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tagIncest/TabooDiscovering My Little Sister Ch. 02

"What the hell was that?" Joy asked.
"You tell us," I said back.
"We were just kissing and suddenly she ran out of here," Joy said in disbelief, as if we hadn't just seen everything.
"Maybe she didn't want her mom to catch her lezzing out for her first kiss?" Payton asked rhetorically.
"Payton!" I scolded. "Do not say 'lezzing out' about my sister or anyone."
"Sorry, but that's how the world is," Payton answered. "No girl wants their first kiss interrupted, especially not by their mom, especially when she's kissing another girl. But I don't think that's what Carly meant."
"What did you mean, Carly?" Joy asked.
"Is there something you're not telling us, Joy?" I asked back.
"No," Joy responded, feigning perplexity. Or maybe she really didn't get it.
"Do you like my sister?"
"I don't know, she's cute," Joy said defensively. "I thought she deserved some fun today, maybe I got a little carried away."
"Are you gay?"
She paused and took a breath. "I don't know. I try not to think about it." She seemed to stop but I just stared at her and she continued. "You guys know I go to a lot of parties at school. Well, I make out with people. I've probably made out with three guys and like twenty girls."
She stopped again and we had a brief moment of silence. "Well I'll throw this out there," Payton said. "I'm bi, definitely bi with a preference for girls."
"I mean, if I have to define it, I guess that's me too," Joy said. "Guys just don't feel as good, and they aren't as good at it."
I put my head in my hands and took a deep breath. "Guys, we're supposed to be best friends. But here we are, lesbian makeout queen pounces my sister without warning and only that gets Payton to come out, right after she accused my sister of 'lezzing out' like some kind of homophobe."
"Carly, I'm sorry," Payton said as she put her arm around my shoulder. "I just said that to my best friends for emphasis, and as for being bi, I guess it never came up. But I mean, I didn't think it was that big a deal. We all know what we've done together."
Joy jumped in. "And I, for one, don't like being called the 'lesbian makeout queen.' But I didn't say anything because we never really talked about boys. Or girls."
"You guys are right. I guess it makes sense we never talked about that. We're 20 and all still confused," I said. "Except Payton," I quickly added lest I be a hypocrite.
"Oh you're confused?" Payton asked me. "Your turn to share."
"I guess I just figured I was straight and too focused on school for boys. But I mean, I was really turned on watching you guys with Polly. Is that weird? Isn't that incest?"
"Trust the lesbian makeout queen," Joy said. "If that kiss looked half as good as it felt, Mother Theresa would have been wet for her sister."
"Gross!" I protested.
"Honestly," Payton said, "I don't get the deal with incest. There's no hurt in checking out your sister."
"Well we certainly did a number on my sister."
"Maybe we should make it up to her," Payton suggested.
"Slumber party?" Joy said with a grin.
"No," I retorted.
"Well maybe," said Payton. "What if we – Joy – promise no pressure. Just a night for the birthday girl. She chooses what we do, we're just there to be fun."
"Can you do that Joy?" I asked.
"Yes," she scoffed. "No making Polly uncomfortable. Deal."
"Alright," Payton stood up. "You," pointing at Joy, "take me home so I can get some stuff. And you," to me, "go convince your sister."
They left and I went up to my sister's room and knocked. Polly was reading so I sat at the edge of her bed. She looked at me, waiting for what I had to say. "So we all feel bad about freaking you out, so we thought it'd be fun to make it up to you by having a slumber party, the four of us. No pressure to do what we did this afternoon, we just do whatever you want. Joy will tone it down."
"Joy's never toned down," she reminded me.
"I know, but she was a little too… she won't be like today. You're the birthday girl, we'll just do what you want."
"Sounds fun."
"I'll text them," I said as I stood up.
"But who knows," she said before I went out. "Something like this afternoon might happen."
"Not you too," I groaned and shut the door.
We went out to a birthday dinner with our mom and had cake at home. With eight o'clock approaching, Polly and I went upstairs to change into PJs. I had never thought so hard about what to wear at a sleepover. Given what had happened in the afternoon, I was trying so hard to dress naturally that my choice became unnatural. Finally I settled on a small but comfortable t-shirt and shorts, no bra and a pair of bikini panties – sexy enough to not be made fun of but not slutty enough to look like I was interested in anything. I went back down to see if my mom needed any help cleaning up.
