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tagIncest/TabooDiscovering Laine or is it Cassidy

(Authors Note: A lot has happened personally since my previous submission. I hope it is as well received as my prior piece. Thank You, and good reading.)
My name is Marcus, I have been very happily married for the last five years to a bi-sexual woman. Two years prior to our marriage, we had been dating, with her moving into mine and my daughter's home six months before our wedding. Jenn is an amazing woman, strong, confident and intelligent. I knew when we started dating that I was actually on the rare side of her relationships. Jenn preferred to have sex with women, but, she is a very competitive, career driven woman. She had a difficult time forming lasting relationships with other women. Then I came along. We hit it off very fast. Our personalities mesh very well, and we compliment each other. Competition between us is on a personal, at home level, and not, at a career level. She has her job, and I have my own.
Jenn, is also a very sexual woman. She has a high libido, but, not, like you might think. As I mentioned before, Jenn, prefers sex with women. She just learned to accept my shortcomings, and focus more on my strong suits. Firstly, I am a very oral oriented man. I enjoy going down on a woman, especially one who tends to be as wet as Jenn is. The first couple of times we went to bed, we didn't have intercourse at all, instead, we spent our time having oral sex with each other. That, of course, doesn't mean I didn't also use my fingers, I guess you could say Jenn is a Size Queen in a way, she doesn't like things too big, instead, she rather enjoys my average size. I am a little thicker than two of her fingers across, and two of her fingers thick. As she claims, "Just Right For Me". I am also just long enough, that my head nuzzles up against her cervix. I bump it, but I don't bruise it, again, her words. All I know is that she is a silk glove when wrapped around me. Which brings us back to Jenn's preferences. In the two years before we were married, I learned she had a couple of friends with benefits. A couple of women she had been having sex with since college. She also introduced me to a couple of women that she would get together with on occasion from her professional circle of acquaintances. I was invited, after we got married, to join her with the women of her former group, but most definitely not of the latter. I didn't mind, I understood the rules. I could be inside of her, and not her friends, but that didn't mean I couldn't orally take care of her friends while she rode me.
At the time that I met Jenn, my daughter Cassidy had turned 13. Cassidy took to Jenn immediately. Until then, my sister Angie had been my lifesaver. I love Planned Parenthood. I donate a lot for a low six figure income to PP. A single father with a daughter, needs somewhere he can turn to for advice, and secure knowledge that his daughter is being cared for properly. It didn't hurt that Angie's OB, was a Planned Parenthood doctor. It of course, doesn't mean that a Single Father is properly capable of dealing with a Maturing Daughter, but, with Angie's help, and PP's help, I think we managed her shift as best as could have been done. It was about six months after when Jenn had come into my life. This had another effect that was unexpected. Cassidy had turned to Jenn when it came time for clothing advice, my sister Angie was deemed 'Uncool' by Cassidy standards.
To be honest, Angie had been married since right after she graduated High School, and her general attire came from Lane Bryant. Jenn, well, she was more upscale in her attire. Angie, was a payroll clerk for a small company, and Jenn was district manager for a high end women's apparel retail chain. She was up to date on the latest fashions, dressed to impress in clothing that was honestly aimed at the late teens, early twenties business crowd. Cassidy, soaked it up. Jenn however, was cautious, making it a point to drag me along whenever my Daughter talked her into going clothing shopping, especially for anything that might fall in the intimate wear line of clothing. "I just don't want you to think I was dressing her for my tastes." Jenn never wanted me to think she was ever inappropriate when it came to Cassidy.
Jenn's voice had a tremulous edge to it. Her eyes were wide, like she had seen something that caught her off guard, but at the same time, I knew she had been looking at lesbian porn. It was late, I was trying to reconcile a couple of my business accounts, so I wasn't surprised when Jenn stepped into my office wearing nothing but one of my button up shirts and smelling of her arousal. Did I mention that Jenn is a woman who, when aroused, gets very wet. She tends to wear thin pads in her panties regularly to soak up her wetness. Let's face it, many of the young women that work in the stores she covers, are very attractive, and very attractively dressed. Her sexual buttons get pushed a lot.
