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My grandpa and his friends gang-raped and gang-banged me when I was 14 years old, and I enjoy it a lot.

When I was 14 years old my grandpa and his friends gang-raped me… and I enjoyed it.

I was staying over at grandpa’s for the weekend as I had done for many years, the last weekend of every month I stay with him, I even had my own bedroom at his house, I love my grandpa and it’s nice spending time with him.

On this particular weekend grandpa had his friends over in the evening for a game of dominos, there were 6 of them all together, I stayed up and played with them for as long as I could, but I got tired so I went upstairs to bed.

I got a shower, got changed in to my nightshirt and got in to my cosy bed and went to sleep.

Then at some point in the night, I don’t know what time it was but it must have been late because it was very dark outside, I woke up and as I opened my eyes I saw grandpa and his friends where in my room all standing around my bed looking down at me.

Before I could speak or get up to find out what they were all doing in my room, they all lunged at me, grabbing my arms and legs and pinning me down, one sat down at the top of my bed and I heard the sound of tape unsticking, as I screamed out in panic he put thick silver tape over my mouth to stop me screaming, then they flipped me over and taped my hands behind my back at the wrists then flipped me back over again.

Grandpa knelt on the bottom of my bed and he had a pair of scissors in his hand, he lifted the bottom of my nightshirt up and started cutting it open in a long line all the way up to the top, then he cut the sleeves before pulling it off me.

I was on the bed, fully aware that I was now just in my bra and panties, I tried to struggle free but there was too many of them and they were very strong at holding me down, I locked my eyes on grandpa and spoke my eyes, “Why are you doing this, grandpa?! – Please stop.”

He leaned over me and stroked my forehead, brushing my hair off my face, “Relax, princess, it’s going to be alright. We’re not here to hurt you. We just want to have some fun with you.” He said.

I started to cry and then panic even more when he removed my bra and I knew for sure what they were going to do to me.

Their old wrinkled hands were touching all over my body and they were laughing, sticking out their tongues and make lewd noises and comments as they fondled my exposed breasts.

They all undressed and I was soon surrounded my naked old men, they were fat, their skin was all wrinkled, covered in hair and spots and their wrinkled old cocks were flapping around with their hairy balls hanging down between their legs, it wasn’t a pretty sight, I closed my eyes and cried even more.

I could feel them still touching me and pretty sure they were rubbing their cocks all over my skin.

I opened my eyes again a few minutes later when I felt tugging on my panties, my grandpa was trying to take them off, he yanked them down my legs quickly and I was too late to attempt to stop him, he took them off my feet then swung them around on his finger cheerily, “Wahooo.” I was now completely stripped naked and at their mercy.

Then he threw them to one of his friends and he sniffed them, I clamped my legs shut as tight as I could to prevent him from doing anything but his friends helped and they managed to pry my legs open, “Look at this, boys…” he said, then he rubbed his palm against my pussy, “…There’s the pussy we’ve been waiting all these years for.” He said.

“That’s beautiful, Eric.” Said one of his friends.

My grandpa and his friends were closet paedophiles, none of them had ever had sexual contact with an underage girl before, but they all shared the desire to have one, and they chose me, I looked at grandpa again with teary eyes, “Please stop, grandpa, please.” I begged with my eyes.

Within minutes they were all rubbing themselves and they all had erections, “The Viagra’s doing a grand job.” One joked, making the others laugh, their laughter annoyed and angered me, how could they do this to me, I was just a young girl.

As grandpa shuffled up the bed between my legs and I felt the tip of his cock rub against the outside of my pussy, I thrashed around trying to stop him, two of his friends each grabbed one of my legs and pulled them apart, “Hold her legs, boys.” Said grandpa.

He spat in his hand and then rubbed his spittle all over his cock to lube it up and rubbed some on my pussy, then he guided his cock and robbed it up and down my slit, he leaned over me propping himself up with one hand on the bed, using his other hand to help guide his cock in to my slit, “This might hurt a bit, princess.” He said.

Then he pushed hard against my hymen, “Ug-Arrggh!” I screamed under the tape, feeling pressure being applied to my hymen, I felt it tear a little moments before it split open and felt like a very painful paper cut, and my opening stretched open around the shape of his tip and got wider and wider as he forced his cock inside me.

I could feel the wrinkles and veins on his cock as my inner walls clenched around it tightly, my inner chamber expanded, like it had been closed shut with temporary glue and was now slowly being peeled open, as his cock slowly inched further in to me, I felt wave after wave of intense new sensations coursing through my body, “Uh-Mmm.” I moaned.

“Ug-Ooooor!” grandpa groaned.

“Is it as tight as we thought, Eric?” asked his friend.

“It bloody is…” he gasped, “…Oooah.”

His cock was about 3-inches inside me when he put his other hand down on the bed beside me, while holding himself up over me, he began to thrust slowly in and out, it was painful and unwanted, he was stealing my virginity and I was angry and very upset, it was wrong on so many levels, and I was extremely confused because I was enjoying the sensations I was feeling.

As much as I hated it and wanted it to stop, I found myself enjoying it, it was a new and exciting feeling, I was disgusted with myself, I wasn’t meant to be liking this, it was being forced on me and I shouldn’t have been enjoying it, but I was, my body betrayed me.

