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By Squirt 66 So this is a true story, going back some years now when I first got married in 1995. I have always been a little perverted and loved sex from a young age.

So a little about how future things would come about and shape my life going forward.

When I was 16 I met a nice old man a bit eccentric but nice all the same, he used to visit a friend of his that lived in my street, I was playing football one particular day and was asked by this gentleman if wanted to help him move some furniture at his house, so we were talking in his car on the way to his house about this and that, and he mentioned that he was gay, I didn’t think much of it at the time but later after we moved the furniture things changed.

He got us both a drink and came back in a bath robe and said” sorry had to get out of my clothes, and we sat talking around his fire, he lent forward to put his glass down and his robe had loosened and his cock was showing, needless to say I saw it and was shocked at the sheer size of it, he saw me looking and said” do you like what you see young man. And I looked away but my my own cock which would have been about 6 inches at that age gave me away, I was I suppose semi hard, I had never had any thoughts around those things before so I don’t know why I started to get hard then.

I said something stupid like” sorry I didn’t mean to look and said” here have a proper look” and proceeded to stand up and let his robe fall open” would you like to touch it he said” it was then I was brought back to reality and said” I’m not gay and I think you should drop me home.He said look your hard and so am I shall we just have a mutual wanking session”. So to cut a long he talked me into a wanking session, i loved it, we had a wanking session and he even got behind me a pulled at my young cock making me cum so hard I wanted more but thought better of it.

So since that day I have had a thing for dirty old men, don’t ask me why but it was definitely a kink that would never go away.

So I got married in 1995 to a great girl il call her Mary, we started married life together and it was great, but I still had this kink about dirty old men, anyway I was doing a job in a blokes flat who I got to know over a few weeks working at his flat, we used to chat during the day and he asked if I was single or married, “I said married and he said “oh really how long and I said ” 4 months, he was around 58 single and had a bit of a belly but a nice bloke all the same.

He would tell me stories of the women he had fucked and used over the years especially the married ones, I was quite jealous if I’m honest, but he said he doesn’t get much these days so just wanks himself silly watching porn.

We were talking one day and he was asking about my wife who was at the time 25,the same as me, he then proceeded to show me photos of some of the married women he had fucked and used as he put it, we were having a right perv at some of the pictures he was showing, I said” blimey Ken you are a dirty old man mate” he said ” I know I love to fuck married women and use their married pussies to bring my spunk out.

At home that evening I was telling my wife what happened during the day and she was laughing. After dinner, I was horny after the days antics at Kens, I got Mary to kneel on the floor, she loved being played with, I started to talk dirty to her, “did you like me talking about being at Kens today and him showing dirty pictures of married eo.wn that he had fucked” she said it did make her a little wet, and she gets so wet once you start playing with her it’s like a tap running. I had a dirty thought and said” would you like to come to kens with me one evening and have a drink” she said why would we do that” I said ” maybe he could play with you and get you wet , then watch us fuck” that would give the old man something to wank about in the future.

Oh I don’t know, ” what if he tells people, people that might know us” I’m sure he wouldn’t do that babe, anyway to say we had a good sex session was an understatement, she took my cock like a queen and when I asked again will she let Ken play with her she said yes.

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I told Ken and he was thrilled and asked me do I want him to record it, and I said yes”. The night came and Mary had dressed in a nice dress. When we turned up at kens he couldn’t believe his eyes, Mary was small in frame, big tits and a small bubble butt, and shaved pussy.”my god your beautiful Mary, pleased to meet you” likewise Mary said” take a seat would you like a drink, so we all had a few drinks to lighten the mood. Ken then said to Mary,” I think you should get undressed and show me your married pussy” Mary got up and slid her dress off leaving just a pair of white panties, ” just how I like married women he said” he then got up and went to retrieve a mattress from the bedroom, he played it on the floor and told Mary to kneel but leave her panties on, I was just dumb struck at the situation before me it was like he just took over.

He then undressed and was sporting a thick short cock and bent like a banana, probably around 7 inches in length” I’m gonna enjoy you he said and proceeded to kneel down by her side. “Gorgeous bits for a young married woman” and he started to fondle her tits and pull at her nipples, causing her to wimper” yea you like that dont you” Mary never said a word, let me feel that married pussy” and he put his hand down the front of her panties” christ she’s soaking wet” your married fuck hole is already ready for cock isn’t it you married slut.
I was lost for words at his language but Mary said” yes it is ” he proceeded to pull at her clit and fuck lips making her even more wanton for cock, he then started to talk dirty to her” do you like the look of my cock mary” tell me if your husband wasn’t here would you let me rape your wet married cunt with my thick perverted cock and cream in your married fuck hole.

I was to far gone and had already undressed and was rubbing my cock” look at your husband wanking while I finger his wife in front of him” oh god was all Mary could say I’m gonna cum” you cum you married slut come for daddy ken” I’m old enough to be your father and here you are kneeling on a dirty mattress in a old man’s flat while he plays and fi gers you married wet can’t, and while your husband sits there and wanks.

Oh my god I started squirting everywhere I couldn’t hold back. Ken then said” I don’t think your getting your husbands spunk tonight mary” she looked at me and said” why did you cum you should of held back” Ken then said to me, I’m take take your wife’s married cunt and rape it with my fat spunky cock, she needs it” you just sit there and watch me use her cunt”.

I then watched as he took my wife’s wet married cunt and raped it and used it, still talking dirty to her he never let up.At one stage she was riding him cow girl and he was saying I have another friend who would love to rape your young married cunt” would you like that 2 dirty old men using your married cunt” Mary didn’t say anything at the time but Ken kept on” do you mary” I will tell you he is a old paki man with a big spunky cock and he loves raping white married woman getting them off on his cock which is thick with a big purple head and he squirts cum.
Mary said” yes I do” oh you do want 2 old cocks to use your married cunt” yes yes yes ” as she came again and again.
I will sort that out for next time, he then said here comes my cream for your married pussy and pushed Mary down on his cock until he unloaded all his juice in her” there you liked that didn’t you you little married slut.

We left kens and went home, where we talked and both said what a great night, I said I was a little pissed off that he fucked Mary but she said” you shouldn’t of cum to quick, oh well it’s happened now.

A few days later Ken told me he had shown his paki friend the recording of our session and he loved it, he now wants Mary’s married pussy to use on his paki cock and make her his fuck slave, and take her to his flat so that other old Pakistani can sample her wet married pussy and rape her with there old smelly paki cock.
.part 2 soon

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