"I…" there was a hesitation in her voice that was very unlike her. "I need you to see something. I swear, I had no idea. But, I think you need to see it." She bit her lip, and I swear, in the seven years we had known each other, I had never seen her look so uncertain about anything. I rose from my desk and walked over to her. She flinched when I put my hand on her arm, rubbing lightly to be reassuring. Now, I was worried.
"Look, uhm, it's late, and you know how I am."
"Sure, you were either reading a lesbian book, or surfing some lesbian porn. It's okay, I promise Jenn, I won't get mad."
"Don't, don't say that, you don't even know what I found," her voice had dropped into a panicked whine, eyes wide and her cheeks blushed even darker.
"I promise, I won't be mad at you, does that help?"
I tried to be soft and understanding, but confused was probably my true expression. This Jenn was not my normal wife. Something was making her very skittish. Then she seemed to steel herself to her decision, she reached out, took my hand in hers, and led me to the game room. Game room is a misnomer honestly. I have always had my office at home. I work on accounts for my small company, work on some of the CAD models that we prototype for customers when some of the code seems off, or we keep breaking tools and can't figure out why. I run a small company that does CNC batch production. Mostly, we work on prototype, single run items, work out the code for a production run piece, then let the client choose a mainstream manufacturer to make the production pieces. We do have some customers that we do small batch runs for, and are a steady source of income, but, sixty percent of our business is the one off prototype item.
The game room is where our shared computer is. Jenn has her company laptop, the dock is there attached to the monitor for easy viewing, but mostly, we have Cassidy's old desktop PC set up for either of us, or Cassidy when she is home on break from college and doesn't want to use her laptop. We use it to stream movies to our big screen TV, or to play music through the home theater system. Most of the time though, it was used by either Jenn or I to surf the net on our down time. When we were relaxing, waiting for the other person to finish up any late night work on those dedicated computers. It was also where we surfed porn. Some times together, but like tonight, often alone. We each had our own logins, so it wasn't like we looked at the same stuff, though, to be honest, some of the lesbian porn that Jenn came across, became our shared viewing from time to time.
"I swear, this is a new video, I wasn't looking for it at all, and I certainly wasn't looking for her." Jenn's eyes were pleading with me to understand, but her nipples were so obviously rock hard against my shirt, it was clear she was conflicted. On the screen, was a young redhead, face down into a pillow, ass up in the air, panties around mid thigh. A brunette was face into the redhead's crotch from behind. The soft visual made me think it was one of those higher end European porns. The current image didn't really show the face of either girl. The red hair though, caused me to pause. Cassidy had red hair. I was blond, but her mother had been Scotch Irish, with the temper and hair to match. The dusting of freckles on her pale skin also caught my attention, probably because Jenn was clearly upset. I just figured my mind was jumping to conclusions. Most of the brunette's face was hidden in the still image by her hands spreading the red heads ass cheeks, but it was clear, she was definitely licking deeply.
"Oh, it backed up a little," Jenn said as she reached for the mouse. Her eyes were now riveted to the screen. Without waiting for my reaction, she hit the play icon, and in five seconds, the red head turned her face, pressing her cheek into the pillow, eyes half lidded, her mouth open. The sound was tied to the headset on the desk, so there wasn't any sound to hear. In the next couple of seconds though, my heart stopped. I was staring into my eyes. Cornflower Blue with flecks of gold peered at me through the screen. I understood Jenn's shock, and I was frozen. Jenn hit pause again, and again the video jumped back a little, this time, Cassidy's eyes were half open, still enough that I had no doubt I was looking at my daughter having lesbian sex in a porn.
"I" started to speak, licked my lips, cleared my throat, licked my lips again. My eyes roving over the whole scene in depth. I had not seen my daughter in this state of undress since she was too young to properly bathe herself. I had seen her plenty of times in a bathing suit or bikini, but never in such a position, and never with an expression of sexual bliss on her face.
