Didn’t Want to Go to the Wedding

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tagIncest/TabooDidn't Want to Go to the Wedding

***All characters are over 18 and are fictional. Any resemblance to any real-life persons is purely coincidental.
Brian didn't want to come to the wedding of someone he doesn't even like. He never liked his cousin Derrick; he was a total jackass. His whole life the guy has just mistreated his other cousins because he's the oldest one among them, about six years older than Brian himself. He spent his whole life being picked on by him; name calling, surprise punching in the arms, childish pranks, breaking things, telling embarrassing stories in public, and so on. Derrick just shrugged it all off as jokes and that Brian and the rest of his cousins just needed a sense of humor; but of course, everyone knew that was just a lame excuse for him to do what he wanted and not feel bad about it.
He tried to come up with an excuse to not have to go. He had just turned 24, no longer living in his parent's house, and he would rather go out with his friends and have a good time than to do something to honor a jerk like Derrick. But of course, his parents pressured him to do so; made him feel guilty about making his aunt and uncle upset. So, with very short notice, he decided to go.
The hotel where the wedding was being held was several hours away from where he lived so he decided to rent a room for the night from the same place. He also figured if he wanted to skip out on the wedding for an hour or two without anybody noticing he'd just go to his room without anybody noticing and then slip back in for the end. Also, if by chance he could hook up with someone at the wedding, he had a room ready to take them back to. He wasn't getting his hopes high on that part, he never knew anybody who actually got to hook up with someone at a wedding, that stuff mostly happened on TV.
Brian was intentionally twenty minutes late to the wedding, but got there just in time for the ceremony. It lasted just about twenty minutes before it ended and everyone headed towards the banquet hall for dinner. Brian slipped away to his hotel room for about half an hour to watch some TV before heading back to the reception.
He met his parents at their assigned table who were already there with five other people. He recognized his two of his aunts and their husbands, but not the incredibly cute blonde woman sitting there with them. He wondered who she might be, knowing full well that his aunts that were sitting at the table never had any children of their own, so she was just an extra person at the table and he had no idea of who she might be.
He greeted his parents and his aunts and their husbands. By the time he got around to the cute blonde he had no idea how he should introduce himself if she was someone he already knew.
"Brian, you remember your cousin, Carly, don't you?" said his mother.
"Oh my god, you're Brian," the cute blonde said excitingly. "I'm sorry, I almost didn't recognize you."
"It's ok, I almost didn't recognize you also," he assured her.
It had been almost ten years since they last saw each other. At that time, Carly was a little overweight and Brian was very scrawny and his face was covered in acne. Now Brian's face was very clear, and with a good exercise routine he's become very muscular, and Carly lost that weight in high school. Carly was at the wedding alone; she was sent there by her parents who couldn't make it; and since she was by herself, she was seated at Brian's table since it had an extra seat available.
Now that he realized that Carly was his cousin, he felt a little guilty for thinking she was attractive, but he couldn't resist with how she looked. She was now much slimmer than the last time they saw each other, but not in the areas that counted. She had a nice shaped ass, and well endowed on top. The blue dress she wore was very tight and showed a modest amount of cleavage. Brian guessed she wasn't a D-cup, but definitely a large C-cup. He was seated next to her at the table and he did his best not to look at her breasts, but couldn't resist taking a glance at them now and again.
When he wasn't trying to check out her body, Brian was trying to make polite conversation with her. They had a lot of fun talking with each other, ignoring the rest of the family at the table. He found out that Carly's parents actually didn't want to come, made up some good excuse not to go; apparently, they didn't care for Derrick either but still sent their daughter to have some kind of representation to keep a good relationship with his parents. Also, Carly didn't want to go any more than her parents didn't want to go, but they paid her a lot of money to go. They had a good laugh at that. They also had a good laugh at making fun of Derrick and wondering what was wrong with his new bride that she didn't see what a jerk he was.
At some point, before the wedding cake came around, people were called out to the dance floor, but only for couples to slow dance too.
"Brian, why don't you ask Carly to dance," said his mother.
"It's alright mom, I don't feel like dancing," he replied.
"But she might want to dance, don't you Carly?"
"I'm fine, aunt Sherry," Carly replied.
