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As soon as my good friend Steff heard that my son Mikey was back home from university due to the lock-down in Cardiff she pestered me to bring him over for dinner with her and husband George.
We agreed on Wednesday (yesterday) so it was up to me to get him to give his girlfriend Rachael the night off. She had not seen her parents since last week so reluctantly agreed!!
We were asked to be there for 6.30 for drinks. After a leisurely soak in the bath I slapped on a bit of lippy etc and slipped into my dress. I chose my latest black see-through number. Really short mini, plunging neckline and rear. Under the armpit was extremely low as well, more a work-out t shirt really!! Much too young for me but wtf, George will like it. A nice slutty pair of fishnets and heels and no underwear to distract.
Mikey drove us over; my shoes aren't made for driving. He likes to drive my Audi TT anyway, so everyone was happy.
The car swept into the driveway of their large country home. Steff met us at the door, wearing a stunning red satin mini revealing an awful amount of flesh. From the involuntary twitch in Mikey's jeans the dress was an obvious hit.
George being the perfect host had a bottle of Sancerre (my favourite) ready for us on the table. An hour of small-talk and a few refills then dinner arrived from the local Italian restaurant in Stockbridge, tasty as it always is. The delivery guys are always appreciative of being greeted at the door by a scantily clad hostess.
Dinner over, dishes in the dishwasher and it was fun time.
George asked Mikey and me if we wouldn't mind performing for him, mother/son a bit of a turn-on for him.
Mikey slipped the dress from my shoulders and told me to lay over the arm of the plush sofa.
Whilst Mikey was undressing, I felt Steff's tongue on my clit, she licked away delving into my cunt. It only took a few minutes and I was more than ready for Mikey.
He slipped his beautiful cock into my pussy. 'hold on tight, slut' I gripped the seat cushion as he pounded away at my cunt. It wasn't long before I screamed out, orgasming loudly.
Mikey hadn't cum so he continued fucking me. On and on he went, I sensed he was almost there, me too for the second time. Mikey shot his cum deep into my cunt.
I shook involuntarily, then sunk my head into the sofa cushion. I looked over at George and Steff, she was gently stroking his erect penis.
Soon it was going to be Steff's turn to take my son's cock. Firstly though we had to give Mikey a little recovery time, Not that he needs a lot really.
A now naked Steff went down on me, eating out my son's cum from my cunt. She then proceeded to feed me with it, little by little.
George likes to see his beautiful wife play with a girl as we treated him to a few girly orgasms.
Mike was now ready to fuck the lady of the house, I snuggled up to George as we watched.
Steff lay over the sofa arm and hung onto the cushion. Mikey moved in behind her, slipping his cock into her pussy. As Mikey thrust his cock into Steff, George was visibly getting turned on again. I felt the least I could do was to take his cock in my throat as he watched.
The more Mikey drove into his sexy wife the harder George became. Steff screamed; Mikey grunted then George groaned loudly filling my mouth with his semen.
We decided it was time for a drinks break before going upstairs to the bedrooms.
George took one of his little blue pills, we all had a line of two then up we went.
In-between our sessions, George and I could hear Steff's cries of pleasure coming from the main bedroom.
George being the perfect husband had giving his wife the best bedroom. To be honest the guest bedroom wasn't too shabby either!!
George and I fucked long into the night. George bless him performed like a guy twenty years his junior. It must have been 11am before I stirred to the sound of Steff's cries ringing out from their bedroom.
George disappeared downstairs and reappeared with a tray of teas, left my on the bedside table then disappeared next door to watch Steff and Mikey.
Quite a night!!

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