Grandpa looked down at me and smiled, “That’s it, little one, you’re enjoying it aren’t you. It’s okay to enjoy it, princess. Surrender to it, don’t fight it.” He said.

There was nothing I could do, I couldn’t fight against him and his friends, I couldn’t stop him, so I surrendered and accepted my fate and I let the pleasure flow through me.

Grandpa hovered over me smiling, his leather like wrinkled skin rubbing against my legs, his fat belly resting on top of mine, thrusting his old cock in to me with his sagging balls knocking against my ass.

He lifted his arm and put it down towards my pussy and he started to press down and flick my clitoris with his thumb and it drove my mind and body insane with pleasure, “Uh – Uh – Mm.” my nipples got hard and perky and I felt like something was growing inside me, a tingly ball of pleasure was growing and expanding and then the ball burst and my entire body tingled with pleasure as grandpa made me orgasm for the first time, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Then grandpa held on to my breasts while he pounded my pussy very fast and very hard, “Ooh – Here we go – This is it – I’m cumming….” He gasped, his cock was rubbing against all my internal pleasure senses so fast it made my head go all fuzzy, “…I’m cummi – I’m cu – Ooooaaah – Ooooah – Oooooah” he groaned out loudly as his legs and arms began to shake.

I felt his cock balloon and push against my inner wall and then his warm seed quickly filling me up inside, I felt alive, more alive than I’d ever felt before, it was as if I could feel his soul entering my body.

He ripped the tape off my mouth and gave me a long sloppy kiss and licked my face, “I’ve waited my whole life for you.” He said, looking happy and content.

When he took his lips off my mouth I could have screamed and called for help, but I didn’t, I had enjoyed him fucking me and he looked so happy.

He lifted himself off me and I gasped lightly feeling his cock slipping out of my hole, he got off the bed with his now limp cock hanging between his legs, and one of his friends go on to the bed and I let him put his cock inside me and fuck me while his friends were still holding me down, but that was okay, I liked being dominated and feeling powerless.

His other friend turned my head to the side and forced his cock in to my mouth for me to suck, he was extremely rough and forcing it down my throat making me gag and unable to breath, and he eventually ejaculated down my throat forcing me to swallow it all.

They took turns fucking me, leaving only a few seconds between them, my pussy had no time to close or to rest, grandpa and a few of his friends even came back for seconds, and my pussy was just constantly fucked all night until the sun began to rise.

They eventually left my room and I stayed awake laid on the bed naked with semen all over me and a massive semen stain on the sheets between my legs.

I eventually got up, showered and dressed, then I went downstairs and grandpa was sitting in the kitchen nursing a cup of coffee, his friends had left, he looked at me and smiled but I could tell he felt shame for what he’d done, he couldn’t look at me for moment than a few seconds.

No words were spoken, then my mom beeped her car horn outside, she had come to pick me up, I turned to walk out but when I got the front door I stopped, I couldn’t leave him feeling so glum, so I hurried back in to the kitchen and gave him a big hug from behind and then a kiss on the cheek, “Love you, grandpa.” I said, then I rushed out to the car.

We didn’t speak for a whole month and he was very surprised to see me when I turned up to his house at the last weekend of the month to sleep over.

“Are your friends coming over?” I asked.

He looked at me confused, “No – it’s just me, love.” He replied.

“Tell them to come over.” I said, then I opened up my bag.

“Why?” he asked.

I took a set of fluffy pink handcuffs out of my bag, “I took these from mom’s room. I thought we could use them tonight.” I said.

He smiled, “Use them how?” he asked.

I just smiled back at him and he knew, he knew I had enjoyed getting fucked that night and that I had come back because I wanted more, he was straight on the phone to all his friends inviting them to come over, “Quick as you can. Tell the others.”

We had an amazing night, they gang-banged the fuck out of me and it was great and we tried loads of different positions and I even took a cock up the ass.

I was back the next month for even more, but I also had some news for them, I was pregnant, I was 14 years old, they were all over the age of 65, and I was pregnant with one of their babies, I told them I was keeping it but I wouldn’t tell anyone who’s it was, I couldn’t anyway, I had no idea who the father was, just that it was either my grandpa or one of his friends.

I continued to enjoy monthly gang-bangs with the old gits for months, until I was too heavily pregnant to continue, but we continued about 6-months after I gave birth and have done for years.

A few of his friends sadly passed away but grandpa is still going strong.

My daughter is 10 now, we will be going to visit grandpa and his friends this weekend where she will take part in her very first old git gang-bang, I’m looking forward to it, I hope she likes it.

Grandpa is getting very old now and he’s finding it difficult to keep “up”, so I want my daughter to have the same pleasure I had before he goes.

I also did a DNA test last year and discovered that Lilly, my daughter, is my grandpa’s, it was he who impregnated me, I haven’t told Lilly who her father is yet, I want him to fuck her and I want her to feel her daddy fuck her before I tell her the truth of who he is.

Some would say I was abused as a child, but I don’t think I was, I wasn’t abused, I was liberated, I was given the gift of amazing sex and that’s a beautiful thing.

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