"But I really want to get a few pictures of the two of you on the dance floor," his mother continued to say. "You look so handsome tonight, Brian. And Carly, you're so beautiful. Brian, don't you think she looks beautiful?"
"Yes, mom, she's very beautiful," said Brian with his face starting to turn slightly red from embarrassment.
"We should dance just to make her happy," said Carly.
Brian agreed and escorted her on the dance floor. They got close to each other and began to slow dance. Carly's body was pressed close to his making more difficult not to notice how sexy she was, and being taller than her made it more difficult not to look down at her cleavage. They talked a little while dancing, which helped distract Brian from thinking impure thoughts about her. They looked over at Brian's mother now and again to smile as she took pictures of them.
The music change to some alternative rock songs and everybody on the dance floor let go of each other to dance along with that type of music, and more people joined the dance floor.
"Can we get out of here for a little bit?" asked Carly. "I'm getting tired of this place."
Brian took her by the hand and guided her out of the banquet hall without anybody noticing. They agreed not to go the hotel bar because they didn't want to run into any relatives who might be having drinks there, and Carly was staying with one of their other cousins at the hotel, so all that was left was Brian's hotel room. There he had some beer stashed in the mini fridge that he was going to drink on his own. He told her how he already had the plan to sneak out of the wedding for a while to chill out in his hotel room, which is why he got the beer ready there. She thought it was a great plan, and now at least Brian didn't have to watch TV alone while he slipped away.
In the hotel room, Carly kicked off her shoes and Brian did the same as well as taking off his suit jacket and time, he even undid the first two buttons of his shirt so he could breathe. He went to the mini fridge and pulled out two of the beers he had, opened them both and passed one to Carly. Carly went to the bed, set up a couple of the pillows so she could sit up on the bed to watch TV and Brian did the same thing. He used the remote to find a comedy show and they just sat there on the bed drinking beer and having a good laugh.
"This is great," said Brian. "I was planning to do this alone, but it's good to have someone to hang out with."
"Yeah, it has been fun tonight with you," she replied.
"I can't believe Derrick got married, I can't imagine anyone marrying him."
"Since I was six, he gave me nuggies," she told him. "He gave me one right before the wedding when he saw me briefly. Messed up my hair and I had to go and fix it up."
"He used to surprise me with birthday punches every year and punched me for every year I was born. When I turned twenty, my arm had a large bruise that lasted for weeks."
"He one stole $200 from my purse," said Carly.
"He once stole my car," Brian responded.
"He once tried to sell drugs at my 16th birthday party to my friends."
"He once hid drugs in my house without me knowing so the cops wouldn't find it in his place."
"Ok, that's bad," she said. "But I think I have you beat, on how bad he was. He once tried to have sex with me."
"What?" Brian shouted.
"He seriously did."
She told him the story about how a few years ago when Derrick and his family were visiting her parent's place and she was just being nice to him because there were guests in the house. He somehow mistook her kindness for interest and later on made a move on her. At one point she made an excuse to go upstairs to her room to do some college schoolwork on her computer, when she really just wanted to get away from them to watch TV. Later, Derrick went to use the bathroom upstairs he snuck into her bedroom. She was surprised when he entered and just said he wanted to watch tv with her, she believed him and let him come in and sit on the bed next to her where she was sitting. A couple of minutes later he tried to kiss her, but she managed to stop him just in time. She pushed away but he thought she was just playing around and tried to grab her breast and that's when she punched him in the balls. She then grabbed him by the hair and dragged him by the hair and threw him out of her bedroom.
"Then I made him give me the money he stole from me plus more or else I would tell his mother," she said.
"You're my new hero," said Brian.
They had a good laugh, and without any warning, Carly leaned in and kissed Brian hard on the mouth. Brian pulled back, completely surprised by what she had done. He looked her in the eyes, she was giving him an enticing look as if to say 'yeah, I'm your cousin, but so what.' Brian thought it was a highly unusual situation, he had fantasies of a few of his attractive cousins before, every man has. And of course, when he had a series of sexual thoughts about Carly since he first saw her in that dress tonight, but never thought this would ever happen. But then he thought 'Why not?' and kissed her back.