"I'm not mad" I finally coughed out. That was only partially true, I certainly wasn't mad at Jenn, but the idea that came to my mind immediately was that Cassidy was in such a need for money that she had turned to the Adult Entertainment world stuck in my throat. I was still staring intently at the screen. It took me a moment to realize Jenn had hit the play button again, before stepping back and leaning into me.
"What are…"
"Shhhh…" Jenn hissed.
I watched my daughter get orally pleasured from behind for about another minute. Clearly, enjoying the pleasure she was receiving. Her voice was tiny and tinny coming from the headset speakers, but it was her voice I was hearing. I couldn't move, and couldn't look away. I could feel Jenn moving slightly as she leaned against me.
The scene changed, as they tend to do on this type of video on the host porn site we were currently at. "Laine, her Brunette Friend and her Boyfriend Consummate an Afternoon" read the title bar under the video. But right now, Cassidy lay on her back, her freckled breasts, tiny nipples and equally tiny areola pointed upward. Her knees were spread wide, hands holding to her ankles, pulled back to her thighs. The brunette was clearly suckling at her clit like a starving woman, as she thrust two very wet fingers in and out of my daughter's pussy. The meaty labia, thick, and slicked from the licking and her own juices, her thin inner lips pulled tight as the fingers slipped out, only to slip back between the thick outer folds as they were pushed back in. My mouth was dry, I tried to swallow. Jenn's breathing became ragged and quick. The squish of fingers pushing into a wet opening was loud in my ears, and I realized, Jenn was fingering herself, the sound was coming from her and her arousal was peeking rapidly.
"Jenn?" my voice was shaky, confused, but again, I couldn't tear my eyes away.
"Just watch, please, just watch with me" her voice was husky, I could hear the undercurrent of desire. I had heard her voice like this before. When we were watching one of her friends that we shared playing with herself before us. I realized, this was probably a fantasy that Jenn had been hiding, That she wished she was the brunette going down on, and finger fucking my twenty year old daughter. I also came to the shocking thought that I was as hard as a rock. Jenn's breathing ratcheted up, and she was moaning in a high pitched wail, trying to stifle it with her hand. I slipped my arm around her waist, letting her lean back more. On the screen, Cassidy's back arched smoothly up, her head was thrown back, and I could hear her sensual moan as she climaxed. White cream coated the brunette's fingers, her jaw moved like she was swallowing whatever was seeping into her mouth. Jenn's body shook, her moan turned to a pitched groan, and the room suddenly smelled strongly of her sex. Not that it hadn't for the last several minutes as the video played, but now, it took on a whole new depth of aroma. My mouth was watering at the sight, I could feel my cock twitching against Jenn's ass cheek.
The scene changed again. A young european man had come into the scene. Cassidy had been sprawled, post coital was a good description. The brunette had rested her head against my daughter's thigh, she was smoothly rubbing cum smeared fingers into Cassidy's mons. The brunette looked up and smiled at the man as he walked over to them. She was undoing his belt, his uncircumcised cock slipped from his pants as they fell down over his muscular ass and stopped mid thigh. The brunette took him into her mouth, as Cassidy turned around on the bed, and was shortly helping lick the side of his shaft, cupping his balls and then licking them as well. Jenn undid my belt as well, taking my circumcised cock into her hand and stroking it with her own cum drenched fingers.
The scene changed. The man was now sitting on the edge of the bed, cupping the breast of the brunette from behind, she was lowering herself down onto his cock in the cowgirl, and Cassidy was guiding him within her. She licked from his balls, up his shaft, and across the clit of the Brunette, closing her lips on the swollen nub sticking out from its hood as the brunette slid her way down the man's cock. Jenn groaned, she placed her hands on the desktop, still staring intently at the screen, I realized I had pushed between her shoulders, as I guided my own cock into her drenched entrance. Whereas the Brunette had taken a couple of pumps before she was all the way down on her alleged boyfriend, I slid into Jenn like she was smooth silk.