Polly was sitting at the kitchen table, same place as that morning, same pajama bottoms. Her t-shirt had been exchanged for spaghetti straps. I hadn't noticed her breasts in a long time – at some point, they had grown bigger than mine and she clearly wasn't wearing a bra either. They weren't huge, but they might be rivaling Payton's in size. Joy was right, she was cute. She just didn't know how to dress. Before my look at Polly became a stare, I group messaged my friends a reminder, "NO FLIRTING." And then for good measure, "Joy." "We agreed," came from Payton and Joy responded "Unfortunately," before adding "Pussy blockers." I scoffed. Joy never had answered my question about liking Polly. I couldn't wait for them to arrive, not for excitement but to answer my questions about Joy's behavior.
They arrived together – Payton didn't have a license – and in the commotion I forgot about my fears. Neither one had changed and for the umpteenth time that day, I was distracted by my friends' beauty. Joy's cleavage wishing to burst out of her flowing dress that flashed a length of pale leg with every step. Payton's long, tanned legs ending in a short, crisp white skirt matched with white sneakers and a grey tank top caressing her perfectly rounded breasts. Perhaps I was less afraid of Joy's behavior as I was of my own.
Once we had settled in downstairs, we turned to Polly guide us. "Well, I really don't know what to do," she said. "But I was thinking truth or dare, that's kind of the most famous sleepover game."
I waited for some kind of comment from Joy, but she kept her promise. Payton actually answered, "Birthday girl goes first."
"You mean I have to pick truth or dare?"
"I meant you pick who has to choose truth or dare, but whatever you want."
I interrupted. "Wait, do you think maybe we should watch a movie first since Mom's still up?"
"Mom's on the top floor doing whatever she does on Saturday nights, I can watch Netflix any time."
"OK," I assented. "You're up then."
Polly plopped onto the floor and I followed. Joy took a second to remove her boots and socks before sitting facing me, while Payton on my left kicked off her sneakers but left on her no-show grey socks. Payton's socks highlighted her ankle, her graceful leg becoming her foot right at the line of her sock. I was losing myself again until I heard from Polly, "Joy. Truth or dare."
Joy gave me a brief grin. "Truth," she said with a scheming tone.
"Who is the best kisser you've kissed?" All my muscles tensed as I tried to keep my face stone. If Polly was the instigator, all bets were off.
"Carly," Joy said without missing a beat.
The tensions in my muscles fell and my person seemed to exit my body. Payton seemed as shocked as I was and Polly started giggling. She had to be lying, how could I be better than two dozen college party hookups?
"Are you serious?" asked Polly.
"Yep. You were a natural, babe, but Carly's got the experience."
"Wait," Polly continued incredulous, "so this afternoon, that was your best kiss?"
Joy laughed. "Oh hun, that was not the first time we kissed."
Polly's face lit up. "I have to know more!"
"Sorry, my turn," Joy teased. "Carly, truth or dare."
Great, I had to follow that revelation with Joy asking me something. I was really worried about what Joy would ask for a truth, but after what I had just heard, I couldn't risk a dare. "Truth," I said with a cold stare.
"Do you ever think about your eighteenth birthday sleepover?"
"Clearly not as much as you," I retorted. My eighteenth birthday wasn't our first kiss, but it was the first time we went further. "I hadn't thought about it since my first semester of college until Payton brought it up today."
"Ooo, why did Payton bring it up?" Joy cooed.
"My turn," I quickly announced. I only had one safe bet. "Payton, truth or dare."
She chose dare and I made her do an interpretive recitation of part of The Winter's Tale. It was the best innocuous idea I could come up with, and it was funny enough. But with her dance done, I realized that I had lost Payton too. She chose Polly and Polly chose truth. "Why did you think you were supposed to touch my pussy today?"
"I said I was sorry." Polly was defensive.
"And I accept your apology. But I want to know, what were you thinking? I'm not mad, I just want to know."
Polly took a deep breath. "I feel really dumb saying this, but that's what they do in porn. They make out, then they have sex. Usually they go for boobs, but I dunno, I was just more curious to feel under someone's skirt."
We sat in a thick silence. Payton broke the silence. "I really wouldn't have minded, I just didn't expect it."
I was no longer mad. My head flooded with thoughts of Payton's skirt rising, what her sky blue panties would feel like to my hands, to my lips. Polly watching porn. I'd never even watched porn. What did she watch? Why? Did she touch herself? What if Payton had let Polly go further? What if my mom hadn't come home at that moment?
"Well it's my turn," Polly said, the first hint of being the shy girl who I knew as my sister and who had run out on Joy this afternoon. I really hoped she wasn't digging a hole she couldn't get out of. "Carly, truth or dare."
Again, I only had one choice. "Dare."