They held each other for several minutes, their lips refusing to let of each other as their tongues explored each other's mouths. They pressed their bodies against each other, their explore each other's bodies. Brian had his hand up Carly's dress and under her panties, feeling her ass, it was nice and firm. But Brian was more of a breast man and wanted his hands on hers; he knew from how the dress felt he wasn't going to get a good feel of them from above the dress so he went for the zipper to attempt to take off her dress. He fumbled a little with the zipper, it was a little stuck and tried to pull on it harder.
"Wait, wait," said Carly as she pulled away from their embrace and stood up from the bed.
"I'm sorry," said Brian. "You're right, we're going to far."
"No, it's not that," she assured him. "I definitely want to do this, but this is an expensive dress and I don't want you to break the zipper."
She reached behind her and pulled down the zipper herself. She let the dress drop to the floor, showing her black bra and panties. The bra was lacey and see through, showing he nipples through the fabric. This look got Brian even more excited and he began to quickly taking his clothes off, not caring about how expensive his own suit was. Carly carefully put her dress on the side, then she took off her bra, freeing her amazing breasts and then took off her panties revealing her shaved pussy. She got back on the bed just as Brian got fully undressed, his erection was at it's strongest, he never felt his dick as hard as it was until now. He figured it was because the taboo nature of this situation was making him more excited than he normally would be with other women he as slept with.
Carly assured Brian that she was on the pill, so they had nothing to worry about and that made Brian more excited. He would've pulled out a condom if he had to, but it is so much better without one. They got close to each other on the bed and Brian reached up to grab her breast, it felt amazing in his hands and Carly loved having her breast being fondled by her cousin; she had let plenty of guys get their hands on her tits but it w as more exciting having Brian grabbing at them.
They kissed each other again, more passionately than before. They held each other closer, her breasts pressing firmly against Brian, he could feel her nipples getting harder. In an instant, Brian pushed his dick right into her pussy. He left it there for a moment, it was warm and tight and it felt amazing as it engulfed his dick. He then began pumping himself back and forth into her body, first slowly to get her body used to his large erection and began to go faster when he felt it was time to do so.
Carly held him close to her body, her nails digging into his back, giving him small scratches. She began to scream into his ear, saying sexually explicit things that didn't just surprise Brian, but her as well; she didn't even know she could say such things before. This only made Brian more excited and began fucking her harder and saying bad things to her as well. He never called a woman a slut in bed before, but he suddenly found himself saying it to her; he was relieved to see that Carly enjoyed being called that.
They turned over and Carly was now on top of him. Brian just laid there, and watched as Carly was bouncing around his dick, and watching her big tits bouncing around. Her hands were firmly holding her headboard as she began to go faster. Brian hands were holding her hips, he tried to keep her steady, with the way she was bouncing around wildly, he was afraid she was going to bounce off his dick.
After a while, he got her on her back again and forced himself to go harder and faster than he ever has with any woman before him. Carly was in great pain from the pounding she was receiving, but it was the best kind of pain she could feel and wanted more of it. Before she knew it, an orgasm surged through her body and she let out an ear-piercing scream that momentarily distracted Brian from his performance. He got her to cum one more time before he started to get that feeling that he was going to finish himself. He managed to get a few more minutes of fucking before he finally exploded his cum right into her pussy.
After that, he began to relax and got off her body and laid next to her. They both laid there trying to catch their breaths; they were exhausted and felt like sleeping but knew they had to go back to the wedding soon. After a few minutes of talking and joking with each other they decided it was time to go. They got out of bed and began to get dressed. Carly had trouble this time with her zipper and Brian got behind her and carefully zipped her back up; this time because he was relaxed, he was more careful with the zipper this time. Carly's hair was a mess and she took a few more minutes to fix it up, and Brian did the same to make himself look more presentable. They both agreed that they needed to look good and show up back at the wedding reception separately so no one would get suspicious. They may not have seen them leave the reception together, but they don't want to risk anyone seeing them come back together and start questioning where they were.
Carly got to the wedding first, and Brian showed up ten minutes later. They sat down next to each other at their assigned table and did their best to keep a straight face with each other. When it was time to slow dance again, his mother again insisted he takes Carly dancing again, this time he did not object. As they slow danced, they did their best not to laugh at the situation, it was as if fate wanted them to get close together.
Later that night, Carly found that the cousin whose hotel room she was sharing, was hooking up with a guy she met at the wedding and asked if she could stay somewhere else tonight. She made no objection and went straight to Brian's room and he was happy to let her stay with him that night.

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