and said, "The sex must be good." I could feel my face getting hot with embarrassment. I had never really talked about my sex life with anyone outside the family. "You must be having sex with her. You have a monster erection under my hand." It hadn't even registered in my mind. I grinned and looked down at my thigh where Mom's fingers had formed my pantleg to conform to the outline of my hard-on. "Do you mind if I take care of this for you? You just close your eyes and lay back and think of the last time you and Mandy were together."
I didn't directly answer her question but I closed my eyes and relaxed as I lifted my hips. She gripped the contour of my cock through my pants with the hand that had been there all along and unzipped my pants with the other hand. I unbuckled my pants as Mom reached inside and pulled my rock-hard cock out of my pant leg. She repositioned herself on the bed so her big boobs rested on my thigh as she bent down and kissed my glans. I moaned softly as I pictured Mandy doing that. My moan quickly changed to a groan as Mom twisted her head back and forth to stretch her lips onto the knob and steadily push down my shaft.
She pulled back off and spit on my cock before stroking her hand up and down to distribute the lubrication. She pushed on easier and went down for a throat job. I groaned hard as I opened my eyes to watch her do her thing. She was the best. She stared into my eyes with a lusty smile on hers. Her lips were stretched into thin pale lines around my cock and I was in heaven. I humped up my hips as she pushed down and disrupted her rhythm. She gagged and pulled back but not off. Her eyes watered as she dealt with her gag and then she went back down again.
When Mom pulled up my shaft and started bobbing her lips on my knob and flailing her hand up and down my shaft, I knew I was a goner. She unbuttoned her blouse with her free hand. She was braless. She pulled her lips off my knob but didn't stop her hand job. She said, "Cum on my tits Baby. I love to smell it wafting out of my blouse."
My orgasm was on its way and nothing was going to stop it. I looked into Mom's eyes and said, "Fuck Mom. Here I go." I humped up my hips and she continued her furious hand job as she aimed my cock at her tits. The first several shots splattered across her chest, covering her blouse and my pants. She raised my cock to her lips for the rest and swallowed as she needed to.
When she was sure I was done, she dipped her tongue into the 'eye' and rolled it into her mouth. She savored it and swallowed. She grinned and said, "Wow. That was a load. I'll have to give some of this to Aunt Mary. It'll drive her nuts all day." We both laughed. "Who were you thinking of? Mandy?"
I laughed at her question and nodded and then said, "You." Mom grinned hard and leaned down and kissed my knob one more time before she pushed my softening erection back in my pants. I didn't bother to zip up. I had to change my pants anyway. After smearing my deposit all over her big firm tits, Mom pulled her blouse together. She didn't button it.
She said, "I guess I have to change too." She licked her ten fingers and sucked each of them into her mouth like they were ten little dicks. She stood up and said, "Later?" I nodded and smiled. She opened the bedroom door and turned back to me and said, "Are you okay?"
I smiled and said, "I'll be fine." Mom started to turn back to the door and I said, "Mom?" She stopped and turned back to me. "Thank you. For the talk. You always make everything okay."
Mom smiled and said, "You're welcome Baby."
Before she could turn back to the door, I said, "Thanks for the blow job too." She giggled and closed the door behind her. I collapsed back on the bed feeling my cock going soft. Mandy had been rattling around in my brain with no definition as to why. What a dunce. I was still surprised that I felt like I did after only a couple of dates. Now I had to examine those two dates to determine if she may feel the same. Here I was again, trying to figure out what women think. Shit!
I cleaned myself up in the bathroom and then changed pants. I went downstairs feeling like life was new again. Julie looked at me with concern in her eyes and then she brightened and said, "Mom gave you an attitude adjustment, didn't she?" My face flushed as I smiled at her and then Mom, who was wearing a tight V-neck sweater. Aunt Mary had a sultry look as she fluffed up her low-cut blouse and inhaled before she smiled at me.
Mom stood up and said, "Ladies, let's make dinner and then open our Christmas Eve presents." They all got up and left the family room to Dad and me. Mom came back with a couple of beers for us and then returned to the kitchen. We popped the tabs and toasted each other. I took a big sip and said, "Hey Dad? You knew about Reece changing her mind about living with us at college, didn't you?"
He said, "I did. Sylvia wanted my approval to hire her sister as her assistant. I just told her it was her choice. I knew there would be implications on your relationship with Reece. It wasn't my story to tell. It was Reece's, and I assume she told it. I'm sorry Dex. Long-distance relationships are difficult to maintain. You're not even twenty-one; having the time of your life. Enjoy yourself." He took a long drag off his beer.
I asked about Sylvia and him and Mom and he said, "I think that is winding down. The strange is wearing off for your mother. I get the impression that Sylvia would like to continue with me alone, but that will never happen. Besides, it's a crazy risk to both of our careers, especially after Thanksgiving. That was a major fuck-up by all of us. Thank God, Ginger has kept the secret to herself. That kind of thing spreads like wildfire in a company." I nodded and finished my beer. Dad chuckled and continued, "I've kept her secret about the coffee too. I think she's getting her cream from the young guy in the cafeteria now." We both laughed.