"Fuck!" Polly whispered with a smile. I'd heard her swear before, but there was something different about her choosing an F-bomb just because she couldn't grill me about my sex life.
"OK," she said as if to regain her composure. "Give Joy her best kiss ever."
Joy gave me a seductive look. "I do like this girl, Carly," she teased.
"You may be eighteen," I said to Polly as I sat up for my dare, "but you are still a fucking little imp."
I crawled across the floor and barely heard Polly say "Just kiss." But I obeyed. I knelt just to Joy's left as she unfurled her crossed legs and met my eyes. I looked into hers, trying to look past her bright brown irises and through to her soul. If I was going to give her her best kiss, I needed to give her a moment of seduction – and push anything else out of my mind.
I kissed her slowly. She tried to part my lips but I sucked on her bottom lip instead. She needed to lose herself to me like I had lost myself to her earlier. I closed her lips again with a brief open mouth kiss, the kissed her until I felt her body relinquish control to me. Only then did I push her to her back, my firm breast molding into hers like I was laying on a cloud. I felt my nipple harden into her soft flesh and she had me. I opened her mouth to pleasure her tongue but hers shot up against mine first. I knew I had her as much as she had me. There was no world but her. I slowly ran her hand along her side, her breath quickening, mine following. My body called me to take this kiss all the way, pleasure Joy to an orgasm and then let her give me my own. But for a split second I reminded myself where I was and prepared a finishing move. I straddled Joy's left leg as I kissed down to her neck. She groaned in pleasure as I kissed behind her ear before coming back to slide my tongue into hers. As our tongues and lips merged into one, I pulled my knee up to her crotch and ground my leg upwards. I felt her body rise under me in response and a growl rise from her lungs, muffled by the intensity of our kiss. I lowered my knee and kept my leg planted on the floor. Joy lifted her lower back and ground her womanhood back against my thigh.
And with Joy so lost, I slowly broke the kiss. I sat up and looked at Polly. "If that wasn't her best kiss," I softly informed her, "then she was lying earlier."
"Fuck," Joy said as she sat up in a daze, the skirt of her dress up to her hips and splayed across the floor. "I don't know if it counts as my best kiss if it gives me blue balls the rest of the night."
"Well fuck me," Polly said. "I've never seen a kiss like that so Carly definitely wins that dare."
"Truth or dare, Polly," I intoned.
"What kind of porn do you watch and what's your favorite?"
"I watch it all." She spoke softly but there was a surprising amount of confidence her her voice. "Straight, gay, lesbian, gangbang, incest, bondage, and sometimes I read instead of watching. My favorite to watch is lesbian and my favorite to read is incest."
"Will you tell us why?" Payton asked.
"It's about the feeling," Polly mused. "The emotion, the conflict, the palpable love that society is blocking. Lesbian videos and incest stories are best for that."
"Are you gay?" I asked aloud for the second time that day and the umpteenth time in my head. Perhaps I should have wondered why my sister was talking about incest, but I wasn't ready for that conversation.
"I think I'm bi. Women's bodies are just so beautiful, but sometimes I love the idea of a man flipping me over and stuffing me with his cock."
"I think we have a game to get back to," Joy said, her face still red from our kiss.
Polly picked up the torch. "Carly, truth or dare, and you better fucking say truth because I just answered like ten questions."
"Fine, if you tell me where your sudden love of the f-bomb is coming from."
"I don't think the innocent little sister persona makes sense after today."
"Fair. So ask."
"What happened on your eighteenth birthday?"
Joy stepped in. "How 'bout you dare me to show you?"
Payton had grabbed her bag. She pulled out a vibrator, the same color as the panties I had seen earlier. "Or me," she said.
Polly's eyes widened and her petite mouth fell agape. "Are you serious?" she asked.
I answered. "We used dildos to take each others' virginities. We didn't want our first time with boys to hurt."
"Did it hurt with the dildo?"
"Payton did her research," I answered. "There was a little pain but not too much."
"We all came like crazy that night," Joy added. "Payton pumping me with two dildos was enough to forget that little pinch."
"Two?" Polly asked Payton.
"Yeah, one to get it started and another to match a man's size. And trust me, it wouldn't have been a 'little pinch' with a dumb college boy."
"I kind of want to try this. I mean, it's like an eighteenth birthday tradition."
Joy stood up and held out her hands to Polly. "Well hun, we have to start slow." Polly took Joy's hands and stood face to face with her. "Carly, go get your vibrator," Joy continued. "Payton's is too small to finish her. And you, little dumpling, join me on the couch." Joy gave Polly a peck on the lips and led her to where they had sat that afternoon.