"Oh yes Marcus…" Jenn whispered out. I felt her fingers brush my shaft and balls as she touched her own clit. Her other hand held tightly to the desk. On the screen the brunette held still, as the man began to pump in and out of her. Cassidy had his balls in her hand, and she kept licking the Brunette's smooth, shaven pussy. Sucking the long thin labia on one side, before doing the same to the other, then going back to either licking along the pumping shaft of the man's cock, or suckling on the Brunette's hood and clit. Jenn's breathing was erratic again. Becoming fast and frantic. I was surprised she was nearly there for the second time and we weren't even fifteen minutes into a video. Worse, I had to admit, I was seeing myself in the man's place, Jenn pumping on my cock, as my Cassidy, red hair bobbing between Jenn's legs licked my shaft and sucked her clit. I was so hard, my cock was so hot, that when Jenn exploded, she took me with her. Her legs buckled, my cock slipping from inside of her as she fell to her knees. The next rope of my cum shot onto her back and hair, a wash of hot wet cum sprayed onto my bare feet as she bent over on her knees, ass raised slightly. Another rope sprayed onto her ass, and she was groaning deeply. I could only guess she had shoved the fingers that had been stroking her clit into her pussy since my cock was no longer within her depths.
I was panting hard when the scene changed yet again. This time, the brunette was on her back, legs spread, Cassidy was ass up, and face down in the girls smooth quim. The camera zeroed in showing Cassidy's tongue parting her lips, circling her clit, then licking back down between the long swollen red lips. The camera pulled back, Cassidy's little rose bud was open enough to notice, her anus glistening from an application of lube. With his foreskin pulled back, I watched in rapt fascination, as he pushed his well lubed cock into my daughter's ass. The male groan filling my ears was my own. I was stroking my quickly rising cock. Jenn had sat back up, still on her knees but again watching the screen. She shoved her computer chair out of the way, grabbed my cock and pulled me to her side. She took me in her mouth, but at an angle so she could still watch the screen as she sucked on me. All the while I watched another man, pump in and out of my daughter's rosebud while she ate another woman. I hadn't even realized just how freckled Cassidy's ass was, and I certainly never knew how quickly her pussy became wet when she was aroused. Her white cream began to show between her labia in just a few full length pumps of his cock in her ass. I wasn't sure how long this section lasted, but, when the scene changed to the girls on their knees side by side, the man stroking his cock before ropes of cum shot forth, Jenn had sucked me to that point. When he came on Cassidy's face, I was cuming on Jenn's, The video came to a stop, a rope of cum suspended in the air, Cassidy's eyes closed, face upturned, mouth open in anticipation.
Jenn didn't say anything. She just stood back up, and guided me back to our bedroom. I managed to make her cum a couple of more times, and she coaxed one more out of me, letting me take her in the ass, something we rarely partook in. She never complained when I called her Cassidy as I unloaded into her ass. We both fell asleep shortly after that. When I woke in the morning to my alarm, Jenn had already gotten up, showered, dressed and left for work. It wasn't unusual, especially on days she had to drive to a store location a couple of hours away, she liked to get an early start. I showered in a daze. Replaying the video in my head. After getting dressed, I walked into the game room. Jenn had turned off the computer, and on the screen was a long post it note.
"Please, let's talk before you call Cassidy…Love, Jenn"
Yes, Jenn and I needed to talk, because in two weeks time, my daughter Cassidy, who had at least one adult video on a well known porn site under the name Laine, was going to be coming home for winter break. I had gotten off, more than once watching that video while having sex with my wife. Worse, I was also trying to come to terms with the idea that my wife, had probably climaxed more watching a fantasy of hers, of my daughter and her having sex with me. I didn't even know what to think, my mind was spinning so much as I stood there, I called the receptionist at work, told her I wasn't feeling well, and that I wouldn't be in today. It only took me half an hour to find the original video, another five minutes produced a solo video of Cassidy, I mean Laine, masturbating by a pool, and another video of her having sex with another woman. I was in trouble, of that, I was certain.

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