The dining room table was set with Mom's best china, crystal, and silverware, and delivered pizza was served on it. It made me laugh. Paper plates and plastic glasses and utensils would have been fine, but that was Mom all over. Aunt Mary groped Dad's crotch during dinner. I guess everyone was unsure of my mood, so no one messed with me.
A couple of beers later and two pitchers of Mom's vodka concoction down, we were sitting around the Christmas tree in the family room with a single package in each of our laps. Mom looked anxious to get started so Dad suggested that she open her gift first. The tag read, 'To Maddie, From Santa'. Since it wasn't 'To Mom' or 'Aunt Maddie', I assumed the gift was from either Dad or Aunt Mary. Mom teased us all by slowly peeling back the tape and folding back the wrapping paper until June loudly said, "Jesus Mom. Open the damn present already." Mom giggled and pulled out a plastic-wrapped, neon pink egg. In big black letters were the words, 'remote-controlled'.
Mom's eyes went wide as she exclaimed, "I can't wait to try this." I wasn't sure what it was at first, but since the theme for these gifts was sex-toys, I got it. Mom could take the egg. I wanted the remote control. She set the package on the seat beside her and motioned for Aunt Mary to go. Her package read, 'To Mary, From Santa' and it was the same shape and size as Moms. Sure enough, it was a bright red egg. I looked at Dad and he seemed so proud of himself. He wasn't into Christmas shopping at all.
Aunt Mary loudly exclaimed, "When I saw Maddie's, I was hoping I'd get one too." She read the package and said, "Batteries not included. I hope you have batteries, Maddie."
Mom picked up her packaged egg and said, "I hope I have the right kind. It says two AAA batteries. I'm sure I have those."
We went on to Dad and we all burst out laughing when he pulled a blow-up doll out of the wrapping paper. He laughed too and immediately blew up the doll and gave a big kiss on the doll's big red lips formed to give a blow job. Everyone laughed harder. He showed the room the packaging. It read, 'Two vibrating orifices.' He said, "Need more batteries.'
Jennifer and Jillian each got a pair of black lace crotchless panties and a long string of anal beads with plastic beads of increasing sizes. They flashed them around and everyone laughed. Jillian put her panties on her head and said, "Ear warmers." We all roared with laughter.
The twins got g-spot vibrators and glass butt-plugs and Julie said, "More batteries." I was last and dragged out the suspense to the annoyance of June and Julie. Two separate packages fell out on the floor. I picked up one. It was a set of three different size cock-rings and the largest didn't look like it was near big enough. Julie picked up the second package and showed the crowd that it was a vibrating pocket-pussy. She said, "More batteries." Everyone laughed as they had for all the other gifts. I laughed because, with all the pussy in the room, why would I need something to masturbate with. I took the gift from Julie and looked at it. I smiled as I thought, 'I'll have to give this a try sometime.' I could already imagine myself laying on my back eating out some real pussy while June or Julie jerked me off with the vibrating pocket-pussy.
We were done and after the laughter died down, there was an uncomfortable silence. It was like there was a bomb in the room and everyone was waiting for someone to light the fuse. Mom was the first to speak, "I have to check to see what batteries I have." Everyone exploded in laughter again. She ignored the laughter; she was on a mission as she took her unopened gift to the kitchen. Aunt Mary was right behind her with her matching gift in hand, which brought more laughter.
The non-battery powered gifts came into play first. Jillian stood up and reached up under her skirt and pulled her thong down her long legs and stepped into her crotchless panties. She rocked her hips from side to side as she pulled them into place. Jennifer was watching closely as Jillian lifted the hem of her shirt so everyone could see her gift. Her neatly trimmed red pubic hair and the puckered folds of her out labia were prominently displayed by a black lacy frame of her panties. She looked down past her bunched-up skirt to see. She rocked her hips forward to help. She slid her hands down into the cutout in her crotch to feel how much of her sex was on display. She looked at Jennifer for her opinion.
Jennifer was munching on her lower lip, ready to launch her face into her sister's crotch. Instead, she stood up and yanked down her bikini panties and pulled on her own black lace crotchless panties. Without a word spoken, they dropped to the carpet in a sixty-nine; furiously attacking the other's sex. The fuse was lit.
In my peripheral vision, I saw Dad lean forward in his chair and spit on his hand. I glanced his way as he grabbed his erection with the same hand and stroked it a couple of times. I had to laugh when he pulled the red-lips of the fully inflated doll onto his cock and held it firmly in place like he would hold Mom's or the twin's heads as he face-fucked them.