I took a deep breath. "Payton, come with me?" I asked. She agreed and we went upstairs.
* * *
Once we had closed the basement door, I hissed at Payton, "What the hell were you thinking?"
"She asked, I answered," she said in her normal voice. "You did too."
"Quiet," I hissed again. "My mom's probably still up. And I meant bringing a vibrator, what gives?"
"Carly, I love you, but Polly's her own person," she whispered. "I mean, she grabbed my fucking cunt this afternoon, I was going to be ready."
"But I thought you were going to be my ally against Joy."
"Look, I don't know what has – or hasn't – gotten into Joy, but I wasn't flirting, I wasn't peer pressuring. She's eighteen now, this is literally what we did when you turned eighteen. You don't need to be her protector. It's just us."
I was fishing through my nightstand; my dildo was hidden deep just in case. It wasn't a vibrator, so I rarely used it. Hadn't even brought it to college for my second year. I pulled it out, let out a sigh as I stared at the green fake dick, and confessed to Payton. "I don't think I'm worried about her, I'm worried about me. I mean, I'm turned on as fuck by my sister being a lesbian. I mean, it's not right. And like, I'm cool with gay people and all, but like, I'm suddenly trying to figure things out while my best friends are making out with my sister." I held up the dildo. "And more."
Payton reached out to hug me and I let her. I felt her firm breasts press into me, a contrast to Joy's massive pillows. Her embrace was surprisingly soothing. I wanted to melt into her, fall on my bed, and sleep in the comfort of my best friend.
She pulled back a bit, her hands still on my back. She looked me in the eye. "Whatever's going on, I'm here for you. Your bed is right upstairs if you need to leave. But I have a feeling once I've helped Joy, they won't need me and I'll be there to help."
"I love you."
She smiled and gave me a quick hug. "I love you too, babe." She took my hand. "C'mon, let's do this."
By the time we were downstairs, Joy and Polly had re-found their passion. Polly lay on her back as Joy deeply kissed her, with Polly's foot slowly running up and down Joy's bare leg. I felt the wetness form between my own legs and flopped down on the sectional as far from the lovers as I could. Payton sat next to me. I stared frozen for what felt like an eternity until Payton whispered, "How are you feeling?"
"God they're hot," I whispered back.
She slid a hand around my back and onto my hip but I stayed still. A moment later – or perhaps an hour, I was so lost – I watched as Joy slowly pulled up Polly's tank top. I softly moaned and sank deeper into my seat as I saw my sister's matured breasts exposed for the first time. Polly whispered something into Joy's ear and she sat up with a fling of her fiery red hair. She slowly unclasped her front buttons then flung away the entire dress to leave herself in nothing but a yellow bra and a matching thong. She started to reach behind her back but Polly pulled her downward and mouthed something. No sooner had they resumed their kiss than did Polly undo Joy's bra, freeing Joy's luscious tits and drawing a pained groan from myself as I watched their bare chests become one.
Payton put her other hand on the inside of my thigh and turned to look directly into my eyes. "Is this too much?" she asked.
"No," I whispered, my breath so short that I barely got the word out. I swallowed and continued. "I need you to touch me."
Payton leaned down and kissed me, our first kiss in almost two years. I put my hand on her collarbone and she released. I opened my legs. "I'm ready," I said. "Touch me."
Payton looked back. She was now blocking my view of my sister, but I wanted Payton in that moment. If either Polly or Joy were to look up, they would probably see Payton's blue panties and tan ass exposed under her pleated skirt. "I'm going to help them," she whispered with a touch to my cheek. "And then I'll finish you."
Payton collected the sex toys and whispered something into Joy's ear. Joy rolled off of Polly and wedged herself between my sister and the back of the deep couch. Joy moaned, "She is ready but I can't let go of her."
Payton was taking off Polly's PJ pants. "Don't worry," Payton said. "I'll just get her started then you can make her cum."
Joy gave a satisfied hum and briefly fondled Polly's nipple. Polly was completely naked now, I must have missed Payton taking her underwear. No, I thought, she must not have been wearing any. With that epiphany, my hand half-consciously found its way under my shorts. I slowly pleasured myself as Payton moved one of Polly's legs off of the sectional, while Polly obediently put her other high on the couch back. Payton kneeled between Polly's legs and leaned forward, immediately eliciting soft moans from my sister. I couldn't see what she was doing, but I remembered what she had done to me two years ago. Then she had lain to my side, sliding her middle finger across my clit to find my opening, then delicately moving that finger inside me. I wanted to cum to the memory but I wanted to cum with Payton more.

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