My cock was as hard as a rock as I unzipped and fished down my left pant leg to pull it out. It was a struggle, but I got it. June was watching my progress and she immediately got to her hands and knees and pushed between my knees and kissed my glans as I held it down for her. Her eyes were on fire as she gazed up at my face. She rolled her head from side to side lashing her tongue along the ridge of my knob as she tugged at my pants. I lifted my ass so she could get them down to my thighs.
June was tearing into one of her gifts and came out with the glass butt-plug. She scooched over to us and lifted Julie's skirt over her ass. June pushed the glass butt-plug into her mouth. It looked like a pacifier protruding from her face. She pulled it out and pushed it slowly into Julie's ass. The plug wasn't very long and the part that went inside looked like a clear, soft-serve ice cream cone, with the smaller circumference bulb at the tip, without the little curly-cue, and then each consecutive ring getting larger. The last of the three was bigger than my cock.
Julie smiled around my cock as June pushed the first ring of the plug inside but her eyes went wide as the fattest bulb was inserted. Her eyes watered. Her lips were stretched thin over my hard-on. She didn't move a muscle until her ass adjusted to the butt-plug and then she resumed her blow job.
June opened the other package and sat back on the carpet and after lubricating the butt-plug with her saliva, she eased it into her anus. Her eyes did the same as Julie's had as she felt her anus being stretched by the last ring. Julie pushed forward on my cock until the knob was in her throat. She reached between her legs and started fingering her pussy. She moaned around my cock as she pulled back.
June had her plug fully inserted and she rolled onto one hip and got to her hands and knees. She gingerly moved toward Dad's chair. When she got there, she pulled the doll off his cock and replace it with her mouth. Dad groaned hard and lean back against the chair and humped up his hips. He noticed me watching and he grinned and then took June's face gently in his hands and started fucking her face. I took his lead and did the same with Julie. They both liked getting face-fucked as long as they knew they could pull away if they needed to. They knew they were safe in our hands.
Mom and Aunt Mary came around the corner from the kitchen with their unwrapped gifts in their hands. They both stopped short when they saw that the party had already started. Aunt Mary maneuvered past Julie to retake her seat. Mom stepped over Jillian and Jennifer's bodies to get to hers. As I humped Julie's face, I watched Mom insert her pink egg into her pussy. It had a handle attached, so it could be easily retrieved. Aunt Mary put her feet up in her chair and rocked her hips as far forward as she could and pushed her red egg into her anus. I had to chuckle. She really likes getting it in the ass. Mom did too and I was sure she'd use the egg the same way soon enough.
Satisfied with the egg's position, Mom closed her legs and smoothed her skirt down her thighs. She took the remote and pushed the button. Her eyes went wide as she let out a yelp. She came out of her seat several inches. She muttered, "Oh fuck. That was intense. This is going to take some getting used to."
Aunt Mary took her remote and pushed the button. She folded in her chair with a tight grimace on her face. She muttered, "Jesus Christ." As I was imagining what it would be like to fuck Mom's ass with that egg vibrating in her pussy, or fucking Aunt Mary's pussy with her egg in her ass, Julie pulled off my cock and crawled up my body and sat on my thighs before pulling my cock down and lifting herself onto the knob. I could feel the difference with her butt-plug inserted. Her face tightened into a grimace as she pushed herself down my shaft. To me, it felt like I was in the pussy half of a DP and the ass half was a cock bigger than mine. I kind of knew what Dad was feeling when we DP'd Mom.
Julie stopped at the bottom and didn't move for several moments. I flexed my cock in her and she groaned in response. Her eyes opened and they were filled with lust. I knew she would want it hard and fast and I prepared myself.
I heard the muffled buzz of Mom's egg and this time she stayed in her seat but she gasped for a breath of air as her face scrunched up tight in response. Aunt Mary's egg buzzed and she squirmed in her chair until it stopped. She leaned over toward Dad's chair and said, "June, sweetheart. Could I please have your Dad's cock?" June smiled around his erection and pulled off. She sat back on her heels and watched as Dad slid off her chair to his knees and guided his hard-on to his sisters' pussy. She screeched when Dad pushed in as she pushed her button. Dad reacted to the vibration too as he folded his torso forward with his face in her ample cleavage. She held on to him as she tried to get her hips into the action too. Dad pulled back from her tits when he realized the odor he was smelling was my cum.
In what seemed like seconds, the effect of Julie's butt-plug in her ass and my cock buried deep in her pussy drove her to an explosive orgasm. I pushed my hands up inside her shirt and under her bra to fondle her hard nipples. She grabbed my wrists to steady herself as her mouth fell open in a silent scream. Her clenching on my cock with the plug in her ass drove her into a second orgasm before the first one finished. She collapsed forward with her forehead on my chest gasping for air. My orgasm was swirling around and I thought of the cock-rings. It was way too late for that. I pushed my climax back as Mom was mouthing the words, 'Fuck my ass'. I chuckled to myself because that's what I was thinking.

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